Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Michael Owen & Newcastle????!!!!!

No fucking way!!!!

AHHHHHHHH.... *pull hair real hard*

Wat has the world come to????!!!!

WTH is he thinking???!!!

Liverpool can you pluuurrrssseeee be more cash rich????!!!! Look what you have done to him????!!! Sign those useless bugger for fuck?!!! u need a real striker lah dey! Pair him up with Gerrad I'm sure you will bring that cup home this season...

*sob sob* I can't picture Owen wearing that fugly zebra suit... someone pls burn down Newcastle!!!!

You are only fit for Red NO. 10!!!! You are always Anfield!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

a week ago....

1 week ago, upon receiving an account statement from my gym demanding for outstanding payment. I called up the office and did a shameless act.

I cook up a story in order to get them to reverse the charges and activate the last month membership payment which I paid in advance upon signing up the contract.

I was shameless. I told her that I will be outstation for 2years and it's a ulu padang area, and since they do not have a branch there, I will need to terminate my membership.

I also said that I wasn't aware that the termination form has to be submitted 5working day before the GIRO deduction date and that when consultant did not advice me on that.

Thus, I need them to settle this issue asap as I'm "leaving" end of the month.

Yes I told a lie. But I've got no choice and got to do it coz these people are incorrigible and you have got no idea how they suck my money dry.

I was smart this time, no I didn't kick a big fuss about it but I spoke to the lady politely and act innocent.

I added this "I'm sure there is something you can do for me and appreciate your help"

Walah! Its solved like this *snap fingers*

Just the other day , Kel and I have been talking about how we sometimes use 烂招术 to manipulate others and achieve what we want...

This is the reality, baby! Human are just pain ugly being. Even though we gain a new lease of insight thru the forum, but the outside world is evil and people will resort to every ways to get you down.

How are we gonna fight this evil force?????

Let say if I have come clean and told them the truth i.e. I just want to terminate the membership as I have not been utilizing it. Would they have 乖乖 reverse the charge? NO! They won't.

Alright alright! I know I should be authentic thus I'm writing this entry to come clean. To that helpful lady, Thanks for you help.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Size matters?

a msn-conversation with Dunk

yadah yadah yadah....blablabla…blablabla…

Me: so any update recently?
Dunk: someone say I got a big dick
Me: hmmm.... I didn't see, can't say much
Dunk: she saw. But I don't think mine is big
Me: go read this article and measure
*proceed to give him the URL of the famous penis measuring article written by Xiaxue*
Me: read aleady? *jokingly* Got measure? Is it a 3 plus 2???? Whahahaha~!~!~
Dunk: If I'm a 3 plus 2, will you bed me?
Me: FYI, gers are not bottomless pit
Dunk: yeah lor. So I think mine is enuff. It's a 2 I think. Suitable for everyone.
Me: ok lahz that's an average.

What's with guys? Does size really matter?

So what if you are blessed with a big brother, but you are like Jason Bing in American Pie...what a turn off...

Ok perhaps you guys have heard saying like "size doesn't matter, but it's the passion and love that matters" and you think its total crap.

I'm telling you its not. I mean there are a lot of other ways to compromise a small dick.

Women are like kids, we like surprises. How boring can it get if it's the same old routine act. No wonder I hear of girls faking an orgasm.

yesh.... I know it is wrong (will discuss this on another day) and women who do that should be given two tight slaps across the face...

Look, women are not bottomless pit, so ditch that idea thinking that the bigger you are, the mighty you are, and that she is gonna enjoy it.

For the last time I'm telling you guys.... No we women don't!

Let's not even talk about those who has high tolerance for pain. On a general note, NO! we dun! Its painful.

And if you don't know what you can do to spice up for sex life, goodness sake, ditch your FHM & Maxim! Go read some women magazine. They have a lot of interesting article.

There is nothing wrong for men to read a women magazine. Not as if your brother would shrink to pea size.

new character added

to the warfare...

how "nice" and complicated things are going....

its like introducing a new character into those periodical wartime drama e.g. 杨门女将

have to restrategize in order to win the war.

I'm tired of all your unscrupulous acts.

how ugly can humans be....

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Yet another family day.

Yeye's death anniversary. Went to the temple to pay my respect. Only to realize that grams had a bad fall on Saturday and she look like 钟无艳

Heart ache. But theres so little we can do since people don‘t heed our advice and turn a deaf ear at whatever things we say.

Met up with chuan for lunch at Katong.

Had beauty rest the in the afternoon.

Chatted with Kel over the phone. Feels good. Sometimes, when we are caught in a scenario, we can’t see the whole picture but a third party will be able to do the job.

went to grams place for dinner.

Yet another family day....

Closet Fanz!!!

Dinner with Gerri and gang at Mama LuciA @ Robertson Quay. Food was great. Proceed to Partyworld @ Prince Edward.

OMG! Army boys are closet Cyndi Wang, Aqua, Britney Spears, Kylie fanz.

They know every single songs. I was shocked! Mind you, these boys hold high rank in the army....

The whole sing K session wasn't much so for us to sing out but for us to showcase out slaughter chicken skills.

Gerri and Allie too shy

We laugh non stop at each of us off key singing and silly dance steps.

I introduced my current favourite hokkien song <<一百万>>to everyone. Everyone was speechless.

I like the song coz it actually sing out the 心声 of every Singaporean.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

No Orgasm over Royce!!!

First meeting up session with the guys after our Landmark graduation.

Arranged to meet up at 7pm @ Carrefour entrance opposite Royce. I was the first one to reach, but I went shopping at MNG so Zul was there first.

Talking about integrity, haiz....disappointing! Sook Bing,Kelly, Jeff were late. Where is your integrity?

Kelly bought me 2 boxes of Royce chocolate!!!!

I luff you deep deep, Kel

We had Turkish cuisine at the Tropical Atrium (the same the village had when we celebrated Lawrence's ORD)

The food sucks! They didn't have most of the items listed in the menu. So whats the point of having a menu dude?!

So what are the food that is listed that you have???

The not so nice food....

I don't really enjoy the food coz everything comes with zucchini, capsicum and yogurt. *puke*

And they made me waited for at least half an hour when there were only 3 tables.

Gary came to join us much later coz he wrap up his work late.

The best part was when I took out 1box of Royce and shared with everyone. Kel said I had an orgasm when I took the chocolate.

I did not! I’m savoring the choco.

