Sunday, December 27, 2009

wisdom tooth attach....agian

argh!!!! stay away....

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

on leave

yeah yeah yeah!!!

clearing leave for the sake of clearing is better than nothing....

depressed...came back from the dentist with a decay.... *cry*

I'm a busy girl with so much things to do...

first up, I got a whole list of Christmas gifts to purchase

Friday, October 23, 2009


the time of the year :)

super busy and super tired, many late nights...this is the 4th night in a row....

can't wait to launch Christmas promotion :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It breaks my heart to see my second home being attacked by Typhoon Morakot. People are missing and recuse works aren't fast reacting.

Thank God my dear friends are safe and sound.


Discover Malacca

Our dept went over the Malacca for a short weekend. By short I went really short, since its 4hrs up and 4hrs down...

Coach was good and traffic was a breeze. But the weather was a killer, especially lugging "my" trusty crumpler walking 2 traffic lights, cross the bridge to our hotel. Its not wise.

We bumped into first makan place on our list, couldn't resist the temptations. Got to recharge...

Look at the yummy food!!! Tiny rice balls, just the right size for me, still room for other food.

Up next, the true true reason why boss came on this trip...

May I just say this is heaven! The gula melaka is so powerful! This roadside store is right in front of the red house, served by the indian man.

Finally, after miles of walking...we got to our nice hotel

Hotel Puri - the house of Tan Kim Seng. This place is so rich on culture on its own. Its also the same place where they filmed Little Nyonya

this place is just so nice...

We finally checked into the room, washed up a little and out to discover Malacca. Of course we did tourisy stuff to the must visit

Off we went to the local mall for some serious shopping. Girls are uncontrollable when they hit the malls. Fake Eyelahes going at 50% off, thats less than SGD1.50 after conversion, earrings at 20% off - thats SDG$5, when the similar design going at avg $30 at Accessorize.

Dinner at Local favourite Nyonya Restaurant called 亲切, Ole Sayang

I love the prawn in plum sauce, so lovely. The Salted Veg Duck Soup kiss-ass. I wished I brought two stomach along.

We also went to The Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum, a few units away from our hotel.

does this look familar? heehee....

I left the place wanting more to explore, so little time, so much to explore. And of course, I had the most chendol in the entire life I can ever eat.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I do Idou

I've been thinking of changing my hp for a few weeks since my trusty SonyEricssion K800i is showing signs of retirement.

Blacky is a good phone, sleek, wide screen, a beauty of its time.
I'm a sucker for the 3.2mega pixel camera phone which takes super nice pictures. yeah yeah, technology has evolve, but back then, 3.2mega pixel is a great deal!

After weeks of searching, trying to match the different phone functions, specs, design and most importantly camera resolutions to my needs... (yup, girls do read the specs and instead of buying pretty things)

Look what I've found...

picture courtesy from

The new Idou (or now known as Satio, so I read) by SonyEricsson. Its touchscreen, kickass 12.1mega pixel camera and its in red! my favourite colour! *bimbo*

pls, bring in to s'pore soon..... *plead*

The Taste of Taiwan

I found my temporary antidote to I-miss-Taiwan-food

Presenting 卤肉饭 (stewed pork rice)

The stewed pork is fragrant and simply yummy! But the down side was that the rice are not the same texture as those in Taiwan streetside stall...
still the taste is the closest of all that I've tasted so far..

Another recommendation - Chinese Herbal Duck

The crispy roasted skin together with the herbal gravy is a perfect match. The aftertaste of the herbs is delightful. The wolfberries added colours to the dish and were my personal favourite.

The Man and I ordered their signature fried rice

the cantonese styled was a mismatched to the Taiwan themed.

The store had Taiwan street side stores pictures plastered on the wall, its almost as though you are in the night market. You can't miss this store since its right in front of the escalator. Crowd was not too bad for a Tuesday night.

Located at:
ION Orchard Basement 3

bad work week

last week was the worst week I ever had (till now) in office. Can't believe that I'm treated in this manner by my own team mates. sigh!



But I'm on leave today, and I won mj yesterday with the folks! haha! Beat Daddy, Mum and Kor, I am lucky!

