Monday, February 27, 2006


Sometimes only when you are in a different "status",
you get to see the true self of the people around you.

kinda disappointing...

like its wrong to leave the place.

once the "news" break loose, everyone treats you different.
as though you've betrayed them.

People come, people go.
If its time to move on or
if there is a better offer,
people go.

Dun act like a saint.
Beside the work fulfillment, learning opportunity, working environment,
one has to eat, pay bills, and survive.

Its simple as that, just that.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Injuries everywhere

First it was Alan Smith, den there was the goalkeeper from Charlton(was it?)
and Totti.

Then this morning, it was Momo Sissoko...not to mention the toe injury

whats happening???

Attack strikes back!

my long time enemy strikes back in action on monday night

This time was worse, it came with a high fever.

The panadol extra is of no help.

I went to my friendly family doc yday morn and he gave me a jab

Friendly Doc (FD): Since the tonsillities has been around since Dec and all other antibiotics failed, I'll have to give you a jab to wack all the virus.

*FA like the way he said wack the virus*

FA: I'm down with fever, is it advisable?

FD: The jab will wack the fever as well. Dun worry, just relax, you are a tough girl. See its written on you tee.

*FA was wearing her rover scout tee which says - Life's tough, we are tougher *

FD: No drug allegy huh?

FA: Nope.

After the jab, I made payment at the counter only to realize that I didn't brought enough cash with me.

I went to the ATM machine next door to withdraw.
While in Q, I can feel the powerful jab kicking in action....
so powerful that the so-called tough girl dropped her wallet and almost fainted,
not to mentioned that her ATM card was confiscated by the password-sensitive machine.

FA is not that tough after all.

FD: hai yo, why you never tell me you haven't had breakfast? Dun worry, drink some glucose and you will be alright. Remember, you are a tough girl....


the jab is really powerful coz after a few hours, my fever is gone, I dun feel the pain on my tonsil though the swell is yet to subside, but I'm back at work today...

I really need to do something to my tonsil....
No! dun ask me to go for the OP.
It will never be consider as an option.
Perhaps I should cut down on fag and booze...

Mummy was so pissed with me that she doesn't want to go to the HK trip anymore....
wants me to recuperate before I start my new job.

I is ke lian, terrible sick and still have to endure her scolding/nagging while making our way back home. (too weak so she came to fetch me from the clinic)

Monday, February 20, 2006


I is clumsy

while going up the stairs
my big toe hit the edge of the steps.

my toenail flipped and was de-fleshed

I stood froze.
The adrenaline~~~


I've been thinking a lot during the weekend and came to conclusion that my love life is officially labeled as - screwed up big time.

It seems like I never learned my lesson.

The numbers of times I risk myself into the same shit just never stop.

I kept telling myself maybe this one is different not knowing that in fact everyone is the same.

Same old scumbag!

I heed some advice that I should opened up and not be torment by the hurtful experience from the past relationship.

And so I thought, alright, why not, I shouldn't be living in the history.

You know what?!

Not only that I haven't met someone who we can walk the journey, I became vulnerable to all those jerks who hurt me again and again.

Enough is enough!

To hell with all these!

I is disappointed!


The only glimpse of hope that I have with me is shattered!

Totally gone and wouldn't be found again I guess.

When one bears no hope, he will have to channel whatever leftover energy to other areas so as to keep one going.

I foresee this coming......



the long wait

patience is a virtue...

85years, is a long wait

to hell with the long wait,

the BOYS won!

the usual 15mins walked to the work this morning,
saw a car with lots of MU collectibles in the interior

I looked around for the owner,
thinking to give him a pat on the shoulder
but he/she was no where found

poor thing!

next aim...
up to the second place in EPL placing.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Preferential treatment?

I juz spoke to a sale executive from a local media owner.
Exploring to advertise in their magazine.

the usual presentation-rate card-package-PR routine.

and so I realize that the local merchants really suck the expat dry.

Most rely on expat as thats where their main bulk of business come from.

so my vendor was quoting one of her client, whose wine shop in located at dempsey road, that they don't need the local to patronize. In fact they don't welcome them. They only need the expats as they have high spending power.

kinda pissed me off!