Kelly and Zul

Sook Bing and Jeff

so why is Gary and I not in the pix??? Coz we were chatting and they totally forgotten about us.... *sob sob*

The gang had a good chat and we decided to adjourn to Ink for a drink but Jeff and Sook Bing had to leave coz they had programs after the dinner.

At Ink, I ordered my favourite Champaign. Moet! In fact 3 glasses. Oh ya and a tequila shot thanks to Kel!

We left the place at about 11plus.

Met up with him at his place and slept over. We had too much and slept like a dead log.

Got back a while ago....I'm feeling sleepy liaoz....

Reds won the Supercup

3-1 victory over CSKA Moscow!!!

very kan cheong watching the match... thanks to the equalizer at the very last min... or I'll cry big time...

Muahahaha~!~!~ I'm thrilled!!!

and super high...high over alcohol...thanks Kelly! Was at Ink a while ago with her.

And now I'm half watching soccer + half sleeping throughout the whole match. And the snoring right beside me isn't doing me any good.

Moby say thanx to TTMC, Cisse scored the lucky equalising goal...

*up to you to believe*

p/s: Personally I don't....Cats only bring bad luck!!!

Friday, August 26, 2005

feeling lousy

Boss arrange a meeting with the whole wide world without informing you.

5mins before the meeting start, she ask you to attend the meeting.

You are required to brief everyone what is required from them.

And when they start asking question which is beyond your level of aswering, the bosses juz kept quiet and expect you to give an intelligent answer and commit.


First, you have no respect for me as your subordinate and didn't inform me about the meeting.

Second, I didn't prepare the neccessary data for the meeting and thus fail to convey the message

Third, I dun sit in the office to serve you. I serve the company not you. Dun fucking expect me to srop whatever I'm doing and come serve you.

Fouth, when pple ask you question, you give a irrelevant answer, and make us look like idiot. As though I know nuts about my JOB!!! Smart Alec!

You know what, I feel like I'm a 7-11. Serious, so used and filthy. People dun even respect me at all.

If this goes on, I'll just quit and go. As much as I love what I'm doing, but the are so many indian chief around giving all the unnescessary comments.

Si when can I complete the work????

a surprise sms

morning, recieved a sms from Raymond.

was surprised.

I thought after the 纠缠 for so long, we decided to cool off and not to contact each other for a while.

it was a casual exchange of sms=es like "how have you been" etc

I guess everything pretty much come to an end for us.

we are juz friends.

secret saving account???

should we or shouldn't we?

Well I think we should. In today's society where a marriage certificate don't guarantee anything, its good to keep a seperate account from your other half and be self-substainable.

Men, are you aware that your wife keeps a saving account, their so call 私房钱...

ok, lets not go to the extend of divorce, and that sort of drama drama...

I talking about pampering yourself once in a while. Like getting another pair of shoes, going for spa, buying a bling bling to reward yourself...

Wouldn't it feel good to swap the card without worrying being questioned by your hubby?

I'm sure phrases like "What??!!! another pair of shoe??!!!" sounds familar...

In fact, I'm for the idea for men to keep their own seperate acoount. I think guys should also pamper themselves after working so hard to bring the bread home every month.

You deserve a good treat.

However, I would ask for both wife and husband to be responsible with their little secret account. Its meant for your own pleasure, and by pleasure I'm not refering to love hotel or flings.

Can you imagine if you are a gamer and your wife is not, and every single time you slurp on XBox or PS2 games, she starts nagging at you?

I'm a classic example. Not that I'm married, but my ex-bf used to spend a lot on some arty farty things, and I totally freak out.

To me, its a pure waste of money. But, I fail to realize that I've been spending N amount of money on shoes, bags, food etc

I mean we are not even married, I can't imagine if how things will turn out if we are...

so, thats when I though it would be good to keep a seperate account from my future hubby.

Call me selfish, but I want to save my breath explaining to him why I bought the pair of shoes.

Men fail to understand that women spend a lifetime looking good for who, yes, for themsleves and also their husband.

Imagine bringing your wife out to a function, and when pple start saying that "Hey, is that your sister?" *ego level drop to negative*

I have to clarify that I dun spend the entire pay check on myself

To be honest, whenever I go shopping and come across nice stuff, like shirts, tees, tie etc, I would buy them for my bf, the usual reply I'll get is "dun waste momey can?! Buy me more realistic stuff like games..."


*ccol down*

I know my man, he is the 嘴硬心软 type. The more he say he doesn't like the stuff, the more he likes it. You can tell that when he starts wearing them every other day....

Men are like women, hard to understand...

We often heard women saying 老公的钱是我的,我的钱是我的... I can't totally agree with this. We have to asses base on the trust between two parties. I think its due to the culture and mindset of Chinese, men is always bringing the bread.

Even so that more and more women are educated and are high corporate flyer, still, they would expect the men to contribute more to the family.

Even you ask a man, he would never agree to be a stay-home husband.

I would say to also have a joint account together, which will be used for daily family expenses.

Come on~ lets face the reality, living in S'proe today, 1 person income is barely enuff. When kids come into the picture, its even worse.

I guess love is important in a marriage, its like a primary factor. But secondary factors e.g. trust, momey, living habits etc also plays a part for a marriage to work.

would you keep a secret account???

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Whats my future gonna be?

should I move on or stay on?

move on to where?

I got no idea who I want to be

When we are young, the most common composition topic - am ambition

never did I once sat down and gave it a thought. How do I hand in the assignment? I wrote on a safe topic like: I want to be a teacher, I want to be a nurse, I want to be a policewoman.

Yes! Its boring but I never fail to fetch a grade A.

When I finish O's I didn't know what course to take. I only knew I wanted to enrol myself into a poly, for the fact that 1) I didn't want to start working and 2) JC are for geeks and boring pple.

Back then, poly was THE place to be.

So what course to take? Since I didn't do well, I'm only left with Engineering and IT courses. I hate electronics, mechatronics, IT so I'm left with Building Technology and Quality Engineering.

No, I didn't want to QC, so I choose Building Technology.

My grades weren't that great, but still I manage to pass every semester without to re-paper.

So, grad from poly, wanted to start work coz I was very broke. I temp in a cafe for 3mths and became desperate so I accepted any building related job.

1st job survived for 17mths before I switched to a total different field and stayed for 1yr. Got promoted and transfer to another department - my current position.

Honestly, I never know what I wanted as my career although I give my best shot for every assignment I undertake.

Even when I wanted to further my studies in uni, I didn't know what to take.

I'm at a junction, to stay put and complete with my upcoming promotion or to take on another challenge.

