Wednesday, November 29, 2006



Friday, November 24, 2006

always can

so everything also can lah?!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kiss - Because I'm a girl

Alright this is kinda touching....
but in reality where got such things happening?!

unless of coz you are in the Perrier-Andrea scenerio

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


first they ban msn and youtube,
now I can't even use the web version.
Thanks ah!


I was in the midst of my assignment when I heard classic 对你爱不完 from my telly.

Damn it! He is talented can?!

Voice and dance move so Aaron Kwok
dun pray pray...

Monday, November 20, 2006

view vs. comfort

I often hear people go wow when I told them my office is located at the sky garden of my mall.

And when they stepped into my room, which I share with my manager, its a second wow coz our room with full height windows, overlook the central of Hxxxxxx.

Though the view is not fantastic, but compared to the office of my fellow colleagues from the other malls, I can't complain much. I sometimes get my inspiration to write my report/paper when I set my eyes on that "nice" view

But having a full height window isn't a blessing when the cooling load of the air-con is not achieved, and its 24/7 stuffy!

the blinds isn't working that well coz sometimes the afternoon sun pierce through the blind and scorch us alive. Hmmm....

and right now I'm perspiring although the air-con temp is set at 18degree.

so much so to compromise for that "nice view"

Thursday, November 16, 2006

work woes

and so with the departure of some of my collegues from other malls, we recently have some colleagues on board.

the getting-to-know / interaction cycle repeats itself.

guess what! apparently these newbies have little/no A&P background/knowledge but they are of the same title as me.

not that I dun have patience, ok I can be impatiece at times, but we do not have the luxury of time, and if I have to repeat the history to you, I rather do it myself.

so with that, my next question is, are they getting the same pay range as me?
If so, I'll be such a loser!

Yes, work is never been easy in a retail line, not for the past few months, its been getting from bad to worse.

You get amazing question like "What do Santa Claus mascot do?"
I totally speechless can?! Dun tell me you have never seen a Santa Claus mascot before? Or you have never gone shopping before.

Lately, everyone is so irrseponsible and freeloader. They totally ace the dey-siao-dey-gong stunt.

Ads that are ET-ing the next day, person convenietly forward to the team and wants you to approve when theres gazillion amt of mistakes.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I should write a song on 我爱纹身

GST 7% ??!!!!!


hypothetically you are also increase my pay huh?!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

to AnTe

we had this at 大马花园 while you were mugging at home...

Buttered 虾婆 yum yum...

Friday, November 10, 2006

yet another

..colleague of my team left us.


a part me feel sad coz we have built up the rapport and chemistry.
Its fun to work with people who clicks with you.
working will never be the same again.

But of coz, I wish her all the best as she starts the next chapter.

God bless!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

stage of progress

Baby Fayth is in between stage 4 and 5
hmm...more like stage 5 i think...
sigh! At times she is juz plain lazy,

Like during her bday bash, she refused to showcase when everyone were dying to see her walk.

She is grouchy.
How not to be grouchy when you are having a temperature?
Yes! She had fever during the bday celebration.
Poor girl.

We gave in to her manja-ness, took turns to carry her and allowed her to suck her choo-choo whole night long.

Babies, a love-hate relationship.

tea and me

one of the reasons why I LOVE Taiwan...


I lugged 1/2 carton back, which propably contributed to my SGD280 fine on my luggage.
Dun ask... I still feel the pain...

It was my replacement for H2O during my 1 week stay in the lovely country...
the packaging is so girl!

F&N, Yeos and whatever company...seriously you should consider importing this product to Garden City.
The taste is fabulous!
I'm sure all the females would love you to the max, at least daphie and watashi would

Look at the tagline, tell me how not to love??!!

Speaking of tea, I can't survive without them, especially in the office,
my energy booster!

my favourite earl grey tea never fail to perk me up on a lazy/brain dead afternoon...

another suggesstion for my X'mas pressie...
I dun mind a tea set though.
Try Tea Pal @ Raffles City... they have nice tea set

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

the orphan

I'm comtemplating whether I should terminate my current policy and switch provider.

Ever since my then agent quit for good and left me with some I-dunno-the-name-yet-earning-my-commission agent, I is pissed!

Seriously, I've never met him ever since he took over 5 mths back?! Why should I let him sit back, relax, and see that fat cheque credit into his passbook?! He wasn't the one who had to do the shite work, meeting up with me, explaining all the technical terms and the payback.

Recently, they sent me an invoice 'coz GIRO didn't went thru for no apparent reason. It was then when I found out the I-dunno-the-name-yet-earning-my-commision agent is call Daivd Koh. Or was it David Tan? Heck!

Daphie says I am an orpahn, nobody's child....

Saturday, November 04, 2006



Friday, November 03, 2006

no wine for me....

I was there on their 2nd edition

I was there on their 3rd edition

so much so that I kena F by "my manicurist"

this year?

I have to give it a miss...
coz its....

Princess Fayth 1st Birthday Party!!!!!

not counting her other party that is...


So I had quiz hours ago for Int'l Mkt...

anyway we were given 5 short essay qn to answer, and look at the amount of space we were given to write...

*please DO NOT click and enlarge to view my answer! I trust u guys, didn't DI the some respect ah!*

sorry, I've changed my mind! I wrote too much crap....

Anyway, he said that theres enuff space to write. And if we can fill up the 5-6line space that he had allocated, we've got it right.


so I write rubbish and fill up the 5-6line, I score full 25marks lorhz?!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I is super tulaness!

The student development centre called me at 5-ish and told me that my lecturer awarded me zero marks for all my 3 case studies! Which means that I've fluncked that module, because its a non-examination and the 3 case studies will determine our grades for the module.

'coz he can't make out my answer was to which question, because I've failed to indicated the question number and question in each case study.

But wait...hmmmm....I've remembered clearly that I've indicated the headings for each of my answer, thus it correspondence to each quention in the case study.


Juz because I didn't type out the question, and you? too fucking lazy to refer back to the case studies, thus conveniently gave me a zero?!

In the first place, we weren't even brief on the format of presentation, and even so that my presentation, wasn't what you wanted, can't you communicate with me? Like as if I can't be contacted thru hp/email?!

If I didn't hand in my assignment, I can understand why the zero marks...
But the zero mark was awarded base on the fact that you dunno/refused to know/to lazy to find out/not interested to find out my answer was to which question in the case study...
Hello?! This is a fucking bridging program to uni (equivalent to a dip. program), not some secondary sch assignment!
Even my sec sch assignment or rather homework (last time where got so atas?! The term is homework, regardless if its an essay or *fill in the blanks*) we need not rewrite the whole question out in our foldscap paper?!


God! I feel like killing somebody!

So thats how NUS lecturers are?!
how interesting!
tulaness no.2!
The student development centre called me yday and asked if we have started the final year project?!
I wasn't told, or rather the class wasn't told that we are suppose to start on our project this sem. No project brief was given, No timeline was given, no format was given...
The best part is that half of the class (including me) need to do the final year project, while the remianing half was exempted!
Why? 'coz I fall under the new recruitment system whereby the project is an requirement.
double standard!
In the first place, dun even put us together.
People talk, what makes you think that we won't know what others are taking?
The reason why I would waste money/time on taking the fucking bridging modules was juz so that I fulfill the requirement of the uni. To be frank, outta the 4 modules that I'm taking, 3 modules I've taken in my Biz Ad dip.
the project was juz a pure waste of time! Already its tough having to juggle between work and class, now I have to juggle craps!