Thursday, December 29, 2005

I got her back!

but its not the the old her...
its her counterpart, gift from JS.
Juz came back from MoS.
Luckily it was Ladies Nite, thus we got in real quick
musc was great,
crowd was alright...
we might pop by on NYE...

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Coutndown Party, advance theory

up next, my Boys are against Everton...
9th consecutive win?! Sure no prob!

I'm clearing leave from tomorrow.
See you guys on 3rd Jan 2006!

Countdown party?
Mambo Jambo @ EXPO? MoS? Siloso Beach?
Too many places...can't decide...

Like I've said a million times...
Its the company that matters.

Make me sit at kopitam talk rot the whole night also no prob!
But.... not on NYE lahz... keekee....
This can wait for any other day but not NYE.

Hello~ ushering for a brand new year!
How can do it at kopitam?
Anyway I don't think the taogei will open shop.
This type of lao ah beng sure go out and happening....
Who will 冲咖啡?

speaking of new year resolution...
I is 惭愧
till now, yet to pass my advance theory.
I'm going to book this Fri.
tolong! tolong!

Its been 2yrs, still failing
I've done all the 8 booklets, still failed!
From shading all the damn 50 ovals to now high tech touch screen
I still haven pass

Shopping Demon, JS & ring

I parked my $$$ with the Shopping Demon at MEXX and MNG last night.

I need to get a new pair of working pants so I thought I shld utilize the $20 voucher from MEXX before it expire at the end of the mth. MNG? Well its 50% less for that top, good bargain. I've alway got a 'good' reason to support my buy...

Since I was at Raffles City, I pop by to say hi to JS, my sec schmate.
Aneway, SWATCH was packed with pple so I didn't stayed long and decided to walk ard. Thats when the Shopping Demon seduced me into MNG, got me trying for a top, and parked my $$$ with him.

We took a puff outside Cafe Cartel when he saw his ex gf and ran away.
We walked a big round and got to the train station via the Pennisula Plaza Entrance. I was teasing him that we might bump into her at the station control or platform or best, we might take the same train....

I didn't digged into why he is avoiding the ex but he said that theres another guy with her and he didn't want to know who he was.
Huh? Wat reason is that?!

chatted the good old days...
I casually mention abt my ring and he gave me the ring he was wearing which was made out of watch stripe.

I caught my eye when I was at his work place earlier.
Simple. Nice design.

got home, look at pearly white and my new ring.
Suddenly I realize that the feeling for them aren't the same for her.
She cannot be substitute.

JS asked me to get a new piece since her counterpart are still in store but he don't understand that the packaging might be the same but physically they are not.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

X'mas Gathering not party!

First up was the pot luck feast we had in the office on Friday.

The pantry is invaded with FOOD!

Everyone busy re-heating the food...

Nooo....cannot eat that.... thats for the fishes...

Rem that I told you guys, the fishes are also feeling christmasy....

Kickass yummy curry chicken in the mircowave


Too much to finish and everyone got to ta bao back

Night, was to Jerry's chalet @ Aranda Country Club for his bday celebration. I lugged a bottle of Asti, a bottle of vodka, and a bottle of chivas into crumpler, only to realise that I failed to complete the mobile bar counter act as its too heavy for my shoulder to carry, thus I ditched chivas at home...


Introducing Chef Vincent with.....

Vodka Blackcurrent Tiger prawns (recipe from ME!)

everyone got bored after a while...

so came Mr. MJ

since Mr. MJ only fooled around with some, the rest of us fooled with Mr. Alcohol. The affair lasted for an hour before we head out for macdees and brought Mr. Heineken back to drunk the bday boy

and he became like this

we went back home to recharged our batt in the morning and met up again at night to sing K.

I've got overdose of Mr. Alcohol and kept him outta my system on X'mas countdown. He didn't stayed away from me long as he hugged me at the Sec sec gathering / Xmas bbq on Sunday night...

I finally got the chances to have a decent meal with my family on Monday. The usual family activity we always does.

My Boys won last night! UUUwhooo... I watched the match with a heavy heart... but still they deserve to win.

