Friday, December 21, 2007

super blurness!

as all might have known that your truely has got this thing called selective blurness, which can be explanined in the following situation...

having the car key in my hands and asked my friends to open the car door...

having all the passports on hand and asked my friend to check in...

asking my friend to open up the hotel room when the acess card is with me...

or worse...talking to my fiends for a good 5 mins which left everyone staring blank coz I dun even understand what I'm trying to tell them... haha

thankfully I dun carry these booboos to work.
You see thats the problem. When I'm with pple I can trust, I tend not to use my brain coz I know they will be making the decision, I'll juz have to follow. But at work, I know I have to be on top on things, can't afford to make mistakes. :)

yesterday my blurness top its chart!
my whole family went up the bus without me.
I was left alone at the bus stop!


yummy xmas log cake/bday cake :)

This is beginning to be my trademark...I'll tell you why in the next post....

to be continued...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

台客 yeah!

wait till I upload the dance move I learnt from the MV...haha...
this is what happen when you stay too long in Taiwan...

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

1/4 of a century

in taiwan....


Thanks folks for the bday wishes through phonecalls, emails, sms, msn, friendster/facebook msg and greeting cards!

And of course not forgetting the great bday party my darlings organized for me at Taiwan!

It was indeed an unforgettable and tear-wreaking party. Yes 老娘 shed tears at my bday party, 感动嘛! The presents the girls got for me is priceless! photos coming up...

Friday, November 30, 2007

going back... my favourite destination with my buddy.
Unfortunately remy boy couldn't join us. sadness!

We'll be travelling to the central and southern part and experience the "developing" part of the country :)

and best of all, I'm celebrating my 1/4 century mark in overseas :)

tata *@*

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

new pleasures?

2 weeks into Term 3, I've got all my assignments all lined up

Suddenly there is urge in me to work hard for this term. Perhaps its to avoid the uncertainty of passing the modules.

I must be mad to find pleasure in the juggling the stress at work and school. I kinda enjoy it.

It keeps me focus and not have time to think rot.

Lately, booze, sing K and shopping dun even inject happyness in me anymore, but rather the goal of getting the things done at work and submitting a good piece of report for school gets me real excited!

what is happening?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Visit to the lady who takes care of my pearly

and again the topic of getting rid some of my access wisdom pops up.

all these years of enduring the pain, the gums still held firm to them, refuse to be seperated forcefully....

I'm living in denial that the wisdoms are growing upwards, thus there isn't any need to remove them. Not until the lady said that the overcrowding issue at my front are getting worse. Might be a case where the wisdoms are growing sideways...

and again the topic of braces, which clearly I'm way too old for them. The result won't be as ideal as compared to the having it done when you are younger..

the visit is depressing... not that visiting the lady is a happy occasion...


Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Nat texted me that the results for Term 2 was out. I didn't logged on to check, didn't have much confidence I guess.

Later in the night, I dreamt that I failed the 2 modules for Term 2 including the deferred exam from Term 1. So for the past few days, I've living in denial.

Until moments ago, took the courage to check. I mean today I'm starting my Term 3, if I pass it will be a good present, else it make me work harder this Term.

yah I pass, quick congrats me hoho!

been working my ass off for the past week, so yah the result perks my day *smile*

Monday, November 05, 2007

Star Search

I couldn't agree more with mr brown

What the hell was MediaCorp thinking. trying to kill 2 birdies with 1 huge stone?

oh yah, the barney-bday went on well, Princess luv the cake :)

Saturday, November 03, 2007

chitty chitty bang bang

so you guys should really go catch it. Its good, real good. :) and of coz the after tau huay and fried "butterfly" is good too...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

of school, wisdom and Barney-bday

after a week long break, I've got an email to register my modules for next term which is going to start next week. Sigh~ but on a brighter note, yeah~ 4 more modules, 2 more term...I can finally say byebye to 半工半读的日子

the renovation works in the office is killing me...and my wisdom tooth attack with a miniature ulcer combo came so timely. Falling sick again. *tear*

on a happier note...Its Princess bday this weekend hoho! Her 一同 is finally sprouting. Nothing fancy except that everything is Barney, and yes at this point of the entry, my 32inc is playing Barney *smile*

Sunday, October 21, 2007





Saturday, October 20, 2007

SPop Live Recording

many nice song. We've got great talents in Singapore

getting ready for recording...the set

JJ Lin the ambassador of SPop

一人一半 - soundtrack of 881

Superband 迷路兵 I think they have got potential to be the next 五月天

i like this song 泪

梦飞船 performing one of my favourite song 不值得

check out the song, nice lyrics ...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


so I got a friend request from this chick weeks ago which I ignored since she is on private profile, I cant checked if we are 2nd degree related.

Not until recently I saw the profile picture was a photo taken with him, and realize that the frd request is from the new chick

I guessed the new chick must have gone through his group of friends and found me, saw the biker pix in my profile, else she wouldn't have send the request bah...

2mths back on his bday, I sent him my wishes thru text msg and he replied. I didnt replied thereafter since I figured its kinda not impt. I want to maintain the type of relationship of no-contact-but-I-know-you-remember-me-and-you-know-I-remember-you, which is what we are now and I'm pretty comfortable with that.

curiosity you call that, I added her to see how he had been doing the past months. A lovely couple as mentioned before, and I happy for him. The funny thing is I dun feel the pinch of jealousy, juz pure happiness.

Best wishes, I should expect wedding bells to ring soon....

Monday, October 15, 2007


I love being home alone, cause I can have the whole kitchen to myself and I can do whatever I want in it. Ok I'm not talking about kitchen sex, I'm talking about cooking, actual cooking that is.

Today's dish - Macaroni cheese with ham

As you can see I'm not a very good cook which is probably why mama seldom let me have the kitchen. Off the record, I think the main reason why mama refuse to let me use to use the kitchen is because I hate washing the dishes. Most of the time I prayed for the dishes to get clean and walk themselves back to the cabinets *shhh* Do not be decieved by the presentation, its edible. I can taste macaroni, ham and burnt cheese... *smile*

So some may ask, why is it red. Well initially I wanted to have macaroni with ham in tomatoes sauce, then I realise theres cheese in the fridge, so I decided to try adding some cheese in it. But its kinda late as the dish was ready, but nonetheless I melted the cheese and throw the ready dish back into the pan and mixed it.

I really dun think thats the way to make macaroni cheese , but since I can taste macaroni and cheese, I'm contended.

my ex-bf did commented that I'm a great gf cause I can cook delicious instant noodles / canned food =_=
I forsee my steamboat recipe will happen quite often if I ever get married hoho!

Thursday, October 11, 2007




Thursday, October 04, 2007

Free Burma!

Free Burma!

Open the door to free the people...

Lust . Caution

a great director...a great story...a great cast.....not a great ending...not a great cut just so to accomodate a mass audiences...
but still it is still worth the $$$...worth the time....

I is so want to watch this....

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


not the mecole-ivan type,
juz buddies who will be there for you, to share all you joy and sorrow...
I'm glad I have you with me...

p/s: pic incomplete... ah boey, we need a complete pic!

Friday, September 28, 2007

on a friday nite....

in my room..... this is pure enjoyment....

Friday, September 21, 2007

task focus

it came with a decision...
decision which hurts me like crazy...

this happened moments ago....
I'm happy with myself
I made my stand clear and not try to by a nice girl, waiting aimlessly hoping that you will make up your mind.