I've to make a choice

well said???

Yesterday is but a vision,
and tomorrow is only a dream
but today's well lived makes
every yesterday a dream of happiness
and every tomorrow a dream of hope

bad hair day

most fustrating thing could ever happen in the morning.

worse if you have a important appointment for the day.

the more you try to to fix it using different type of styling products, applying N amount just makes it worse. wax, jel, spray, moose, you name it all.

the harder you try, the more sturbborn and rebelious it gets. Its like a rebellious brat.

Your inner voice starts saying "OMG I look like a alien with antenna sticking out from the sides"

The minute hand of the clock didn't pity you and stop moving, and you realize that you have spend the lasr 20mins on that antenna.

The more you think of it, the angrier you get. The thought of getting the scissor and trim it off flashes across, but hey you realize that you are in the process of keeping your hair long.

Now you wish you didn't have natural curl. How you wish you can hide everything under the adiddas cap.

You give up...

"This will be a new hairstyle which will be in trend"

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Landmark Forum Part 2

back from Landmark graduation...

5-day forum finally came to an end...

I'm glad I went and survived (heard that 30 pple lest aft the first day)

Like what I told the rest, Life is nothing and meangingless, everything else is possible.

I've signed up for the action series which will commence on 1 Sept, which also means that I will miss Project Superstar Grand Final! (JY is no longer there, so WTH!)

Yday night was like a reunion, everyone were so excited and shared the breakthrough they had on Monday and Tuesday.

And me? I was armed with a my lagged digicam and snapping ard.

So its like graduation but less the 四方帽 (somebody said that, sorry I can't rem who)

I took a few pics, but they were too shy to appear on my blog (hello?! Thats a story ok!!!)

Anyway since my blog is popular so I shall not disclose their face to avoid overwhelming overnight fame!

crap lah dey! I respect and protect their privacy...

We went for supper at ABC market (they are going to demolished the place soon) for Teochew Mui

since I can't show their face, I shall say out LOUD their names! muhahahaha~!~!~

Lets see...ok... Zu aka the singer, Gary, Jeff aka the dragon-boater, Kelly aka the hotelier, Kok Hong and myself were there.

Ronald didn't join us coz he had to be at work early today.

*aaaahhhhaaa...feels much better saying their name*

the aftermath...

*finger pointing* the beef taste great...

Gary ordered a Durian Shake! OMFG! This is surper good! The taste really linger in my throat! Kelly can't stand this...

It has been a great journey for me and it wouldn't been possible without the contribution from everyone.

There are a few people that I would like to acknowledge...
~ Linda, my ex-boss, who brought me to the intro, Thanks!
~ Allain, the "obnoxious" frenchman, Thanks for imparting valuable knowledge to all of us.
~ The Landmark Forum Singapore team for all the hard work put in to make this forum possible
~ Raymond who tongbang me to the forum, everyday.
~ all the participants for your generosity of sharing your "story"

I wish all the participants all the best!

Living everyday with possibilities and breakthrough...

p/s Kelly and I share a little "secret" keekee... any stiring effect 2day? *smile*

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Asia 1st Corporate Blogging Conference

Blogging has taken itself to the next level!

Corporate blogging, how cool!

Blogging is touted as the next BIG thing in business communication, combinning the Internet platform and word-of-mouth communication.

More and more companies has been exploring to use blog as a marketing platform for their products.

Some had feedbacked that blogs benefit businesses in a number of ways:

1. Direct Communications - Blogs provide a way for you to speak directly and honestly with your customer. As well as an excellent feed back channel.

2. Media & Public Relations - Blogs are excellent PR tools. The media calls you, not your competition.

3. Brand Building - Serve as another channel to put your brand in front of the customer.

4. Relational Marketing - Blogs allow you to build personal, long-lasting relationships with your customer that foster trust.

5. Reputation Management - Blogs enable you to manage your online reputation.

6. Intranet & Project Managment - Blogs make great, easy-to-use applications for internal communications within an organization.

Even top corporate executive use blog as a communication tool within the organization and to the public. A good example is the CEO of NTUC Income.

I'm proud to say that I've been invited to this event, where the speakers will share with the audience topics like policies and best bractices, blog marketing strategies, implementation and design, writing effectively, blogging for specific audiences and company...

Speakers will include Susannah Gardner, author of Series of books Dummies, and Paul Chaney, President of Professional Blogger Association.

*President of Professional Blogger Association!!! How cool!!! Dun pray pray*

Both are author of "Buzz Marketing with Blogs for Dummies" free meal in this world...$295 per pax!!! Gosh! I dun think I can get approval...

*running on tight budget...shit!!!*

Everyone is aware of how powerful a blog is. Blogger has been awarded with book offer, product endorsement. Bloggers have their faithful buch of readers, and this people faithfully check out these blogs everyday.

*I'm one of them*

so those, who are going for the conference, please share ok....

It will be held on 21-22 Sept in Le Meridien Singapore.


Froggy juz pointed that the event will be held in Furama City Centre not Le Meridien. Pls dun flame me if you find no one there....

Monday, August 22, 2005

伟仔 new haircut...

yandao wor...

was at Taiwan to promote 2046 for cables

venturing into Hollywood

俊扬,你是我的绝对Superstar part 2

My wish was not granted...

俊扬 was boot!

*tear rolling down my cheecks*

my wish to see him in indoor stadium will not be granted

my wish to buy his first single will not be granted

Nevertheless, I got to listen to that song which was originally meant to be released

I believe that he will not give up his dream.

I will be waiting for his debut album.

I guess wining the title isn't everything, look at Taufik, in terms of popularity and album sale, dun think he won Sly.

What matter most is the exposure got thru the competition.....

To creat a new possibility in life

I'm back from Landmark Forum.

The journey was rewarding, fulfulling and inspriing.

I feel that I've been given a new lease of life.

It feels like now I'm begining to write the first chapter in my life. For the past 22 years, everything that happen to me a draft which was filled with untrue, pretentious story that I wrote to cover each and every incident.

I see the transfomation in myself and am glad that I've took up this journey.

Through the forum, I am touched, moved and inspire by the possiblities that one can creat.

The life story that everyone shared during the forum was a wake up call. All along we humans have been living life as a story. We are never contended.

We try so hard to aaccomplish things and to be successful and failed to realize that the more we do that empty we feel.

Now, I understand th reasons that build up my character all this while and because of all these strong suit that I created to protect myself, it affected my relationship with my family, friends and love life.

