Wednesday, June 11, 2008

study time

my room is pathetic!

I don't have a proper table to study. I have to make use of that small tiny computer table, coz half of it is occupied by my mini hifi which I'm not using since mp3 is in town, but its still functioning well in good condition, so its a waste to discard, and Daddy bought it for me, so the more I can't dump it just like that...have to seek permission.

but exam round the corner, and I HAVE to study, but without a table, how?

I tried using the dining table in the kitchen. Bad idea coz I'm surrounded with food. There are temptations EVERYWHERE! Ice-cream, chips, chocolate....

I tried using the mahjong table, again bad idea coz 1) its too huge to fit into my room 2) I'm too lazy to carry it from the guest room, up the stairs and into my room and 3) my hands get itchy, I start thinking about 大三元 and 五台自摸$20 instead of global marketing and intergrated marketing communications.... -_-|||

In the end, I found a folded table, size just right to fit into my room. I settled down, and then... Princess came in with her school bag (its actually my iora shopping bag, with all her Barney colouring materials "姑姑, I want to study"

She is at the stage of learning, like when she saw me using the highlighter, she follows and "highlight" Barney's face.

bangs to my sleep... spare me...

I have weird neighbours, beside Mr. Romanticus, we have new members added to the list.

I'm not trying to be over sensitve and imaginative...

Whoever is living directly above my room, either they have vigorous sex every night, or he/she is a stomp retiree, or there is an angry, violent ghost living up there..

for the past 6 months, every night I hear loud bangs, hitting against the walls and floor, knockings and etc. And apparently the last owner shifted out 6 months back...

I told kor and he thought I was imagining things...until last week when he was gaming in my room till late (yah I slept like a dead log, and he still didn't get the hint of me sleeping) he heard that too...

lately the noise is getting worse...middle of the night like 3, 4am, when 老娘 is in zzz-land, suddenly there is this loud bang, and I jumped out of bed...

will the "being" walked through the floor and appear right on top of me? (picture the girl in Xmen 2)....

Monday, June 09, 2008


Theres a myraid of commercials shown on tv everyday and we are attracted to some of them. Like the catchy UOB Ladies Card tagline "The Men don't get it" or Heinz tomato sauce.

Kids reaction towards what they see are the most direct and real. Like whenever Cold Storage's commercial is aired, Princess will go "You got the whole world in your hand x times" and she will say cow cow, milk etc...

When Gatsby new deodorant commercial, the catchy jiggle never fails to attract Princess's attention, and she will say "eeekk, shame shame, never wear clothes!"


you are my sunshine....no2

The Man's little encouragement for my prep for exam :)

I'm gonna have a long break after my papers, will be engaged in a major love project for The Man.

Update later...


We have been doing quite a fair bit of travelling around Singapore partly because we stayed in the extreme east and west of Singapore and also, having stayed in Spore for the past 25 years, I haven't been to a lot of places in Spore, and thus some of our partor venue includes the uncommon partor places...

We went to Labrador Park and Jurong Hill yesterday night.

Labrador Park is an oasis of tranquility and natural wonder. The park offers a picturesque view of the sea. We found a nice place called Moon Ladder, which is now shortlisted for our ROM venue (kinda early, but never too early to do some research)

The Man drove to the Jurong Hill, the place where he would visit when he was vexed. At Jurong Hill, there were a couple of landmark trees as they were planted by our foreign visitors like Queen Elizabeth, The Duke of some English places, the late Suharto etc...

The tower at Jurong Hill overlooked Jurong Island. There were a lot of weird looking structures. The Man said that these are oil refinery. He recalled that he used to drive into the Island and test the limit of the car. Its like Fast and Furious live before your eyes. Of course, all the drifting and speeding stopped when the checkpoint was built after the 911 incident.

We also passed by Esso Mobile Oil Refinery. All the ladders and weird looking structure look more like Hykiel's lab. The air was filthy, no wonder people living there behaved weirdly, oops sorry! No offense.

Singapore, a little red dot of the map, but yet theres so many places that I've never been to. The Man promised that we will visit these places one by one, and when we are old and recalled the past, we accompanied each other. :)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

first attempt to cook a decent meal

few weeks back, The Man and his colleagues booked a weekend chalet for a family getaway...

We had the unit to ourselves the first night. I decided to surprise him with a good breakfast and lunch.

Its kinda big deal for me, since I don't really know how to cook. My home economics knowledge was down the drain after I finished my Os.

Being a food junkie, I recalled all the images and taste of the food I had before and try to piece everything together.

There isn't a proper kitchen to work with, the only "cooking" area was a small little corner beside the sink. The electric cooker we used for steamboat last night came in quite handy. Luckily it was non-stick, the cooking was without much hassel.

爱心早餐 (sunnyside up, french toast, bacon, cheese hotdog and fresh milk)

I firgured out that there will be quite a fair bit of food left over from steamboat so I made claypot noodles minus the claypot.

Its kinda easy, like cooking instand noodles, but I used ikan bilis for the soup base. When the water boiled, threw everything in. Once everything is cooked, I poured in the eggs.

I asked The Man to prep the tables and when I served the noodles, this was the setting...

Its kinda yummy! And of coz The Man finished all the food.

Lately I developed the love for cooking (probably under the influence of Xuan's blog post, but mostly The Man rarely get to taste home cooked food). I experienced mixed feelings of joy, satisfaction and achievement, especially cooking for someone you love, the happiness is doubled :)

For someone who don't even know how to operate a washing machine, I think its kinda achievement. Love do really change a person.

....Upcoming, my attempt for dinner. *smile*