I am happy with myself that I spoke my mind.
I made it clear to you what I want and not let you make the decision
or being wishy-washy can't decide what you want.

and I am happy for myself
for once I made a decision based consideration of me, myself and I
not for someone else, not for making you not feel guilty
I want a closure to things, not left hanging in mid air.

I tag a deadline, an expiry date to it
once it hits, byebye and move on.
this is task focus, without considering feelings,
without the baggage of "Will I hurt You?"

You have an objective, you strategize and you work towards it.

me meme

In the 8 facts about [name], you share 8 things that your readers don't know about you (the dark secret). At the end, you tag 8 other bloggers to keep the fun going. Each blogger must post these rules first. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves. At the end of the post, a blogger needs to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog...

1. I'm magnet to sucky relationship and still attracting them. My past relationships never cross the 2 yr mark.

2. My clothings are of solid colours, no fancy prints for me

3. I've got tons of friends but only few who are real close to me. My ratio of male female friends is 3:1. Guys are easier to handle I guess, but still I treasure my gfs. They are the ones who lend a listening ear.

4. I'm known as the hardcore drinker among friends... to be honest after a few drinks I get tipsy, I just act sober...If I disappear more than 1/2hr, I'm probably puking in the loo... *shhh*

5. I've got an imaginary friend who is always beside me, being there for me.

6. Many of times people see me as a strong girl who can take care of my own problem. the fact is I'm not. In fact I hide 1 corner, cry and my imaginary frd will comfort me.

7. When I spring clean my room, I merely sweep everything to corners that cannot be seen and call it a day.

8. I'm a princess at home. The chores are taken care of and I dun need to lay a finger on them, so much so that I dunno how to operate a washing machine.

Go on have fun....

Thursday, September 20, 2007

planed leave

so I was fumbling what to do with the 17.5days of leave,
Thank goodness I could carry forward 10days to next year (If I'm gonna tender, this will come in handy).

So few days for preparation of exam...long weekend for Deepavali...and 1 week break for my birthday and thats about it... birthday is 2mths away...
Parties? May or may not happen I dunno, but I definitely want a good meal with friends (craving for AMK crabs).

Gifts are still welcome though :) A DVD player to match my new toy will be good :)

and so my work schedule for the next 3mths are pretty fixed... kinda lost excitment


now in can!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

my new toy

in my room

brand new for SGD400
thanks AntE for persuading me to get the 32inc instead of 26inc...

Sunday, September 16, 2007



Monday, September 10, 2007


this is the current situation....


alex stephy:

repeat *

alex stephy:

alex stephy:

Friday, September 07, 2007

Toilet and Meeting


after craving for 1 whole mth, I finally found a khaki tonight for 麻辣火锅....

I'm not particularly a great fan of steamboat but I was craving for something spicy, like REAL spicy, so I thought 重庆麻辣火锅 should be able to do the job.

Steamboat is the best family bonding moments.
Whole family seat around the table, dump their favourites into the pot, and its ready to eat within mins.
A great option for those who cannot make up their mind what to eat or those who are do not have time to spend hrs in the kitchen to prepare a meal.

Buy whatever you like and dump everything inside, even the soup can be bought off the shelf.

I think is also quite a good options for working mum...


"噢,火锅咯!不用伤脑筋 "

celebrate or mourn?!

huh?! I thought we should be mourning....
poor man...after singing his lungs out, pple are celebrating for his death
as though he is saddam.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Enjoying ang moh teh while doing my assignment...without the company of my romanticus neighbour
so you must be wondering how I managed to capture this shot since the right hand is on the mouse... I've got company of "company" :)






Monday, September 03, 2007


lately I found out that I'm being branded as Taiwan-mei in the office, not juz office but other malls as well. hmmm...I took it positively, a place I like mah, so not that bad...

Alena (ping's frd's frd) whom I got to know during my last trip, will be visiting in two weeks time. Coincidentally I'll be travelling but will make it back on 16th to bring her out for dinner.

I told "company" that I was thinking of Lau Pat Sat but was given the face and boo boo. Of coz I know they serve the tourist menu but 老娘 not driving mah...

19 more days till ping's visit... uwhooo I miss her! I hope she brings me my favourite green tea and 玫瑰花茶.

ya lah ya lah I know we recently have it locally. But probably those from Taiwan taste different mah..u know the Taiwan taste?! very difficult to explain and describe hoho...

tiring but enjoyable

I juz finished a 2-day-1-night event for my relaunch and yes I'm dead tired....
the event was great. All the families were very sporting and participated in all the activities. We even got into the Singapore Book of Records - Most Number of People Barbecuing Marshmallow.

Press coverage was great! We've got CNA , TNP and I think the other newsdesk will be covering today.

As usual we have people be here to be seen, but whats new right.

My event company and PR company was indeed a great help. I guess without them and of couse my colleagues, it wouldn't have been a success.

The process was tired but enjoyable :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Perseverance II

Current mode: still 零时抱佛脚-ing

my romaticus neighbour must have read my post and read my mind (or maybe he saw the lights on in my room), he is still playing the audio-torturing Kenny G number lehz....

at this hour, it can either be, he is trying real hard to impress the gal or he was hoping with his effort with the blowing instrument, he can keep me awake to finish up the assignment due on Thurs


Monday, August 27, 2007


Current mode: 零时抱佛脚

yeap yeap whats new....assignment due Thurs....

But I'm accompanied by my very romanticus neighbour...

playing this on saxophone....

I think its a he though...I mean girls with saxophone tah matchy...

Mr. Romanticus probably has been practising for a long long time, course the last semster when I was also in the current mode, this song also accompanied me through out the long nights of burning the oil...

perhaps trying to impress a girl. Come on, tell me which girl will not be mesmerize?!
Only that... maybe he should take out that banana that was stuck inside the sounded very stuck...painful to my ears!

Death Note

and so I read, the movie is gonna be out next Feb


This time its gonna focus on L, of which I mentioned the last time that there were some resemblence to a rocker...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

meant to be mine

Friday, we had company D&D....
When I got the invites last week...the lucky draw number was 0512
sweet, its my birthday, I gonna be lucky...

True enuff, I got lucky.
I won the 5th prize. Which 5 is my lucky and favourite number....

the prize? A Canon digital camcorder and $200 shopping vouchers from Robinson's group....

Camcorder lehz... I've been wanting to get that for a while....
Definitely gonna come useful during the upcoming family trip next mth, and also not forgetting ping's visit to Singapore.



Monday, August 20, 2007

stuck in your own shithole

well, its very grey...very complicated..a lot of things are just unexplainable....

If its grey, make it black or white. Its easy... add more black, you darken it... you add more white, its white...

If its complicated.... jolly well un-complicate it

If is unexplainable... you dumb or what... open your mouth and talk...

excuses.... plain excuses.... excuses for you want to shrink responsibilities and not face everyone.

excuses for you stay as it is....

Friday, August 10, 2007

Independence Day

So yday was National Day.

