Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Perseverance II

Current mode: still 零时抱佛脚-ing

my romaticus neighbour must have read my post and read my mind (or maybe he saw the lights on in my room), he is still playing the audio-torturing Kenny G number lehz....

at this hour, it can either be, he is trying real hard to impress the gal or he was hoping with his effort with the blowing instrument, he can keep me awake to finish up the assignment due on Thurs


Monday, August 27, 2007


Current mode: 零时抱佛脚

yeap yeap whats new....assignment due Thurs....

But I'm accompanied by my very romanticus neighbour...

playing this on saxophone....

I think its a he though...I mean girls with saxophone tah matchy...

Mr. Romanticus probably has been practising for a long long time, course the last semster when I was also in the current mode, this song also accompanied me through out the long nights of burning the oil...

perhaps trying to impress a girl. Come on, tell me which girl will not be mesmerize?!
Only that... maybe he should take out that banana that was stuck inside the sounded very stuck...painful to my ears!

Death Note

and so I read, the movie is gonna be out next Feb


This time its gonna focus on L, of which I mentioned the last time that there were some resemblence to a rocker...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

meant to be mine

Friday, we had company D&D....
When I got the invites last week...the lucky draw number was 0512
sweet, its my birthday, I gonna be lucky...

True enuff, I got lucky.
I won the 5th prize. Which 5 is my lucky and favourite number....

the prize? A Canon digital camcorder and $200 shopping vouchers from Robinson's group....

Camcorder lehz... I've been wanting to get that for a while....
Definitely gonna come useful during the upcoming family trip next mth, and also not forgetting ping's visit to Singapore.



Monday, August 20, 2007

stuck in your own shithole

well, its very grey...very complicated..a lot of things are just unexplainable....

If its grey, make it black or white. Its easy... add more black, you darken it... you add more white, its white...

If its complicated.... jolly well un-complicate it

If is unexplainable... you dumb or what... open your mouth and talk...

excuses.... plain excuses.... excuses for you want to shrink responsibilities and not face everyone.

excuses for you stay as it is....

Friday, August 10, 2007

Independence Day

So yday was National Day.

Lots of people gave their well wishes. and so I heard "Happy Birthday Singapore"

quoted from Oxford Dictionary

• noun the annual anniversary of the day on which a person was born.

if thats the case shldn't it be Happy Independence Day instead of Happy Birthday?!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

God! Its 8:25pm and I'm still in the office alone agian. On eve of holiday... I must be *fill in the blanks*

sigh~ theres juz so much things to do for the relaunch. I'm so busy busy busy with work and school to the extend that I've to skip my meals.yah right skip my meals. since when you see me, lover of all good food (both quality and price), starve?! Thats how busy.

oh well I need some nice sparkling liquid. Bam Bam was asking since when I become so yuppies hanging out dempsey. What to do, korkor's new place, Angel Share, is at dempsey. you guys should check this out. It has got this nice alfresco area. Its juz

Talking about dempsey being yuppies invaded, where they spend on over-priced stuff, I do have to agree dempsey is a true blue yuppies heaven. Everything isover-priced while quality is compromised (wow that rhyme). The kopitam-looking Korean place charged $50 for a bento set. Whats in the bento? a chuck of rice, few tiny plates of kimchi and thats about it. Very angry, I dun like to be cheated for food! I paid for good food!

On the high side, Angel's share on the other hand, is valued for money. The wine selection looks decent and price is affordable.

aside to my busy work sch combo, I was hunting for a decent hotel for ping ping who is coming next mth end. Its juz tough to get a decent and affordable hotel. The shortlisted went like this

~ Robertson Quay Hotel
~ Gallery Hotel
~ Albert Court Hotel
~ Hotel 1929
~ Scarlet Hotel
~ The Link @ Tiong Bahru
~ M Hotel
~ Holiday Inn

dah dah dah... to the extend that I even went to check out Hotel 81 and some hotel in Little India.

I gave Hotel 81 Bugis a chance and check out the courtyard room on Monday.

"standard room with courtyard, 1 queen size mattress, outdoor shower and sun deck chair"

When I walked into the courtyard (balcony say balcony lah, give such a marketing term) I saw two sun deck chair which is lovely. Not until I turn right and saw the shower point exposed! Full Monty exposed with no screen which means you are subjected to peeping from the other tall neighbouring buildings while bathing.

So its like free entertainment for your friend sun-tannig at the sun deck chair while you bathing.

Gah! Once a sleazy hotel, always a sleazy hotel. And I thought the positioning gonna be different with different location (like lesser people have sex in town area). Whatever happen to the segmentations, positioning and targetting. Ok this is scaring, I'm applying sch to blogging....

having said that, I managed to find a good decent one - Hangout@MtEmily I totally like the place. so nice, so young and trendy...I'm sure the girls will love this place...