Saturday, September 30, 2006

not decided

so the performance started 1 week ago and I wasn't there...
no mood? not willing? no company?
I don't want...

whether or not...
will very much depend on a lot of factors...

I go with my gut feel

Thursday, September 28, 2006

HSBC Wakeboarding World Cup

more info

its here again...
I missed the water, the flip, and the spins...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

tah match

I was watching the new travelogue aired 120mins ago

they aired the Promote Taiwan commercial...

they are so thoughtful, even got subtitles

why won't they engaged some Japanese to endorse Taiwan?!
What happen to ah mei? or any true blood Taiwanese?


this reminds me of engaging some ang mo to rebrand our Sentosa only to come out with the same exact name and paying them stacks of cash!


Princess Fayth playtime

sorry u guys have to tilt ur head...

she kept herslf entertained when no one is free to entertain her.

either gay or jerks

so I was chatting with my colleague....

FA: wei, your friend quite cute hor
Colleague (C): erm he is not playing in your camp heh
FA: huh? wat gay ah?
C: ermm... ya!
C: because he's not straight? heh
FA: sigh! once again the old saying has proven itself.
C: good men all gay or married? heh
FA: no . cute guys are ALL gay!
FA: if good man = married, and married = divorced, so good man = divorce
C: actually quite true lah. all the cute guys that I know are gay
FA: ya man! they are either gay or jerks


and suspect the highly recommended good guy is also gay

Monday, September 25, 2006


my favourite scene in the movie...

Sung Kang is so cool!

his interview...

erm... count the number of times he said "u know"

Friday, September 22, 2006


I was matchmaked by my ex-boss.
Even her son strongly recommended this good guy.
"Look girl, for (son's name) to say such things, he must be good. He is tall, pleasant looking, and most of all, he loves kid"

Background info
(son's name) is Pri 2. He is outspoken, bo chap with things that doesn't interest him.
If he likes you, he like you. Else you are invisible to him.

then again, I suspected the reason why (son's name)like this highly recommended good guy was because he taught (son's name) how to beat the bad character in pokemon...

Apparently this highly recommended good guy was a membership consultant in a gym.

she called him at 2300hrs and told him that I was interested in membership
I was forced to "play along" and ended up texting him my email address.

ex-boss was making plans for me to have an appointment with him on the membership scam, so that we could complete the whole matchmaking process.

gosh! I felt like some product on shelf being auction off!

Sunday, he emailed on the promotion they are currently having for the much hype mall
For a landmark-ed person, I had to be authentic about it.
So I pik-jia lobang.
I guess he must have felt stupid sending that email...

Obviously, I didn't tell her about the authenticity part.
Monday, ex-boss and (son's name)met the highly recommended good guy at gym....
(son's name): "Mummy wants to introduce furfur angel to be your gf"
ex-boss: (managed to shut son's mouth)"oohh no no, I was introducing furfur angel some new friends"

save me!


some tenants juz pissed me off!

"Huh? you mean theres no guarantee that we will be featured?! Then, whats the point of me giving you these data? And its not above the line We are busy pple!"

1) you are not the only earthling who is working
2) above the line includes newspaper, radio, and definitely includes MAGAZINES! call yourself a MARCOM!
3) this is at no cost to you, so why are you complaining so much?
4) If my memory didn't failed me, the last time when we brought a reporter over to your place, your product was FEATURED in the papers.
5) If I said I called you means I called. I even double checked with YOU that the number is correct. Juz admit that you are DEAF!

I've got deadlines to meet.
Juz tell me if you are coming in or not.
dun fuking waste my precious time and talk as though I own you a living!

of work, school and excuses

chat with ah boey over at mcdees 240mins ago was on work...

how the office show favouritism...
nobody dare to say anthing

how pple need to play politics juz so that they can make their pressence felt,
hoping that this will indirectly secure their 饭碗...
Please exclude me in your agenda....
please lahz deh

how irressponsible some pple can get....
we are all juz a phonecall away



yday, we had the last lesson for the sem, which yours truely failed to attend.
I think its God's will coz my heel strap snapped as I made my way out of the mall.
and so I had to go back home...

I'm behind deadline coz everyone else had either handed in their 2nd or 3rd assignment, while I've yet to finish reading the 1st case study!
uuwhhhhoooo~ how exciting!


I'm amazed at how some desperado can come up with the most lame "reasons"
"I want to prove myself"
"and so why would I wanna put myself in the same ordeal again?"
give me a break!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

smelly 臭臭

I'm gonana have lots of this in 宝岛

by the way this pix was taken using my NEW SE K800I

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Flesh Ink

*this post is not for the weak heart*

As much as I love ink, to the extend that I'll go crazy whenever I see nice design,
this is something that will never interest me...

I salute her for the pain she has to go thru....

Looks like any other ink right?

the truth

I'm speechless! (^_^)"

Monday, September 18, 2006

What is 见义勇为?