I give up the fear, story and strong suit that has been stuck with me all this years, complete with it and move on...

My previous entry about the issue with Mit, Bam was right, he came back and I fell into the same pithole again. I called him last night and I completed my issue with him and I am happy.

Remember all this while my relationship with kor that hasn't been going well? I talked to him on Saturday night. I gave up the story that I've created about him and and admit to him that all this while, I made him look bad so that I can look good.

I made the possibility that I am honest and trueful to him and a new relationship together.

I see things in a different persepctive without bringing in judgement.

Life is nothing and meangingless, and this is it. I begin to understand that we make the choose and not decision.

Desicion is made base on reason while Choice is made base on choice. When we make a choice, the choice becomes ours; we are responsible to it and this is though theres is no tomorrow.

With that we can enjoy every moment of it and not view it as a chore. We are able to ace in it naturally.

My graduation will be this Tuesday evening and I'm totally excited about it.

The possibility that I have created for myself and my life is the possiblity of being honest and happy in every aspect of my life.

1hrs after this entry....

Recieved a sms from Mit...


He was touched by what I told me and he admit that it was his lifestyle and that he was unwilling to commit to any relationship. What I said was true...he just want to satisfy himself. And he thank me for the reminder...

I was touched. i didn't know my words has such great effect on people.

I knew Mit for a while, never once I heard him saying such sentimental words...

I guess what Allain said in the forium is true. You juz need to said what you feel and not paint any story to cover your tracks and to look good. This is insuthenticity.

Human being are always so concerned about how they people look at them and failed to communicate truefully.

I believe both of us can work towards a better friendship...


Sunday, August 21, 2005

one nil...

Liverpool 1 - Sunderland 0


*jumping up and down with joy*

Didn't get to catch the match...coz was having my Landmark Forium...

Thanks En for updating the score....

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


WARNING: This entry contains obscene language. Not for weak heart!

Dui lei ge chao hai...Pok lei ge chee ma kai dan tng tng tong...NBCB..KNNBCCB...F U big time!!! I hope you cough and sneeze at the same time chock at your own saliva + mucus + flam.

I hope you miss a step when walking down the stairs and trip and tumble down all the way from Level 30 to basement 3!!!

All you bloody bastards! You fucking no brainer?!! You bloody talk no sense lah dey! Where is your brain huh? Got shove up your ass?!!!!

You dun listen to pple, and damn rude. Fucking interupt me whe I speak. *slap you 100000 times*

Smart alec!!! So smart right?! Try doing it yourself asshole! Oh wait I doubt you have coz you are so anal!

If you dun appreciate, its problem.... its my job anyway. I'm paid to do the job. But they fucking start criticizing and show me that bloody sacartistic face of your! You know nuts abt the job! CB!!!

You all are a pathetic bunch of fools!!!! Fools lah dey!!! FOOLS!!!

I vomit blood when I talk to you! I just fucking waste my breath on your slimy/ugle looking cockroaches!

I feel like shove you into the canon and fire you off to mars so that I won't see your irritating face! NB

If I continue any longer I will go crazy! crazy! *pull my hair real hard*

GOD please make this IDIOTS disappear FOREVER!!!!!!!!

feels good

to get your doubt cleared....

feels even better chatting with a good old friend...

sometimes it just take for one person to be a little thick-skin, plucked up the courage and pop the question...

I did.

am glad that I did so...

a pleasant sweet surprise which makes my day...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Have you guys read the Life! section from yesterday papers?

I've been following Project Superstar religiously ever since it was aired on Channel U

I officially name finalist 洪俊扬 as singer I idolise... he is such a cutie pie...

Blessed with a great voice and he is so charming... that pair of eyes, although cannot compare with my all time favourite Tony Leung Chiu Wai, but I kena mesmerize by him lahz...

OMFG! When he sang 流水年华,借口 and 江南, it totally melt my heart...


I really hope he win the male category and eventually the Superstar title...

Latest news... the winenr from both the male and female category will cut a single this sunday. The sale of the single will contribute 30% to the score for the vie of the Superstar title!!!
I've recieved a sad piece of news this morning and it makes me feel like shite...

I mean one can never feel good hearing the love ones of your friends pass away, let alone this is a close one...

Suddenly it got me thinking, what will happen if one day Daddy or ma pass away???

I'll be so torn up... its like a part of me has been ripped away and whats left is only memories...

Seriously I don't think I can take that. Look at how i dealt with yeye's death... I took so long to accept the fact and even up till today I still dream of him and long to be by his side.

Even though we were living seperately, but our relationship never drift apart. It was strong and loving.

Whats more if the deceased is staying with you. You see him/her day in day out...

Our family has been a close-knit one and we spend a lot of times together, as all may know Sunday is regarded as my family day.

I guess it was only a few years back when it suddenly dawn on me that I've been spending so little time with my family.

My weekends were usually packed with activities... I can meet up the same group of friends 3-4 times a week and I dun even have a decent meal with my family.

I would leave home early in the morning and only return wee hours. Literally home was like a hotel to me. Naturally scolding was unavoidable...

Its only when mum fell sick once and it scare the shite outta me. I thought I might lose her and then I realize I was too engrosed in my own fun that I neglected my family.

If she was gone, what memories have I got of her?

And when I looked at yeye and grams, I realize they ain't young anymore and one day they will leave us.

Thats when I've decided that no matter how active I was at sports, Sunday should never be taken away from them.

I can party all I want during the weekdays and Saturday, but Sunday, there shouldn't be any activities. Even when I party till Sunday morning and I only slept for a few hours, I still make the effort to accompany them.

Daddy was on shift work and Kor at that time was still in F&B industry thus his weekends were normally burned, thus I was the only one left to spend the Sunday with Daddy and ma.

You can see the glow in their eyes when you spend time with them. Even if its a simple meal or accompany them to shop.

Human are pathetic bunch. They will only start to regret when something tragic happen. So much so that they can't do anything to salvage the situation and be buried with guilt.

We always take things for granted thinking that other owns you a living and what they do for you is rightfull. Thats because they love you thus the sacrifices.

Looking back at the incident that happened to me, only makes me stronger. To a certain extend I'm glad they happen to me, or else I would never realize that the ones who love me most has always been right by my side and not those who claimed to be my "best friend"

I learn to love my parent more especially ma.

During my teenage years, I often thought that she was bias against me coz I'm not a boy. No matter what I did, she wasn't statisfied.

Then it was only after the bloody incident that I realize, I was so wrong. She loves me as much as she loves kor.