Lots of people gave their well wishes. and so I heard "Happy Birthday Singapore"

quoted from Oxford Dictionary

• noun the annual anniversary of the day on which a person was born.

if thats the case shldn't it be Happy Independence Day instead of Happy Birthday?!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

God! Its 8:25pm and I'm still in the office alone agian. On eve of holiday... I must be *fill in the blanks*

sigh~ theres juz so much things to do for the relaunch. I'm so busy busy busy with work and school to the extend that I've to skip my meals.yah right skip my meals. since when you see me, lover of all good food (both quality and price), starve?! Thats how busy.

oh well I need some nice sparkling liquid. Bam Bam was asking since when I become so yuppies hanging out dempsey. What to do, korkor's new place, Angel Share, is at dempsey. you guys should check this out. It has got this nice alfresco area. Its juz

Talking about dempsey being yuppies invaded, where they spend on over-priced stuff, I do have to agree dempsey is a true blue yuppies heaven. Everything isover-priced while quality is compromised (wow that rhyme). The kopitam-looking Korean place charged $50 for a bento set. Whats in the bento? a chuck of rice, few tiny plates of kimchi and thats about it. Very angry, I dun like to be cheated for food! I paid for good food!

On the high side, Angel's share on the other hand, is valued for money. The wine selection looks decent and price is affordable.

aside to my busy work sch combo, I was hunting for a decent hotel for ping ping who is coming next mth end. Its juz tough to get a decent and affordable hotel. The shortlisted went like this

~ Robertson Quay Hotel
~ Gallery Hotel
~ Albert Court Hotel
~ Hotel 1929
~ Scarlet Hotel
~ The Link @ Tiong Bahru
~ M Hotel
~ Holiday Inn

dah dah dah... to the extend that I even went to check out Hotel 81 and some hotel in Little India.

I gave Hotel 81 Bugis a chance and check out the courtyard room on Monday.

"standard room with courtyard, 1 queen size mattress, outdoor shower and sun deck chair"

When I walked into the courtyard (balcony say balcony lah, give such a marketing term) I saw two sun deck chair which is lovely. Not until I turn right and saw the shower point exposed! Full Monty exposed with no screen which means you are subjected to peeping from the other tall neighbouring buildings while bathing.

So its like free entertainment for your friend sun-tannig at the sun deck chair while you bathing.

Gah! Once a sleazy hotel, always a sleazy hotel. And I thought the positioning gonna be different with different location (like lesser people have sex in town area). Whatever happen to the segmentations, positioning and targetting. Ok this is scaring, I'm applying sch to blogging....

having said that, I managed to find a good decent one - Hangout@MtEmily I totally like the place. so nice, so young and trendy...I'm sure the girls will love this place...

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

long break

so the other day I was applying leave for the family trip and also to keep ping ping companied during her visit in sept (yeah~ she is coming!!!), I realized I have 17 days of leave to clear by 31 Dec. Else it will be forfeited.

I can only start clearing in Oct, which leave me 3 mths to clear. Less off the xmas project in mid Nov, I'm left with Oct. But I'm having exam during this period of time... argh *~*

so it seems like its impossible. chao turtle!

ah nei

this Holly Bollywood theme for the D&D is driving me nuts...

since last week, everyone in the office is playing quick bling bling tempo songs just so we could nail down right number for the running around the tree dance....

I am being "volunteered" to be one of the female runners...sigh~

so yday we went to No. 1 costume to get tiny cloth that wrap only the vital areas leaving two steams of red liquid flowing down every non female species's breathing organ .

I is so exposed!!! WLE they better give me the best dressed after all the sacrifices (wearing skirt!!! God!) I make.

of family times and Princess's new addiction...

so I like Sunday, spending time with Family.

it used to be to grams place, but since so the few incidents, I haven't been going back for a while...

yday we celebrated Daddy's bday. We wanted to go to the beer garden at ECP, but Daddy was craving for home cooked food, so in the end mama cooked her few specialties.

totally enjoyable spending times with family. Joking around, seeing how Princess sat at her high chair feeding herself (yes she has a high chair), planning our trip to hat yai in sept...

oh ya...we are going to hat yai to visit SIL's Dad.

oh by the way, whats there to do in hat yai?! I googled and found this on wikitravel...whats hat yai famous for? shopping? seafood? beach? touristy places?

After some surfing I found this, which gave quite an insight of the place....I better keep to shopping...

Lately Princess is so hooked to the purple dino aka Barney. Please tell me whats so special about that clumsy creature with an awful name?!

Princess has a whole collection of VCD on Barney?!

Everyday she will go "I luff you... You luff me..." and do the Barney dance altogether, which is pretty awful and ugly I must say...

We brought her to Toys R Us, she got so hyper upon see the Barney thingy.

Whatever happens to smurf, silverhawk, transformer, carebear, Flinstones, Tom & Jerry?! Are they doing a movie on smurf and carebear now that theres transformer, spiderman, superman, batman, fantastic 4, Xmen, Flintstones...

Monday, July 30, 2007

anti social

somebody commented that I've been quite anti social lately...

I spend two weekends at home watching DVD, while everyone jio-ed me out for dinner, movie, drinks and etc...

oh well~ I figure people who are in the I-not-fond-of category will be tagging along, so why sacrifice myself right?!

I rather do things that I will be happy. hoho....

Monday, July 23, 2007

new colour

my hair colour is back to the basic. no more funky red

Peter gave me a straight cut for fringe and I look like a gothic doll with my black eyeshadow.

so now I know which character I want to be in the upcoming D&D (Holly Bollywood)


Bride of Chucky

Monday, July 16, 2007

melted royce

I came back from school and saw the fridge doors wide opened, two huge ice boxes in the kitchen....

damn the fridge is spoilt....

damn there goes my orgasmic royce chocolate...

my pure blondie, you know what to do, dun you?!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday, July 13, 2007

a matter of time...

mama and I were at dempsey yday... everyone was there at korkor's company opening.

wine was good! Food was good and mama was pick up by an ang moh!
hohoho =o Luckily I came to her rescue :)

We had a few bottles of wine. To think that years back I was not allowed to drink at all, now mama is drinking with me. so you see my cousins and nieces who are reading this, its just a matter of time your parents join in and do the "not allowed" list of things with you. Let nature take its own course hohoho

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


messed up!

ok this is getting very weird....

my sec sch mate who proclaimed that she is a lesbo got married...

finally sorted out her sexual preference?! My goodness! she is one messed up girl...

when we were in sch, she dated a boy from boy sch. years aft we grad, they were still dating, for abt 8 years. Once, the whole bunch of us met up, and she intro her "bf"(aka the butch).

"Oh, its in mean since sch, I like girls"

erm...what abt that BOY you dated?!

so we accepted her as a lesbo...ok the butch is kinda cute and yandao I must say.

Then all of a sudden she is married! To a guy... guy as in guy guy

Journey of laughter

thanks to moove media, I've got free tix to Dim Sum Dollies in the History of Singapore.

a showcase of the founding of the Lion City, from a developing city to developed city and now over-developed city (I felt), with a pinch of local jokes. typical Glen Goei production.

I pity the ang moh and indies who are part of the joke. Not bad for a afterwork de-stress....I had a great laugh. Emma Yong and Selena Tan was alright, Pam Ooi was a better singer. In comparison, I would prefer Ti dou dao, but of course, I'm waiting for Big Fool Lee (李大傻). My friend Darius is part of the play.

I had FA-time after the show.
Its been a long time since I took the train home at 11pm.
the usual at this hour, either I juz knock off and will cab home or I'm out with friends and will hitch a ride back or cab home.

plug-in to my mp3player, I saw people of different walks of life....

