Monday, August 09, 2010

what's next?

a mth back from my trip from down under...had an amazing time with friends...

an unexpected surprise, swept my feet away to 3127miles.

recharged and getting ready for festive rush, so excited coz this yr will be another amzing year for us. If everything goes as plan, we will be making statement in the market again. *cross fingers* have faith!

Its National Day today, Happy 45 years of Independence, Singapore!
I was born in the era of developing Singapore to developed Singapore, as follows...

MRT, the change of non air con SBS bus to double decked bus, 20cent to $1.00 of shutter service, ERP, pple using MRT as another avenue of committing sucide Esplanade,

how HDB flat used to be piling, now its lego brick building, more pigeon holes...more of us paying ridiculous amt for that tiny pigeon holes

the IT boom, the burst of the IT bubble, the recession, unfortunately I graduate in the year of recession

how Singaporean help to boost the our friendly neighbour retail industry, pump petrol, stock up grocery

our 1st elected President, the death of our presidents, our nation heroies, my 1st voting experience

the change of a post office to Fullerton Hotel, Ngee Ann City, facelift of Far East Plaza, the most expensive maid hangout to ION Orchard, revamped on Mt Faber, VIvoCity, Integrated Resorts, Universal Studio, Spore Flyer, Temasek Poly new campus, Stephanie Sun, Zouk > Venom > Dbl O > Bar None > MOS > St James Power Station, tea dance, bengs and lians,

me from a grease monkey to a marketer, how I struggle during juggling part time studies & work, no I didn't ace my grades...I stuggle to stay awake during class, the amazing amt of alcohol I intoxicated during my party days, travelling alone, single, first kiss, break up, attached again, break up again, attached again, and break up again, mmm I think I lost counts... had amzing friends,

Parent 25th wedding anniversary, Daddy finally retire, Kor got married, the addition of 3 new members to my family (the youngest is screaming now)

so what's next? I will survive....

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