My X'mas this year was no no party as compared to last year.... Grand Uncle left us last weekend. There wasn't much X'mas mood and also no party mood. But it was a great to be with my close friends on a special occation.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Season's Greeting

In case I'm too drunk... Have a Blessed Christmas!
Bear Hugz!!!
The Boys are playing against the zebras on Boxing day!
Nooooo.... *going thru denial*
Watch? Dun watch? I'm still feeling this
Its a love-hate relationship. Moby, how?!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Cool Accessories

Woohoo.... My X'mas pressie from my colleague...

*@* Mobile Phone Screen Cleaner *@*

Huh? Wat the hell is that?

Come come~ Jie jie show you pixcher

Dun see small small. like a useless fuk. Very handy worz!

its piggy! I like!


anyhow tag some "intelligent" use to a wat seems useless and "cuty" soft toy and waala! you can sell it for at least 10buck!

I also must go think something fast!

Till the end

Anyone know who sang this???


All these precious moments
With you by my side
Must be a gift from heaven
That's holding me all night

I don't know how I found you
I'm thankful that I have
Now that I have a love so true
To hold , to keep , to share

In my heart, I can no longer hold inside
All of the love I used to hide
I'll always be with you untill the very end

In this world, there is no place I'd rather be
You are my life, my soul, my girl
And through it all
I know that you've come to see that
You're the one till the end

All my friend around me
Say you'd be gone too soon
Baby, I'm gonna make them see
We've found our way back home

In my heart, I can no longer hold inside
All of the love I used to hide
I'll always be with you untill the very end

In this world, there is no place I'd rather be
You are my life, my soul, my girl
And through it all
I know that you've come to see that
You're the one till the end
We'll always be till the end

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Party! Party!

Food! Glorious Food!

Pot Luck @ Office, BBQ at Jerry Bday Chalet, BBQ (again) with the boys.

Chocolate! Honey baked ham! Turkey! How can I forget Mr. Alcohol?!

This X'mas I won't go hungry....

I so gonna put on weight.




Please dun doubt me

I hate it when pple dun listen to me and gek kiang. Just because I don’t drive, doesn’t mean that I don’t know the direction.

I know WHERE I stay although I only stayed at my current place for six years and that I only know where my block is.

For goodness sake, I know how to travel back to my place from town. I know which is the shortest route to take.

Someone who stays at the west side of Singapore who seldom travel to the east, would he know the route better than me?

I was at Mr. Beans yday and my friend insist of sending me to Toa Payoh to take a cab cause he says it a 'SHORTER' route back to my place.

So I was in the car heading towards Bukit Timah direction while I was looking at Little India, the usual route I would travel back from Mr. Beans. In the end, my cab fair was 5bucks more.

Not that I kay gao the 5bucks but I hate it when pple dun listen. Especially male driver, when the V-com who happens to be a female tell him the direction, they simply ignore.

Is it the ego thingy. "Look girrrl, I'm the driver, I knw the way. Juz shut up and sit tight!"

Male drivers, if it is otherwise, please enlighten me!

The other time, the car filled of us was at Bras Basah Complex and we wanted to go to Esplanade. They refuse to listen to me. We end up going to Boat Quay, Shenton Way and finally to Esplanade.

A journey which will only take less than 15mins, took 40mins. So many detour, so many traffic lights, so many frustration.

The next time anyone dare to say women don’t have directional sense, I’m so gonna whack his head!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I'm thinking of getting this as x'mas pressie for myself

I've also gotten a pair of heels as a bday gift of me during lunch.

Girls~ theres always tons of reasons when they shop...

Monday, December 19, 2005

so I'm back

from training ground
with all the aches and blisters all over me
but the feeling was great
'cause the saying goes
no pain no gain....

everyone looked at Mummy with a gosh-she-looks-familar look. Then when someone mentioned powerpuff girls, Oooohhh ya! she is one of the powerpuff girls!


Mummy brushed away all the cobwebs and dust from darling Matthew FX and set up all the necessary, the side stabilizer, front stabilizer, scope.

Nervous wreck as Mummy loaded the first arrow. She kindly asked everyone to step away juz in case she misfired. First shootout was great, after a few rounds, the feeling start coming back and Mummy start to feel the pressence of her darling Matthew FX.

Training was on 18m, 30m and 50m. Nervous Mummy didn't venture to 70m due to lack of confidence and low poundage.

Grouping of arrows wasn't that great. Out of six arrows, only 4 squeezed into the yellow region, of which only 1 managed a 10point. The other 2 was in the 8ish and 7ish region. For a backslider for almost a yr, whatelse more can she asked for.

