Friday, May 30, 2008

sometimes its better not to take short cut

coz you pissed people off. Remember what seem innocent and harmless are the ones who will kill you...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

my heart "belongs" here

its just amazing how some of the ex-colleagues are still very much concerned about of the company, like the latest developments, HR movement etc...

I know news travel, that is why I don't bother to say anything, coz at the end of the day, those who I don't see a point of telling will eventually find out, so why waste my breath?!

just that I didn't expect to get calls from people whom I have not much dealings with....

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

You are my sunshine.... only sunshine *smile*

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

note in a bottle

when you are in love, a simple gesture means a lot, not to mention a planned night with lots of efforts.

wine under the moon and stars, by the beach and a note in a bottle....

tear of joy...touched and loved! *sweet*
another milestone in our relationship...
I'm so not gonna let anyone snatch him away from me...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Who is Moses Lee????

He is the name that 4 million will see on a yearly affair

He is probably the busiest man in the month of April/May

He probably vetted/signed 4 million letters in a month, honestly, I doubt so since such organization love to use "This is a computer generated letter, no signature is required"

He is probably the name that will get the first hit from the 4 million in May. Thereafter the 4 million will proceed to curse and swear the other "organization" as blood suckers.

And he will tell you that there will are a few recourse methods for non-payment, either they impose more interest and make you pay more, or they authorize the bank to deduct the due paid amount from whichever account you have, or they barred you from leaving the country ( I heard they are quite good at that) or they charged you in court.

so who the hell is Moses Lee???

search here you might find his name there
my first time paying tax, should I be happy or should I be sad.
(after declaring so much relief, I still can't escape, *^&%^&$$)

Sunday, May 11, 2008


The Man was invited back for dinner as we celebrate Mothers' Day. But little did he expect that there were other relatives around.

"Baby, why are your hands so cold and wet?"

"Ne..Ner...Nervous lorhz... Shite! I'm stammering!"

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I heart Taiwan No.3 Part 2

after a thousand years....part 2 continue...part 1 in case some of you have forgotten...
(p/s: pingping is coming over this month, I thought I better post this up before she is here)

Day 6
老娘's 1/4 century...

my darlings...

the cake, the important 25 mark

priceless pressie (earrings, necklace & bracelet) handmade by my touched that I teared...

of coz, how can they passed the chances of sabotage...I sang live on stage, luckily most of the customers left, else 老板 will chase me out...

my trademark during bdays...

I'll stuff you with cake.... yumyum....

Day 7
Didn't do or travel around much, except that I started drinking during lunch and end the session at 4am. Imagine the amount of alcohol in my system...

We spent the whole day at Ping's hometown 竹山. Its a small town area in 南投. In case you didn't know, why the name 竹山, because they have a lot of bamboo over there. Those disposable chopsticks we used, its from there. Apparently they don't add preservatives in their chopsticks. It will turn mouldy after a while if you don't use them.

Lunch was at a local seafood restaurant

thereafter we went to sing K. The amount of beer we had...theres at least 60 over cans of them on the floor.

I love Heineken ! *burp*

Day 8
the booze from the previous night was a killer, I woke up like a zombie, but I can't contain the excitement as we are visiting Sun Moon Lake.

The view up there was spectacular, worth the long journey. I slept through the roadtrip. People in the car were entertained by my orchestra-like snoring.

remember to try the tea-leave egg at one of the pitstop. very yummy

I saw this thing on the floor, for a moment I thought I was at the camp of 日月神教 keekee...

Night fall and its time to bid farewell to 阿生 and 阿勇. Thanks to 阿生 who kept us companied the past fews days and its great to know 阿勇 and his lovely wife and kids. 阿勇 owns a carwash workshop and he has been in this business for the past 12 yrs. A down-to-earth, responsible husband and doting father to his 3 pretty daughters. Looking at how loving both he and his wife are, its such an envy.

We tongpang ping's colleague car to Taipei to meet up with Hilda

Day 9
Met up with another frd of ping, Peiru. We are going to 九份老街. But before that, how can I miss having my favourite 三明治.

I had this almost everyday. When I retire (aka get married, hmmm.... I think I'll scare The Man off.... ok lets just say when I save up enuff $$$ to get out of the rat race), I want to sell this in Spore. Bring yummy breakfast to every white collar, bring sunshine to them to start a brand new day :)

we took public transport

九份老街 is a food galore

a famous must-try stall at 九份老街

Look at the long Q starting from the counter and leads all the away to the bottom of the stairway......all waiting patiently for this bowl of yam balls

I'm not a big fan of sweet stuff, so dun really know how to appreciate... but the view while have this was nice as the stall is located at the peak of 九份老街, so one is able to admire the view of the old street.

We did some shopping at 五分浦 and met up with the rest of the girls who drove up from 台中 for all night sing K session - the last booze session before I head back to Lion City.

They taught me the super trendy 花朵舞 from 伍佰's 你是我的花朵

俗又有力 经典台妹 for the night!

orinial MV

countless booze and whole drainful of pukes contributed from all of us at 6am. keekee...

Day 10
Nap for 3 hrs before checking out and went out for lunch. Ava brought us to this place and I swear from my past 3 trips to Taiwan, this is the most yummylicious 蚝仔面线 I ever had...the famous stall 西门町 can't even compare to this.

Look at the oyster!!!! *unbelivable scream*

This is a must visit. No regrets!

The side kick is the nice Taiwanese sausages

I had countless of them during my 10 days stay.

Time to bid farewell to my gfs... they missed me...

I is good girl only came back with the same luggage and 4 hand carry :)
Taiwan till I come again.
Probably in a little while more...I need to stop the routin of visiting every 1/2 yearly :)

Friday, May 02, 2008

Popcorn Party

Our supplier loan us a popcorn maker for our upcoming campaign. The maker got all the girls all excited...

Filling the kernels...

Pouring the kernels into the the maker...

Hot air running through the maker...

Freshly popped popcorn from this 90s theater style popcorn machine..

wala! a bowl of popcorn *yummy*

Top with your favourite topping such as salt,butter,caramel, worcestershire sauce etc... We had margarine, honey and salt :) nice nice

Now you can enjoy freshly popped porcorn to snack on watching movie at home, listening to music, for your kids party, or tea party with friends...