The tired white/blue collar zzz-ing away, the lovey-dovey couple holding hands and kissing, the working mums bringing their kids back home, the school kids in uniform which I don't know why at this hour they are still out, the poly/uni after long project discussion, groups of working adult after class gathering, most probably at dinner bitching about how work life sux...the individual jamming with their mp3 plug-in (not me, mine was soft rock at 5 decibel, ok probably 10, maybe 20)

everyone had their role to play in a busy train, it an enjoyable journey, so much so that Zzz monster joined in the fun and I slept on another man's shoulder... *blush*

p/s: not on purpose lahz! I was tired...

Monday, July 09, 2007


a big congrats to all the couples who tied the red knot on 07-07-07

I attended 3 weddings... a wedding weekend for me....

well in fact its wedding wedding and more wedding for everybody. The hotel that I went to had 3 couples holding their dinner...

As expected I got the wedding FAQ at cousin's... (the one which got a 3 0r 5 or 7 caret ring, whatever lahz, the rock is just huge like the hubby. Huge in size... erm... as in he is big built, like 1.9m) and I had to announce (though I hate to say) that AMB and I are no longer together...

a moment of silence and left me to kill the crows flying....

The only enjoyable part of a wedding is looking at the showcase of how 2 lives grew up and met each other.

next time my wedding, I'll give everyone a copy as wedding flavours, so the guest can share our love EVERYDAY!

The "七世情侣" deosn't have much meaning to it. I mean since every couple is so game on getting married on that day, I thought the title might as well blend into the whole 7-7-7 rhyme.

Is there really such a thing of 七世情侣. Couple who meant to be together for 7 lives. Personally, as a Christian, I don't believe, I mean we are suppose to be with God when we get the fouth plank right?!

Thinking out aloud, if there is really 七世情侣, that would be so romanticus...imagine the process of searching for each other out in the wilderness...

hohoho.... I need L.O.V.E ....

Friday, July 06, 2007

no no

drinking and driving no no


Thursday, July 05, 2007


yup back in the scene... now that i'm very attached in the first place considering i dun see/hear from my bf...ok now ex-bf for more than a month...

i'm alright, no worries...



This is fabulous!

Definitely a must watch... of coz the company plays a part as well....

alcohol limitations

lately the hot topic of some matured women being rejected for free flow of drinks on a ladies night... apparently I was rejected too.

Well not the free flow of drinks thingy but more so of I wasn't allow to sit at sofa coz all of us wanted to have beer on a SUNDAY night

How ridiculous is that!!!

business is bad bad bad on a SUNDAY night and a potential walk in, you refused to give up the sofa just so we are drinking beer?!

Was the place being reserved?! Nope as what the server claimed...

Was the place crowded? Nope , there were bloody two customer in the entire place...

We just walked out of the place.....

Friday, June 29, 2007

Beer factor

quote from CLEO magazine

Booze Bruise
Always wondered why it takes days or even weeks for a little bruise to heal? All fingers point to that Happy Hour booze you've been having. Having three or more drinks a day for a few weeks and then bumping a body part can trigger prolonged bleeding under the skin, causing long-lasting bruises. Bruising can also be an indication of something more serious, such as an irregularity in the liver or the blood-clotting mechanism. Cut down on your tequila shots if your blood still doesn't clot normally....

thats an explaination to my blue-blacks...I must tell mama theres nothing wrong with me...its Mr. A's fault....hohohoho

Beauty's in the eye of the beer-holder
Studies of bar behaviour suggest the time at which a woman is spotted at a bar by a man can determine how attractive she is in his eyes. In one study, a woman who rated 5/10 on the attractiveness scale at 7pm was rated 7/10 by 10:30pm and by midnight, passed with flying colours with a score of 8.5. Interestingly enough, women didnt alter their ratings over the time period regardless of how much they'd had to drink.

man~ tsk..tsk..

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I know sometimes I'm full of craps aka talk cock big time...

this trait of mine will magnify several times more after Thurs coz I'm going on a teambuilding course in a nature reserve

I'm teambuilding with the birds and bees....

I'll champ the talk cock skills

ridiculously priced

the details for my graduation ceremony was sent out last week... I was shocked at the price we had to pay

Graduates: $30
Guest (adult): $75
Children (3yrs old and above): $45

Rental of gown: $50 <<< compulsary
Deposit: $100 <<< refundable if not damage was done to the gown

So if Daddy and mama is going, the total that I'm going to pay is $230 + $100 deposit

Tell me why as a graduate I have to pay for my own tickets? When I was back in poly, everything was free, although we are limited to bring only 2 guest.

this is one thing I hate about private school....

Monday, June 25, 2007

I love Yeo Hiap Seng!

you can't imagine how excited I was when I saw this on the shelf of our local 7-11 yday

my favourite 玫瑰花茶

seems like YHS answered to my plea...

pple this is the answer to your thrist


I saw this poster when I was at the ticketing machine to top up my ezylink card....

fwah parents of today are so busy with work that they need to be constantly reminded
else they will missed registering their kids for P1....

Sunday, June 24, 2007


I know I haven't been blogging a lot...
yes apart from busy with work, I'm still busy with work... whats new....

But whats news is probably I haven't been flirting with Mr. A... Yeap thats new...

I'm juz too tired and stress out with work...probably the drama serial "corner with love" could be a tiny reason...

school gona start soon, I need to register my modules...

I planned my leave in accordance to my work (retail line no choice) now even registering for modules has to depend on my work schedule... this work thing is really eating a lot of my personal time...

wait till I talk about the fustration with work... later pple... its gonna be a thesis... hoho...

I've been thinking a lot... let me organize them and I'll share...

finally, GSS is over, and up again is Food Festival....back to back project is nothing new to me...
I'm used to it. But still getting used to it doesn't equate to acceptance...I still bitch *killer look*

Saturday, June 16, 2007

IT support

Adding onto the office thingy from my last post, I wanna bitch about the IT support we have...

Previously, we were service by a 3rd party, not until the company thought that it make better sense to hire an internal IT suport since we are growing...

The first thing he did was of course to ban websites like msn (web version included), friendster, youtube, mp3 download sites, sexual content sites and some other sites that are deemed "entertainment"

There were few unhappy occation, but most of us learned to deal with it. But theres one thats till now I still can't understand...

Spam mails!!!!

yea, I've got a IT support and I'm still getting spam emails...

Spam mails which sells viagra, how to enlarge your penis, how to have great sex life....

All we can do is to send it to junk. I've have to do this every single morning.
Every morning I'm greeted by how to enlarge your penis...hello I'm not interested, juz give me my rose tea not penis!

If budget is a constrain, then work within the budget. Else why they hire you?!
Having minimum control is better than no control.

Seriously, I have it a joke that such a big company yet we do not have any spam control...
Tell me about competency...

Sunday, June 10, 2007


so it was lil cousin 21st bday and we had a mini party at dempsey...
with me having 2 OJ thru the nite...and everyone else drowning Mr. A.

"Devils" everywhere tempting me with Mr. A but I stick with OJ.
didn't want a relapse.

you know I'm such a baby when I'm down with fever. Daddy and mama will constantly check my temperature and sponge me. Mama would boil egg and rub my forehead. Oh this old wives method helps to bring my temperature down without fail every time. It kinda works for me...

my late grandma has 13 grandchildren. We are known as 13太保. Time flies, the youngest in the line is already an adult getting her golden key.

The key that signifies adulthood, probably freedom, reality and woes hohoho

When I got the key from Daddy and mama, it was a sudden surge of emotions. So much mixed feelings...

