Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Evil Angel

I have 10piece of brand new handphone with me.

nah...they are not loot!

I WANT to bring them home!!!

...but they are sponsored items.


maybe I shld ask my tenant to sponsor me a O2 atom


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

blur blur angel

there used to be a time where my frds would read my entry and start to MSN to tell me how they felt abt what I wrote.

My usual reply is "Can you used the leave a comment function"

I like the interaction process where everyone gets to participant.
It kinda irritates me as all the interaction have to be done on MSN and I have to repeat what I said all over again...

The usual reply from most will be like, "Dunno want lah, have to leave name, I shy"

I thought they needed some encouragement and moreover there is a anonymous function.

Alright I must confess that, its kinda sad to see only 1 comment left in some entry...and worse sometimes I only get 1 comment in a million years.... ego wreck!

fast forward...

One day I got this MSN msg from frd X, hey I tried leaving down comments but couldn't get it published. Its says that I have to be a registered user, which kinda puzzled me since they have the anonymous function.

Then it occur to me probably I should go check the setting.

Holy shit! I checked the "only for registered user" box. And most of my frds are not registered with blogger... sorry for the constant "WLE can't you juz leave a comment?!"

So I thought I've solved the issue and start to expect more comments coming in...

wrong! Still no...
Actually there are, but it all got forwarded to my email, and I have to approve everyone which I check once in a while... thats the problem if you have a few email accounts.

Suddenly this morning something hit me to check the setting again.

Damn! I check the moderate comment box!

Status change

My gf told me this a while ago...

"Nowadays, instead of asking married? one should be asking Divorced?"

This status question see the change from the initial attached/unattached to marrieed/not married and now divorced...

Could this be due to the people I hang out with that most are much older than me thus they have passed the married/not married phase.

Or the marriage management skill is not up to mark?

But then the question bounch back to the other group of frds whom belong to the married/not married phase and I've been invited to their wedding.

Will they end up in the divorced phase?
and would I end up in the 3rd phase?

Theoretically, I should be quite safe since I'm still in the 1st phase.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

My HK trip - Day 5

Aft waking up early for the past few days, we decided to sleep a little late.

Wash up and head down to Tai Wai to buy 老婆饼.
Lugging 20 over boxes, not convenient, so the rest head back to hotel to deposit the pastry. While I head to Tang Dynasty at Canton Road for dessert.

Very famous, so must try mah....

I rushed back at 3 to check out, and head out again for some last min shopping, which was only then, when we bought more stuff...

It was damn cold, 11 degree! brrruuugggghhhh....

Like other HKers, I donned my Jacket and boots.

We came with 4 pieces of luggage, and went back with 11 pieces of luggage. Bearing in mind the distant to the MTR and my farking heavy luggage, I made a smart chioce of arraging for concierge service.

We took the Tsing Ma Bridge to the airport.

Check in and I refunded our 3-day Tourist pass for cash...

Time to leave...

I dun wanna leave....

I'll be back....

I found this....

so thoughtful for the mummies...When mummies pee pee, baby can seat right beside her! We shld have this in S'pore

On our plane...hungryness...

food was alright.. but SGD8 for a box for rice...a little too ex....

I couldn't sleep like the rest and so I cam whore

only 10:30pm, 90more mins to Lion City...

Finally touch down...everyone busy sorting out the luggage and Home Sweet Home...

This trip was mostly to entertain mummy...bring her around, mostly sightseeing, not so much or shopping and clubbing...But I'll definetly go back again to experience the Party Life that bam bam has been going on and on....

Till then, HK, I see you again...

My HK trip - Day 4

Day 4 was 敬香entourage

We went to a few temple. Though I'm a christian, but these temples were famous attraction of HK and it appear/mention a million times in those HK drama I watched, so I wanted to take a look...

First up, Che Kung Temple in Tai Wai.

The temple is dedicated to the admirable "Che Kung" (General Che), a great soldier who achieved fame by putting down a rebellion in South China during the Sung Dynasty (AD 960-1279). He is said to have accompanied the Emperor when he fled to Hong Kong before the fall of the Sung Dynasty. After his death, people began worshipping him for his courage and fealty.

