Tuesday, July 31, 2007

long break

so the other day I was applying leave for the family trip and also to keep ping ping companied during her visit in sept (yeah~ she is coming!!!), I realized I have 17 days of leave to clear by 31 Dec. Else it will be forfeited.

I can only start clearing in Oct, which leave me 3 mths to clear. Less off the xmas project in mid Nov, I'm left with Oct. But I'm having exam during this period of time... argh *~*

so it seems like its impossible. chao turtle!

ah nei

this Holly Bollywood theme for the D&D is driving me nuts...

since last week, everyone in the office is playing quick bling bling tempo songs just so we could nail down right number for the running around the tree dance....

I am being "volunteered" to be one of the female runners...sigh~

so yday we went to No. 1 costume to get tiny cloth that wrap only the vital areas leaving two steams of red liquid flowing down every non female species's breathing organ .

I is so exposed!!! WLE they better give me the best dressed after all the sacrifices (wearing skirt!!! God!) I make.

of family times and Princess's new addiction...

so I like Sunday, spending time with Family.

it used to be to grams place, but since so the few incidents, I haven't been going back for a while...

yday we celebrated Daddy's bday. We wanted to go to the beer garden at ECP, but Daddy was craving for home cooked food, so in the end mama cooked her few specialties.

totally enjoyable spending times with family. Joking around, seeing how Princess sat at her high chair feeding herself (yes she has a high chair), planning our trip to hat yai in sept...

oh ya...we are going to hat yai to visit SIL's Dad.

oh by the way, whats there to do in hat yai?! I googled and found this on wikitravel...whats hat yai famous for? shopping? seafood? beach? touristy places?

After some surfing I found this, which gave quite an insight of the place....I better keep to shopping...

Lately Princess is so hooked to the purple dino aka Barney. Please tell me whats so special about that clumsy creature with an awful name?!

Princess has a whole collection of VCD on Barney?!

Everyday she will go "I luff you... You luff me..." and do the Barney dance altogether, which is pretty awful and ugly I must say...

We brought her to Toys R Us, she got so hyper upon see the Barney thingy.

Whatever happens to smurf, silverhawk, transformer, carebear, Flinstones, Tom & Jerry?! Are they doing a movie on smurf and carebear now that theres transformer, spiderman, superman, batman, fantastic 4, Xmen, Flintstones...

Monday, July 30, 2007

anti social

somebody commented that I've been quite anti social lately...

I spend two weekends at home watching DVD, while everyone jio-ed me out for dinner, movie, drinks and etc...

oh well~ I figure people who are in the I-not-fond-of category will be tagging along, so why sacrifice myself right?!

I rather do things that I will be happy. hoho....

Monday, July 23, 2007

new colour

my hair colour is back to the basic. no more funky red

Peter gave me a straight cut for fringe and I look like a gothic doll with my black eyeshadow.

so now I know which character I want to be in the upcoming D&D (Holly Bollywood)


Bride of Chucky

Monday, July 16, 2007

melted royce

I came back from school and saw the fridge doors wide opened, two huge ice boxes in the kitchen....

damn the fridge is spoilt....

damn there goes my orgasmic royce chocolate...

my pure blondie, you know what to do, dun you?!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday, July 13, 2007

a matter of time...

mama and I were at dempsey yday... everyone was there at korkor's company opening.

wine was good! Food was good and mama was pick up by an ang moh!
hohoho =o Luckily I came to her rescue :)

We had a few bottles of wine. To think that years back I was not allowed to drink at all, now mama is drinking with me. so you see my cousins and nieces who are reading this, its just a matter of time your parents join in and do the "not allowed" list of things with you. Let nature take its own course hohoho

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


messed up!

ok this is getting very weird....

my sec sch mate who proclaimed that she is a lesbo got married...

finally sorted out her sexual preference?! My goodness! she is one messed up girl...

when we were in sch, she dated a boy from boy sch. years aft we grad, they were still dating, for abt 8 years. Once, the whole bunch of us met up, and she intro her "bf"(aka the butch).

