Thursday, March 31, 2005

OC Season 2 premier tonight! I can't wait for the ever complicated love life of Ryan, Seth, Summer, Marrisa... Funny... OC actually brings back the Beverly Hill 90210 memories....

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I MUST share this piece of good news to you!!!

Last Sunday, my beloved and most acclaimed HK actor, TONY LEUNG CHIU WAI has been named BEST ACTOR at The HongKong Flim Award for a record fifth time - for his role as a playboy in the Wong Kar Wai romance, 2046!!!

His previous wins were for the movie Chungking Express in 1995, Happy Together in 1998, In The Mood For Love in 2001 and Infernal Affair in 2003...

All in all thats his eleventh Best Actor in all International Film Award....

He was cladded in white suit, suave and charming!!! I totally melt for the most obvious reasons - the pair of killer eyes, his fantastic acting skills...I simply adore everything about him.....

My "Perfect" Eyesight!

My beloved friends, here am I, back blogging again with a PERFECT eyesight!!!
Yesh! Its PERFECT 6/6 on both eyes!
The past 1 week was an exciting week for me.
So here I go to share with y'all with my LASIK experiences.

Woke up with butterflies in my stomach and they can't seems to stop.
Took a last look at myself in my nerdish specs and here I go proceeding to the hospital. 15mins late due to the hectic bus ride, registered, payment and got my eyesight tested 1 more time.

Realized that I'm getting my left eye done first (but actually they told me the last time, but forgetful Clariss totally forgotten everything)
sat patiently at the waiting area and said a little prayer to God.
My name was called as I walked bravely to the operating theatre.

I wore the operating gown over, with a shower-cap look alike thingy.
The nurse cleaned my eyes and applied a few drops of antiseptic eye drops to both eyes so I won't feel the pain.

My surgeon says hi to me and briefed me on the procedure later on.
No. 1 there will be a sudden lost of vision but rest assured I would regain sight within 1-2 second.
No. 2, I'll have to focus on the blinking red light throughout.
That's easy, as I thought to myself.

Took off my nerdish glasses and the blind mouse is really for the op!
Doc put the eye shield over and this metal thingy on which I hate it coz he needs to stretch open my eye real wide.
Look Doc! Yours truly have really small eyes so no matter how you stretch, that's the maximum you can stretch so stop asking me to open my eye real wide!
Suction was applied to eyeball as he need to mark my eye.
Everything was done and he proceed to slice the flap and flip it over and I totally freak out! Coz I can't see at all and I'm literally blind mouse.
You see, I was too engrossed in focusing on the blinking red light that I forgotten about the sudden lost of vision.
Luckily as promised I saw my 'favorite' blinking red light within 1-2 second.

The 40 second laser began and all I could smell is chou ta smell!
Its like over BBQ food.
As I giggled to myself I'm still focused to the blinking red light.
After completing the laser, he put the flap back nicely, wash my eye and everything was done.

I rested outside the waiting area for 15mins after which, Doc checked my eyes and I was allowed to return home.
Well at this point of time, I can see clearly even with the plastic eye shield over (to prevent me from rubbing my eye)

I was told to apply the eye drop every 2 hours and the artificial tear as and when needed to lubricate my eye.

I slept at 11am and woke up at 1 for lunch.
Oh boy I can feel a little pain as the antiseptic wears off but this is pretty normal.
I had a quick bite and jump back into bed again.
Woke up at about 5pm and the pain wasn't there anymore.
I wasn't allowed to watch tv or read the papers.
Was told to sleep, sleep and sleep. Doc said that the more I slept the faster I recovered.

Day 2, Ma accompanied me for the op on the second eye.
Well I had the eye shield on my left eye and I can't wear my spec as its like eye 1 clear vision and eye 2 bad vision. I
I had my vision tested for the left eye and was told that it was a 6/6 with no astic.
I was ready for eye 2 and the same story was repeated only this time
I was 'prepared' for the sudden lost of vision.
But the funny thing is that although I know what to expect, I was much more nervous compared to the day before...
So nighttime when I sleep, its 2 eye shield on and I definitely look like Ultraman!

Did I mention that I wasn't allowed to wash my hair for 3days?
Well, Doc was afraid that water might get into the eyes so I was wearing my trusty army boy baseball cap (that's an adidas toot!)
BUT my Kiasu and beloved ma ma insist that I wash my hair on the fourth day....
ok I shall not elaborate oh how my hair smell and my sms conversation with Gerri on can-boy being my best friend if I'm invaded with kutu!

Anyway went back for follow up on day 3 and was tested 6/6 PERFECT vision for both eyes!
I'm 'born' with new pair of eyes!!!
I'm still trying to get used to my new pair of eyes....
every night when I'm in bed, keep thinking that I've my contact lenses on, so its gonna take some time....
And I threw away my contact lenses, lenses container, solution etc.

Peggy, you can consider going for the OP, it really save you a lot of trouble. Actually the whole OP only takes about 10 to 15mins and once you are out, you can actually see quite clearly.
The only thing is that you have to get plenty of rest.
But of coz, every person condition is different and I heard some people have side effects like double vision, halo effect at night, constant redness and etc.
I'm juz the few of the lucky ones who can recover fast and suffer no side effect. However, bear in mind that LASIK has only been around for 10 - 15 years, so the REAL side effect will take a while to surface....

Monday, March 21, 2005

What would you do when someone snatches a cab right under your nose?????