I seriously don't understand why the local server/merchant are sucking up to the expats.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against them.

We locals are here, here as in HERE, read it!
We live here, breath the same air as you.
But the expats?
How long are they staying here?
1 year? 2 years?
Sooner or later, they will return to where they come from.

Why treat the local and expats differently?
Yes I do agree that they have high spending power,
but surely you don'y need to belittle the local.

and yes I'll boycott that wine shop in dempsey (if you know which one I'm refering to) Seriously, the wine are ridiculously priced! The percent they marked up, I wanna kill them. Service is also bad. Moreover, the label there aren't fantastic.

If you need to purchase in bulk or for personal consumption, I can get it at a better rate.

And for those expats, please, for goodness sake, dun pay for overpriced furniture. The cost price is really low.

Thursday, February 16, 2006









Male / Female?

Does it matters?

I recently found out this guy who used to "like" me has a shift in his interest.

He is dating men now!
this explain the "" in the first statement.

love is an affection
an expression of feelings

who says man can only express his love to a lady?

I dun oppose male/male or female/female relationship
Dun get me wrong, I'm not promoting same gender relationship

let me correct myself I for love not lust.
love to love
love to lust

no I'm not disappointed
but am glad that he is brave to express his feelings,
his true self

isn't it sad when one has no courage to love?

live not a regrettful life
a self fulfilling one

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The letter

I handed this to my boss and had a long talk.

It was accepted.

Time to start packing!
The amount of "rubbish" I've accumulated for the past years...
see for yourself
on the desk...
below the desk...
in the drawers...
in the boxes...

*shake head*

about the deal, I accepted yday.

consider a V-Day pressie I got myself!

moving on to take on a bigger responsibilites and more dynamic portfolio

so much for me to learn

I is excited

my V-day pressie

... from 弟弟

its those hangphone strip with characters on them....

fancy he remembered what I said when we walked pass the push cart selling the stripes after watching I not stupid too...

so now my mobile phone is officially very blue.

my plan to accompany mummy since her 老公 working didn't worked out....

she yak yak yak on the phone with aunty,
leaving me stonning at the tv...

oh and the tender that BM ran for Moby,

read the acoount of the unofficial matchmaker and the male lead.

nice flowers...

I also WANT!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I didn't win the bid as expected....

Bam bam ditch me (keekee)

alright he didn't ditch me lah....

He is going out his some other friends....

I shall not malign him....

I will accompany mummy tonight since her hubby is not around...

so to all the attached and single,

Happy V-Day!!!

Its a day of love!

Who say V-Day is for lovers?!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Fayth's Lunar New Year

Its Fayth's first Lunar new Year...

here goes...

First ang bao from 爷爷 and 奶奶

Her new year clothing that 奶奶 bought

so china-dollies.
No hair, so she has to wear a hat

Relative and friend visting (to collect angbao)

Her new found friend...
Babies are adorable!
I want to kidnap one myself!

Went to river angbao and bought this

she is fascinated with it!
See I tell you, no hair dun believe...

We calculated her ang bao collection yday.
Fwah her collection is my 2years collection...

Fayth is rich girl!
(of coz not as rich as the luckyass TOTO winners! Damn!)

I realize that when anyone see a baby hairless,
they always think that it is a boy....

why har, anyone?

New flavour

I bought this from my personal store - Watson.

The only place in my office building where I can satisfy my shopping urge.
Cheap trill lah dey...

Hello?! I can't be buying furniture every now and then....where got space?!

Kit Kat lemon cheesecake flavour

more of lemony than cheesy

Limited Edition flavours (as stated on the packaging) tested

1. Green tea
2. Stawberry
3. Orange
4. White chocolate
5. Lemon cheesecake

Which to get?

Can some gadget guru please tell me if this is good....

Xplore M68

Should I get a PDA phone? or a PDA and a phone?

My basic needs for a phone...