Another legend about the origin of the Che Kung Temple says that Che Kung accompanied the last Emperor of the Sung Dynasty to Hong Kong, where they settled in Sai Kung. Che Kung was well received by the villagers in this area because of his obvious love for them and his medical knowledge. After his death, he was raised to the status of a deity because he had saved the inhabitants of the Sha Tin Valley from an outbreak of the plague; the villagers dedicated a temple to him.

Mini Feng Che

Giant Feng Che

Huge Drum and bell at the upper level of the two sides of the main altar

Some statue outside the main altar

mummy bought a mini feng che and the guy said some lucky charm to the fen che, basically its to bring good fortune and blessing to our family...

outside the Che Kung temple, before we left for Wong Tai Sin Temple...

I was these along the road....

A rubbish dump for doggie clever and thoughtful. Do they have for cats?

Footbridge... literally translated....

Wong Tia SIn Temple...

the temple stands at 18,000 square metres and located in a tranquil natural setting remote from the nearby housing estates and the bustle of their streets, the temple is, apart from being an important religious centre, a scenic attraction full of beautifully ornamented traditional buildings.

It commemorates the famous monk of yore Wong Tai Sin (also known as Huang Chu-ping), who was born around AD 328 and became a deity at Heng Shan (Red Pine Hill) in his later life.

In 1915 a Taoist priest, Liang Ren-an, brought a sacred portrait of Wong Tai Sin from Guangdong in Southern China to Hong Kong. It was only fitting therefore that this magnificent temple be built and dedicated to this honoured divinity revered down the ages for his benevolence.

In perpetuation of such an unselfish philosophy, the Temple preaches three traditional religions - Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism.

The major feature is the Main Altar where the portrait of Wong Tai Sin is hung. Here believers go to pray for divine guidance and good fortune. Another place of great significance is the Three Saints Hall, where the deities Lu Zu, Guan Yin and Guan Di are worshipped.

This is the most bustly temple in HK, every HKers come here...

If you have a long-standing wish that's yet to come true, perhaps this is the place to visit, provided you make an earnest plea to the gods, "every wish can come true" - or so it is said.

I did very tourisy stuff...took bamboo cyclinder filled with fortune sticks and made a plea for my career and marriage.Bloody hell, both turn out to be negative. But WTH! Fate is control in my hands!!!

We went for Tim Sum at Prince Edward and some head back to hotel coz 1 of my cousin wasn't feeling well...mummy, aunty and I continued shopping....We walked the whole of Nathan Road which covers 4 MTR station.

Also went to Temple street. We wanted to have authentic road side hawker food, but seeing my cousin not feeling well, which we suspect was aft consumption of unclean food, we dropped the idea.

We walked ard a bit and head back to our "turf" for Claypot rice. Yummy!

wheres full time?

I made some killing at the Giodarno. Bought a sexy pair of jeans. I like HK Giodarno! I fit a waist 24! WHahahaha~!~!~

Cousin was still not feeling well, down with fever and vomitted...
I watched the Liverpool match and they lost! sadness....

My HK trip - Day 3

Again we woke up early, like 5:00am

We are going to Lantau Island to see the magnificent 250tonnes Buddha

MTR and a 40min bus ride. Everyone snooze on the bus except me.
Had to keep a look out for the stop to alight.
Only to realize that the Buddha is at the bus terminal.
Damn! *^&*%^$&^)

I is hero of the day. Didn't bring my jacket along.
With the experience of past 2 days, I thought 2day was the same.
But the morning wind, kinda cold lah....but still bearable.
Thanks to the "training" I had from my ex-company.

Again we were 1/2hr early, so we decided to place our order for the vegetarian food at Po Lin Monastery, 5mins walk from the Terminal.
Taking the pix of the surrounding...

Di Tan

ok I cheater bug, this was taken went I was making my way down...