Now Mummy is focusing on training her stability as her bowhand trembles like nobody business when she anchor and aim.

Mummy also needs to replenished a lot more accessories as all her T-loan items have been returned to owner.

She needs
~ Bow stand (urgently)
~ Arm guard (urgently)
~ Arrow puller
~ Sureloc sight (save up! coz it cost a bomb)

cool rite?

~ Arrows (both indoor and outdoor)
~ Bow case

My Boys lost the World Club Champ. Sadness! The only cup they have yet to win. Though wining would be great but I know you did your best!

Friday, December 16, 2005

I found my childhood...

Care Bear shine!

King Kong, MOS, Archery

went to watch this on Wed nite with the boys. Nice effects. But seriously, my advice, dun watch at GV. The show is 3hrs and the seats are fuking tiny. IF you know me and how I make myself comfortable in the cinema, I've got aches all over me.

King Kong so cute! juz like us, chao keng and act blur! There is this scene where a native girl stood still and stretches out her hand, I think she look like a character in the .... ehhh wats that HK ghost movie where theres serveral instalment?! the one starring Louis Koo ... nairmind I think you guys know which one I'm talking.

Fwah, movie also got rollercoaster lehz... King Kong grabbed the girl in his mighty hands and ran. Swing here and come she never puke ah? Look as though King Kong grabbing a barbie doll in his hand.

I especially like the scene where they glid on the ice en ai and touching.

eeh, wat is the gender of King King ah?! Male? Coz he like girl. Female? coz if the lead stay with her, they can girl talk everyday?

Anyway, this morning ah boy text me if I'll be at MOS tonight! I can't, not that I don't want. The boys have been disturbing me for 2 days that they will be partying on the grand opening. Being "good" friends of mine, they will call me when they are at the dance floor and let me listen to the music. Fukers! I'm taking care of Baby Fayth tonight. I'll be a good nanny.

I'll be back at work tomorrow due to some stupid feng shui talk. By the way, any of your friends want to temp? I'm looking for part time CSO. working days, 2 weekdays and on weekend. Able to work immediately, past customer service experiences would be an advantage.

I met up with Shirleen yday nite for dinner, I hereby announce that I'm going back to Archery. I missed my bow...I shoot arrows with style. (Got proof hor! I shall go dig some pixs and show u guys)

Must train hard, if not can't go outdoor else arrows will eat grss, poundage too low. Shirleen wants the Powerpuff Girls to regoup. It was a silly name everyone gave us during our 1st SAFRA Indoor Archery Competition team event where yours truely came in third for Ladies event! The cup, together with all my track & field trophies, sit proudly on my aircon duct

Dun see the name silly hor, we hustler keekee...Those were the days! My dear Matthew FX, Mummy coming back to you le!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I'm dying

I'm in my boss car cruising along PIE, at the outter most right lane with speed limit of 50km/hr....

there is an invisible elephant in front of us!

I wanna die!!!!

No wonder female drivers have bad reputation.....

Pearly white

Life after the final draw, she came into my life

Pearly white...

I like her, So classy, so beautiful, so pure, so me.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Human feelings

I don't consider myself as the management level even though I'm in responsible of the duties of the CSO and Security guards.

a while ago, my colleague was upset with me. In the course of pacifying a difficult customer, I gave in. NO, not that I'm a push over but due to the misinterpretation of my tenant, as the management I have to be responsible.

I always believe that in whatever situation, we cannot expose the ugly side to customers, things should always be settle close door. I dun wash my dirty laundry in the public.

of coz, my tenant did recieved warning from me.

Human like to apply their already-always-listening theory. They tend to repay other in their colourful language due to their unhappy encountance else where.

Look, nobody will impose a negative thought on you unless you think lowly of urself. If your already-always-listening tells you that you are inferior due to your skin colour or the S'proe retail scene give preferential treatment to certain skin colour, you are so wrong.

Sorry, I pity you, you miserable worm!

To look at things objectively is the key.

As much as I'm totally pissed with her accusation and statement, I kept my cool and handle the situation positively and so in the end she was embarrassed of her behavior and apologied.

I understand her fit of anger at the point of time when others do not agree and deny her stand. But see the point that we work for the company and carry out instructions. Spare us your colourful language. We dun need that.

