Saturday, December 30, 2006

shower of gifts

I must have been a good girl this year!

I'm still receiving birthday and xmas presents....

watches...pen...perfume...necklaces...earrings...bangles...bath sets...cosmetics...tote bag...

not to mention another lot from office which I haven't lug bak home...

Truely appreciate the love and gifts your guys/gals gave me!

Thank God! I have u guys in my life, else I dun think I stay in a piece with some jerk stalking me every other day....

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Date on 28 Dec!

uuuwhhhooo!!!! I've a date with my Mr. Leung next Thursday!

mixed identity?!

so its banana impersonating orange?
or orange in banana skin?


I've been trying to get thru the customer service line for UOB hotline.

Its been 12.40min, now 12.42min and NO one picked up my queue!!!

the call waiting music is getting on my nerve!



after 15mins of wait, juz before I decided to give up, the CSO finally picked up....

NBz! Someone is using my credit card to make transaction online!
Now the bank has to freeze my card for safety reasons and the earliest that I can get a replacement card is next week! GAH!

I suspected the syndicate got hold of my card information through the transaction I made in Malaysia last month. Coz the last time I went to KL with my gf, a month after we came back, she made transaction at some place 50000miles away when clearly all these while she was in Lion City!

damn these syndicate!

how to survive during the festive period?
I'm well known of carrying minimum cash with me, I either swipe or nets it...

*tears roll down*

Friday, December 22, 2006

notebook message

year end approaching...
which means that rightfully the pages in my working notebook should be finishing...
something is very wrong if it don't... =_=

so byebye...

yesh! I took charge of my health....I'm gonna cut down on boozing. And yesh, I live live to the fullest coz 2006 has been a fruitful year for me :)

and welcome this...

its my favourite red!

If you judge people, you have no time to love them - Mother Teresa

I feel so

of drinking and hokkien

the other day all of us were caught in the rain.
and with 200 people in the taxi queue, we decided to bum at Mcdees and wait for my dear bro to pick me up.

so we yadah-yadah-yadah...

FA: *sigh* I think I'm getting old....lately I need to recuperate for two days before I get half my soul back. I think I should cut down on drinking...

Everyone laughed!!!!


AnTe: If you say you wanna stop fagging, I would have believed you, quit drinking?! Who are you trying to kid?!

and they continued laughing!!!

WLE! I said cut down not quit!
hello?! at least I survived last weekend alcohol free!

jokes aside...I really meant it. Of all the boozing, its really eating up my energy. I feel half dead the next day, and for the next 24hrs, I refused to move my ass off the sofa despite the fact that telly is staring at me...I juz dun feel like soing anything...

yesh! I love my Mr. A, but too much of him/her in my life in no good lah deh! My mind can't really function well...and I can't afford to make mistakes...

thought you people are suppose to support me?!

as all may know that I dun really speak Hokkien.
when pple starts speaking to me in the dialect, I get nervous, giddy and donch know how to react. I would normally smiled and nod my head.
My friends accept the way I am and thats about it.
Seriously my mixed heritage is getting me no where...

of all these years that I can't speak the dialect, Sunday was the final draw...
I made up my mind! I wanna learn HOKKIEN!
and my Ah Beng Boy Friends (ABBF) and Ah Lian Girl Friends (ALGF) are gonna teach me.

I was helping ABBF at his place when this uncle came over and start speaking to me in hokkien. I smiled at him and starting speaking to him in Cantonese. *Natural reaction*

Man! He must have lifelong hatred for Cantonese coz the more I speak to him, the louder he gets. By this time, he was creating a scene...

Thank God my ABBF came back and solved the whole issue.

I asked ABFF wat the heow the uncle was saying, he smiled and said "Lets juz say, the whole "conversation" was filled with colourful and descriptive words"

How could I smiled like an idiot to someone when the fucker was swearing at me?!

that was the final draw! I told ABFF to impart his lifelong knowledge of the dialect to watashi!

I'm so gonna be a true 台妹

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

worthless "friend"

Many of times I can't help but give the "oh really?!" reaction when people claimed that they are my close friend, they understand me well, they are always there for me and etc...

but the true fact is that...
yes they are my close "friend" coz pple will always see them with me when I party
yes they understand me well coz they know I like A and almost every week I spend $$$ juz to be close and embrass him/her
yes they are always there to share the drinks I paid for!!!

so stop acting as if you know me inside out, coz you dun, and thats for sure...

I question as to when was the last time they said they care for me?
when was the last time they were there when I needed they most?
when was the last time they dry my tears?

you pple juz make me sick!

F Off!!!

civil service

watashi's experience with civil servants hasn't always been a very pleasant one.
mainly because those that I've work with:

1) are incompetent
2) never a Yes/No answer, always a political right answer. which my next question will be "so, its a yes or no?"
3) takes forever to come back with "decision", but at the end of the day still no decision made. duhz!
4) like to be bootlicked, I detest that, and can never excel!
5) takes the glory and leave all the shite work to others
6) thinks that they are indispensable, which in fact without them around, more things can be sorted out
7) only cares about his/her schedule and theres no such things as other's schedule
8)have one and a million procedures which sometimes are not neccessary, but still we have to go through them
9) never seems to take charge but ace at transferring you from one department to another.
10) are good at talking, but no work seems to be done. 讲是天花乱缀,做事有心无力

and the list goes on...

therefore I'm very keen to watch this...

Maybe I'm not in the circle to understand all the constrain and difficulties that a civil servant is facing... but at least show me that the tax that I'm paying every year is made worthwhile...

Looking at those who fit the above description, I can't help to think

"NBz! 老娘 slog hours in the office everyday but you buggers knock off on the dot and get a 2.7% bonus!!!!