1) Be able to call and SMS
2) No reception problem and definetly no muffled voice(very impt!)
3) Long battery life
4) Able to take decent pix (this is secondary since I'm always armed with my digicam)
5) Listen to mp3 (not a must but if the phone allows, its a bonus)

Then again, FA is forever blur and forgetful-ness
so she needs a secretary / kind patience soul to remind her.

And since I'm w/o a bf and with my pathetic pay,
I dun think I can afford a secretary,
so I guess a PDA should do the job.

Basically, I move around, I need access to the emails pretty often.
And my job, and maybe the new one,
required me to do a lot of coordination work
(meeting dateline that is)

Please advice me on which to get.

Like a virgin

Its my parents virgin experience to a Japanese F&B joint.

We celebrated chinese V-day (元宵) in a Japanese way.

SIL struck TOTO!!!!!

yah... I wished she was 1 of the 9 lucky-ass winners!


Enjoyable dinner with Daddy's cramp face when we made him eat maguro sashimi.

FA : 唉哟! 跟家里的鱼生一样嘛...
Daddy: 家里的鱼生哪有放那个'青青'的?!!! *gulped down 2 cup of green tea*

Mummy's fav was the soft shell crab, scallop wing, salmon belly soup and cha soba.

We also ordered sushi for them....

Daddy: 日本人跟泰国人一样 hor.... 都喜欢吃糯米饭...
FA, Kor & SIL : !!!!!!! *crow fly across*

But they still prefer Indo food...

so much for blabbering about how House of Lam 鱼生 is different from those 鱼生 that most F&B outlet offers.

Presenting.... House of Lam 超级美味鱼生 (when I say , I meant every mouth has at least 4-5 slices of 1cm thick fish)

We used 4 fishes for this mouther-watering delicacy.
We are never sleFISH.....

and the old saying which goes 情场失意,赌场得意....
I won 70bucks from mahjong last night,

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Great match

my Boys won!

I love the look on Jose!

Well done mee rebus (middlesbrough)!

This should happen more often...

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I not Stupid too

I caught this with 弟弟

great movie...for a local production. I teared... very touching mah.

the boys have grown up. Facing new set of problems, and of coz more 靓仔

a lot of thoughts aft the movie.

The movie discuss a lot of key parent-child issue in a humourous manner.

Points which are so important and easily understandable that most overlooked.

In my point of view, the key to a better parent-child relationship is communication.

Never judge based of your perspective.

I 'analyse' my relationship with my parent.

My parent are traditional chinese educated kids, bounded with traditional asian family values. Meaning that they are those whom seldom (maybe not) uttered 'I Love You' to their kids, and most probably not to their spouses.

I've gone thru a rollercoasterlistic teenage phase.
The nobody-seems-to-understand-me phase.
Times when I tried to 'talk' to my parents, I ended up get scolded.

Once bitten twice shy, I began to kept most of the things to myself, even up to date.
My mum kan cheong spider character wrosen the scenerio.
I thought I better kept my mouth shut. I began to adpot the 少知为妙 mechanics.

Thank God! I got to know ah chuan, my 干哥哥. He had been very supportive towards me and always lend a listening ear / shoulder to cry on to me. I can never imagine if I had not know him. I'll probable dropped outta school.

My rollercoaster teeange years definetly serve as a precious experience when I get 'promoted' to a parent.

Friday, February 10, 2006

a good start

a good piece of news to start my day!

need to evaluate all the crietria...

weigh the pros and cons...

Thursday, February 09, 2006

爱美不怕流鼻水 (read hokkien)


because in order to look good, we torture ourselves into things that totally dun fit.

my toes, toenails, feet, muscle hurts like crazy....

I bought a pair of pointed heels a mth ago. The size 6 fit was juz right...alright its a little tight...and the size 7 is too loose. So the saleperson use a footlike tool to expand the front and it totally fit well.

But I left it in the shoebox, conveniently forgotten about the new pair until the Tuesday morn when I fret over what to wear and found the "darling". I was tortured on thw whole day, coz somehow or rather the heel contract back to its original size. I suspect the effect from direct afternoon sun was the main culprit.

But yday, I wore the same evil heel again? Why? becoz it totally matches my outfit. I weighed look good vs pain level and I let vainity took control. Stupid me! I couldn't care less about my feet.

