Thursday, April 26, 2007

stranger? no stranger?

From wiktionary
stranger (plural strangers)

Someone who is neither a friend nor an acquaintance.

Which means that if the person is no stranger or acquaintance, both parties should know each other, or at very least know each other's name right? Right!

But, what if he knows me but I don't? Is there a term to this?

coz some guy who knew me came to my office today for some business meeting. I happen to walk past the reception area and he called me and try to strike a conversation.

you shld see me face, I dun even remember who he is and let alone where I met him. All I could do is be polite, smile helplessly and give a 1-word answer to his question. My boss and colleagues from other department were around, and I had to pretend that I know him, else long lost "friend" will be malu.

after much thoughts, I can only conclude we must have met during partying, else I would have at least have some recollection.

I admit I'm not very good with names.
But most importantly, I don't take guys I knew from drinking seriously.
Which, by the way is the reason why most of the time I dun remember them.
I mean, how often would you bump into them again, right?
I'm not atas, but unless I know you personally, dun expect me to go over and say hi. PR-ing at work is already killing me, juz let me enjoy my stout.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

new member

....added to the family

of coz can't fight my 玫瑰花茶 from Taiwan

Oh...thats my office mug, serving loyally since my first job.
If you can make out the words, my school used to have 8 courses, I think now thats more...

actually hor, I was thinking of getting this from BODUM

nice right?! but its kinda ex... :(

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

mutated chicken

we were at the usual K-joint and ordered chicken wings but were served weird looking stuff.

The drumlets and "wings" came in differnt colours. The "wings" were extremely tiny.

you know the two bones from the wing, this only has 1

to Daphie...
maybe this is a chick not yet a hen or worse, its mutants *gasp*

sourvenirs from Taiwan

that bigger that fist bruise I mysteriously got and causes accusation of you are drunk

mama was quite worries actually, coz I get bruises like this very often, even though its a light bump.

it took me quite an effort to pacify her even to the extent of buying American Ginseng with Tian Qi capsules which cost me $150 for 30 capsules, which is equals to $5 per pill.

I need to cab less....

simple pleasures

I saw at the dining and I froze

Its my favourite ang gu kueh

drool over the generous amount of tao sa

I only managed to finish 1 tao sao and 1 peanut, coz its away past dinner time, else the next time you probably can't see my eyes =_=

This is probably the one and only stall that I will ever eat their ang gu kueh, when I was a kid, I could finish 1/2 dozen at one go, which probably explain my rossy cheeks whahahaha~!~!~

Ji Xiang Confectionery
Blk 1 Everton Park #01-33
Singapore 081001
Tel : 6223 1631

Sunday, April 22, 2007

boyfriend = bagger ???

you know the theory of a bf who carries the gf's bag is a sweet & caring bf?

ppluuurrrsssee! Stop that!

I simply can't stand the sight of guys caring a woman's bag. Be it a LV, Coach, Gucci, or worse Hello Kitty. Its causing my eyes to sore.

since when do we measure whether the guy is sweet & caring through such act?

Have you got the slightest idea that it only makes your MAN a whimp when he sling you baggy. If its meant for women, its not meant for him, jolly well carry it yourself, dun let that few grand that you slurp on go down the drain, sista

Dun even get me started on that shopping bag thingy. Why dun you employ a bagger instead, since you can afford to spend on THAT shopping spree. It makes me wonder...hmmm

a little help goes a long way

you know I'm caught up in the pia assignment thingy again... our friend trying to help me with it...

dun worry, I've already saved a copy.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Quitting is hard... Cutting down is haaaarrrder

you know the cutting down on Mr Alcohol?

This sms from Daphie...

"...Take your pick Zouk, Bala, lalala or our usual place..."

It takes me 3 hours before I could reply her to say that I can't coz I need to go back home and study...

I think I deserve a pat on the shoulder *smile*

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

applies to all others?

you know this right...mama ask if it applies to drinking =_=

coz she says I've been drinking a lot...
she thinks I'm alcoholic, which I 一而再,再而三的强调 I'm not....

sigh~ I'm tired of explaining myself...


my cousins are currently in Taiwan...for a week long holiday...

