Friday, April 28, 2006


after all these years of waiting.....
I get to exercise my

Thursday, April 27, 2006

mistaken identity

the bus drove pass a neighbourhood and saw a big group of pple in white ready to board a white bus....

I thought its another furneral taking place....
but at 8plus in the morning???

the bus drove further down and I saw a lot of flags at the field
then I realize that that group of pple in white belong to some election party....


Wednesday, April 26, 2006


my Taiwanese friends are coming over in 2 weeks time.

Their stoopid travel agent bunk them at Geylang hotel,
though its a budget trip, but 6 girls staying in Geylang,

so I found them this budget hotel at Mt. Emily

check out their webby

look very nice....

i is excited....

pain pain


i think i 上火

not enuff sleep.....

Thursday, April 20, 2006

i can't work...

*update* I didn't bought anything...
I spend the money on a few ice cold beers...

suddenly I feel the urge of shopping....

I feel like buying something....

like a pair of heels
or a nice top
or a pair of pants
or a beautiful tote
or a pair of earrings

but last damage was a mth ago at HK
which I juz recovered from shockness from the legal loanshark company



on my way to work this morning, passed by a kindergarten.
saw a group kiddo boarding a coach.
Should be going to an excursion.
big group parents were by the roadside, waving bye bye to their kiddo.

so cute...

I remembered my first day to kindergarten.
I stood beside the window throughout the class.
no... I wasn't punished,
but I knew mama was standing outside.
I could recognised her figure even though the windows were frosted

and if I see the figure starts fading off...
I wailed like a spoilt brat!

things got much better
coz mama warned me that she is going to throw away my 小白 if I cry again.

ohh... 小白 is the teddy bear which I stole from the departmental stall when I was young...小白 is still with me till today.... but thats another story another day....

my kindergarten days was fun and exciting...
The white blouse, blue pinafore and red tie...

everyday before school, mama will plait my hair
den we will walk to school...
we will walked past a big field and I always played with the 羞羞草 (mimossa)
den she has to hurry me and dragged me off...

theres always exciting things happening in class...
...the teacher had to chase a frog out of the female toilet...
....the boys always make the girls cry coz they always pull their plaits...
but it didn't happened to me coz the last time they did, I kicked them in the butt
....everyone has their own space and if any one cross the imaginary line, the party can hit them with the ruler.

when its time to go home, everyone will run to their mummy/ah ma/ah gong

everyday when I reached home,
mummy will boiled pig liver soup for me...
I was real tiny back then...
like those undernutrition kid...

den she will bath me and 3pm,
its sesame street time...
my everyday date with elmo, big bird, oscar and the count vampire....

my days at the kindergarten only lasted a yr
as mama enrolled me into a pre-primary school
so that I can study in that primary school the next year
its 1 of the top 10 primary school in S'pore...

but guess her effort failed
coz I didn't scored well in my PSLE
too playful...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I heart girls

Next time any idiot start asking why I'm not attached,

I'm so gonna tell these idiots that I F girls not guys!
Thats why!

All these strings of question are getting on my nerves

ok the last box I add it on my own.

It seems like human', worth on planet earth is to

sch-->work-->attached-->married-->kids-->work harder to send your kids to uni-->grow old to see your kids getting married--> grow older to have grandchildren--> retire to take care of grandchild-->die with few generation by your deathbed.

not getting attached does mean that I'm not normal.

Since when, and say who, that following what everyone else is doing = normal.
if follow what others are doing = normal ,
so divorce = normal, since everyone is doing it.
which I can now justify the 7000cases of divorce cases in S'pore

了解 / 不了解

I read thhis article that there is an increase in divorce rate locally.
Last year there is 7000case recorded.

one finding is that young couples are got married without first knowing each other enough.


What about those couples who are married for a long time, like 10 over years, getting a divorce?


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

thinking too highly of oneself

I'm being rude but I dun care!

some pple juz dun understand that the world is damn small...
like everyone knows everyone.
In Friendster term,
its call the 1st degree, 2nd degree, 3rd degree, X degree friend!

They failed to comprehen the fact that
the more you dun wan your dirty laundry to be sang by others,
the more others will do it

whats worse is that,
they call the 1st degree friend to warn the other 1st degree friend not to bad mouth to the 2nd degree friend about his/her ugle past...

naive? childish? stupid?
u decide...

what they fail to realize that
sometimes they think too highly of themselves
thinking that everyone adores them
everyone can't get enuff of them

but the true fact is that
the 2nd, 3rd, X degree friend
can't even remember who the hell this person was
let alone calling him/her their friend...


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Family bonding

thru mahjong!

thats like that latest happening in the House of Lam...
we've been doing it for a while...

I love mahjong...
not the $$$ thats important,
although I heart $$$$, I mean who dun right?
But its the process of each hand...

makes you think,
plot, strategize,
read others mind,
analyze your opponent cards.
a lot of brain cell involved...

Times when u suck in luck,
you have to think of ways to counter that...

seems easy, but its not...

probably I should blog abt my mahjong experience 1 of these days....

Saturday, April 08, 2006


As much as I always meet new people thru work/club/friends
I still hand around with the same bunch of pple.

Like the usual khakis
who clicks,
who understand me,
who knows what I want even w/o me saying
who I can be so crazy with, and ignor every stanger beside us...
like we dun give a damn, we belong to our world.

I always hate the intro process...

"HI, this is XXX and this is YYY"

follow by the handshake, smile, small talk.
If things goes well, you will see the person in the next gathering...
if things really goes well, the new friend starts hanging out with the group...

Speakig of handshake....
I dun normally offer when meeting new pple..unless of coz if I'm meeting new pple at work, den I've got no choice but to offer the handshake.

I normally fo the wave and say hi intro.
Unless the other party offered his or her hand.
Its juz not me...

but I reckon, normally girls dun offer,
most guys do....

Knowing new frds can sometimes be quite a headache.
its like exposing yourself to danger...
not knowing whether he or she is of good nature,
if he/she can click with you,
if he/she belongs to your world,
whether he/she will take advantage and make use of your feelings.

its so complicated....

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

nightmare strikes back

there are certain things that happened and I wished it didn't.
I've only got myself to blame...
for allowing it to happen again.
I broke the promise I made to myself.
no amt of tears, guilt, anger can erase the memory.

Again, I tell myself to forget the issue and move on.
no point crying over spilled milk.

and so I thought its all well erased in memory bank.

not knowing that days down the road where an incident striked,
it rekindle all the memories again.

the shity feeling is back...

how to deal with this I-dunno-how-to-describe-feeling?
one part of me accepts what had happened and decided to move on,
the other part of me, hates myself for allowing such things to happen again and again and again...

The constant "you juz donch learn your lesson don't you?" keeps hitting me in my head....

Monday, April 03, 2006

Yummy and expensive

I had French food last friday night with bam bam, david, new frd Genevieve & Jonathon.

This place called L'angelus at 85 Club Street.
Its like the best French Food I ever had!!!
Ok...maybe this is the second time I had French cuisine,
but compared to the first experience (The French Stall),
this is so much better!!!

Everyone kept quiet thruout dinner, coz the food is damn yummy!!!

The duck, the lamb, the goose liver, the creme brulee... OMG! I think everyone hit the big O...

The champaign and wine was good!
The ambience was good!
The chief very skilful and cute!

If you are planning to bring darling out for dinner, this is THE place to go, but of coz must be willing to spend a little bit more coz its a little ex but for that protion and the price they are charging, its quite worth it....