Thursday, February 24, 2005

In case anyone of you are waiting for my update the the surgery, I regret to say that it has been postpone to next month. My surgeon is on a week medical leave, suffering from high fever. This means that (a) I continue wearing my specs and look like a nerd or (b) invest on a 1 mth disposal contact lense. Yours truly must have discard everything when spring cleaning my room.... Thats the problem with me (a) too forgetful and (b) get irritated and fustrated when there isn't enuff storage space. So, in order to spare my brain cell from thinking where to store my stuff, I'll throw everything away...

Gambling luck hasn't been good... after playing MJ for so long, its the first time I show hand my chips, and on top of that I still o-tang $$$. Luckily things got better and I manage to recover the loss.

Has oyster party over at Chanice place. Damn worth it. 144 fresh oyster for $60!!! Fresh Oyster with Tabasso and a dash of lemon, accompany with wine... Superb!!!

15days of CNY Celebration ended yesterday... this yr ang-bao collection is still pretty ok, with a few new collection added to my usual list ( a few of my cousin got married)

Have been so busy lately that I haven't got a chance to catch a movie except Seoul Raider. I want to watch Constatine and Closer. Hope to catch it by this weekend....

I recently sign up Landmark Forum, so wish me luck. Hope that I can transform into a brand new person and dump all my baggage behind me... The 4-day forum will commence in June... will share with u guys what I've learn....

Oh ya, rem the deal I made with Ben???!!! He lost!!! keekee... so he is treating dinner... Oh well, I won't be so mean so to make him eat bread while watching me having the good food. Ben, I've always been kind to you rem?! *wink*

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Dear all,

I'm back from CNY break. Basically, CNY this year was good. Lots of goodies, and gambling session. Been sleeping in the morning for the first 5 day of CNY. So, my Sunday and Monday was spend at home re-charging battery to prepare me for the New Year.

Valentine's Day
Spent the whole afternoon queuing at Driving Center to book my advance theory test date. Waited for one and half hr for a damn test date. I'm determined to pass this time!!!!

Went to MediaCorp CNY Luncheon juz now. It was filled with a lot of the artiste

Upon request of my dear friend Daphne Kang, I thick-skinned and ask for a pix of Vincent Ng. He looks good and friendly. Pf coz she went gaga when I MMS his self-portray to her!

So now, I need to adjust my holiday mode back to working mode.

5 more days to my OP, mixed feelings��� hope everything goes well��� Like wat Daphie said: hope that after the OP I can "see" better, and not get myself involved in unnecessary situation and hurting myself!

Monday, February 07, 2005

we finally collected our family photo. Everyone looks good...Frogotten to bring the CD-Rom to office, so I guess I can only share the pix with u guys when I'm back to the office on next Wed. (yup long holiday for me)

1 more day to CNY, weekend was spring cleaning part 2. My room look much neated, finally cleared all the unwanted overdue letters, bills etc. My wardrobe look much organize.

Help Daddy and ma with the CNY decoration, yes my whole house looks very Chin-cheong, which Daddy luv it...

Nothing much to blog abt....

I'm off from 8th to the 16th so I see u guys again... till den Take care, Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Gong Xi! Wish u all step step high rise, Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Was over at my cousin place to witness a house blessing ceremony.

very excited coz I've never been to such ceremony before. Basically, the Pastor will bless and pray for the well being and protection of the new house and family members living in it.

Freinds, relatives, colleague and love ones of the family turned up to give their blessing. It was indeed a heart warming scene.

Jie jie Alice has always been an envy. She has got a great and doting husband, understanding and caring mother-in-law, 2 intelligent kids. She manages the household with an aces! I mean when i heard how she took care of the renovation, shifting and furniture buying for their new house, I totally applause her capabilities. The new house is tastfully done up.

When I look at her family, how I wish I have a family like hers in future....

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I finally bought the pair of Levis jeans. Nope is not 599 which i wanted to purchase initially. In the end I settle for 501 button-fly. $59 for a pair of jeans is a good deal. Thanks to my UOB voucheur.

I've got a feeling that I'll fall sick soon. I can feel the heat my body is giving out. The container of chips that my colleague brought to the office made things worse. So, for the past 2 days, I've been drowning myself with all the 'cold' stuff to cool my body.

Oh! do you know that Initial D Part 4 is out? And I've got the VCD with me. Thanks to Kelvin boy. So exciting... I'm gonna start watching it tonight.

V-day is coming and yes! I hate to admit I'll be spending it with me, myself and Clariss. But, since its during the CNY period, I guess I'll be either at frds place or relative place.

My thumb still hurts like crazy thanx to my clumsiness. Everyone is laughing the heads off after hearing how my little accident took place...