"Yuppie I'm an adult...erm...ok I'm an adult whats next?!"

Lately I did my mid-yr appraisal... kinda disappointing...

I hate it when i'm given the politically right answer...
I can't accept explanations such as, this is his character, you know that you need clearance from him on certain things, so you got to work smart.


its either I play along with or I move out, which I forsee eventually I will choose the second option.

This afternoon I got a text message from my boss to remind me not to step on the wrong foot during the pucoming management meeting... WTH! Call me a stubborn ass, there are just some things that I wouldn't bent my principles, especially to these filthy animal. Its back to the containing and enduring till a day when it explode, I'll leave. There are just some things talks won't work.

I understand that all these moves are all driven by guarding the rice bowl, but is there a need to behave in such a manner?

Tell me why the company hire highly paid arsehole to play politics while in actual fact, there isn't much contributions from them, while the rest who are contributing and working are invisible.

Is pay measured by the art of playing games and not actual contributions to the company???!!!

CB! 越讲越火大

yea~ this is adulthood

next mth, my other cousin getting married and I'm sure I'll be fired with the same old question of when is my turn.

so preditable. I'll be impressed if some1 ask me when I'm getting a kid.

Maybe I don't want to get married, maybe I just want to kid and not get married.
Maybe I just want to adopt a kid, or maybe I still want to be alone, just dating and not get married. Maybe I get the guy to father the child, and we dun get married because I still prefer to be alone... maybe....

yea~ this is adulthood

Thursday, June 07, 2007

i'm recovering

dun worry people...and thanks for the phonecalls/sms/emails/msn/comments, I'm doing better

My experience with the clinic was a great one...

since the company adopted this policy that one visit to the appointed list of doctor is claimable, I've got no choice but the ditch my usual GP and opt for one from the list, which happen to be across my block.

Feeling terrible, I called the clinic to get a queue no. and was informed to be there in an hour time.

As told, I dragged myself there only to find out that there are 6 people in front of me in the queue. I sat at one corner alone, shivering. The feeling of 坐也不是站也不是.

you know what.... 老娘 waited for 1 hour before its my turn!!!

Which means that if I didn't called up early, I could have waited for 2 hours!

Doc asked me whats wrong with me....Whats wrong with me...

"I should be asking whats wrong with YOU! Why are you taking such a long time to call the next patient? Don't you know that theres at least 10 patient waiting outside and everyone is feeling terrible????!!!"

He kept quiet and did the usual examination. I asked for a jab but he refuse to give me. Even when I told him that I've got a history of tonsilities, especially if its swollen like quail eggs, only a jab can make bring down the temperature.

Still he refuse...alright maybe I'm not medically trained, I should not argue with him

I got so pissed off and simply walked out. I waited outside for the medicine. You know what, they make me wait for 15 mins, where they are 2 staff at the counter.

This is getting on my nerve. I took the medication and gave the staff some thrasing with my 杀鸡 voice...sigh~ I can't even make out what I'm trying to say

Tell me whats wrong with these people? Are they really that shorthanded? Is it so difficult to get 4 packs of medicine? I'm not the only one complaining...there was this lady who came by to buy medicine and she waited 1/2 hr. 1/2hr juz to buy cough syrup.

I went back, feeling no better, temperature still within the 38-39C range. The next morning I had to go back to my usual GP. I showed him the medication the previous doc gave me only to find out that those are normal precriptive. Mine is such a serve case, such medication won't help.
GREAT! I could have been spared by one whole night of suffering. Doc gave me a jab and walah true enough the fever gone down....

seriously, I dun understand why companies would wanna adopt have appointed doctors policy? Its also capped at $30 and there no other benefits...I pity those staying at ulu places. Can you imagine when you are dead sick, you still have to drag yourself to the appointed doc, which might be within walking distant from your home. risking the fact that you might not heal as fast as the doc is not aware of your medical history.

so much of a staff benefit...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

i'm dying

fever at 39.5C, whole body aching, both tonsil swollen like quail eggs...

exam on Thurs, I dun think I can make it...

worse...AMB refuse to take me to the hospital because he needs to work 2molo.

Tell me wat fuk reason is that. This is the second time that I'm terribly sick and he acts as though its not important/deosent matter to him...

I guess this is the last draw. Enough is enough!

I need to sleep now, the medication take effect...can't waste the limited brain juice over some being thats not worth...

Sunday, June 03, 2007

PC Show.... Yes!

so I decided to check out the PC show and its infested with human, sweat, and good bargains...

the damage
Coolball x 1 = $10
Seagte Freeagent 80GB harddisk x 1 = $118
Shiro 2GB mp3 player x 1 = $120

but no webcam coz AMB gonna pass me his, no lappy baggy coz all the design sucks....

I'm quite happy with the buy...alright pple even if I kena cheat $$$ please dun tell me. I would prefer not to know.

Thanks much :)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

no disturb

I made kinda great conversation this morning, although physically I dun feel great in my bed mess hair. Thanks to technology that its a msn conversation 'coz I haven't brush my teeth. 小黑 was probably still lingering my breath....

Not welcomed "Friend" (NWF): hey hows life?
FA: great without you around
NWF: okie
NWF: cooooooool
NWF: den I bettwe not disturb you
NWF: haha

I deliberately use blue coz I fucking detest that colour. Sorry it can't even be considered a colour per se....

Now tell me how loser can this person get???!!!! Obviously I'm not being a nice person here. Oh well, he may putting up a I'm-gentleman-front...

Friday, June 01, 2007


The winter of death numbs a lover's pain,
The autumn of dreams lies awake in vain,
The summer of life sings its passing song,
And spring comes again...with courage to hope, and go on.

PC Show...Yes? No?


been searching or rather been thinking of getting an external harddisk to back up the gazillion amount of photos and mp3.

still nothing get materialize.

I also want to get a nice looking lappy cover coz the one I'm using it a free gift from Fujitsu.

I read mp3 players are having few good offers...hmm...

not forgetting the webcam that I've been saying for the longest time...

so yah thats a few things on the list...Sunday the last day, good to check it out...

probably the PC show will be a good choice to ehlp save some $$$, although I think I would end up spending more...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

my lift affair

I was pleasantly surprised by my neighbour this morning.

I shoulder my baggy and lug my laptop with the other hand, I must have look kinda aunty without my gloss on. The lift door opened and in front of me stood my neighbour, the boyish looking one.

Today, he smiled and greeted "Good Morning" I swear I could see the blush on his cheeks.

Well, I don't think I'm over sensitive, for 10 times I'm at void deck, 10 times I see him around! ok, minus off those times I reached home in wee hours, thats 8 times...

For that less than 3mins lift ride, its just him and me... without me stretching over to press the lift buttons, he knew the correct button...

now I getting all of you excited yah...

next time on his looks....

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Champions League 2007

after match.....

damn rrrroooooaaaaarrrrrr
dun come near me!!!

I'm gonna ban pizza and pasta for 1mth

in another few hours time, the Reds will be fighting hard and winning....
and I'll be wearing the jersey singing the kop anthem to cheer them on :)

Monday, May 21, 2007

men and their privacy

you know I've always enjoyed going to the ladies, not that I've got a fetish, but during that 5 - 10mins, depending on situation, spent in that room, is MY time, my personal time.