I wanna talk about the Clementi MRT incident.
Not discussing why the BF pushed his GF down the tracks but about why the SAF regular who blog about the incident was being criticized. Some called him an Ah Beng, that he should uplive the SAF image. Some accused him of taking the chance so that he could hit someone...

I say to hell with these nonsense! To me, he is a good guy.

Well let me share with you my experience, the MRT incident which happened 4 years back.

I was on the east-bound train heading towards town for dinner and movie.

I took the first seat, the one beside the doors (not the two-seater). Was clad in tank top and jeans, nothing revealing...

The journey was just like any other one until this guy who was standing at the other door, walked passed and stood beside me, facing the door. He had his right hand held onto the railing.

The train approached Kallang, door opened, he continued standing at the same spot without alighting. The door closed and the train continued the journey.

My first instinct was, why was he still standing there, thought he wanted to alight. I took a glance at him through the gap in between the railing and panel. He looked away upon seeing me looking at him.

I turned my head back and to my horror, I saw him holding onto to a camera in his right hand, (The gadget was giap between his fingers and the railing) and the LED was blinking. The angle of the zoom lense was facing my chest.

Shite! He was taking my pix. Back then, there was this craze where we see a lot of chao keng pix being uploaded onto the web. And most of these pixs were taken in public transport.

I took the courage, stood up and confronted him. Obvioiusly he denied that it was a camera. He kept pressing the button and said that this is a counter. To prove himself, he showed it to a passenger, and the passenger said that he couldn't tell if it was a camera.

I managed to snatched the camera over and examined it. There wasn't any screen on the camera. only a LCD showing some numbers (Digital Camera wasn't so up and coming back then. I've never laid my hands on one, thus I dunno how to operate the one I had in my hands) I suspected that it was a web camera. I was very mad as I couldn't proved him wrong and no one came forward to help me even I asked around for help. Everyone stood there, act busy and watched us as though it was a MediaCorp filming...

He tried to snatched the camera back, I refused, there was some pushing here and there. I was really mad at that time, and I gave him a slap across his face. I didn't known what came over me, probably afraid that he might upload those pix that he have taken up to the web. But then again, with him trying to "show" me that it wasn't a camera, I kinda figured that he might have deleted those pix, but I couldn't take the chance.

The train was approaching City Hall at this point of time. I feared that when the door opened, he might have just ran away, so I asked for help to bring him up to the station control. Everyone just act blur and ignored me.

I was helpless and angry. I could feel myself trembling. The train approached City Hall and I literally pulled him out of the cabin and up to the station control. Fearing that he would seized the chance and fleed, I grabbed hold of his tees so tight that I could feel my nails piercing through.

The police came, brought both of us to the station and took our statement.

Anyway my point is what is 见义勇为 to you?
Seeing a helpless person shouting out for help and do nothing, thinking that someone else will lend a helping hand, and later on criticize the 见义勇为 guy who came forward to help, that he took the chance juz so he could hit someone?


to answer to the call of the helpless person and come forward to help, which will probably land yourself up in uncalled for criticism?

I asked for help twice and no one came forward. That guy was quite big in terms of build and I had to pulled him up to the station all by myself. (I later found out that he was serving NS. Till today, I still can't figure out, how I did it. His muscel was tough!)

Seriously, what has the world become to?
Where has all the 好工民 and civil education gone to?
Down the drain?
Then why is the gahmen forcing the 10yrs of education on every mother son and daughter?
If all these years of education that everyone had was to teach you to shut up and mind your own business, coz we are only here for the paper qualification chase, I say this is sad!
damn sad!

side note> to all the ladies out there, you have to stand up for yourself, else people will take advantage of your timidness. I'm glad that I did it. If I had kept quiet, this guy would have gone scot free. Who knows if he will turned into a molester or worse rapist...At least now I know that my pix wasn't captured.

yaya... some of you might say I 错怪好人, maybe he really didn't take my pix, or it really wasn't a camera. It was my instinct, my 6th sense, that theres something fishy about this guy. Whats more, his guilty looks kinda confirm it.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Lately Princess Fayth is into this pose...

Friday, September 15, 2006

Mai Hum!

I've received an email this morning and thought I should share this with you guys...

You guys know the cockles we eat in hawker centres or restaurants or buffet? They're "peeled" right... Know who peels them?
The cockles are sent in huge quantities to a HDB unit where china women will peel them.

A cop friend recently raided these "peelers" and guess what...before they even reached the unit they could smell the stench from a mile away. When they got into the unit, the smell and sight was overpowering...blood splattered everywhere... 3 huge industrial-like fridges contain all the peeled and unpeeled cockles... and the fridges were "drenched" in blood...


Thanks God! I only take the unpeeled ones...
ermm.... but I also take laksa and fried kway teow...


When was the last time you put a smile on your face?
Like you truely felt happy...

When you felt appreciated at work...

When you date/crush/fling sent you a mushy text msg in the morning...

When you didn't get any blister from the new pair of heels...

when someone said you look pretty/charming today...

when your boss said that you have done a great job which translate to the fat bonus you probably gonna get in year end...

