Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

romance in the air

The Man surprised me with cable car dining. Food was surprisingly good, the view was nice, and the company was the most precious.


Saturday, July 05, 2008

happenings of the past weeks...

I know its been a while since I was last in action. Much things had happened.

I left off with studying hard for my last 2 papers. Exam was quite ok, except I forgotten some points during the paper, but whats new. Results were out yesterday, and I scored 1 distinction and 1 credit. :) Finally a distinction in my bag.

I've been making plans to move on from my current job. Instead of diversity, I would like to be more job focus, so back into the job serch scene again. Chances upon this adver, and got the offer after the first round. I guessed my portfolio was a great marketing tool. The package was good, but the best deal is that its food related and my office is only 5mins away from my home :)

I kept my resignation on a low profile side, coz I dun see the need of telling anyone at the HQ, beside my CMO. This is one thing about my office, news travel like a lightning even though you specifically indicated that you want to keep it a low profile. True enough, people start to call and ask me about it. Worse, colleagues who had long left the org got winds about it. I took it like a pinch of salt.

My team at the CMO threw me a farewell lunch, booze session and sing K session. I really missed them. We had team spirit, its a joy working with them. I received so many well wishes and gift from them.

Yummy cupcakes from my techs

Its a 3mth mark for The Man and me. We originally planned for a romantic getaway, but things happened, there were some arguement and tears, but we got over it. I surprised him with a Love Diary. Its a visual presentation of how we met, the places we have been to, my attempts at cooking for him, movies we had watched and the list goes on. Every month we give each other small surprises, its our little way of showing our love.

I had a good 10 days break and I had a To-Do list planned out. I unearthed the tresure I hid in my cabinet and packed them. I had been busy at work and didn't had time to pack my room. Had to KIV them and atten to them when I had time. By doing so I also stopped mama from nagging, because when she can't see them, she wouldn't nag. It was good old memories looking at the year book during sch days, I even found the autograph book during my pri sch days. Can imagine how much rubbish I kept inside my cabinets. So all in all, I packed my clothes department, education department, work department, accessories department includes earrings, necklaces, bags, make ups, shoes and magazines. Suddenly the whole world seems so neat and organized. There are so much empty spaces, time to go shopping!

I got to spend quality time with my parents, something which lacked off coz of work commitements. Mama and I went shopping. Didn't really bought things, coz Princess Fayth was with us, we had to run after her. Either she is a good sprinter or I'm getting old.

I'm 1 week old at my new office. Shockness! Just the HQ alone, the human capacity is at least 50 times my previous CMO. There were a few business units housed under 1 building. I tried to remember as many names as possible during the introduction session. My session with the CEO is both rewarding and task orientated. He specifically listed down the goals. Challenges ahead of the team. I have 2 more colleagues in my team compared to the last one, but each had their own brands to take care of. The brand that I need to take care of is more upmarket, the profile of the customer is very different from my past experiences, so a lot of homework is needed.

awaits the new challenges ahead....