Thursday, June 30, 2005

I really take my own sweet time

Announcement: I've finally edited my sidebar!

Sorry! I know I took a while... but like perfect Chinese lame excuse that we always quote chi dao hao guo mei dao

Reference my last post "My itchy fingers" dated 5th April, if you still remember.... I "unknowingly" change the blogskin...

Basically its a repetition of my last blogskin....except that I've added two new photo album 1)Wakeboarding and 2)My Brother's Wedding.

The pix from the wedding night courteous from cousin Katherine. The photographer that we engaged didn't use digital shot thus I'm unable to scan n upload all the 10 rolls of film. Want my life mehz?!

Speaking of wakeboarding... hmm... its been a while since the last ride. Anyway Linda is arranging for us to go cable ski at Batam on 22 - 24 July and to celebrate Jason's birthday. Damn it! I need to work on that weekend...ahhhh help!!! sob sob

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Duhz! Lame "IQ question"

Imagine you are in Africa. You have been tied hanging on a tree with a rope anchored on the ground, a candle is slowly burning the rope, and the lion is waiting for you to drop and be his lunch. Your survival hinges on the rope staying intact, there is no one around to help you. The only possible way is to somehow convince the lion to BLOW the candle out. How do you do that?

You sing a Happy Birthday song to the lion, so that he can BLOW the candle after the song..... *faint*

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Manga to anime and finally movie, Initial D is indeed the most successful Japanese manga to date. Yes, I'm a true fan. Thanks to Bam Bam's colleague's boyfriend's friend, I got to watch the preview.

Personally, I would rate the movie 4 star, mainly because the movie focus more on characters development rather than the superb driving technique which is what Initial D is all about...

Takumi ��� the talented street racer who is a hidden gem of Mt Akina, sometimes also known as the tofu boy. It's a mistake to get Jay Chou to portray this lead character. He bloody can���t act! He puts in too much feelings and emotion whereas in the manga, Takumi is someone without much facial expression. The part were he cries, makes me wanna die of laughter. Come on~ When Takumi found out that Mogi is a social escort, he is juz devastated but being a bloke of wood, egoistic and prideful, he didn���t show his feelings out but choose to hide it. That scene of Jay crying makes me feel like he is being forced to cry and so not real. Guys who got hit hard on emotion cry with feelings not faek crying!

Ryosuke ��� Leader of Red Sun race team. An ace racer, technical genius when is comes to racing. Many racer aspire to be like him even his rivals have deep respect for his knowledge, skills and experiences. Together with his vase experience and skills, his ability to think and analyze while racing makes him a formidable opponent. He is my favorite character in Initial D. He is very humble and you will never hear him bragging about his achievements, even when he is explaining to his opponent why they lost the race. He does so without malice just stating the plain facts as he sees them. He is always willing to help a fellow racer improve their technique; even he knows he is their target. In the movie, Edison Chan is playing this spiritual character. Can I just tell you that he failed badly and tarnish the character completely. Utterly disappointed!

Takeshi - Leader of Night Kids race team. An excellent racer but his "win at all cost" attitude made in impulsive and impatient which he tends to try too hard and push his car beyond its limits, making mistakes and causes him to lose the race. Shawn Yu is starring this character which was a mistake as he does show the audience Takeshi eagerness to win. Personally I think he should play Takumi. Compare to Jay Chou, Shawn is more Takumi than Jay.

Bunta ��� Takumi's father. The legendary racer of Mt Akina. Played by Anthony Wong. He is good but again shows way too much expression for the character. On certain scene, he really looks like Bunta.

Itsuki ��� Takumi's buddy. Played by Chapman To. Probably the only actor who can portray closest to the character in the movie. 2 thumbs up! Well done.

Like what Bam bam say, I know the character too well. I really hope that the movie concentrate on the drifting and driving skills which I know in Japan, this is what professional street racer are expert at. To me the movie is juz like any other extract-from-comic movie like Spiderman or Batman.

For more information of the Initial D, you might want to check out this webby.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Sorry for the long absence! Been busy. The long awaited Kor's wedding was held on 4 June. I was super duper busy on that day since I was the wedding coordinator. Everything went ahead smoothly as planned although there were minor hiccups here and there, but we managed to overcome.

I'm glad the guests all like the food served. The wine was practically wacked out. The whole bunch of cousin really can drink. Mini drama ��� one of my cousin who just learned to drink got drunk and was seen lying of the grass patch. He took a lot of pix with all of us and when his gf saw the pix, they exchanged heated argument. Dumb gf! We are all cousin so even if we are seen hugging each other, it meant nothing!

Borrowed "My Date with the Vampire Part 3" from Lawrence. Glad that I've completed the whole serial, 38 episode in a week time. The plot was not bad, although everyone said its bad, I think otherwise.

Last week was declared as MC week as I only worked for a day. The rest of the days were resting at home.

I've finally consolidated my photo album 2. Only manage to complete the first part as most of the pix were stored in my office PC and I need to develop the pictures. Hopefully I can accomplish the task by this week.

Listen Up! I���ve got free tickets to the premier of Initial D!!! Credit goes to Bam Bam. Its Wednesday, can't wait to watch the movie since I'm a great fan of the anime. Edison Chan will be playing my favourite character ��� Ryosuke Takahashi, the leader of Redsun, driving a suave white Mazda FC 3S RX 7. Frankly speaking, I prefer Shawn Yue to play this character but nonetheless, let���s not judge to early.

A lot of things has been happening in the office. Latest news is that they have changed the 1-working Saturday schedule back to alternate working Saturday. This also means that our office hours have been changed to 9 to 6pm. I hate it! For the past 6mths, I've been enjoying partying on Friday so much and now, its back to old irritating working schedule! Pui! Bad decision! Come July, there will be less partying on Friday. In a way I guess it's now the perfect reason I can give myself since previously I was saying that I wanted to cut down on my boozing session. WTH! It might be a blessing in disguise.

My boss has resigned and her last day is this friday. I'm gonna missed her so much. The past 6 mths working with her was a pleasant and enriching experience. I've learnt so much from her, and I believe that there are so much more to learn from her. Frankly her departure was much expected, I mean giving the current situation in the office, I would have left if I was in her position. I'm feeling very drained... coz no matter how much effort I put in, they are never satisfied. Not that I'm not good enough but they are still very much in the previous era, digging all the history and find fault. Every single matter, be it their scope or not, they want to interfer! It makes it so hard to work coz there are so many parties you need to satisfy. Not to mention that they are so calculative. WTF! I really dunno how long more I can tolerate this nonsense....

My Gerri Jie is finally coming back for good! I missed her so much! A lot of catching up to do....