Those who knows me well you know that I protect my parents. Whoever does harm to them or bully them will get hell from me.

Remember the aunty who embarrased ma in the public saying she is very skinny and malnutrition. And in the end I made her apologies to ma...

I'm a bloody bitch towards these pple. I hate it seeing pple gloating at others' misery and unhappiness. They have to rub salt into the wound.

To those who:

1) aren't spending enuff time with your love ones, life is short, time dun wait, dun ever end up regretting that you should have spend more time with them.

2) who aren't talking to your love ones, deep down, they still love you. There must be some misunderstanding that causes the current situation. Pluck up the courage and solve them.

Daddy and ma, I love you...

p/s: to those whose love ones have left them, who lostt the battle to sickness.... No, they didn't, God took them with him coz he can't bear to see them suffer under the devil's work. He took them to a place without suffering, judgement, pain and unhappiness...

pp/s: I can't help but to post a heavy entry...theres this urge deep in me that I want to share my thoughts with you guys... if not whats a blog for...

Monday, August 15, 2005

战神 Mars

Watching Taiwan 偶像剧 - 战神 Mars, starring Vic Zhou and Big S

Normally I would fast forward when they play the theme song so as to save time (even though its juz 1-2mins... if not how can I watched 6-8episode a day???!!!) I'm hooked to this song... lyrics is beautiful.

作词:柯有伦 作曲:钟国辉 编曲:钟成虎 唱:柯有伦

从来不相信我的世界可以有多完美 痛苦寂寞还有一些疲惫
不允许他人随意进入我的零度空间 宁愿孤独懒得再去想谁
两个人一起是否只是得到一种安慰 挣脱过去然后忘记一切
没想过有天我的结局忽然全部改变 谁会抓住我的无力双臂

怎么会哭(谁错谁对 为谁抱歉)
不会再哭(会错会对 为会憔悴)

走入零度空间等到一切分裂 就算爱的危险我们一起面对
来不及的防备没听过的誓言 要我怎么学会多了爱的明天
走出零度空间终於一切分裂 就算爱的很累我却不会后悔
放下所有防备一切都无所谓 逃出黑暗世界开始新的明天
新的明天 新的世界

In case you guys have no idea who is 柯有伦, he is the son of the late stunman 小黑,柯受良. (Co-singer of 笨小孩 with Andy Lau and Jacky Wu)

Sunday, August 14, 2005


I am M.I.A

Actually I was at M.I.A Thats Made In Anfield! Yup I was at the official Clubhouse of Liverpool - The King of Europe!!!

The kick off of 05/06 English Premire League was yesterday. I caught the first match, Liverpool vs Middlesbrough.

It was a 0-0 draw. Didn't win but still managed yield a 1point on the scoreboard.

Back to the clubhouse...Promo: $20 all night long with Carlsberg beer, Vodka mixes and Whiskey. Drink till you drop, guys...drink till you pee in your pants...

Theres also red crusine where you can lay on hands on the delicacy... yum yum...

I'm sorry my digicam batt gave up on me, or I'll snap snap for you...

Up next this weekend, Liverpool vs Sunderland... I can't watched coz I'm going for Landmark forium...the one I missed during June

Check out the upcoming matches at my sidebar...

Saturday, August 13, 2005


its not everyday you find me online at this hr of the morning...

I'm at bam bam place.... I juz had 3pint of hoegaarden and I fuck up at car racing and soccer... never has anyone seen liverpool so clumsy before.... NEVER!!!! pok ley ge kai dan tng tng tong

I'm not gamer lahz...

Bam say thank God I dun have driving license, coz I keep bwanging and mount curb... I've got no sense of direction...

He damn weak sia.... I'm finishing my beer and he's 1/2 of his 1st bottle. Not a good drinking khaki...

But he is good man... tennis game at 9am and yet still wide awake now at this hours accompanying me...

Actually I know he can't wait for me to get my butt moving....

met some new friends 2day... Fun..... I learnt that teochew can't fucking swear... In their vocabulary.... no such things as CB, LJ, KNN, dui... only Poon Boh...

How the hell they curse and swear at pple? Do they fill in with the *#&*^$()@ ??? (sorry but no offend)

ok Bam juz came out from the bathroom and make me feel miserable coz i haven't bath for the past 22hours and stoopid bam bam spray his cologne on me.... i smell of tabacco.... *sad*

He refuse to finish the remaining 1/2 bottle..... Oei dun fucking waste the beer can?!!!! Beer are NEVER meant to be waste!!!! Get it????!!!!!!!

ok enuff of me rattling on and on... I'm juz feeling bored... I decided to blog and I've got nothing happening to blog abt.... I took so much bo liaoz pix of me.... share with you guys (bam bam ask who are the you guys..... who ever that fucking read my blog!!!1 Does that ans ur qn???!!!!) on Monday.....

Friday, August 12, 2005


1) 阿美的爸爸有七个老婆。第五和第七是非洲人。猜一句成语

2) 森林里开生日派对,请问谁没蛋糕吃?

3) 阿宝被抹杀,警方很快找到凶手,请问是谁?

4) 小白和大白是兄弟,样子长得很相像。猜一句成语

5) Osama, Bush, Blair and Saddam are playing mahjong, who is the winner?

6) 请问谁会捡起地上的种子 (dumpling)?

7) 小明喝牛奶长大,大明喝什么长大?

8) Which brand of shampoo is the wealthiest?

9) What will Batman says when he fell down?


1) 雾漆嘛黑

2) 草,因为草莓蛋糕

3) 豆,因为豆沙包

4) 真相大白

5) Saddam, 因为Saddam糊仙

6) 降龙, 因为降龙十八掌

7) 酒,因为久仰大明

8) Lux super rich

9) Painful sia... (蝙蝠侠)

Can girls become brudders???!!!

nobody is in the office except moi...

Following up on the pending stuff, listening to mp3...

How exciting can things get...

Ideas ain't popping up for the promotion... take a break & went to the daily blog and chance upon this entry

Too a certain extend I do agree with what blogger felt.

Girls can never move into the brother category...dun ever try, you only make things worse.

Take me for an example... have a lot of close guy frds. Some I knew them for almost 10yrs.

They treat me like a boy, see me as a boy. But the strange thing is they label me as thier sis/close friend/猪朋狗友 not brother.

I'll tell you why....

First, there are certain things guys juz can't bring themselves to discuss with the girls. It like ike they would never ask me out if its a boys' nite.