U can't imagine that for every step I took, I curse and swear beneath my breath and yet I flashed the PR smile when I met all the guest during the company Loh Hei Lunch at Grand Corthorne Waterfront.

My use-to-be beautiful feet is now infested with blister scar....all from those "nice" footwear that I bought base on the design and not whether its comfortable.

I must admit, girls like me should be shot! We dun deserve any sympathy.



Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Digicam bargain

I went digicam hunting with my auzzie 单眼皮小眼睛男生 at Sim Lim Sq.

this is what happen....

we walked into store X after checking out a few other stores...

FA: Hi! (flashing my signature smile = u better give me a good price) Do you have Lumix FX9?
Saleperson (SP): Yes we do.
FA: How much is it?
SP: $588
FA: What's the package?
SP: 256mb memory card and leather casing
FA: Huh? 256mb? Can you give us a better rate?
SP: erm ok lah I give u a 512mb but same price.
FA: I'm sure you can give a better rate. I'm paying cash.
SP: really cannot. this is best best price.

FA countiue to seh nai and suddenly she notice SP's chest is tattooed...SP shall be known as saleperson with tattoo - SPWT

FA: Can show me your tattoo?
SPWT: erm.... *pull shirt to the side which reveal 2 nice dragon on the chest*
FA: Fwah ur dragon very nice lorhz... very tribal! u designed?
SPWT: *very shy* erm ok lah....ya I did the design.
FA: wha.... talented lehz!
SPWT: *very shy plus blush* erm alright lah, my design so so... others can do better. very seldom girls get excited over tattoo. U have?
FA: nope I dun. I only like nice design and no cheena biang design.
SPWT: ya ya! cheena biang very bengish.

my auzzie 单眼皮小眼睛男生 whisper into my ear "Darling! back to the camera!!!"

FA: so how, give me a better price lah...
SPWT: *think hard* ok lah I give you $575
FA: $560 can or not
SPWT: huh? Cannot lah! Let me earn a little bit lah... if not I no commission.

the bargain continued to ding dong ding dong for a while......

FA: ok lah we want a black colour
*SPWT goes to the back of the counter to check*
单眼皮小眼睛男生: u very evil. por him on the tattoo in order to get a better price!
FA: hello?! I'm helping you to save momey.
单眼皮小眼睛男生: ok ok I keep my mouth shut! Damn I know it was right to ask you along

SPWT: erm sorry... I dun have black colour...
FA: huh? no black... got check properly?
SPWT: serious I check twice. Take the silver its very stylo.
单眼皮小眼睛男生: I prefer the black.
FA: hai yo! like that 有缘无份 I wanna give you earn commission also cannot.
SPWT: no choice lorhz. *show the sianz face*

we walk out of the store and proceed back to the other store which offer us $571, 512mb memory card and leather casing.

Happy *smiles*

I got my voice back!
After a week long of slience...

Finally I can eat solid food
But the tonsil swell yet to subside

so I dun think I can take all the leftover goodies

I is happy...
erm I can't really reveal much

ai yo....
when can I close the "deal" ?
I am dying....

Anticipation can kill
its eating me up!!!!

anticipation can kill

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Reply for bid

BM ran an open tender for Moby for his V-Day date.
I submitted my bid
ai yo since no1 has officially date me
and so I thought juz go for fun lorhz....
anyway dun think I will "win"
BM's fouth criteria is chio....

Anyway I recieved a reply from BM

but I'm not huiqing...

Dun gei kiang!

back sick!
without my voice again!
the gang saw me on sat....
"Huh?! no voice since NYE ah?!"

I'm suffering from tonsilitis.
I can't swallow solid food only on liquid diet.
Sunday was much better
met up with the ex-sch mates

my first proper meal WITHOUT chilli!

Teriyaki chicken pasta....
something I would NEVER order....

so anyway I couldn't resist a puff thinking that I'm feeling much "better"
BAD move!!!

I kept coughing the whole nite and yday after a week long break from CNY,
I was on mc.
my voice still not back....