I'm going to Malacca this weekend, with the same group of people who piss me off so badly I wanna bite their heads off, *meditate* I must curb my evil twin.....

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

yummy ramen

Personally, I'm not a big fan of ramen. Mostly because, for most of the offering, the soup is not tasty. My special instant noodle recipe can beat any raman hands down anytime.

However my perception of ramen changed totally when The Man brought me to this particular ramen joint. Its now 1 of our usual food joint, especially when you have a craving for powering soupy stuff.

I ordered salty pork ramen. Theres choice of rich or light. Obviously I went for the rich.

complete with a mug of Asahi *perfecto*

The egg is yummy, yolky. The yolk simply sink in between you teeth...soup is heavenly, can imagine the amt of pork loin the chef had to use to make this rich broth. He sure is generous.

other side dish includes
extra serving of chasui, made to perfection! Tender, fatty and flavourful. The fats totally melt in your mouth...hmmmm....

steam gyoza *pardon the bad lighting*


Another worth mentioning is the fresh spring onion. I'm a fussy-pot for spring onion, especially the diced ones. The Man never fail to give me the eye when I single picked out every diced spring onion in my dish. The not so fresh one has a foul taste. But not the spring onion here. Its so fresh, I finish every single one in my ramen, chasui, gyoza, and The Man's ramen!

The decorations and furnishings are simple and unassuming and the staff are really friendly. This is one place that do not need fancy menus and flashy decorations to attract customers.

mini fan, tissue box, free flow of water...

something you would love to tuck into on a friday night, enduring a whole week of nonsense from work...

Located at:
30 Robertson Quay
Operating hours:
Daily: 11.30am - 3pm, 6.30pm - 10pm
Sat-Sun & PH: 6pm - 10pm

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fast & Furious

Its almost amazing to ride in The Mans humble ride. 20mins from the most ulu part of Jurong West to Tampines, try beating that record!

Probably the reason why, I "refuse" to take up driving lesson, 'coz if I can have a Dominic Toretto driving me to places, why would I need driving licence?!

I love to see him "drive", changing gears, filtering lanes, its an "enjoyable" ride. so much so that it totally changed me from not belting up to die-die-must-belt-up. The Man has a lot of influence on me.

some time ago, we witness one car cruising along the expresway at 50km/hr, The Man said the driver must be the main lead in the next sequel called Too Slow Too Anxious...

I told The Man if I have all the money in the world, I would buy up all the roads in Singapore, 'coz this way, I'll save my baby from complaining while driving....

what can I say... he is The Man.

training pass


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the wait is almost over

tickets to this Sunday match!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

muderer the movie

a very disturbed one i must say...and a dark movie it is.

This is a typical murder mystery which all clues lead back to the main character. If you have seen your fair share of movies, you should know what I meant. As usual, there is a twist in the movie, an expected "unexpected" one. Until the twist kicks in, Murderer is an intriguing ride.

too much for a tuesday night.

free tix again, so can't complain much...

Monday, July 20, 2009

new exciting store...

8 hours of standing/walking without rest...

we hosted the media in the store, intro the different products offering and continued with store photoshoot with my trusty photographer.

Got into office at 5pm and start clearing emails and following up with the media.

Though its the same routine when we host the media, however every new store is a new experience.

This store has so much to offer to gourmet food lovers...all the int'l gourmet brands like Hediard, Dean&Deluca, Fauchon, Valrhona, Peter Watson,Zaramamas...15L champagne, single malt whisky that cost up to $6,000!!! Dried aged beef, live seafood like geoduck, lobster, abalone, iberian black pig, salt from the Alps that is 150 million years old!!!! yes 150 million years, kid you not...

so be sure to visit us @ ION when we open for business tomorrow :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Finally....I've graduated!

as I sat with the other graduates, listening to the Chancellor giving his speech, memories of this journey came flashing back.

The committment of attending the evening classes, countless nights of research in order to complete the assignments, getting precious exam tips from the local lecturers, studying for exam, video conferencing with the professors in auzzie, the no. of books I've purchased & studied for each module, the number of pens I've used for each exam paper, the familar yellow box in the campus, support from the campus staff on adminitration procedure and the list goes on...