I went up, open the door and told him to get his butt off! Still have the cheek to tell me he is not aware of the queue?! You mean you stood there for 15mins and thought everyone was queueing for Hello Kitty?! Or, the board which read TAXI STAND was too huge or high up in the sky?! Or worse, TAXI STAND sound alien to you!!! Lame!

Its alright... juz get your fat ass off my cab, toot! Sorry, juz your luck to bump into me!
met up with my ex sch mates on Friday, brought them to my usual joint since everyone can't decide where to go. Am glad that they like the place. Later on we went to devil's. The place was damn packed. the queue was still very long even at 2am when we reached there. the girls was at the techno and trance area. the music was so damn off for me! Not my genre! Elvin and I practically sat there and stone. We saw a few of our sch mates there, so its like sch reunion. Later, we decided to head to retro zone. Saw Nic and his friends. OMG his frds r f-ing assholes and lame B******, anyway I shall not elaborate on them, waste my time, Elvin and I left shortly after.....

Acc mummy and aunty for shopping on Sat. Got drag out from the bed where I barely slept for 4 hrs....we came back during evening....

will be going for my long awaiting op tomorrow....can't seems to hide my excitment and worries. I trust the Doc so shld be all right. Bam Bam called me on Sat and told me that he read an article on Sat papers saying that I should have plenty or rest and stay away from smoky place. This also implies that I should stay away from partying for a while....

Will be officially transfered to another department on 1st April, so that means four more working days in my current department, with my current boss.... keekee.... I'm really looking forward coz thats so much things I can learn over there, I'll definetly hype up my portfolio, but this also means longer working hours, more effort needed, less time and more responsiblities. Fret not as I tell myself.... I believe I'm game enuff for the challenge....

Thursday, March 17, 2005

with a wide imaginative power, one tend to think and read to much when encountering a situation, which result in the tendency of putting oneself on the chopping board.... excitement shouldn't overrule the clear state of mind and blind the gift of thinking....

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

things are accelerating too fast....

but at least I know where he stands and am glad that we both share the same liking for each other....

right now, I juz want to understand more of him before the big step is taken....

Wish e luck....

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

was suppose to go for dinner....end up it was cancelled... *sad sad*

Monday, March 14, 2005

The past weekend...

Had to attend a seminar at RTC, met up with Jie jie Alice and Huiru for lunch at SICC. Agree with Ru that the Jap food was worth the money and very fresh. Really enjoyed the food. Ru brought us to the Isetan Private Sale at Shaw Towers. Am glad that I bought a tube top within 15mins. This is the third green top that I bought within 2 weeks. Really into green nowadays.

Met up with Adeline for dinner. Brought her to Eatz, the food was good. Adeline commented that she could always trust me when it comes to food. Met up with 2 of her friends after dinner... Went for a drink at Circular Road. After which, we went over to Creme bar. Terrance and Mecole were there. Daphne got drag out of bed by us. As usual, we drank and sing. Elvin invited me to sing 2 duets with him, so I went over his table since it's a better view of the tv from his place. As we sang I notice that there was this guy who keeping looking at my direction. (He happens to be seated beside our table) He is the typical clean-cut look that I like. Anyway when we finish the songs, everyone clap and Daphne tease Elvin and me. Come on~ Elvin is much younger than me and happens to be my ex-sec schmate. Do I look like I go for Jie-Di Lian?!

I told the girls about my new discovery. Daphne agreed that the guy was cute and insisted that we take a pix together. Hello?! None of the girls know him. Drama time. One the cute guy friends were very drunk and right in front of our tables. Yewks! Nic apologies to us and immediately cleaned up the mess for us. Well he ought to he is the boss. The best part...the cute guy apologies to us on his friend���s behalf then we started talking.

Daphne still didn't abort the idea of us taking a pic together. So when she asked, he said ok and sat closer to me so that both of us can fit into the screen. The shot was nicely taken except that I was wearing a tube, so it seems like I was naked! Daphne didn't got to sing despite we ask for a lot of songs. It was too crowded that night, so she suggested we head down to our usual joint. I ask him if he was interested to tag along. Was surprise that he knew where we were heading when I merely told him that the joint was behind Maxwell Hawker. He said he will let me know later as he need to send the drunken home. He asked for my number and said will sms me later. We exchange number before we left the place. But, I have got a feeling that he wouldn���t come over as it was quite late. True enough, he sms-ed me 1/2hr later that he need to work the next day so wouldn't be joining us. Dunno whether I should thank the drunken for creating the opportunity for us to talk or to rob away the opportunity to spend more time together.

Went to work and head home to rest as I only caught 3 hours of sleep the night before. Night, head down to grams place for dinner and help Sok Ching out for her wedding the next day. The whole day was a series of exchange of sms with him. Found out that he was not attached. Happy! Night, he ask me if I wanted to join him at MS, which I politely decline the offer, told him that I need to help my cousin out. We continued to sms each other throughout the night, even when he was partying with his friends. The conversation ended when I fell asleep at abt 2 plus. Managed to find out a couple of things from him, age, occupation, liking and most importantly not attached!

A happy and joyous occasion for Sok Ching and Edmund.

Friday, March 04, 2005

I've uploaded my family album under the Photo Gallery...Feel free to browse through...

Went to cut my hair yday...I love the fringe Murphey gave me, stylish and yet not too funky! Thats wat I love abt Murphey, the hairstyle he gave me, always suits me. I can wear it in different style depend on the occasion....

He suggested that I should do a little highlight, perhaps a very dark blue...Stylish and yet won't conflict the coporate image... still considering....