Thursday, February 28, 2008

first kiss

do you remember yours?
the one that sent tingles down your spine?
the one which makes your heart beat faster and slower at the same time?

I remembered mine...
with my first boyfriend (or so they call stead back in those days) when I was 14.
the one which happened in my room,
the one which we were supposed to be revising for exams, but it ended up with both of us gazing at each other, the right moment, bringing the relationship to the next level, leaned forward, and a light touch on our lips :)

first love, hate it or love it, it was the sweetest memories you had :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

first attack in 2008

I invited some friends over this weekend for CNY gathering. But hor, today is the 15th day... -_-

Monday, February 18, 2008


看了几集Channel V 模范棒棒糖,阿本是超可爱的不行!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

exam exam

wish me luck...

加油! 加油! 加油!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

go to school

"go party" her term of going to school.

I suspect that there is a boy intersted in Princess. He came to the door, held her hands and walk her in into the class. How?

mugging...and random...


this quarterly mugging session is doing me no good...

pimples waiting to erupt all over my face, and my voice... damn must be the sing K session with couz during CNY Day 2.

caught Ah Long Pte Ltd, which is a crap show. Just Follow Law was wayyyy much better. Good news is I'm getting free tix to Kungfu Dunk *smile* not that I'm a big fan, but Chen BoLin looks kinda cute *blush*

Talking about freebies, lately I have "free" channels to watch on cables. Apparently on the box set at mama's room has free channels. The one at kor's room can't access at all. I hope I dun see extra charges during month end....

chat up with friends over msn this afternoon, and of coz my poor couz with his pathetic life over an exchange program at Vancouver. Huh? I thought I should be mugging hard? *shite*

I've been reading/seeing pix on the recent saga with Edison and his chicks, Damn Juicy. Picture speaks a thousand only see ones true self on bed...and of coz the image that some pple work hard to portray goes down the drain without a word....

Saw IRAS letter to Daddy and yes its time of the year to file for income tax. And yah, I've been with the company for almost 2 years. I think its time for me to look for a greener field. The current one looks kinda bald, I ate up most of the grass...
Perhaps I should be like kor, slag at home for a good 2 whole month, of coz that also means that he gave up a fat bonus...its a good time for me to tidy up my room. sweep out the rots underneath my bed.

leaving for Bangkok month end, not particularly excited, but oh well, at least its not Taiwan again... the last that I went Bangkok was like 5 yrs back. It must have changed a lot. so pple, if you have nice place to recommend, please drop a msg. Can forget about clubbing. I'm going with Daddy, mama, and Princess. How to party?

VDay is round the corner and thats the worst "holiday" for singles like us *hate* CNY Day 1 morning when Daddy gave me the ang bao, he said to me "拿了这个红包,今年你最好嫁出去" Die! I thought the last that he wants me off the rack, he was kidding. This time he meant what he said! Luckily mama came to my rescue and said that I should be finding a good one. Not any Tom, Dick and Harry I also take. How can I be spared with the famous aunties attack during CNY visitng...


....a recent pix of me, sing K on CNY Day 2 with couz...Its such a miracle that I wore a dress on Day 1 and a ultra short mini on Day 2. no choice, last min buys on CNY Eve...

say I'm chio

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

the shoe

a pair that walks miles vs. the young and adventurous pair...


the other day I had the whole kitchen to myself, so I decided to cook wanton mee. The authentic House of Lam Wanton Mee.

If I didn't mentioned, our family had been selling wanton mee for the past 20 years. I'm so particular about my wanton mee that I seldom had them outside, coz all didn't pass the House of Lam standard.

and again if I didn't mentioned, the famous take Q no. wanton mee at Old Airport Rd hawker center is my relative. But of coz, still ours is better coz my aunty learn the ropes from them and improvise on the seasoning :)

so here I gonna show you how to cook wanton mee, and dun worry, I didn't burn down the kitchen, you people of little faith *tsk tsk*

the secret recipe of the seasoning...

its secret recipe....ok lah, since you are my dear friends, I shall reveal a little. Theres oyster sauce, dark soya sauce, soya sauce, sesame oil, pork lard, and the spicy chilli sauce.

When the water starts to boil, throw in the wanton like this...

and when its cooked, put it aside.

Next up is the noodles

our regular supplier for the past 20 years. The noodles are very Q.

When the water boils, throw in the noodles like this

stir it a little to wash away the alkaline (the yellowish gluey thingy)

Sieve out the noodle and give it a cold water bath. Thats how the noodle become Q

erm, actually you are supposed to prepare a bucket of cold water, but I'm too lazy so wash it directly from the tap also can do the job :)

Put it back to the pot and cook for another 1/2min, and its ready to be served

garnish it the wanton and green chilli (preserved by my uncle, not bought from the shelf).

In case you are wondering, how come I didn't mix it together with the seasoning, the traditional cantonese style wanton mee do not mix the seasoning when served.

Yummy wanton mee *slurp*

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the wait

is finally over... at least I know I tried.

Monday, February 04, 2008


I still didn't manage to keep the promise, I had yet another session last night with the House of Lam. This time I lagi clever win $$$ from the master. Oh~ by the way, my cousin compete in the recent MJ competition in SP and came in Fifth.

just 3 hours that I declare no MJ, I had a session with Daddy, mama and kor... haha...I is clever, against the seniors, and still manage to keep my chips intact! :)

finally I'm done with my CNY roadshow and assignments are submitted, now its the big exam. Exam during the CNY period, how exciting can it get *puke*

so pple, for the 15 days of CNY, please don't date me out. No MJ, probably movies, or a nice dinner are welcome.

I'm still pretty excited with CNY every year, how not to when my home is transformed into a mini Chinatown festive market like last year, thanks to mama....

not much shopping done, except that I bought a pair of heels at $69.90 from C&K!!! Suffered the same shockness like the last pair when I was about the pay at the cashier. Whats with C&K? getting more upmarket... a blouse from Topshop at $59.90, which I think its overpriced after I paid... *duh* The happy thing is mama bought me a pair of heels from this new shop at CS... or I think I said "I'll paid her back = she sponsored" :)

the thing about CNY is the yummy food Lim Chee Guan Bak Kwa, Uncle William's pineapple tarts - Once you bite, the sweetness of pineapple come bursting out in your mouth *drool* my aunt CNY F&B package consist of "Spicy Hot Chicken Curry, crispy giong hiang, fried vegetarian bee hoon, this shishamu-like fish that we'll only eat during CNY period, Centuries favourite Salted Vegetable Duck Soup. Fwah! its like heaven spread over during the 2nd day of CNY!

how can I forgo such good spread, exam revision can start on the 3rd day :)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

i is sick :(

no voice... stay from me Lim Chee Guan Bak kwa and Uncle William's pineapple tarts...