By that I meant hunting session. Understandable.

You see, the first few times I was there, I would laugh at them coz all they went for is the outter shell which some of them are pathetic. There were a few occation when the prey thought I was the gf.

*Brainless! Who on earth approach a girl when his gf is around???!!!*

They juz have bad taste. Or maybe they are damn losers. Later, they find me a nuisance coz I always pass comments that aren't pleasing to their ears.

And so, they never brought me out during their hunting session.

This is also why I never ask them out on a girls' nite. Its is the same theory as you wouldn't want ur bf to tag along when you party with the girls. Where got time to entertian your gf and bf at the same time????

To me, its a awkward feeling. I must explain that I'm loyal to my bf but I juz feel uncomfortable when he is around while I party.

Back to what I was saying earlier, I began to realze that no matter how close the guy and girl are, they will keep a certain distant between them. This is what I call respect.

I once had this conversation with chuan. I told him that he should never ever do anything to hurt me caused I wouldn't want to lose him as a friend / Kor. I can't take that blow.

Physically, the max was juz bear hug. Thats all. Anything beyond that, its like incest. Thats disgusting.

And with my guy-frds, no matter how close we are, yes theres is still a distant, physically. Only those who treasure friendship will know.

I respect those who treasure friendship and not those who wants the lustful enjoyment of that short moment.

I mean how can you take advantage of a girl who is so damn drunk?

Don't fucking tell me you are drunk and innocent and dunno what is happening! F you bastard! If you are so damn drunk, you dun even know what is happening ard you, you can't bloody walk. How to have a hard on?!

Cut that crap! He is not even fit to be your friend! He is a beast!

To be honest, although I'm close to that bunch of guys, but during our booze session, I try not to over drink. I hold my liquor well. Ask Bam Bam! Not that I brag but I know my limits. After going thru the darkest moment in my life, I learn my lesson. Never be too trusting, be it a guy or girl.

Girl, if you want to party, you have to be street smart. Theres a million execuse and tactics to use if someone want to drunk you. If you are meeting someone of the first time, always buy your own drink, dun be a cheapo.

Ok, where was I? Oh ya... whether girls can become brudder?! I dun think so. Even when both offer the same piece of advice, naturally guy will be more at ease with guy.

There are cetian places you can never bring you close girl-friends along. e.g. Nightclub and those lup sup bar.

There are also certain things you can never do tgether with your close girl-friends. e.g. watching prono.

You can't share clothes/underwear/footwear with your close girl-friends.

I only see guys doing these with their brudder...

I know I'm always in the sister category and never thought to upgrad into the brudder brudder category. No use trying... I comfortable with how they are treating me...and I love being that baby sis of theirs.

Pure coincidence??!! They only have 哥哥,姐姐 and 弟弟, no 妹妹

yeap... some may say theres no such things as 兄妹情, thats because it didn't happen to you. If it did, and later evolve to another type of feelings maybe its juz fated.

At this moment, I like the 兄妹情 with my guys, maybe because I know they are not my type.

If things should change and later on one of them becomes my bf, I'll take it with a open heart. Perhaps things might work out since we understand each other so well.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Finally the episode with Mit was over.

He sent me a sms to say that he was pissed off with me for hanging up the phone on him and that never would I hear from him again.

I was relieved to the max! Finally I can escape from his devil's clutch.

Never would I be torment of guilt. It's like giving me a new leash of life.

I'm able to be myself again and not hate myself for the things I've done.

First I'm not a bloody bitch who goes around hanging up on people.

How would you react when someone called you in wee hours and ask you out.

And when you told him that you are sleeping and you would call him back the next day, he refused to hang up and keep insisting you to meet him right now!

Citing that he is near your place or he is at your void deck. More creative will ya?!

For someone who is desperate for sleep, who never has enough sleep, to pick up your call while sleeping and not F you upside-down is 很给你面子了

What more do you expect form me? I've been very tolerant but that day, you have done too far mister. Too far....

That's why I snap. I couldn't be bothered to reason or to explain to you anymore.

I juz hanged up and switch my phone profile to silent with no vibrating mode.

See, I don't even on the vibrate mode, why? Cause I know you will keep calling till the cow comes home and the vibration of the phone way too noisy.

No I didn't check the phone when I woke up later to pee.

Instead I enjoyed my sleep till the next morning!

This is what I call cannot be bothered!

Morning I check the phone, and guess what, 15 missed calls and a sms by you.

As I read the sms over and over again, happiness turned to rage of anger.
Angry because he was so self-centered and all he cared was his feelings and never mine.

I was treated like dirt.
I have to abide at everything he says.
And he is very persistent and unreasonable
If I reject him, I'll be overpower with a sense of guilt
As though I've done someone wrong.

I shouldn't be feeling this way.
I mean I live my life for myself.
Call me selfish bitch if you want, but if I don't even love myself, who will?

And so I decided that ok since your sms read as though I own you a living,
I shall give you a piece of my mind.

Its like I'm being maligned.

No he didn't reply my sms,
Or perhaps he didn't bother to read.
Deleted it once he sees that it was my sms.

Bu do I care? No I dun! I dun give a fucking damn.

As long as I sent that sms, I've done justice to myself .

I'm glad I did. Get over and done with

Like getting rid of dandruff forever!

Back to the old school

Yesterday, on my bus ride home, I was tuning into Class 95 hosted by Jean Danker. 1 of the sub-segment, back to the old school, where listeners would dedicate the song from their school days that they would like to hear again….

This brought me back to my school days, where cassettes tapes and CDs were the only enjoyment we had.

I was first exposed to the English pop by my beloved Kor. He was such a great fan of the rock and pop genre. Queen, Pet Shop Boys, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Bananarama, Belinda Carlisle, Earth Wind and Fire, Abba, Guns and Roses, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Pepper, were few of his favorite.

Most of his pocket money was spend on CDs. CDs hor, that's a big deal when I was young.

Then when he was in secondary school, Daddy bought him a Kenwood hi-fi system which cost him a few thousand dollars. Oh-my-freaking heaven! A Kenwood hi-fi system that's even a big big deal! Boy! I was damn jealous!

Kenwood became his new best friends. The worse thing was I wasn't allowed to even go near his hi-fi system. Let me repeat GO NEAR!!!

So the only time I can lay my hands on them was when he was in school. We were in different session plus he is always detained in school. Whahaha~!~!~! Serve him right!

