Thursday, December 02, 2010

over and done with

there is always some place / songs / movie or something that will bring memories of that person to you.

For me, its "Way Back Into Love" - this song was our song. so much so that we wanted it as our wedding march in song... thats how much this song meant to the both of us.

Just a couple of weeks ago when I chatted with a friend about what I've gone through. I was asked how old was he...

a good 5mins, I was in slience. I couldn't remember was it 3 years or 2 years.
and then I thought to myself, when was his birthday, I couldn't recall which date was it.

was it work that kept me busy all these while that I didn't have time to think about it? Or was I too pissed to even spend the effort getting angry over it? I don't know. Its been to a stage where whenever I relate what happended to friends, its like another episode of Taiwan 800episode soap drama - loosely translated as "if you miss an episode, you didn't missed much.

Its been almost a year, and I can say that he is totally out of my system. Today when I accidentally played it on my iPod, it doesn't hurt anymore.

For now, finding a man whom I love and getting married is less of a priority to me. Don't get me wrong, I still believe in forever, but its companionship and happiness type of forever.

I guess that's why I'm very comfortable with current state. Status is not an issue to me. It matters to me that whenever I'm down, K is there to be my listening ear. He is anxious about my safety, and it worries him if he had not heard from me for days. And if I travel alone, he is looking out for my email or msn, to know that I'm safe. It is just this strong feeling that I can't describe. The things that he have done warms my heart, or sometimes make me miss a heart beat.

Looks like I'm off to another chapter.