When your leave has been approved thus you can finally embarked on that holiday planned 6mths ago, and that you didn't have to babysit some one during the trip...

When you finally got that IT gadget you have been lusting for the longest time...

When you had the finest wine and most scrumptious meal...and Thank God! Your dear friend didn't flaunt his vocabulary after a glass of champaign....

When you finished every single bit of food that Mummy prepared for dinner...and you wished you could swallow and not munch...

when you finish the whole tub of Ben&Jerry and not feel guilty...

so whens the last time?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I couldn't concentrate so I took a honeydew flavoured sweet...

It taste like yoghurt + expired honey


Sunday, September 10, 2006

of work, wedding and 小妹妹

my Kidz Carnival promo is over...
the next promo will probably be X'mas
which also means that I'll have a little breathing space....

the past 6 mths are back to back promo...
but its alright... I learnt a lot...

guess I shld start clearing my time off since it only have a validity period of 2mths...

shld start with my assignment...
else I can't meet the dateline....


I attending my CM's wedding dinner yday....
more sort of another gathering for HM.

clips of her church wedding was beautiful...
brought back my dream of having a chuch wedding...
when is my turn?


Rocker-boy was with a young chick yday...
I suspsct theres part 2, coz he shouldered her and left quickly after his gig,
and he gave me the guilty look when he bump into me at the entrance
ego booster?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Joke of the Day

I was suppose to attend my colleague's grandfather's wake this evening...

We drove and realise that there were many wakes held within the neighbourhood.
Finally we saw Blk "315" and parked our car.

I walked passed the altar and saw the picture of a woman...

We told the people that we were looking for XXX, the guy walked away and we assumed that he went to informed XXX, and so we followed...

Then I saw my schoolmate, I thought he was related to my colleague...
after chatting for a while, I realised that I was in the wrong wake!
The one we went to was blk 317!

The number 7 was blocked by the leaves from the tree....

The One

I read BM's entry on The One and start to ponder...

where is mine The One?
Seriously, look at the numerous of 扑街 I met

But then again how can you be so sure that the current one is The One?
What is the next one is The One?
Or was it that everyone is staying put with the current one before The One was discovered, and decided that you should leave the current one?

Is it me or is it happening everywhere, that divorce is in trend, like I mention the previous time, the question to ask lately was not whether if he/she is married but he/she is divorced?

Kinda of sad rite?
but its kinda true...

recently I heard of my gf's husband cheating on her...
more sadness for her...
like you thought you found The One, and decided that he/she will be The One holding your hands at your deathbed, but only to fnd out that this presume The One was The Wrong One!

reality bites!

Then the thought came back to where is my one?
everytime that I thought, perhaps this might have the possibility of transforming to The One, it turns out to be the even wrong one...

how nice?!

Is there a The One for everyone?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Finally, after working non stop for straight 9 days, I took 1/2 day off...

not exactly 1/2 day since the lunch with the landlord lasted for 3hours!
I took back stuff from office to work...and I had to finish my assignment from class...

so much so for the intension of clearing my time off to rest...

Lunch with the landlord was phew!
I had our GM taking the seat opposite me and our landlord beside me!
They are nice pple.....

Looking at the time now, 9:29pm, I've yet to start on my report or assignment coz every since I got home at 4pm, I was busy with "Shopping", Princess Fayth and my rendezvous with my bed.

I miss my bed~~~

I "happen to pass by" my favourite pushcart at the interchange.
ANd I parted with my bill and left the palce with a necklace, 2 pairs of earrings, and a red belt.
all thanks to my matchy earrings with clothing/necklace theory

I tried to transfer data to my NEW K800i, but the damn software juz won't work

Yup, I finally changed my phone!
the classy SE K800i

the resolution is great!
Good for moi this type of 自恋狂

St James is opening this month and the band is having their gig on 23 Sept.
Finally, they are going to a place which truely suits them.
No more JB-in-S'pore
I actually quite excited with the gig, and more excited with St James...
I mean after so much hype abt Vivocity and their neighbour, I really wanna check out the place.
Part work part party~~~

Oh yes, as all are aware! I've booked my Tix!!!
The gers are planning my itnerary and accomodation...
I'll be travelling alone since daphie is on duty during that period and andy can't confirm yet.
But heck it! I'm still gonna go....
I desperately need a break!
so much place to visit and so much things I wanna do.
I hope my week long stay is sufficient.

Princess Fayth 1 yr old bday is 2 months away.
Plans are in the pipeline.
Like another major project after the last one.

Yday meeting @ HQ wasn't that great...
I mean thats a lot of mixed feelings....
but thanks God! I'm not involved in all this "mess"
Leave me outta your "war"

I gotta work on my assignment else part 2 of the rendezvour gonna start pretty soon...


Monday, September 04, 2006



I was caught!
I smoke my way thru and I hope its believable.
I is talented to cook up stories...

Yahoo S'pore = yahoo India?!

Ai yoz... whats happening?!