Monday, October 30, 2006


if you guys have been wondering why my Taiwan entries and pixs takes hell of a long time, blame it on this

2 days of DVD marathon, I've finish 19 episodes.
so that means that I've left 5 episodes.
patience pple...

I've never like K-drama, their culture, pple, or anything that is related to the Kimchi City.
Alright, Jewel in the Palace has a little effect on me...but hey, Goong totally swept me away.

damn, I've class 2day, else I could have finish the remianing 5 epi 2nite...

Friday, October 27, 2006

you will be missed...

During my absence, Mummy threw away my most loved!

the one who has been with me since the day I came to planet earth,

the one who accompanied me through my sleepless nights,

the one who shared my tears, my viscous, slimy mixture of mucins-water-electrolytes-epithelial cells-leukocytes that is secreted by glands lining the nasal, and saliva.

the one whom I used to fight my battle with kor totally gone!

I don't even get to bid farewell to her...
I don't even get to bury her in a nice box...

Mummy drop her down the dark and scary chute and she landed in a loud bang and suffocate with all others worthless trash!

now I've got no one to turn to when I have insomnia...
Why is Mummy so cruel to me?
No one can ever replace her in my heart... NO ONE!
I'm devasted!
I want to write an eulogy to my dear "臭臭"

Thursday, October 26, 2006


...with full loads of goodies, memories and happiness...
but I left my heart there...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

miss me...

I'm flying off in a few hours time...

Fought hard not to bring my notebook along, 'cause my luggage is overoad!

yesh! its overload even before I start shopping...
I is DHL for the day.

I'll blog if I can.
Internet access is easily accessible

I promise that I'll come back with lots of pix, goodies and a recharged self!

Dun worry, I didn't lug any red, blue or green tees...
but then again "my" crumpler is red...

goodbye everyone!
goodbye haze!
miss me people....

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Friday, October 13, 2006




Thursday, October 12, 2006

Working late????!!!!


I'm exactly 1 week from my trip and I've yet to book my hotel

I dun want it to end up like my last trip.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

the bad boy

the perfect bad boy with a gorgeous ink!

Monday, October 09, 2006

I am pretty......smoky

so today, we had the colour coaches from The Body Shop to teach all the ladies in the office the art of makeup.

I'm sure most girls are clueless in makeup. Like which tone of foundation is suitable, how to draw your brows, how to "open" your eyes, how to have the perfect pout.

So here they are to answer our make up woes.

I had sexy smouldering eyes, flirtatious lashes and soft blushed cheeks that steals limelight!

I look smoky, seductive and fabulous! All thanks to Mandy, the colour coach!

except that I'm in the sah-lah outfit!
I should be partying with this dazzling dramatic eyes!

Oh by the way, she is stationed at the Plaza Singapura outlet.
Go look for her, she is GOOD!
They charge $30 for a makeover, and $15 for brows trimming.

I am so inspired to meddle with my colours again!

My first makeup set was from The Body Shop, and since then, I have been using their product. From shower gel, moisturizer, foundaton, pressed powder, eye shadow to blusher, you name it, I have it all from The Body Shop.

I am such a huge fan of them.
I juz luv them for being simple, down to earth and easy.

Ok I can so be their next spokeperson.

the finger!

Giving the Finger

Before the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, the French, anticipating victory over the English, proposed to cut off the middle finger of all captured English soldiers. Without the middle finger it would be impossible to draw the Renowned English longbow and therefore be incapable of fighting in the future.

This famous weapon was made of the native English Yew tree, and the act of drawing the longbow was known as "plucking the yew" (or "pluck yew").

Much to the bewilderment of the French, the English won a major upset and began mocking the French by waving their middle fingers at the defeated French, saying, "See, we can still pluck yew! "PLUCK YEW!"

Since 'pluck yew' is rather difficult to say, the difficult consonant cluster at the beginning has gradually changed to a labiodental, fricative 'F', and thus the words often used in conjunction with the one-finger-salute are mistakenly thought to have something to do with an intimate encounter. It is also because of the pheasant feathers on the arrows used with the longbow that the symbolic gesture is known
as "giving the bird."

And yew thought yew knew every plucking thing!!!

Isn't learning history fun?!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

I'm done

Its 11:44pm and I've officially finished 3 case studies.

