Sunday, November 23, 2008

my pre-bday surprise

its indeed an experience at every turn :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008


my every satisfied customer.

swept everything into his tumtum!

The pre-packed cooking mix is the greatest invension! Buy the ingredients and throw everything into the frying pan, and walah, you get delicious, yummy food.

Who say you can't dine lavishly in bad times?

Friday, October 17, 2008


I didn't disapper... I'm just very very busy with Christmas Promotion.

This year we have yummy yummy good deals for your Christmas dinner... Be sure to grab a copy of the catalogue. :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

pain pain

my wisdom tooth attack again! *cry*

on the other note, iPhone is hitting store next Friday. :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

learning new things, ramdom & lovey stuff

I was away for fresh beginning training for 2 days. More sort of orientation for newbies. Started off with the boring organization chart, vision, mission etc. The afternoon session was much more interesting. Elites from different department shared with us their fields of experties. How to identify syndicate, food safety rules, housekeeping, how to identify fresh food (useful for a wife-to-be like me *smile*).

Oh by the way, I just shot my first commercial. so exciting! I played of the character for the commercial, so lets see how many of you can recognize me.

THE Man finished his first paper and we went shopping since I finished training early. We bought a pair of rings, nice nice.

And the NDP fireworks was nice. We caught it at Singapore Flyers, nice nice.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


THE Man is having his exam this month! Do Not Disturb!

on another note, I'm 1 month old in the new place! :)

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

romance in the air

The Man surprised me with cable car dining. Food was surprisingly good, the view was nice, and the company was the most precious.


Saturday, July 05, 2008

happenings of the past weeks...

I know its been a while since I was last in action. Much things had happened.

I left off with studying hard for my last 2 papers. Exam was quite ok, except I forgotten some points during the paper, but whats new. Results were out yesterday, and I scored 1 distinction and 1 credit. :) Finally a distinction in my bag.

I've been making plans to move on from my current job. Instead of diversity, I would like to be more job focus, so back into the job serch scene again. Chances upon this adver, and got the offer after the first round. I guessed my portfolio was a great marketing tool. The package was good, but the best deal is that its food related and my office is only 5mins away from my home :)

I kept my resignation on a low profile side, coz I dun see the need of telling anyone at the HQ, beside my CMO. This is one thing about my office, news travel like a lightning even though you specifically indicated that you want to keep it a low profile. True enough, people start to call and ask me about it. Worse, colleagues who had long left the org got winds about it. I took it like a pinch of salt.

My team at the CMO threw me a farewell lunch, booze session and sing K session. I really missed them. We had team spirit, its a joy working with them. I received so many well wishes and gift from them.

Yummy cupcakes from my techs

Its a 3mth mark for The Man and me. We originally planned for a romantic getaway, but things happened, there were some arguement and tears, but we got over it. I surprised him with a Love Diary. Its a visual presentation of how we met, the places we have been to, my attempts at cooking for him, movies we had watched and the list goes on. Every month we give each other small surprises, its our little way of showing our love.

I had a good 10 days break and I had a To-Do list planned out. I unearthed the tresure I hid in my cabinet and packed them. I had been busy at work and didn't had time to pack my room. Had to KIV them and atten to them when I had time. By doing so I also stopped mama from nagging, because when she can't see them, she wouldn't nag. It was good old memories looking at the year book during sch days, I even found the autograph book during my pri sch days. Can imagine how much rubbish I kept inside my cabinets. So all in all, I packed my clothes department, education department, work department, accessories department includes earrings, necklaces, bags, make ups, shoes and magazines. Suddenly the whole world seems so neat and organized. There are so much empty spaces, time to go shopping!

I got to spend quality time with my parents, something which lacked off coz of work commitements. Mama and I went shopping. Didn't really bought things, coz Princess Fayth was with us, we had to run after her. Either she is a good sprinter or I'm getting old.

I'm 1 week old at my new office. Shockness! Just the HQ alone, the human capacity is at least 50 times my previous CMO. There were a few business units housed under 1 building. I tried to remember as many names as possible during the introduction session. My session with the CEO is both rewarding and task orientated. He specifically listed down the goals. Challenges ahead of the team. I have 2 more colleagues in my team compared to the last one, but each had their own brands to take care of. The brand that I need to take care of is more upmarket, the profile of the customer is very different from my past experiences, so a lot of homework is needed.

awaits the new challenges ahead....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

study time

my room is pathetic!