I must thank many people who have supported me in one way or another throughout this journey.

My sincere appreciation, thanks!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ideal dates

Its almost impossible to pin down the ideal dates to clear almost 20 days of Annual Leave.

Business trips for The Man which we have no clue exactly which dates he is leaving coupled with the upcoming projects I'm championing, PR event and the festive period just adds on to the list.

In the end, I had to clear 1/2 day every week, unproductive way, but seems theres no other choices, 'coz theres no way I can encash the leave or bring forward to next year...

....the movie isn't that fantastic, too much talking with little action.

Harry Potter

Look what I've got....

a pair of FREE tickets to tonight premiere


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

new store, graduation, travelling plans, new bangs!

new store opening in a week time! so exciting!
store was uber packed with different contractors rushing to complete the renovation. Meeting dateline...

faces of our team members from other store helping to stock up the store. Team spirit yeah!


collected all the neccessary for this Thur graduation ceremony :) Finally after a yr of long wait....

The Man gave me a treat to celebrate my graduation *so sweet*
I'm feeling super thirsty, must be the MSG. :|
We are like Old People, after dinner, head home straight, thats so sad and unhealthy... no more pator we are just too tired to move our butt, no wonder we are growing on the sides....


we are heading to Malacca for our 1st dept outing.
There were a few locations, but considering a few factors, we decided to settle with 2D1N Malacca.

Our creative agency will be tagging along, sort of informal "Team building" Hopefully after the trip, brings both team closer... the "behind-the-scene" will be joining too.

I've got new bangs! super cute. but The Man said I look PRC roar!
Peter will be uber sad if he hears that....

Saturday, July 11, 2009

bbq *yummy yummy*

and of course we are shopping at Cold Storage for the freshest ingredients!

I is so loving my job :) *less the hectic back-to-back dateline* O_o

Friday, July 10, 2009

bills *argh*


Question: which type of bill will reach you even though the Post Office is not working?

Answer: basically everything that you need to pay....

Just as I thought "yeah the fat cheque is in" the next minute, I've pay off the credit card, internet, hp, cables, insurance.... and nb! I got fined coz I forgotten to pay my income tax &@#$^&@

Monday, July 06, 2009


lesson learnt! never stay in the aircon room freshly out from shower

I hate fever....

I hate medicine...

hey... I must say the "ask and you shall get it" theory always work.


outing with the human dog

we brought the human dog to East Coast Park for a swim.

I must tell you why he is a human dog.....

First of all, his name is Louis! yes, Louis as in Louis Vuitton. I don't know why that name, perhaps, The Man's aunty like the brand so much, or most probably she named it after her ex *shudder*

The human dog carries a typical Sporean trait, super kaipoh, see and you know what I meant

everything a human does, he must participate - show people you are with the group...


pressence is not enough... you must have action to show that you are alive

only The Man can tolerate him, no wonder he loves The Man more....

The human dos is very human cos he act tough! Its his virgin swim and throughout the whole ordeal, never once did he bark. When the wave hit the shore, he quickly ran back to shore....

a funny....

and of all places, must sleep in between us....

He even kick me off the bed...insist that The Man sleep beside him, else he will not sleep

We have a third party.... a gay dog...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

lazy afternoon with a human dog

....The Man is trying to coax the dog to sleep. I'm being ditch to a corner nb!

watching Transformer later...yuppie!
everyone else is watching too, all session are fully booked damn!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I havent been receiving flowers for a while....


heehee.... no shy right... but theres a saying "Ask and you shall get it"
Who's theory? MY!

The Man said that I'm hopeless... not a true Singaporean... "How can you not have gone to Big Splash before?"

"coz my days are Fantasy Island?!" Thats why....

I went back to school today, not the school which the 1st BF for ROM-ed, its the school which I studied hard for the "paper". My grad ceremony is happening next month, so I'm went back to settle some paper work.

I kena The Eye, coz there is this giant gantry call ERP right outside the school. *beep* $2 !*&#!&#^&

We headed to Big Splash and settled at a newly opened eatery called 一点心思, it served dimsum, affordable price, food was not too bad.