Time for me to do the neccessary busines like answering to nature's call in big and small ways, adjusting my inner beauty *ahem*, touching up my make up, removing that leftover stuck in between the pearlies.

Ladies to every women is important, very important.

In my past 24 years, ok 24 years and 5 mths old *argh*, I'm pretty aware of the different structure of a gents and ladies.

ok ok, I'm not that Tom who goes peeping around.

Back in sch days, only the boys room had showering facilities, so thats my first touch of how boys room looks like. Something similar to ours but they have the urinals.

and of coz, due to the job nature from my first job, I've got chance to visit the Gents.

There is this thing that kept me puzzled for the longest time. And of coz, its directed to all the men out there, for one reason or another, only uses urinal instead of the cubicles.

Imagine nature's call, you walk in, scan through all the available urinals, found the exact comfy location, walked over, position yourself in the right direction, unzip, slowly take out *ahem, shy* your xiao didi and release from the holding area. Then suddenly this "guy" walked past and saw your xiao didi....

please tell me how much privacy can a man get? For the every 3-5mins spent at the urinal, one is subjected to outrage of modesty. How is it save to enter a men rooms, especially those from school where there isn't and partitions....its one gigantic urinal shared by everyone...Its a free show.

yes, women do share cubicles. But thats on the understanding that you won't mind this other girl to see your child bearing organ.

but men? poor men...they do not have a choice. Its either

1) stand real close to the urinals, hoping that the two side partition can take cover, risking the fact that there might be a tendency of rebounce of ammo


2) ....ok I can't think of the second options

poor man, no wonder we normally see that man waiting outside the washrooms for their other halves....

once in a blue moon

I know I've been missing in action for a while, so this is for you

coz you wont get to see this very often.
If memories didn't fail me, the last that I not wear a pants is 2 years back during kor's wedding....

Friday, May 11, 2007

my good frens

came back from briefing of operation A(lcohol)...

its remy boy's bday and we decided to book chalet, kinda ad hoc...and the best part only AnTe, ah boey, myself and the bday boy will be there together with:

~ 2 bottles of Bailey
~ 1 bottle of Bombay Sapphire
~ 1 bottle of Marttel
~ 1 bottle of Adsolut Vodka
~ 1 bottle of Adsolut Vodka Raspberry
~ 1 bottle of Chivas
~ 1/8 bottle of Black Label

this is MADNESS!!!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

of reworking, phantom and work&sch

i've been thinking for a while to redo my room.
to paint the walls red and ceiling black and to add a chandelier

as all many know, I shifted from 9A to 9B. It has been two years and no work has been done, and I quite confident that its gonna still drag for a while...

weighing the amt of time spend in my room vs the $$$ + time + effort put in to redo the place, I still can't make a decision...

the other day I was saying that I wanted to get a digital box from cable vision, and daddy ask when I want my plasma tv, hohoho I is loved!
there were times when i would reflect and reassure myself how blessed i am.
daddy and mama loves me, thought we are not super rich, but I can most of the things I want since young...

even now when I'm working, mama will pack my room, prepare bento for me, refill my water bottle, make breakfast for me, apply medication for my frequent bruises....

i dun think i deserve all these love from them.
there was once i asked mama, why she does all these things for me,
"'coz you are my child" such a simple sentence, yet it meant so much to the both of us. i can't even be sure to say that i can do the same for my kid, that is if i do have one.

by the way, where can i get a good painter? dun ask me to DIY, i is too lazy, i rather pay than to fumble how to mix the paint, how to store the leftover or worse, how to perfect the edge of the walls.

oh well, i bought tixs to Phantom, *excited*
the last they came, i was a 穷书生.
so i make sure i dun missed this, though i almost did.
tell me, do i look like an airport to you?
why is it that i always kena fly aeroplane?

you know how they say we should balance work and life?
Did say how we should balance work and school??????

my school is stressing me up...
deadlines are drawing near and exam is next mth...and the fact that i can't study/do assignment @ home...its not helping...
oh well, i know i'll be able to survive....

*set high priority*

I've marked next tuesday as an important day
i'm loving this

Thursday, May 03, 2007

yet another record


Singapore top the world again! This time, according to a worldwide survey done in 32 cities or 35, or watever lah... we are the fastest walking people.

Apparently, The British Council conducted a study of the walking speed of pedestrians. We, S'porean took 10.5sec to walk a distant of 18m.

I bet my ah ma would be proud to say that she is one of those people...

walk so fast, dun need public transport or car mahz...but traffic jam is still driving me nuts every morning...

This whole pace of life is changing everyone. Even my ex-bf have to slow me down when we par tor. He had difficulty catching his breath because I couldn't switch from work mode to off work mode... sigh! probably thats one of the reason why we broke off.....

which brings me back to how this British Council people conduct the survey?

Did they stationed by the roadside like those creepy TP, armed with a timer and bieow my legs?!

6th winning?! Yeap!

Will history repeats itself?

We'll find out on May 23 when they get yet another shot at the finals.

Benitez wouldn't mind adding another silverware onto the shelf


Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I got this call from a friend last night wishing me happy anniversary.

Big time HUH???!!!

Apparently last year, we got to know each other at that exact time he called me. I dun think he is boliao, but kinda touched that he remembers when and how we got to know each other.

I is guilty, I mean for some friends I dun even remember I actually know them.

After hanging up, I start to recall how I met each and every of my friends, which once again proven how friendster all of us were.

If I haven't know this friend, I would never got to some the subsequent great pals. Its like everything happens for a reason. Being at that place, at the time, was part of the plot. Every incident and happenings has its reasons behind it.

if I haven't followed kor out few years back, I would never got to know daphie.

if I didn't participant in that orientation camp in poly, and hang out with the GLs, I would never got to know the village

if I didn't agreed to have dinner with Raymond korkor, I would never got to know whole gang. I would have missed out having such a loving jiejie, and Ben as a great pal.

if I didn't went drinking with daphie, I would never got to know ping ping and the other Taiwanese pple. BTW, she will be here next month, Thk God! its after my exam.

everything juz fall into place.

back to that one anniversary friendship, it was also the same night that I got to know this guy which in a way I "idolize" to the point of almost stalking him. Concidentally, I saw him yday wearing the same top as last yr. This is freaky!

lately I kept having this weird feeling of everyone is a character in this major big time movie. Sort of a reality show. I admire the copywriter of having to craft the personality of all the characters. Must think of how to make two unrelated characters meet and lead to the happenings. Amount of brain juice needed? Priceless!
and on a totally unrelated note, Liverpool playing at 2:45am, Its a showdown!


I was doing research for my assignment, and realize how Gen-Yer I am.

Firstly, to qualify under the category of Gen Y, one has to be born between 1977 to 1994, which obviously I am.

I grew up in a two-income household, with divorce the norm in many homes. We are used to computers at home and in school, are Internet-savvy and are more socially aware of different cultures and ethnic diversity.

We have grown with AIDS, drug and alcohol abuse, violence and economic uncertainty. We are exposed to many significant global social changes like Gulf War and terrorism.

We are characterised by a storng sense of independence and autonomy. We are assertive, slef-reliant, emotionally and intellectually expressive.

We respond to good advertising messages..

Style, freedom, brand concious, status, abortion, trend, surround us.

I am Gen-Y

Thursday, April 26, 2007

stranger? no stranger?

From wiktionary
stranger (plural strangers)

Someone who is neither a friend nor an acquaintance.