Finally the gates were opened at 09:30am

The majestic figure of the seated Buddha (or Tian Tan) is 34 metres high, was cast in China and took 10 years to complete. Weighing 220 tonnes, it was unveiled in 1993 amid deep religious ceremonies.

Climbing the 265steps

Finally, we reached and took a tour inside the gallery where I saw the altar of the late Anita Mui Yen Fong

After some photo-taking session, we made our way down for the lunch - vegetarian food

Oh.. this is the scene you will probably see in a lot of HK drama.

On our way down, I saw this lady doing the 3steps 1 kowtau & pray. Mummy say she probably made some big wish, it came true, so she came back here to return her wish... so to speak....

warpping up, we made our way to 皇后大道西 (off 上环 MTR) to get the medicated oil recommended by my aunty's colleague. Apparently, its very good for aches and pain. You can only get it from this particular shop as they dun have any distributer in the whole of HK.

We ask around for direction, and no one helped us. Even when we called the shop, they asked us to ask around for direction. Selfish pple! Pui!!!
We bought a big box, abt 50 over bottle! Reckon that aft all the hard work of searching, must get more bottles.

Of coz, mummy flaunt her art of suaning to the owner...

We had afternoon tea in their 茶餐厅 before mummy made a kill for shopping.... for 海味.

My big Crumpler was packed with 海味 and lugged 4 big bags full of 海味 in my hands...
She almost bought the whole street back. Its was too cheap to resist the offer...

Everone was exhuasted! Went back to hotel to dump all all the 海味 and had a simple dinner...before my cousins and I went our for more shopping....Bought stuff like Tong Leung DVD (past title). Very cheap, abt $5 for a original DVD and best its in cantonese!!! some clothing and thats abt it...

I wanted to go Lan Kwai Fong, but they were too I drop the idea...

Friday, March 24, 2006

My HK Trip - Day 2

Day 2 started as early as 6:00am coz we are going to Ocean Park to beat the crowd

Took MTR to Central and change to Bus 603. Oh ya rem to buy the tix at Central Ocean Park Office at the subway, its cheaper

on bus 603....busy road... everyone going to work, losers... I'm on holiday! Whahaha

We did beat the crowd coz, the gates were still closed!

Group pix...

since we were 1/2hr early, I took pix of the surrounding....

The gates finally opened and we were greeted by the Ocean Park Mascot

proceed over to the adult park via cable car...

visited the various attraction in the park like....Shark Land

marine land

Garden Eel

Sea Dragon


Starfish, did u fight with your mates???

Stingray, can I have this BBQ with lots of chilli???

We also went to the Adventure Land and I tried all this.... I is excitedness!

Chey!Not scary one lah!

Spending almost 4 1/2 hrs there we left the park for Stanly Market and Repulse Bay.

Stanley is one of Hong Kong's most popular destinations, an exciting and low-cost shopping centre and a place of considerable historical interest. Seven days a week the open market around Stanley New Street and Stanley Market Road throbs with the passing parade of life as bargain-hunters from all over the world gathers here.

We also visited the Tin Hau Temple. Chinese legend says Tin Hau, the daughter of a fisherman in China's Fujian Province, had visions that enabled her to predict storms. On one occasion she saved her father's boat from a fearsome tempest and other stories have emerged about Tin Hau saving people from drowning. Today, fishermen regard her as their patron saint.

Apparently, during the World War 2, villagers seek refuge in the temple, a bomb was drop outside the temple, and it didn't went off....

We head to the terminal to take a minibus down to Repulse bay. Saw a fire engine truck, the fire fighters very leng zai I like!!! Wave and smile at me....

Repulse bay - HK most popular beach, but compare to our East Coast Park, so not exciting...We heard the 姻缘石 & Fortune God quite ling

How can I let chances slip me by?

True enough, on our way back to take the bus, lifeguards smile at me...keekee....

Next up to Ladies Market, but before we make the killing for shopping, we have to charge battery at a road side stall.