People like to judge base on appearance and not focus on the working capabilities. She definetly gave me a hard time when I met her.

so later on, she said that she did doubt my capabilities when she ask for a manager but yet a YP appear. (I touchy desu! say I young!)

Being young or looking young is perhaps not at all a good thing. esp when your colleagues who work and report to you are old enuff to be your parents.

You really have to be careful with how you carry yourself and speak to you as people you scrutinize you from head to toe.

Hello?! Being young or looking young is not my fault, I'm blessed! Why should I compromise on the always theory that management pple shld be old ugly hags?!

Bah! Talk to my hand!


everyone partied at Zoukout, the OPs partied at Mdm Wong.

the OPs drink, drank and drunk, stained the five-foot-way...

Dun ask me why the venue, I donch know too....

surprisingly, it was flooded with lots of OPs who heck the music and juz drank. Guess we juz need a passable not sucky place to park.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I scare!

this which I fear most sat comfortably.... Everyone knows my pin no. Damn!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Ramdom shots from Fayth's Baby Shower

1st haircut

her morning shower

covering her 八月十五

Great Grandmother

the balloons...

the banner

the guests

I make sure the guests are entertained

1 happy family

food! glorious food!

when most the guests left, we are still taking pix....

its friday....

and I'm not in the mood to work...

surfing with Lee Hom at the background....

wanna go for a short holiday... any suggestion?

Bintan? cruise? or maybe KL again keekee...

but judging from the way my colleagues clear their annual leave, dun think my application will be approved!


Probably next year... I desperately want to visit Taiwan or HK.

Pls pple, stop giving me the same old reason - no $$$

save up! party less and you will see Mr. $

my dear frd upload videos that he took from the wedding with me doing my make up,

after much deliberation, alright I'll show... introducing the latest product zits "remover" from TBS (concealer toot!) Actually come to think of it... I'm not the worst....check out Beng in the video....

make up do wonders esp to dark eye rings...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

my "Ex-bf"

I recently met up with my so-called "ex-bf" the open and close inverted comma denote as those you steady for 2, 3 months and bye bye type. So basically this is what I dun count into my ex-bf list. Like until now, I still ponder why we were "together"

I still consider both of us as friends, so nothing wrong meeting up with a friend. My intention was to catch up. (Maybe the venue very sa la. It was a clubbing scene)

So after like donkey years we saw each other and both overall package changed! Especially me, I guess. No more the fashion suicide.

So it was party party, drink drink, chat chat. Problem starts to arise when he got physically close to me, starts to get touchy, start to talk about the past, and then the woo-chee woo-chee cheesy couple nickname starts. You know those like darling, 老婆, 亲爱的, dear dear?!

Sick! Goosebumps attack.

I'm totally fine with people calling me darling or girrrrl. Like it's a common term used in the flirting scene. But not when you start to hear people calling you 老婆 or dear dear. And definitely not from the mouth of “ex-bf”

So anyway we were heading back home when a phone call came. His tone towards me and the other party was a complete changed! Like the caller is a pest. Somehow I figured out that it’s a girl. Then pop this sentence "I’m not free now, I’m with my gf"


No. 1 there wasn’t any other female species in the car
No. 2 he is not gay.

Since when was I attached?!

Sometimes that’s the problem with guys! When they need a company, suddenly they saw their ex or fling, wow! Feeling start to poured uncontrollable like heavy rain. He starts to bring memories back form the past, the happy times together, the things that you did, places that you went etc.

Oh! He suddenly remembers all your likes and dislike. In summary, all the good things. Only that he left out on the part of MIA for days, crappy excuses that he cooked when he can’t meet you.

I say fuk that! Hello?! 我不是 7-11 convenient stall. Oei! I may be stupid but I’m not dumb! Dun fuking treat me like a naive little girl who believes that the garung guni man is here to bring you away if you dun listen to mama.

Any by the way they like to peep. Like this idiot who is sitting right beside me now as I type this entry. Oei I know you are still peeping, despite the fact that I glare at you for 3 times! Mind your own business! Oops! I shouldn’t be rude! I’ll post this on my blog, webby is 让你一次读个够

Ok back to where we were....

Suckers! They seem to like the 拥有时不珍惜,失去时才可惜 theory!
Mine is a classic example. He tries hard to win me back even up to now, he is still texting me mushy sms, still asking if its possible for us to be together again.