Which means that if the person is no stranger or acquaintance, both parties should know each other, or at very least know each other's name right? Right!

But, what if he knows me but I don't? Is there a term to this?

coz some guy who knew me came to my office today for some business meeting. I happen to walk past the reception area and he called me and try to strike a conversation.

you shld see me face, I dun even remember who he is and let alone where I met him. All I could do is be polite, smile helplessly and give a 1-word answer to his question. My boss and colleagues from other department were around, and I had to pretend that I know him, else long lost "friend" will be malu.

after much thoughts, I can only conclude we must have met during partying, else I would have at least have some recollection.

I admit I'm not very good with names.
But most importantly, I don't take guys I knew from drinking seriously.
Which, by the way is the reason why most of the time I dun remember them.
I mean, how often would you bump into them again, right?
I'm not atas, but unless I know you personally, dun expect me to go over and say hi. PR-ing at work is already killing me, juz let me enjoy my stout.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

new member

....added to the family

of coz can't fight my 玫瑰花茶 from Taiwan

Oh...thats my office mug, serving loyally since my first job.
If you can make out the words, my school used to have 8 courses, I think now thats more...

actually hor, I was thinking of getting this from BODUM

nice right?! but its kinda ex... :(

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

mutated chicken

we were at the usual K-joint and ordered chicken wings but were served weird looking stuff.

The drumlets and "wings" came in differnt colours. The "wings" were extremely tiny.

you know the two bones from the wing, this only has 1

to Daphie...
maybe this is a chick not yet a hen or worse, its mutants *gasp*

sourvenirs from Taiwan

that bigger that fist bruise I mysteriously got and causes accusation of you are drunk

mama was quite worries actually, coz I get bruises like this very often, even though its a light bump.

it took me quite an effort to pacify her even to the extent of buying American Ginseng with Tian Qi capsules which cost me $150 for 30 capsules, which is equals to $5 per pill.

I need to cab less....

simple pleasures

I saw at the dining and I froze

Its my favourite ang gu kueh

drool over the generous amount of tao sa

I only managed to finish 1 tao sao and 1 peanut, coz its away past dinner time, else the next time you probably can't see my eyes =_=

This is probably the one and only stall that I will ever eat their ang gu kueh, when I was a kid, I could finish 1/2 dozen at one go, which probably explain my rossy cheeks whahahaha~!~!~

Ji Xiang Confectionery
Blk 1 Everton Park #01-33
Singapore 081001
Tel : 6223 1631

Sunday, April 22, 2007

boyfriend = bagger ???

you know the theory of a bf who carries the gf's bag is a sweet & caring bf?

ppluuurrrsssee! Stop that!

I simply can't stand the sight of guys caring a woman's bag. Be it a LV, Coach, Gucci, or worse Hello Kitty. Its causing my eyes to sore.

since when do we measure whether the guy is sweet & caring through such act?

Have you got the slightest idea that it only makes your MAN a whimp when he sling you baggy. If its meant for women, its not meant for him, jolly well carry it yourself, dun let that few grand that you slurp on go down the drain, sista

Dun even get me started on that shopping bag thingy. Why dun you employ a bagger instead, since you can afford to spend on THAT shopping spree. It makes me wonder...hmmm

a little help goes a long way

you know I'm caught up in the pia assignment thingy again... our friend trying to help me with it...

dun worry, I've already saved a copy.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Quitting is hard... Cutting down is haaaarrrder

you know the cutting down on Mr Alcohol?

This sms from Daphie...

"...Take your pick Zouk, Bala, lalala or our usual place..."

It takes me 3 hours before I could reply her to say that I can't coz I need to go back home and study...

I think I deserve a pat on the shoulder *smile*

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

applies to all others?

you know this right...mama ask if it applies to drinking =_=

coz she says I've been drinking a lot...
she thinks I'm alcoholic, which I 一而再,再而三的强调 I'm not....

sigh~ I'm tired of explaining myself...


my cousins are currently in Taiwan...for a week long holiday...

GAH! Please teleport me there...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I did MAJOR spring cleaning (my admins were saying that if I fall, I've got no place to land 'coz the room is too messy) last week and I'm so proud of myself...

I dedicated a small little corner of my workstation, which I like to call "relac1corner"

my favourite flower, tea and mosturizer *love*
p/s I think the lilies are too huge for the vase....

Monday, April 09, 2007

new milestone

I made a decision and I'm proud of it!

I say bye bye to the old self, the predictable actions and routine moves.

I'm relieved, I feel no burden, share my happiness people!

Thursday, April 05, 2007


lately I've been drinking quite a fair bit of stout coz I dun hang the next day.

the fact that 1 bottle or 2 is not enough for me (i'm not alcoholic), stout is good.

then, my good fren commented that my blood group is not AB+ but ABC.

win aledy lorhz... i only drink Guinness

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

demand vs supply

I read the papers and came across an article of this filial son who made paper concert tickets for his dad who passed away. Apparently his dad was a avid concert-goer. The performers were people like Anita Mui, Leslie Chung and etc...

but hor, the son never ask whether Anita and Leslie is willing to have a concert in the other world.

Tomorrow is Qing Ming Festival, I believe business would have double fold or triple fold for the paper offerings shops.

I heard nowadays, the paper offerings for the deceased very up to trend lehz...

Theres LV bags in the classic monogram, Gucci bags, the latest PS3, Mp3 player, laptops, plasma TV, bikinis, makeup, skincare product, 2-in-1 steamboat and teppanyaki set, and etc...

This is riding onto the theory of "when there is a demand, there will be a supply"
When the IT savvy people dies, they need their IT product to accompany them in the next world.

In that case, I think these creative people must must package the spare parts together witht he product mahz, what if the PS3, Mp3 player, laptops, plasma tv gets faulty?!

If there a Sony Service Center there?!

Monday, April 02, 2007

ah ma also blogs

remember the ah ma who acted as Fann Wong's mama in Just Follow Law?

the blog is for real!!!!

the ang mo is quite coherent with local taste (singlish) quite impressive for an aunty to blog!

this is what I call 人老心不老

Sunday, April 01, 2007

super blurness

I made a boo boo again!

We were at the cinema deciding what to watch and ah boy said he wanted to drop by the next door arcade to play one round of some fighter plane.

So we bought tickets for Pathfinder and I said


WLE! I realize my booboo and burst out laughing...

not to mention the other time when I wanted to say Dumex 牛奶粉 instead I said Durex 牛奶粉. and also Halah bak kua which left everyone dumbfounded!

brollies and stylish

The party night at Luxy was raining cats and dogs. All the cute boys/hunks and hot chicks were in their stylo milo, eye pleasing outfit but armed with brollies!!!

Brollies?! To Party?! A definite tah matchy!

Ping ping and Jim couldn't understand my theory of no matter how heavy the rain, I would never arm a brollie, coz it unglam.

"So, you guys just wait indefinitely for the rain to stop?"

"erm, hell no! We dashed across the rain... getting drenched is a heroic act!"

Seriously, you guys can't picture how devasted I was at that point of time. I could almost hear the shattering of my heart...

"hmm, hair is stylish...small eyes and single eyelids, uwhhooo I like! Stylo milo outfit..... *eyeballs popping out* BROLLIES!!!" *action* banished to the dumpster...

The feeling is almost equivalent to seeing spring onion in you favourite bak chor mee, visible pantylines on the tight fitting skirt or Angelina Jolie with unshave armpits. Thats how bad!