Phew! What a relief!
Can't believe that I spend both Sat and Sun at home finishing the 3 case studies.

It was a routine of biang-ing assignment-food-surfing-blogging-tv-nap.

My phone haven't rang for the two days...erm..alright it did, just that no one jio-ed me out.
No sms-es were received...erm...alright I did received a few, but none jio-ed me out.

This biang-ing of assignment should never happen again.
Well it had never happened during my mugging days, coz according to what Sturbie wrote in my friendster testimonial, I'm the well know kan-cheong spider when it comes to projects and assignments.

Sem 2 commencing next Tues, and I'm gonna missed 2 classes during my upcoming trip. sigh! but I think I can forgive myself for skipping class since I deserve a break!

Exams in mid Dec, wow~ thats fast!

wat's love?

recently, I was told that the wife of the board member from my ex-company passed away from cancer, leaving behind her husband, a pair of daughter, aged 7 and 5.

She was only in her late 30s or early 40s.

The doctor had said that the max she could go on was till the end of the year.

Ever since his wife was diagonised with cancer, he had spent most of his time with the family. Going to the office for 1/2 day and spending the rest of the day with his wife and daughters.

My heart always burn when I hear/witness such unfortunately incident happening.
Some of these could be so tragic and drama-rama that you thought it only happened in channel 8 drama serial.

What is love to you?
Especially to those who discreetly/openly fool/flirt around although they are attached/married.

I get so disgusted when I see guys after a few rounds start to talk dirty, and as the night goes on, sex is the only thing in their mind.

I've got this friend who admits that he fools around, even though he is attached.
Coz this girl 自动送上门
She love him (or maybe like, I don't know) a lot.
And he, doesn't like her at all, but kept seeing her because she 自动送上门, its the 不吃白不吃 metality!

Or perhaps he is living through The One theory?

And in another case, both are married, but openly sleeps around, and both had concensus!
Then why in the first place get married?

To them its a political marriage.
A marriage out of convenience.

I get so sick seeing all this going on right under my nose.
Especially when everyone I know is doing it and starts telling me their little exciting life.
And I'm supposed to keep mum about it.
I get so guilty when I see their

why didn't they treasure their love ones?
why seek comfort from another when you have one beside you.

What marriage of convenience?!
What The One theory?!
I say this is bullshit!
We live our life.
Fate is in our control,
You should stand up for your rights
and not let fate control you and live a miserable life!

Yes even if in the end, its still a failure,
but you've put up a firece fight,
fought for what you want, thus not living in any regrets!

The next time you start to fool around, think about those couples who are seperated by death!

The world is around, what goes around comes around.


CLEO rocks!

no wonder they are the only mag I buy!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Family Bonding - yummy yummy

we went to our favourite restaurant for yummy spicy food...

Indon wayang

angklung, I learnt this during music class in primary class

crackers, a must go with the chilli

some of their must try dishes...

free flow of rice

my 鸳鸯 rice

yummy chumi-chumi

the deep fried tauhu

MUST dip in the special chilli

yup the background is burnt fish tail *sad sad*
I love fish tail and fins, especially those deep fried ones, luff them!

The must try the charcoal grilled chilli fish

But wheres the fish?
Oops! Daddy took the fish head...

I took the tail and fins while Mummy, Kor and SIL took the body, and this was what was left...

The food really makes your tongue dance

and since we were at Suntec City, how could I forget this

Dragonfly 蜻蜓

since my undecided act, my pure blondie jio-ed me to the nightspot which is currently in THE limelight.

I is angryness!
Why am I not on their mailing list?
Or should I say why am I not given the membership?
But this also goes to show that I am not the cheongster that you guys have labelled me!
And to prove my claim, I recently threw out a few club membership card from my bill holder coz these club have closed since the last time I visited them...

Anyway this was the invite that they have forgotten to snail mail to me!

But hor.... I want to KPKB on Sakae Sushi @ Habourfront!
It sucks big time!
The service was so bad that I have to tell the server off!
The food was not fresh!

my pinkish white maguro sashimi pui!

Oh! By the way, they served this without the lid and lime, and the small little cup that we drank from, doubled as the lid as well.

sigh! give me Sushi Tei any day and I'll luff you deep deep!

we also check out the over hype mall, where the bangladesh workers were working their ass off!