"Oh, its in mean since sch, I like girls"

erm...what abt that BOY you dated?!

so we accepted her as a lesbo...ok the butch is kinda cute and yandao I must say.

Then all of a sudden she is married! To a guy... guy as in guy guy

Journey of laughter

thanks to moove media, I've got free tix to Dim Sum Dollies in the History of Singapore.

a showcase of the founding of the Lion City, from a developing city to developed city and now over-developed city (I felt), with a pinch of local jokes. typical Glen Goei production.

I pity the ang moh and indies who are part of the joke. Not bad for a afterwork de-stress....I had a great laugh. Emma Yong and Selena Tan was alright, Pam Ooi was a better singer. In comparison, I would prefer Ti dou dao, but of course, I'm waiting for Big Fool Lee (李大傻). My friend Darius is part of the play.

I had FA-time after the show.
Its been a long time since I took the train home at 11pm.
the usual at this hour, either I juz knock off and will cab home or I'm out with friends and will hitch a ride back or cab home.

plug-in to my mp3player, I saw people of different walks of life....

The tired white/blue collar zzz-ing away, the lovey-dovey couple holding hands and kissing, the working mums bringing their kids back home, the school kids in uniform which I don't know why at this hour they are still out, the poly/uni after long project discussion, groups of working adult after class gathering, most probably at dinner bitching about how work life sux...the individual jamming with their mp3 plug-in (not me, mine was soft rock at 5 decibel, ok probably 10, maybe 20)

everyone had their role to play in a busy train, it an enjoyable journey, so much so that Zzz monster joined in the fun and I slept on another man's shoulder... *blush*

p/s: not on purpose lahz! I was tired...

Monday, July 09, 2007


a big congrats to all the couples who tied the red knot on 07-07-07

I attended 3 weddings... a wedding weekend for me....

well in fact its wedding wedding and more wedding for everybody. The hotel that I went to had 3 couples holding their dinner...

As expected I got the wedding FAQ at cousin's... (the one which got a 3 0r 5 or 7 caret ring, whatever lahz, the rock is just huge like the hubby. Huge in size... erm... as in he is big built, like 1.9m) and I had to announce (though I hate to say) that AMB and I are no longer together...

a moment of silence and left me to kill the crows flying....

The only enjoyable part of a wedding is looking at the showcase of how 2 lives grew up and met each other.

next time my wedding, I'll give everyone a copy as wedding flavours, so the guest can share our love EVERYDAY!

The "七世情侣" deosn't have much meaning to it. I mean since every couple is so game on getting married on that day, I thought the title might as well blend into the whole 7-7-7 rhyme.

Is there really such a thing of 七世情侣. Couple who meant to be together for 7 lives. Personally, as a Christian, I don't believe, I mean we are suppose to be with God when we get the fouth plank right?!

Thinking out aloud, if there is really 七世情侣, that would be so romanticus...imagine the process of searching for each other out in the wilderness...

hohoho.... I need L.O.V.E ....

Friday, July 06, 2007

no no

drinking and driving no no


Thursday, July 05, 2007


yup back in the scene... now that i'm very attached in the first place considering i dun see/hear from my bf...ok now ex-bf for more than a month...

i'm alright, no worries...



This is fabulous!

Definitely a must watch... of coz the company plays a part as well....

alcohol limitations

lately the hot topic of some matured women being rejected for free flow of drinks on a ladies night... apparently I was rejected too.

Well not the free flow of drinks thingy but more so of I wasn't allow to sit at sofa coz all of us wanted to have beer on a SUNDAY night

How ridiculous is that!!!

business is bad bad bad on a SUNDAY night and a potential walk in, you refused to give up the sofa just so we are drinking beer?!

Was the place being reserved?! Nope as what the server claimed...

Was the place crowded? Nope , there were bloody two customer in the entire place...

We just walked out of the place.....