My favourite was without a doubt Guns and Roses and Nirvana! There were so many vulgarities in the lyrics and I thought the way they say fuck was damn cool! With attitude! Yep! (the uncensored, uncut and imported set)

I would full blast *ya! I wished* tune very LOUD and sing together with them. Actually I murmur at most of the lyrics only the FUCK I got it loud and clear.

Till now he has no idea I meddle with Kenwood coz I was a smart and intelligent thief! I clean my tracks!

Then I was exposed to Chinese Pop by my fellow primary school mates. I still remember every Saturday after our Saturday class, we would take school bus home and the bus driver, uncle dunno what will tuned in to 93.3 醉心频道龙虎傍.

There is when I got to know 四大天王 Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok, Andy Lau and Leon Lai. My favourite was of coz…. Aaron Kwok! Coz he can fucking dance!

He is the best-looking among the four. Jacky has a mo-pieng face, Leon got the gay gay look, and Andy got the hokkien beng look. Only Aaron is the charming one!!!

Kor's favourite was Jacky Cheung. Actually I also like him. He 歌神 leh! But when you watch him perform damn boring! No entertainment value.

Aaron on the other hand was different; the dance step was a hit especially the 对你爱不完. Ask anyone the breath the 90s air, they sure know the hand signal.

I was so madly in love with him that I bought every album of his (even till now), I've collected the YES! Card a.k.a.偶像卡, bought every of his CDs, kept every single newspaper cutting reporting him, had his poster all over in my room, Knew every single song of his. I was the 101% Aaron Kwok fan!

Daddy, ma and Kor was so disgusted with me coz I 开口闭口 is 郭富城

Because of 四大天王, I was then exposed to Cantopop. That's how I leant to speak Cantonese. Ok I know I very 失败. A Cantonese yet I can't speak the language at all. But that's because from young Daddy and ma converse with me in mandarin. The only time I spoke Cantonese was with grams and yeye.

In my sec days, I began to tune in to Perfect 10 where I was surrounded with the latest English pop. If I didn't mention, Daddy bought my first hi-fi. It was a JVC. Bloody hell how can I compare my JVC with Kenwood?!!!! Aarrruuugggghhhh.... But 好过没有啦

Mark Richmond and Bernard Lim were my favourite DJs. Perfect 10 were always there for me when I was doing my homework, doing my revision, during my burning-midnight-oils days during exams.

The songs played were juz fantastic.

Sadly, there was a time when Ma ban me from listening to the radio while studying for 6mths coz kor did badly for his Os and she conveniently link the bad result to listening to music while studying.

Her rational was how can one remember what he/she studied while listening to music? Its like you are trying to read & memorize the books while your ears are listening to music. No logic...

That literally pissed me off. Coz I'm a multi-task person. I can take my meal, watched TV, yak on the phone and flip through the magazine at the SAME time!

Although Kor and I came from the same factory but the parts used were different so we are not the same!!!

Later, I began to go tea dance with my school mates. The then happening was of coz Fire, Canto and Sparks where they would play techno.

Techno was no doubt link to bengs and lians. Techno = Beng

Songs like Infinity, Sunshine after the rain, Be my lover etc were the hottest. Ask any bengs, they definitely know the lyric and dance steps + hand movement.

Frankly speaking, some of the songs were acceptable and quite nice. But because techno is always associated with bengs hence the bad reputation.

Moving on to Poly, I frequent radio lesser and lesser instead mp3 was in trend. Everyone were seen downloading from the net, MIRC, Free download server were the hottest.

Most will download songs form the internet and burn them in CD which will accompany us throughout our bus journey to class. The competition was who has the most MP3.

Thanks to a Japanese Drama "God! Please give me more time" I began to appreciate new age. Kevin Kern, S.E.N.S were few of my favourite.

Now, I like groove and the online station which I tuned in to every morning at work is they have nice beats

I guess I’m a rojak. I listen to whichever is pleasing to my ears. But trance is a big No NO.

Whenever I club, I still prefer they play retro. R&B and house is still acceptable.

So, what type of music were you exposed to???

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Eve of National Day! The village went o watch fireworks at Marina South!

Had out dinner at Lau Pa Sat. Actually the village did, I had dinner at home and rush down to meet them there.

We took a water taxi from Clifford Pier.

My first water taxi experience!

In the water taxi, we and try to brave the rocky boat ride and strike the best pose!!!

Connie and 大妹

Connie and me

The rest of the villages were captured in Andy's cam (one has to wait a loooonnngggg time for the pix to be uploaded. FYI I'm still wating for last yr Firework Festival pix)

Upon reaching, we managed to secure a good location. According the them, that was best spot as the fireworks will burst out right in front of us!

We were quite kaisu, reached them at abt 10pm. Well we are typical Singaporeans. Favourite pastime is to queue. Nahz! That's bullshit! The last ride end 10:45pm. We were afraid that there might be a last minute rush.

While waiting... It was 大老二 time

2359hrs… here comes the fireworks

more fireworks...

This is the UFO fomation....

On our way back to take the river taxi,

Me: Seems like they are going to have Firework festival during every National Day
Connie: Think so, until they find a new trend I guess.

I thought last year fireworks was a better work. The formation and colours are nicer.

Maybe because it was my first time I witnessing firework so up close thus the excitement. This year was ok....

In terms of crowd control, 2 thumbs up for this year. Last year at esplanade, we kena kiap sardine. We were there since afternoon to jiamp wee

We proceed to Vincent and 大妹's place for overnight mahjong, went home at about 8plus in the morning!

Watched the parade with Daddy, Kor and SIL.

Favourite was of coz the parachute performance, parade, fighter plane and fireworks!

That's how I spend my National Day celebrating with the nation....

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Ramdom Updates


This is one of the unusual Fridays that I went home straight after work. No dinner date, no booze session, no sing K, no bio-ing of guys. Juz dinner with mama, TV and nitez to slumberland.

I love to nuan in my room, throwing myself inside beanie and stoning in front of my 14inch TV. I can channel surf and no one will give me the dirty look. No I didn't took over the vodka from my secret compartment, No I didn't bring in the chips, no I didn't slurp over ice-cream, juz piglet and me and TV.


I can't imagine I woke up at 8:00am in the morning! Freaking hell! That's the problem with me. Days when I need to work, I can't wake up and will be terrible late, days when I need not work, I wake on the dot.

Sometimes I can't help but think that 我的命很贱! Everyday when the alarm went off for me to wake up, I will snooze from 6:50am till 7:30am... juz to catch that extra 5mins of sleep.