Give me a break!

adolescent puppy r/s are so passé

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


the hanging mobile read

Business start:

Business end:

stoopid mama shop ah nei refuse to sell me the cranberry juice when I step into his shop at 8:58am.

Donned the sia lan + hao lian look, "eye own-ly do biness at nine-al o'clock se-up"


of D&D, parties and looking back

so I was invited to my dearest schoolmate's co Annual D&D, only that I didn't know it was a D&D coz my dearest schmate called on Wed aftnn and said he wanted to bring me out for dinner on Thurs.

thank God Tampine ma ta is the zheng chang bunch! the rest of the NPC ma ta....OMG! Nutz! so is the emcee. But he power! make me laugh throughout the whole 3hrs.

Actually ma ta quite a crazy bunch and quite sporty! Oh btw, ma ta under that division can't really shake their booty. *shake head* *tsk tsk* very sia suay but entertaining. (I reckon I better dun say which division if not ltr cannot sue)

came suzy aka the 7mth getai singer, half of the damn hall went chasing for the dragon, its like NEA came to fog the lobby!

Fri was a long and tiring day starting from "colouring" the eggs red to round island roadtrip.

The big party started as early as 8plus with me still "colouring" the eggs and decorating the place with pink + white balloons with golden ribbons. so girl!

the food came, the wine came, ppls eat, photo-whore, goo-chee goo-chee baby....

all ends well late at night with 2 drunken, 1 down at 8th level and 1 down at the void deck!

the whole damn community thinks that I'm with Uncle Ricky coz he kept asking Daddy if he can be my bf! *roll eyes*

Even Chuan was asking me our r/s....fuk!

WLE (wah lau eh, new abbr. I came out with! so smart rite?!) I have to tip toe when I friendly-hug him, and even so, I'm only at his chest... some more he uncle lehz! he doned more like a sugar-daddy...keekee...ok I'm evil!

for those who are reading this...he was juz joking! Me and him? How to? We are not each other cup of tea...

with all the Mitolo since 3 in the aftnn till late, I join the gang at dunno-wat Murphy @ ECP followed by Shanghai with the boys!

Ya Shanghai, U heard me right. Actaully the girls were at MOMO but, biang midnight cab + queue for N hrs + pay cover charge, I don't think so.

ya lah ya lah I cheapo! But I super hate the idea of paying cover charge! rather park Mr. $ on drinks! Imagine $25 x lets say 5pax, do the maths, I tiap a bit more can fuking open 1 bottle.

These giam peng pple outright to cheat my $.

Wat if the music sux big time? You can only curse and swear together with your frds. they won't give a damn coz they already collected damn cover charge!

Unless its a reputable club, else dun expect me to pay to go in!

Agree?! *say yes*

back to Shanghai....Fwah! super-duper cantopop! Buay Tahan. But alright lah, the singer can sing! sometimes-you-got-tired-of-eating-meat-veggie-also-not-bad

I quite mountain turtle, they in op for a while but its was my 1st time them. But then again, we have out grown the ping piang keol music era. ok I admit I used to like techno. but thats the genre during my time mahz.

and if a 30plus lao ah beng like Mr. V can still whore on techno music, I dun see whats wrong with me going to Shanghai!

the mixed blood giraffe-long-legged mosquito FINALLY scored and won! Thanx BOYS, for the bday gift!

and to all my dear friends, be it, thru phonecall, face-to-face, sms, mms, msn, email, appreciate all the bday wishes. I kan tong, want to lao bah sai! *drama*

the actual day was plain slagging at home + glued to the tv watching 3 dvds.

Looking back...

1) celebrated my parents 30th Wedding anniversary and we took this

2) Mama turned 55

3) Kor got married

4) my gfs got married and some got pregnant

5) natural disaters happened...

6) I got transfered to another dept taking on new challenge and my pay check got adjusted to a miserable x% which is not even enuff to pay my phone bills

7) went to KL got to know some boys there and bravely board their car and join them for supper! Talented! *clap hands*

8) my boss left the company and the rest of the colleagues left us one after another

9) I've been complaining that I fuking hate the pple here yet I'm still holding on coz I love my job. it will probably turn to a hate r/s soon.