Death Note 2

I was super late for the event...
missed out the cocktail reception, missed out the door gifts, missed out the star gazing...

movie was alright,
and to think that I didn't catch the first instalment,
I can grasp the story
any kind soul wanna lend me part 1?
coz I'm not watching the marathon next week...

well now I think the resemblence is not strong afterall....and thats because someone is definitely better looking than kira


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

caps and tees...

nice? nice!!!

I solve your problem for shopping my xmas presents!
else tees from mooks or Ed Hardy are welcome too! :)

Monday, December 18, 2006

You love me autograph?!

Our corporate Christmas cards to our business partners, tenants and prospects.
Nice rite?!

all of us from the office signed our insignificant name....

and this is the amount each and everyone of us had to signed today!

To make sure that the receiving party knows who the hell signed onto the card, we event wrote our name clearly underneath our signature....which means double the work!

suddenly I feel like some A1 singer givng autograph to my fanz...

Freebies (4)

I've got 3 tixs to Death Note 2.


Date: 19 December, Tuesday

Time: Cocktail reception starts at 8pm
Movie starts at 9:15pm

Venue: GV Grand Garden
Great World City, Level 3

Interested parties please leave comment/email/text/call me

Sorry pple! Its all taken!


juz as I thought this morning will be as gloomy as yesterday due to the rain, it surprise me though....

my 宝贝萍萍 send me a greeting card from Taiwan...


I missed them deep deep...

but hey...good news,
she will be visiting soon...
so its worth the wait!

Friday, December 15, 2006


I met up with 毛毛 yday nite.

We were chatting and he pop this question
"oei, you dun use moisturizer? Touch my *force his limps tp me*, this is the effect of moisturizer"

yesh! I know my arms & elbows are very dry....theres quite some bums and scar of my arms. Well this came from basketball from schooldays *yesh! I play bball despite my height*

Not that I'm lazy, but I couldn't be bothered!

You probably wouldn't find any skincare product in room...probably juz hydrating mask and thats abt it.

On the other hand,many of times I hear pple commenting that I've got good complexion. ok, I'm quite flattered. But, I'm getting worried.

I'm 24
I drink a LOT
I'm a social smoker
I sleep ard 1 - 2am everyday which average out to 6hrs of sleep
I work abt 10 - 12 hrs daily
I put on make up for at least 5days a week due to my work nature
I've never done a facial in my life
I've got no skincare product
I drink a LOT of water, + point

I think I'm really living on the expense of my blessed good skin
coz recently I realize dark eyerings are forming
and I have to start using concealer.


oh! By the way 毛毛 is a guy...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

some bday present....

some "friend" of mine superimposed my pretty face into a bikini babe's body!

I think I look like a drag!

NO! u guys can dream on! I'll never upload the pix...

"friend" >>> Dun you dare!!! I mean it!!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

off the rack

I woke up early on Sat morn for my dear friend's church wedding.
I bummed into Daddy at the common and he asked me where I was going.
This came out..

Daddy: Church Wedding? Good can find yourself a good man there
FA: erm...Daddy, My friend is much older than me, so his friends are around his age.
Daddy: Old? Old is good, old is mature...

Thats when I fish out my keys and escaped...
my Daddy officially wants me off the rack!

"All I want for Christmas is a good Boyfriend!"

If you see any good guys, please tie him with a ribbon and it will be my Xmas present!
Deal? Deal!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

I swallow!!!

I was too engrossed with my research for the assignment due next Thurs, that I swallowed.....
the chewing gum!



Thursday, December 07, 2006


I juz got back from the concert proudly organized by ABC Extra Stout

I guess this is the first time in Singapore history that the singers openly booze!

a LOT of Booze! Free flow of Stout!

sorry Daphie, you missed the party!

I tried the newly introduced Stout with Ginseng
hmmm... I must say you gotta have an unique taste bud in order to appreciate this new flavour

and by the way 五月天 totally rock big time!
They sang my favourite hokkien song 轧车
actually I barely understand the lyrics
but...its a nice song...

my batt died on me when the boys sang...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I turned 24!

yesh! 老娘今天24岁

so what happened when I was 23?!

1. I finally left my crappy company after suffering from mental stress for 6mths!

2. I bummed in HK

3. I found a new job which I'm working my ass off everyday. But... I enjoyed what I'm doing, so thats a blessing...

4. I did 5 promotion campaign in 6 months. Definetly beef up my portfolio...

5. I Party, shop, sing K, eat at Taiwan. Missed my gfs and I cried so badly at the custom that the officer had to come over and ask if I was alright...

6. I bought a "pig" over to Taiwan. My luggage weighted 35kg at Changi...luckily I wasn't fined!

7. I went over with 1 big luggage and I came back with I big luggage and 7 hand carry. Total weight 48kg at Chiang Kai Shek Airport and I was fined SGD280!!!!

8. First time in my life I saw a big fat pig on the city street!

I'm sure it weighs over 200kg!

9. I bought a new toy

10. I is more 女人 coz my hair changed from this
to this

anyway the boys celebrated my bday on sat and this is my BERRIES cake?!

Strawberries, cherries and blueberries

for all the well wishes, thanks much!


p/s: I seriously need a video editing software! X'mas gift any1?!

Monday, December 04, 2006


I've got VIP tix to the concert

Date: 6 Dec 06 (Wed)
Time: 8pm
F&B: 6pm. Free flow of booze and food
Venue: Indoor Stadium
Performance by: 五月天(Mayday), 品冠,陈升

Interested party, please let me know latest by 5 Dec.
You can text, email or leave a comment.