And now, I dun need to work on Sat ever, I wake up right on time!!!

Force myself back to sleep, finally decided to get outta bed at 11. The usual morning routine and I accompany mama to do some shopping before she goes for her weekly ECA.

I dun understand why Tam is always so pack with people… And may I add its 24/7. Where the hell did everyone come from?! Which pigeon hole? Is there really so much things to buy?

Well actually there is... Ma and I were supposed to buy the cover for the ironing board but I end up buying things for myself. Mascara, hair treatment, waist belt and a MNG jeans, no almost, I couldn't fit so didn't buy of coz. But its dirt cheap. Only $49 for a pair of MNG jeans!!!

Before you say anything, we didn't forget the ironing board cover, they ran out of stock so its no our fault.

For the first time in my 23yrs, Ma actually say I am FAT! YES I’M FAT FAT FAT!!!

In the past, she would brush off N times when I say I was fat and I wanted to go for diet.

Her reply was always 这样瘦了还减什么肥?

Well sometimes I didn't mean to really go on diet, juz want to hear someone commenting that I'm slim. But ya at times, I really did go on diet.

But the number of times when I say I wanted to go on diet verse the number of times I actually action on it, well you can conclude at how my weight escalated. Faster than the Everest climber.

If you are not aware, I put on 10kg within 3-mth. Its was puberty + break up with 1st bf + exam stress + tons ECA planning + basketball and 101 other things on the list.... thus the sudden increase in weight.

But I must admit I look much healthier after the weight gain. No more the sickly look.

Back to Ma's insult! I really need to shad some fats. Although I'm 49kg, but I dun look 49, I look as though I'm a 55, due to my broad shoulder and big big arms.

I want to lose some weight!!! Probably 3 - 5kg

Nitez, met up with En for dinner, den the Bee, yellow and a few other girls at Momo.

Went off at abt 1plus to dungeon, meet up with Daphne. Not that the music wasn't great, but the other girls brought some lame guys along and they were disgusting, plus Bee went off to meet her bf so I decided to join Daphne.

What else can we do at our turf? Booze, sing K and talk cock...


A shitty morning!

In line with the National Day celebration, the senior citizen club decided to host a karaoke competition on a freaking Sunday! 9:00am to be exact!!!

WTH! Their singing sucks big time. The crying of chicken being slaughtered in the market is a upper mark compare to all these aunties’ “singing”

They are literally tearing my roof down!

But wait, if it's a National Day celebration, shouldn't they be singing songs like Stand up for Singapore, We are Singapore, One People one nation one Singapore etc?

If its like any other karaoke practice, shouldn't it be the normal afternoon slot?


I dun understand why NOBODY improve despite the fact that they practice every week. Look at my auntie, her singing went from unbearable to excellent and she was crowned 歌后 for a few times.

Now this is what I call practice makes perfect!

I went to tailor-made to nonya kebaya with ma, 大姨 and 姨婆 which will cost me $300 coz I made 2 pairs. I am so broke

Had dinner at grams place and caught Charlie and the Chocolate factory with En at night. Movie was alright, nah, its not worth $9.50. Watch it before Wednesday, its cheaper.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Wala Wala Waliaw eh!!! 头发乱了...

Having heard so much abt Wala Wala, I finally went there yday with En aft dinner with House of Lam coz his new outlet opening soon, and he needs to do some market research, if his competitors have the same concept.

Not that I'm 山龟, but I stay in the east and Holland V a bit outta the way for me...

It was Daddy's bday, we went shopping in the afternoon and dinner was at Renn Thai @ Clarke Quay.

Me: Daddy, how come u never shave properly? Got two strains of hair dangling.
Daddy: Izit, ok I tuck it back into the nose.
Me: Yeek! *I'm speechless*

*recovering from shock*

Me: Daddy, you balding u know...
Daddy: No lah, I'm changing hair
Me: Hello?! You 56 liaoz lehz, admit the fact!
Me: I know what to get for you, I buy black sprain paint for you to colour your scalp!!! *excited*
Daddy: How does that work?
Me: Orhz~~ you colour you scalp black so no matter from which angle, you look as if you stil have a lot of hair....
Daddy: *Dumbfounded* *ponder for a while and realize that that I was making fun of him* Ya very funny!
Me: Actually you should consider to change your hair parting. Like that can use the left side hair to "cover" the right side balding. *and I began to demo while we were walking to the bus stop*
Daddy: ok ok enuff! Wa liaw eh, you messed up my hair!!! I spend quite a while to comb juz now...

*quickly use both of his hands to "iron" back his hair to the original style*

Funny right?!

Oh did I mention that when we saw the photographs of Kor's wedding, he was cursing and swaering at the photographer. Saying that he is not professional. All of us didn't understand the reason coz the pixs were all nicely taken.

Daddy: You see, every shot he took all from the bird eye view. Can see this part with lesser hair...
Mummy: Ok lah, next time your daughter get married, I'll remind the photographer to take your side profile.
Me: But wat if when I get married, your sides also start to bald????

Daddy juz stormed off....

Ai yo, my Daddy very ai sui, very image conscious. Alway consult me what to wear, becoz he knows I've got good taste in men dressing...

So I mention the House of Lam went shopping in the afternoon...Kor wanted to get another shirt n pant for the new job. While I was browsing the selection for kor, I realize Daddy ask the sale assistant for his size of a particular long sleeve shirt.

Went over and saw that he eye on a white china collar shirt.

Daddy: This one nice hor, wear with pants and I shoulder over a 围巾. quite sei rite?!

Wa liaw eh! China collar shirt with 围巾... dun pray pray ok... a 56yr old 老头子 know his fashion sense. But he was disappointed again coz they dun have his size, his pot belly getting the way...

We started buying baby clothes for the little one. Bought her 1 set of clothes for her when she discharge, 1 set of mitten and bootee and headband.

After dinner, I met up with Bee first coz En needs to going back office to retrieve the working schedule for the girls. Topic was still revolving ard the bf. This draws a final conclusion, the bf is a complete jerk. Asshole!!!

Finally, Bee saw En, first impression was ok. She say that his eyes very captivating. Ai yo coz he peranakan mahz.

She asked if I like him or not. Dunno... no sparks yet, being ard him quite comfortable, quite sweet towards me. I guess better get to know each other more...

We head down to Wala Wala. On the whole, its quite a nice place, a wide selection of booze. We sat at Level 1 coz the Live Band area was damn packed. Head back home at abt 12 plus, 今天要上班...