*sheepishly* alrighty, I do admit that I do carry brollies but its only under forced circumstances, super bobianz... even so I make sure that its the foldable type, so that once after used, I can stuff into my baggy and no one will ever find out.

I is weird =_=
Finally the senior advisor came to meet me and close the chapter once and for all...

I was amazed by his dressing.... pole tee with collar up, jeans, crocs and sunglasses. The best part is for the 5 min conversation, he had the "complete-the-look" sunglasses on.

Any decent person in the service industry or should I say everyone one knows that its rude having your sunnies on when speaking to any person...

probably like in his terms, I'm terminating the policy, so I'm not important anymore.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

using extreme methods....

sometimes you have to be a bitch in order to get things settled...

my episode with P insurance company and insurance advisor escalate to new heights...

you see one month ago, I told him that I wanted to surrender all the policy and ask for the returns that I've made during the insured period. He adviced on the earnings but not on the procedure to terminate...

and so I went to terminate my GIRO transaction. For the past 1 month, I've been receiving endless invoice from the company and last Thurs was the last draw. I called him and was told that I can't terminate over the phone. I have to personally bring down all the documents to their HQ.

FA: Can you do all the neccessary paper work for me.
Inefficient Insurance Advisor (IIA): I'm very busy this week, a lot of appointments. I'll call you when I'm free next week...
FA: *furious and super DL* ok, so when are you going to call me?
IIA: erm... Wed

anyway to cut the story short... in the end he couldn't meet up with me. Instead, he will email the forms, and I'll have to fill up and forward back all the documents to P Insurance Company.

the final sms I sent to him

"The reason for me insisting to meet up with you is because I want to close the chapter once and for all. Telling me that you have a lot of appointments and is busying running around... are you trying to tell me that I'm not your client? or because I'm surrendering the policy thus I'm less important that your prospect? If thats the case, it only speaks so much about a senior advisor, let alone P insurance :) "

IIA: ok see you this Friday.

mama n me

I bought mama out on Monday and did tai tai stuff like shopping and high tea :)

I say we should do this more often...

my mama is a typical chinese woman. Devoted her whole life to the family and 向夫教子 and of course she has the 重男轻女 trait in her. With my character, I kinda find it difficult to communicate with her when I was much younger. Which led to me keeping lots of things from her.

But of course, I still love her, and will always be the one standing up for her should anyone bully her (seldom the case lahz, its quite difficult to bully women of the House of Lam)

The thing about mama is that no matter how angry she is with me, she will eventually do things for me. Not that she gave up, but she loves me :)

For the 4 days I was away, mama washed my curtain, bedsheets and quilt cover. Tidy up my wardrobe and the dark corner which I secretly dump all my KIV stuff.

When I was unpacking my luggage, she beat me from unpacking. I took all the dirty clothes for washing and the next minute my whole luggage was empty. My heels were at the balcony to sun, toiletries were back in their respective shelves, and etc....

I came back with a big bruise on my knee (blue-black of the size of my fist, dun ask me how I got them, I've got no idea too...) she took a cotton bud and zam-ba to apply for me.

yday I wasn't at work, she dish all my favourite dishes (which require hours to prepare) for lunch. She even prepared bento for today's lunch...

that's my mama, loving me in every way...


lately messages like this been creaping up my wall often...

"theres soup at the dining, remember to reheat before you drink. If you can't finish remember to put it in the fridge, mama"

that's my mama *tear*

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I heart Taiwan no.2

what can I say? Taiwan truely rocks!
Especially when you have great friends! They give you surprises!
I made so many new friends, and of coz how can I not party......

after 4 hours of endurances on the plane, I finally touched down!
Did I mentioned that I was fined again for overload of baggage?!
Shite happens....

I was dead hungry and off we went to this dining place where they had a live band...
Actually its a pitstop along the freeway for the drivers to recharge and loo...nice scenery.. the band? it was alright, can't fight those back at home

I had super yummy beef steamboat and off we went to "Taipei"

ping ping and 阿生

after 3 hours of car journey, we finally arrive in Taipei....
ya right, Taipei!!!
They brought me to Taichung!!!!
no wonder I was wondering, Taipei is only a 1/2hr journey from the airport, why am I still on the freeway?! And not to mention that the surrounding looks so familar...

We picked up Sammi and head down to this diner owned by 阿生's friend. 阿生's friend is a native chinese (原主民), his place of coz patronized by a lot of native chinese.
Native Chinese are well known for their drinks and songs (look at 阿妹,动力火车) We had 20 bottles of beer, a huge jug of 小米酒 and sang through out the night... sorry I had to tortured you guys with my singing... =_+

after much drinks, we were too tired to drive back to Taipei, actually we weren't fit for driving too..

so we checked into a drive in motel (汽车旅馆) Don't be mistaken by the word motel and linked it with our Hotel 81...

The exterior...

The price???

with such a nicey, how not to take a dip before we head back to Taipei...

Taipei is pure yummylicious food!!!
We were at Danshui (淡水) and that familar smell just lure me towards it
I totally love it *slurp*

scenery along 淡水

淡水 is also famous for this small bite call 阿给.

ShinLin Night Market is yet another hunt where suckers for good food should not missed!

The infamous fried chicken chop and fried oyster

as all know that I'm a tea lover, and so ping ping brought me to this place call 猫空 to drink tea. 猫空 is almost like our Bukit Timah Hill, where you can admire the beautiful scenery of Taipei.

N rounds of tea later, they decided to play this card game called pairing, The winner can dictate the loser to do anything, which led to lots of R-rated punishments...we heck care the other tables which were mostly families. The game ended with the boys made to french kiss for 10 sec!!!
you wish! They weren't gamed enough! *grin*

I got to know a lot of friends and one of them is Bill. Bill is a Chief Chef of The Ambassador Hotel in Taipei, and he is only 30yrs old!

Look at the food he prepared for us *faint* Its very delicious!

p/s: the food in the 2nd pix, I took it from the buffet table, but still it was prepared by Bill's team...

And to think that he is only 30yrs old and is the Chief Chef, that rocks! We made small talks and I've learned things from him...

I was enjoying the food and realize that how friendster all of us are.

Daphne>Ping ping>Bill

Daphne was originally my 3rd degree friend which makes ping ping my 4th degree and Bill my 5th degree friend. But now, all of them are my 1st degree friends! How amazing fate is...

Night came and it was PARTY TIME!!!!
First time in my life I had 24 people singing together with me in the same room! YES! 25 people in the same room, boozing and singing. Actually it was boozing more....

I sat there and sang me song and Louis's friend, Paul, came over to challenge 5-10. pure luck I kept winning :)

look at the DL face *giggle*

Poor Louis, he wasn't allowed to drink due to his recent surgery, so with every round that he lost to me, he needs to do either 10 pumping or froggy jump...

ping ping and Louis

Alena and group

this dude started singing 我爱台妹 and the crowd went crazy...

I've learned something, when guys are high on Mr. A, they tend to act cute....

but the thing is 扮可爱 is Taiwanese's forte, I've seen spore boys doing it and I feel like slapping their face...

Last night at Taipei was to the Luxy

many rounds of Tequila shots, Flaming Lamborghini, Long Island tea, Whisky Rock and etc...

This place is flooded with hot chicks and hunks!

see another cute boy...

The special performance by the bartenders...

tell me how not to love Taiwan...