We settled with Wanton Mee, the HK style. Which is a chunck of noodle, 7 mega huge wanton and a generous spread of spring onions!

I notice 1 thing abt HK, its very difficult to find a washroom. And shopowners there, they don't allow borrowing of toilet.

*wave hands* tourist here?! get it?!

Surprisingly I didn't get anything from the Ladies Market.
Not my style.
Its like every single deal u have to bargain. U ask for more bargain, kena scolding, ask for less, they take u as a sucker...
And so I decided not to buy anything.
Anyway I didn't loose out much, most of the stall carries similar stuff.

so much for Day 2....

My HK trip - Day 1

After constant bugging of 2 years to visit HK, I finally went on 9 Mar 06 (ok I took quite long to post this entry)

my 5days HK tour was spent with mummy, aunties and cousins.

The day started early at 5:00am, we have a early flight to catch, 6:45am with JetstarAsia.

Since ValueAir recently merge with them, we took the ugly ValurAir aircraft. Its alright, there still a return, which I didn't look forward. *WLE haven reached thinking of coming back le* WRONG! the return aircraft was also from ValueAir duhz!

the 6 of us touched down safely.

Bought the 3-Day Tourist Pass which has 2 way Airport Express transfer, unlimited times of MTR ride and HKD20 store value. The lady was very helpful... told us to get the booklet from the standee and we will each get HKD30 discount...

WE hopped on to the Airport Express to HongKong Island to change to MTR to reach Wanchai, our "apartment".

I'm starting to get a little irritated as my luggage is damn heavy.... NO! I didn't lug my entire wardrobe but the luggage itself is damn heavy...

We reached our "apartment" and boy, we are overwhelmed! Its a connecting room....execpt that its damn small, worn down & smelly. Comparable to those in geylang... Big big regret! No wonder its only SGD50/nite. Shite! I shld have realized that. I've shld have shot a few pix and share it with u guys.

Anyway we were too hungry to think...went lunching and proceed onto HK Convention Center to see the Golden Bauhinia - to mark the establishment of the Hong Kong Special administative region

Till now we are still very disturbed by our "aparrtment" specially my aunty. So we decided to try our luck again. (back in s'pore when I check, all the hotel are fully booked due to the exhibition) Thank God! we found Stanford Hillview at 尖沙咀. Its about 15 mins walk from the MTR.

We quickly went back to our "apartment" and came up with the lamest excuse to the owner - we bump into our HK friend juz now and he invited us to stay at his place.

Like hello~~~ if you have a HK frd, why didn't arrange accomodation with him earlier? Anyway I couldn't be bothered since I reckon that I won't meet this uncle in my entire life. We paid hin the $$$ for room and fleed for our life!

All of us are so looking forward to our hotel!!! Execpt that we couldn't find our hotel. When we ask around, no1 knows. How can that be possible. I mean come on~ you ask any s'porean where is Mandarin Hotel, EVERYONE knows! Hongkonger are so selfish.

My map reading knowledge from my girl guide/scouting days came in handy. By this time I donned a super duper black face coz the luggage is FUCKING heavy! My dearest mummy trying to be helpful offering her help made things worse.

We finally found Observatory Road off Knutsford Terrance where the hotel is located. OMG! The hotel is located at the top of a VERY steep slop. I start to curse and swear at the City Development Board pple of HK. Pea brain they have! U have to agreed with me as later on in the days as we venture ard, most of the road are very steep...

Cut the story short.... we finally check in and dump all our heavy luggage and dive into the comfy and clean beds!!!!

We made our way to Avenue of the stars and guess what... the first palm print I found was this:

Coincidental? I doubt so... Its unexplainable...

and since he is nominated as the ambassador for HK Tourism Board, how can I slip the chances of taking a pix with him???

with his standee I meant....

We proceed onto have our dinner at this place call Macau Eating Place. They serve delicious Curry, Ee mee, big stalk of kailan, and by big stalk I meant real BIG stalks.

Next up to The Peak via the Peak Tram.

View was alright lah....

We headed back to hotel... too tired to move....