10) Baby Fayth is born

11) I scored nothing for my love life and the numerous assessment I took were total crap. I still dun understand why I'm still taking them at this moment

12) I party hard for the past 1 yr while my fellow team mates fought hard at the SEA games and won a bronzie

I survived so wat the heow! Dui!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Love story

email forwarded to me by my colleague!

Long Long time ago, in the Tiger Kingdom lived a pair of siblings. Both were blessed with some gifts. Brother had a pair of eyes who could see a distance far far away. Sister had a pair of ears who could listen to anything.

They grew up together and experienced happiness and sadness together. They like to run to the hills to play. Brother would look at far away countries and tell the sister the majestic view that he see. Sister would listen to the beautiful sounds and describe for the brother.

As time goes by, brother and sister started to fall in love with each other. They knew that it was wrong, but they could not control themselves. They continued to love each other.

Alas, their parents found out about it. Father was very mad, mother was very sad. The neighbours would point fingers at them and gossip about them. Brother and sister were adamant about their love for each other.

To prove that they were truly in love with each other, Brother destroyed his eyes and Sister destroyed her ears. They felt that since they could not get the blessings, they did not want the gifts...

Long long after, a musician heard this beautiful love story and was touched by it. He decided to compose a song for the lovers.

I came across this song and it touched my heart too. However, I did not buy his CD, so I cannot share with you the lovely song.

I remembered the lyrics though, and will share with you how touching this song is... enjoy..... (scroll down)

*peng sung*

work dun work... send me this type of bo liaoz email!

Cake no.2

I seriously need a hair cut and I look horrible w/o colours on my face....

Yummy cake, on leave & match

1/2 of it is mine...

upload Sat pix on Flickr. Click the side bar to view.

Yahoooo! I'll be on leave from tomorrow till Monday!

Home match against Wigan this Saturday! Boys be good to me...your win will be a good bday gift to moi

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

you know its gonna be a bad day

when early morning kena fuk big time coz you dozed off last night and forgotten to drink the tonic soup and left the slow cooker on the whole night....

when you read the morning papers and knew that your fellow team mates whom you used to train and compete together, are fighting for the country at the SEA Games while you are sitting at the dining table and drinking milo before dragging yourself to work...

when you think of the heartless bastard and almost rolled down from the overhead bridge, but luckily you reacted fast enough and grabbed hold of the railing because you got train before....

its a 3 hit combo! KNN + Dui Na Seng + Chao bye bye

Monday, November 28, 2005

Part 1 of Bday party

you know you OP when you wake up late in the late afternoon the next day from the previous night partying.

Luckily I made full use of the remaining time in the afternoon to do something useful. Like painting Baby Fayth's banner. Done-ed with part 1, the wordings... part 2 will continue today.

Party on Sat was great. Only that the Ma La Steamboat left a numbing effect on my lips for a while.

Some look like they hung two hotdogs on their mouth. Nothing wa wa to shout about. Give me TomYum steamboat anytime, I love them!

K session was crazy. I love the village! I'm a villager for the past 6yrs and man we have NEVER sing K before. we nt sua ku, juz that we are not mucially-inclined.

Too many laughters, too many cries, too many crazy-ness, too many pix....

Sat is the first instalment of my bday celebration.

Guess I'll finish the second and third instalment and maybe fouth, before I post everything up.

I'm popular...

Friday, November 25, 2005

Baby Fayth's Pictorial 1

realize that I haven update on her progress for more than a week...

En En pom pom liaoz!

her belly button! The gynae did a great job!

ok nai nai wash hair for you ah...

wash body...

the minute we put her into the water, she starts to display her famous stunt...when we took her out of the water, she stopped.

She grabbed nai nai's clothes tightly which end up nai nai run bright. of coz u hum sump pple wont get to see!

so my conclusion is, she is a dirty chicken little! Like that how I bring you swimming? Remember gugu want to buy you bikini for swimming?!

nai nai wearing clothes for en en

its a big project, nai nai have to squat on the bed...

her zonked out look aft the whole bathing ordeal...

Fayth's Chinese name is Jia En. I either call her mei mei or en en

mei mei... mum mum liaoz

she really suck the milk dry from the bottle.

her zonked out look during burping time....

*yawn* en en wanna orh orh liaoz

since she doesn't has much hair, we wanted to let her wear a hat during the baby shower...

obviously she doesn't like it very much