I don't have a proper table to study. I have to make use of that small tiny computer table, coz half of it is occupied by my mini hifi which I'm not using since mp3 is in town, but its still functioning well in good condition, so its a waste to discard, and Daddy bought it for me, so the more I can't dump it just like that...have to seek permission.

but exam round the corner, and I HAVE to study, but without a table, how?

I tried using the dining table in the kitchen. Bad idea coz I'm surrounded with food. There are temptations EVERYWHERE! Ice-cream, chips, chocolate....

I tried using the mahjong table, again bad idea coz 1) its too huge to fit into my room 2) I'm too lazy to carry it from the guest room, up the stairs and into my room and 3) my hands get itchy, I start thinking about 大三元 and 五台自摸$20 instead of global marketing and intergrated marketing communications.... -_-|||

In the end, I found a folded table, size just right to fit into my room. I settled down, and then... Princess came in with her school bag (its actually my iora shopping bag, with all her Barney colouring materials "姑姑, I want to study"

She is at the stage of learning, like when she saw me using the highlighter, she follows and "highlight" Barney's face.

bangs to my sleep... spare me...

I have weird neighbours, beside Mr. Romanticus, we have new members added to the list.

I'm not trying to be over sensitve and imaginative...

Whoever is living directly above my room, either they have vigorous sex every night, or he/she is a stomp retiree, or there is an angry, violent ghost living up there..

for the past 6 months, every night I hear loud bangs, hitting against the walls and floor, knockings and etc. And apparently the last owner shifted out 6 months back...

I told kor and he thought I was imagining things...until last week when he was gaming in my room till late (yah I slept like a dead log, and he still didn't get the hint of me sleeping) he heard that too...

lately the noise is getting worse...middle of the night like 3, 4am, when 老娘 is in zzz-land, suddenly there is this loud bang, and I jumped out of bed...

will the "being" walked through the floor and appear right on top of me? (picture the girl in Xmen 2)....

Monday, June 09, 2008


Theres a myraid of commercials shown on tv everyday and we are attracted to some of them. Like the catchy UOB Ladies Card tagline "The Men don't get it" or Heinz tomato sauce.

Kids reaction towards what they see are the most direct and real. Like whenever Cold Storage's commercial is aired, Princess will go "You got the whole world in your hand x times" and she will say cow cow, milk etc...

When Gatsby new deodorant commercial, the catchy jiggle never fails to attract Princess's attention, and she will say "eeekk, shame shame, never wear clothes!"


you are my sunshine....no2

The Man's little encouragement for my prep for exam :)

I'm gonna have a long break after my papers, will be engaged in a major love project for The Man.

Update later...


We have been doing quite a fair bit of travelling around Singapore partly because we stayed in the extreme east and west of Singapore and also, having stayed in Spore for the past 25 years, I haven't been to a lot of places in Spore, and thus some of our partor venue includes the uncommon partor places...

We went to Labrador Park and Jurong Hill yesterday night.

Labrador Park is an oasis of tranquility and natural wonder. The park offers a picturesque view of the sea. We found a nice place called Moon Ladder, which is now shortlisted for our ROM venue (kinda early, but never too early to do some research)

The Man drove to the Jurong Hill, the place where he would visit when he was vexed. At Jurong Hill, there were a couple of landmark trees as they were planted by our foreign visitors like Queen Elizabeth, The Duke of some English places, the late Suharto etc...

The tower at Jurong Hill overlooked Jurong Island. There were a lot of weird looking structures. The Man said that these are oil refinery. He recalled that he used to drive into the Island and test the limit of the car. Its like Fast and Furious live before your eyes. Of course, all the drifting and speeding stopped when the checkpoint was built after the 911 incident.

We also passed by Esso Mobile Oil Refinery. All the ladders and weird looking structure look more like Hykiel's lab. The air was filthy, no wonder people living there behaved weirdly, oops sorry! No offense.