And so we were at Dragonfly...where the queue was long! But at least it was moving unlike those from the previous limelight nitespot which the queue was insane.

so the invites wasn't that exclusive after all, coz later this super beng-ish guy came towards us and wanted to bring us in, and when the bouncer refused, he said we were his sisters!

HUH?! But wat the heow! We juz want to go IN!

The very first time when I came to know that its gonna be called Dragonfly, this came flashing in my mind...

but why the name when there clearly isn't any dragonfly / dragonfly-like thingy on display except some white cylindrical stuff hanging in mid air, which I suspect was the leftover from renovation...

There we had some of the "well known" singers entertaining us and also the QUEEN band...
I was pinched on the cheeks for no apparent reason...dun ask me why.

The service was BAD! Coz we order from the server and he conveniently forgotten the order and when I ordered from the bar, they made me wait for 20mins and still no drinks!

End up I had to speak in my fake ang moh accent to the manager, which he served me right away! So its either he has good customer service or the people there are suckers for ang moh/ABCs thinking that they have the $$$ to spend!

But its their soft launch on that day, so can't ask much lahz huh...

Its not a bad place to chill afterall.
OPs who needs a decent place to drink and enjoy the performance of the band, check this place.

Mid Autumn Celebration

1:52am... ok this is a little late...

No we didn't celebrate Mid Autumn, we had dinner at Riverside Point, and we were wow by this

surprise! surprise!

this is better that Firework Festival...

Monday, October 02, 2006


since Sept, we having been receiving mooncake from our business partners.
from the well known hotels and restaurants

Its all oven-baked...

no snowskin... :(

and worse all come with salted eggs...
I have to dig out all of it just so I can eat the pathetic 1/8 slice....

Actually whichever hotel they are from, it all taste the same...

trying to clear x boxes by today...

home made with yam paste as filling... yucks!

with big fat yucky salted egg yolk yucky*100

yummy ice-cream mooncake

anyway of all the moon related song, I like this Jacky Cheung's 月半? best...


I've just rejected a wedding invitation.

I haven't met up with the groom for the longest time, and to be honest I dun really know him well, and best of all, I dun even know the bride, never met her before.

Most importantly, I DUN WANT to go through the Weddding Dinner FAQ


I am so hooked to this song by FIR

当你决定 你要离开我

有好几次 我都想忘了
苦酒也没有用 就当作是寂寞

只有我能明白 他的温柔
其实要告诉我 只是你的最爱

其实你很爱他 对我的惩罚
说你没有想他 谁可怜我吧
我也没有借口 只能放手
不敢奢求 你说爱我
其实你很爱他 他很温柔吗
其实你很想他 就说出口吧
我也不想多说 捂住耳朵

Sunday, October 01, 2006

never say die

I am just amazed at how some pple can't get the OBVIOUS hint like ignoring phonecalls + text + MSN messages...

still trying to forced the same old "reason" down my throat!

Is persistent your 优点?

Water Actions

last hour at the final day.
check out these out...

Great slide and a failed 1080

still a failed 1080

Free jump - 64m

Free jump - 68m

Free jump by World Champ - 70m

Zero Gravity

u should be there!

Hongkong style dinner

Was having dinner at Liang Seah St with Andy...
Juz as we were thinking what to have, the neon light signboard caught my eyes...
and here we are at 铜锣湾茶餐厅

the dishes on the menu very Hongkong-ish
even the pictures too...

Then, there was this drink on the menu that caught my eyes...
7-up Ribena????!!!!
we were adventurous and ordered!
it came in a candy jar

taste more ribena than 7-up, no carbonated taste...
I ask the waiteress to add more 7-up.
$2.50 for a candy jar of drink, quite worth it lahz...

I ordered baked cheese rice with fish filet.
Looks yummy *slurp! slurp!*

Theres peas and spring onion in it!!!
this was what happen next...

well~ basically its fried rice with yucky peas & spring onions + cheese + fried filet + some tomatoes puree.

The taste is alright... juz that my last bit of filet is burnt... :(

interior decor was very hongkong-ish
price reasonable, no GST and service charge...
so the next time if you are craving for some 餐蛋面,菠萝包 or 鸳鸯
you know where to go...