GAH! Please teleport me there...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I did MAJOR spring cleaning (my admins were saying that if I fall, I've got no place to land 'coz the room is too messy) last week and I'm so proud of myself...

I dedicated a small little corner of my workstation, which I like to call "relac1corner"

my favourite flower, tea and mosturizer *love*
p/s I think the lilies are too huge for the vase....

Monday, April 09, 2007

new milestone

I made a decision and I'm proud of it!

I say bye bye to the old self, the predictable actions and routine moves.

I'm relieved, I feel no burden, share my happiness people!

Thursday, April 05, 2007


lately I've been drinking quite a fair bit of stout coz I dun hang the next day.

the fact that 1 bottle or 2 is not enough for me (i'm not alcoholic), stout is good.

then, my good fren commented that my blood group is not AB+ but ABC.

win aledy lorhz... i only drink Guinness

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

demand vs supply

I read the papers and came across an article of this filial son who made paper concert tickets for his dad who passed away. Apparently his dad was a avid concert-goer. The performers were people like Anita Mui, Leslie Chung and etc...

but hor, the son never ask whether Anita and Leslie is willing to have a concert in the other world.

Tomorrow is Qing Ming Festival, I believe business would have double fold or triple fold for the paper offerings shops.

I heard nowadays, the paper offerings for the deceased very up to trend lehz...

Theres LV bags in the classic monogram, Gucci bags, the latest PS3, Mp3 player, laptops, plasma TV, bikinis, makeup, skincare product, 2-in-1 steamboat and teppanyaki set, and etc...

This is riding onto the theory of "when there is a demand, there will be a supply"
When the IT savvy people dies, they need their IT product to accompany them in the next world.

In that case, I think these creative people must must package the spare parts together witht he product mahz, what if the PS3, Mp3 player, laptops, plasma tv gets faulty?!

If there a Sony Service Center there?!

Monday, April 02, 2007

ah ma also blogs

remember the ah ma who acted as Fann Wong's mama in Just Follow Law?

the blog is for real!!!!

the ang mo is quite coherent with local taste (singlish) quite impressive for an aunty to blog!

this is what I call 人老心不老

Sunday, April 01, 2007

super blurness

I made a boo boo again!

We were at the cinema deciding what to watch and ah boy said he wanted to drop by the next door arcade to play one round of some fighter plane.

So we bought tickets for Pathfinder and I said


WLE! I realize my booboo and burst out laughing...

not to mention the other time when I wanted to say Dumex 牛奶粉 instead I said Durex 牛奶粉. and also Halah bak kua which left everyone dumbfounded!

brollies and stylish

The party night at Luxy was raining cats and dogs. All the cute boys/hunks and hot chicks were in their stylo milo, eye pleasing outfit but armed with brollies!!!

Brollies?! To Party?! A definite tah matchy!

Ping ping and Jim couldn't understand my theory of no matter how heavy the rain, I would never arm a brollie, coz it unglam.

"So, you guys just wait indefinitely for the rain to stop?"

"erm, hell no! We dashed across the rain... getting drenched is a heroic act!"

Seriously, you guys can't picture how devasted I was at that point of time. I could almost hear the shattering of my heart...

"hmm, hair is stylish...small eyes and single eyelids, uwhhooo I like! Stylo milo outfit..... *eyeballs popping out* BROLLIES!!!" *action* banished to the dumpster...

The feeling is almost equivalent to seeing spring onion in you favourite bak chor mee, visible pantylines on the tight fitting skirt or Angelina Jolie with unshave armpits. Thats how bad!

*sheepishly* alrighty, I do admit that I do carry brollies but its only under forced circumstances, super bobianz... even so I make sure that its the foldable type, so that once after used, I can stuff into my baggy and no one will ever find out.

I is weird =_=
Finally the senior advisor came to meet me and close the chapter once and for all...

I was amazed by his dressing.... pole tee with collar up, jeans, crocs and sunglasses. The best part is for the 5 min conversation, he had the "complete-the-look" sunglasses on.

Any decent person in the service industry or should I say everyone one knows that its rude having your sunnies on when speaking to any person...

probably like in his terms, I'm terminating the policy, so I'm not important anymore.