Singapore, a little red dot of the map, but yet theres so many places that I've never been to. The Man promised that we will visit these places one by one, and when we are old and recalled the past, we accompanied each other. :)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

first attempt to cook a decent meal

few weeks back, The Man and his colleagues booked a weekend chalet for a family getaway...

We had the unit to ourselves the first night. I decided to surprise him with a good breakfast and lunch.

Its kinda big deal for me, since I don't really know how to cook. My home economics knowledge was down the drain after I finished my Os.

Being a food junkie, I recalled all the images and taste of the food I had before and try to piece everything together.

There isn't a proper kitchen to work with, the only "cooking" area was a small little corner beside the sink. The electric cooker we used for steamboat last night came in quite handy. Luckily it was non-stick, the cooking was without much hassel.

爱心早餐 (sunnyside up, french toast, bacon, cheese hotdog and fresh milk)

I firgured out that there will be quite a fair bit of food left over from steamboat so I made claypot noodles minus the claypot.

Its kinda easy, like cooking instand noodles, but I used ikan bilis for the soup base. When the water boiled, threw everything in. Once everything is cooked, I poured in the eggs.

I asked The Man to prep the tables and when I served the noodles, this was the setting...

Its kinda yummy! And of coz The Man finished all the food.

Lately I developed the love for cooking (probably under the influence of Xuan's blog post, but mostly The Man rarely get to taste home cooked food). I experienced mixed feelings of joy, satisfaction and achievement, especially cooking for someone you love, the happiness is doubled :)

For someone who don't even know how to operate a washing machine, I think its kinda achievement. Love do really change a person.

....Upcoming, my attempt for dinner. *smile*

Friday, May 30, 2008

sometimes its better not to take short cut

coz you pissed people off. Remember what seem innocent and harmless are the ones who will kill you...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

my heart "belongs" here

its just amazing how some of the ex-colleagues are still very much concerned about of the company, like the latest developments, HR movement etc...

I know news travel, that is why I don't bother to say anything, coz at the end of the day, those who I don't see a point of telling will eventually find out, so why waste my breath?!

just that I didn't expect to get calls from people whom I have not much dealings with....

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

You are my sunshine.... only sunshine *smile*

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

note in a bottle

when you are in love, a simple gesture means a lot, not to mention a planned night with lots of efforts.

wine under the moon and stars, by the beach and a note in a bottle....

tear of joy...touched and loved! *sweet*
another milestone in our relationship...
I'm so not gonna let anyone snatch him away from me...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Who is Moses Lee????

He is the name that 4 million will see on a yearly affair

He is probably the busiest man in the month of April/May

He probably vetted/signed 4 million letters in a month, honestly, I doubt so since such organization love to use "This is a computer generated letter, no signature is required"

He is probably the name that will get the first hit from the 4 million in May. Thereafter the 4 million will proceed to curse and swear the other "organization" as blood suckers.

And he will tell you that there will are a few recourse methods for non-payment, either they impose more interest and make you pay more, or they authorize the bank to deduct the due paid amount from whichever account you have, or they barred you from leaving the country ( I heard they are quite good at that) or they charged you in court.

so who the hell is Moses Lee???

search here you might find his name there
my first time paying tax, should I be happy or should I be sad.
(after declaring so much relief, I still can't escape, *^&%^&$$)

Sunday, May 11, 2008


The Man was invited back for dinner as we celebrate Mothers' Day. But little did he expect that there were other relatives around.

"Baby, why are your hands so cold and wet?"

"Ne..Ner...Nervous lorhz... Shite! I'm stammering!"

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I heart Taiwan No.3 Part 2

after a thousand years....part 2 continue...part 1 in case some of you have forgotten...
(p/s: pingping is coming over this month, I thought I better post this up before she is here)

Day 6
老娘's 1/4 century...

my darlings...

the cake, the important 25 mark

priceless pressie (earrings, necklace & bracelet) handmade by my touched that I teared...

of coz, how can they passed the chances of sabotage...I sang live on stage, luckily most of the customers left, else 老板 will chase me out...

my trademark during bdays...

I'll stuff you with cake.... yumyum....

Day 7
Didn't do or travel around much, except that I started drinking during lunch and end the session at 4am. Imagine the amount of alcohol in my system...