We went for a stroll along the beach. The last time was many many months ago. We are busy people. But still, busy is not an excuse. We still have to engage in lovely-dovey stuff, right girls?

By know, some might say "Honeymood period over liaoz!"

Why over? The Man constantly have nice surprises for me :) right baby?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

my 1st bf ROM-ed

with the girl who sat beside me in our class....


Ceremony was held in our school, the place where fate brought two stranger together.... funny that they only got together many years after we left school. We wondered what happened? When we got news that they were attached, we were happy, its like the happily-ever-after type of couple.



I had series of disgusting burp from durian :P

the last I tasted the fruit was.... 1 year, 2 year.... I lost count...

I used to love durian, always having the craving. I remembered when I was young, when Grandpa was around, he would buy baskets of durian home. After dinner, the whole family, almost 30 of us, sat in a big circle, earger to lay our finger to the King of Fruit. Anything thats not to our palette, off into the bin it go.

Probably the overdose of it that when I grew up, I simply lost that crave. In fact, I sometimes find the smell/after taste disgusting. Its just so weird...

Things that you used to love, suddenly, over time, it just lost its appeal to you.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009

night view of Kaohsiung

at Level 65 of The Splendor Kaohsiung, the highest building of Kaohsiung, total 85 Level.

*yawn* i'm so tired, the thing abt tour group is you HAVE to follow the itinerary, morning call is at 6am/7am everyday. "Babysitting" the folks isn't another easy task. I have to be more patient....

look at the chicks....

beautiful farm stay

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

leaving on a jet plane

i'm surfing via wireless@sg at T1 departure hall

In another 1/2 hr time I'll be going back to Taiwan :)

I was talking to The Man yesterday that having to travel so many times, this is the first time that I have someone waiting for me back home. I hope The Man feel the same way as I do when I have to wait for him while he is out for trip

Hopefully, I dun have to travel alone every often. The one seating beside me should be The Man.

Received sms from boss early in the morning, asked me to enjoyed the trip, recharged and come back to fight the war. Yes fight the retail war, Q3&4 is crazy for me, new store opening, mega, christmas, cny and the list goes on...

till then I see you all in 8 days time.... "smelly tofu" here I come :P

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I lost weight!!!!

I lost so much H20 + sodium, thus I believe I lost weight :)

boss say her toes are laughing *roar*

Went to trial class at amore yesterday night with Xuan. Obviously my body was not mine after 15min treadmill + 1hr kick boxing + 1hr MTV dance

whats seems to be easy, is so hard to acheive now, sigh I can't stretch over and touch the floor *cry*

so instead of spending $100/mth, I'll be a good ger, dedicate 1 hr/ twice weekly for a run in the park :)

I need to work out, cut down on fat intake, no more pork lard!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

oh... and by the way...

I'm going back to Taiwan..this time with my parents.

so since its their first time to lovely Taiwan, and I didn't want to trouble my friends to drive us around, I had to book a tour package.

yah kinda silly to pay big bucks on places I'm so familar with. If only I can pay only for that 1 spot I've never been to... sigh~ I guess not...

but on a brighter note, I get to eat lots and lots smelly tofu :)

p/s: we are bringing in my favourite 玫瑰花茶 to our stores yeah! in new, nicer and more girly packaging

i got the tickets...

*sing* I got the tickets.... I got the tickets....

yuppie! Its 60 days left to meet the team!

I'm trying to buy into the good books of my ex-colleague and flaunt my events management skill hoping that I can "help" out in the meet the fans session as backstage members...and eventually meet *blush* all the players...and if someone permit, I get to have a picture taken with them....


Saturday, May 16, 2009

little black flags tanning


The Man will be back in 3 hrs time...I is happy :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

smelly and black.....

*shiver* *macho voice* noo....noo....I dun want to bath!!! Black is the new in. Its more karang

help!!! help!!!

quick... pull me out! I beg you...

ahhhh....water..... *cry*

hey you! stop push my face hor!
Oei! get your butt off my face *yesh! thats care bear shine*

dead! and the water runs deep...

next I shall showcase the tiny black "flags" sun-ed on the teck-ko *giggle*