We spent the whole day at Ping's hometown 竹山. Its a small town area in 南投. In case you didn't know, why the name 竹山, because they have a lot of bamboo over there. Those disposable chopsticks we used, its from there. Apparently they don't add preservatives in their chopsticks. It will turn mouldy after a while if you don't use them.

Lunch was at a local seafood restaurant

thereafter we went to sing K. The amount of beer we had...theres at least 60 over cans of them on the floor.

I love Heineken ! *burp*

Day 8
the booze from the previous night was a killer, I woke up like a zombie, but I can't contain the excitement as we are visiting Sun Moon Lake.

The view up there was spectacular, worth the long journey. I slept through the roadtrip. People in the car were entertained by my orchestra-like snoring.

remember to try the tea-leave egg at one of the pitstop. very yummy

I saw this thing on the floor, for a moment I thought I was at the camp of 日月神教 keekee...

Night fall and its time to bid farewell to 阿生 and 阿勇. Thanks to 阿生 who kept us companied the past fews days and its great to know 阿勇 and his lovely wife and kids. 阿勇 owns a carwash workshop and he has been in this business for the past 12 yrs. A down-to-earth, responsible husband and doting father to his 3 pretty daughters. Looking at how loving both he and his wife are, its such an envy.

We tongpang ping's colleague car to Taipei to meet up with Hilda

Day 9
Met up with another frd of ping, Peiru. We are going to 九份老街. But before that, how can I miss having my favourite 三明治.

I had this almost everyday. When I retire (aka get married, hmmm.... I think I'll scare The Man off.... ok lets just say when I save up enuff $$$ to get out of the rat race), I want to sell this in Spore. Bring yummy breakfast to every white collar, bring sunshine to them to start a brand new day :)

we took public transport

九份老街 is a food galore

a famous must-try stall at 九份老街

Look at the long Q starting from the counter and leads all the away to the bottom of the stairway......all waiting patiently for this bowl of yam balls

I'm not a big fan of sweet stuff, so dun really know how to appreciate... but the view while have this was nice as the stall is located at the peak of 九份老街, so one is able to admire the view of the old street.

We did some shopping at 五分浦 and met up with the rest of the girls who drove up from 台中 for all night sing K session - the last booze session before I head back to Lion City.

They taught me the super trendy 花朵舞 from 伍佰's 你是我的花朵

俗又有力 经典台妹 for the night!

orinial MV

countless booze and whole drainful of pukes contributed from all of us at 6am. keekee...

Day 10
Nap for 3 hrs before checking out and went out for lunch. Ava brought us to this place and I swear from my past 3 trips to Taiwan, this is the most yummylicious 蚝仔面线 I ever had...the famous stall 西门町 can't even compare to this.

Look at the oyster!!!! *unbelivable scream*

This is a must visit. No regrets!

The side kick is the nice Taiwanese sausages

I had countless of them during my 10 days stay.

Time to bid farewell to my gfs... they missed me...

I is good girl only came back with the same luggage and 4 hand carry :)
Taiwan till I come again.
Probably in a little while more...I need to stop the routin of visiting every 1/2 yearly :)

Friday, May 02, 2008

Popcorn Party

Our supplier loan us a popcorn maker for our upcoming campaign. The maker got all the girls all excited...

Filling the kernels...

Pouring the kernels into the the maker...

Hot air running through the maker...

Freshly popped popcorn from this 90s theater style popcorn machine..

wala! a bowl of popcorn *yummy*

Top with your favourite topping such as salt,butter,caramel, worcestershire sauce etc... We had margarine, honey and salt :) nice nice

Now you can enjoy freshly popped porcorn to snack on watching movie at home, listening to music, for your kids party, or tea party with friends...

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


in case you are wondering if I was adduct by the love bug, I was busy with sch assignments, and... yeah I was busy par tor-ing with The Man.

The Man brought this to my office for lunch...

Colleague "We have N of people in the office, next time ask him to pack for everyone hor."

I'm enjoying the love that The Man showers me everyday, I treasure every moment we spend together, and want to shower him with abundance love, care and conern. :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

花花 no. 2

the second bouquet in a week...

The Man wanted to cheer me up knowing that I encounted some unfair treatment at work... the flowers definitely chased away the unhappiness away :)