Tuesday, May 29, 2007

my lift affair

I was pleasantly surprised by my neighbour this morning.

I shoulder my baggy and lug my laptop with the other hand, I must have look kinda aunty without my gloss on. The lift door opened and in front of me stood my neighbour, the boyish looking one.

Today, he smiled and greeted "Good Morning" I swear I could see the blush on his cheeks.

Well, I don't think I'm over sensitive, for 10 times I'm at void deck, 10 times I see him around! ok, minus off those times I reached home in wee hours, thats 8 times...

For that less than 3mins lift ride, its just him and me... without me stretching over to press the lift buttons, he knew the correct button...

now I getting all of you excited yah...

next time on his looks....

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Champions League 2007

after match.....

damn rrrroooooaaaaarrrrrr
dun come near me!!!

I'm gonna ban pizza and pasta for 1mth

in another few hours time, the Reds will be fighting hard and winning....
and I'll be wearing the jersey singing the kop anthem to cheer them on :)

Monday, May 21, 2007

men and their privacy

you know I've always enjoyed going to the ladies, not that I've got a fetish, but during that 5 - 10mins, depending on situation, spent in that room, is MY time, my personal time.

Time for me to do the neccessary busines like answering to nature's call in big and small ways, adjusting my inner beauty *ahem*, touching up my make up, removing that leftover stuck in between the pearlies.

Ladies to every women is important, very important.

In my past 24 years, ok 24 years and 5 mths old *argh*, I'm pretty aware of the different structure of a gents and ladies.

ok ok, I'm not that Tom who goes peeping around.

Back in sch days, only the boys room had showering facilities, so thats my first touch of how boys room looks like. Something similar to ours but they have the urinals.

and of coz, due to the job nature from my first job, I've got chance to visit the Gents.

There is this thing that kept me puzzled for the longest time. And of coz, its directed to all the men out there, for one reason or another, only uses urinal instead of the cubicles.

Imagine nature's call, you walk in, scan through all the available urinals, found the exact comfy location, walked over, position yourself in the right direction, unzip, slowly take out *ahem, shy* your xiao didi and release from the holding area. Then suddenly this "guy" walked past and saw your xiao didi....

please tell me how much privacy can a man get? For the every 3-5mins spent at the urinal, one is subjected to outrage of modesty. How is it save to enter a men rooms, especially those from school where there isn't and partitions....its one gigantic urinal shared by everyone...Its a free show.

yes, women do share cubicles. But thats on the understanding that you won't mind this other girl to see your child bearing organ.

but men? poor men...they do not have a choice. Its either

1) stand real close to the urinals, hoping that the two side partition can take cover, risking the fact that there might be a tendency of rebounce of ammo


2) ....ok I can't think of the second options

poor man, no wonder we normally see that man waiting outside the washrooms for their other halves....

once in a blue moon

I know I've been missing in action for a while, so this is for you

coz you wont get to see this very often.
If memories didn't fail me, the last that I not wear a pants is 2 years back during kor's wedding....

Friday, May 11, 2007

my good frens

came back from briefing of operation A(lcohol)...

its remy boy's bday and we decided to book chalet, kinda ad hoc...and the best part only AnTe, ah boey, myself and the bday boy will be there together with:

~ 2 bottles of Bailey
~ 1 bottle of Bombay Sapphire
~ 1 bottle of Marttel
~ 1 bottle of Adsolut Vodka
~ 1 bottle of Adsolut Vodka Raspberry
~ 1 bottle of Chivas
~ 1/8 bottle of Black Label

this is MADNESS!!!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

of reworking, phantom and work&sch

i've been thinking for a while to redo my room.
to paint the walls red and ceiling black and to add a chandelier

as all many know, I shifted from 9A to 9B. It has been two years and no work has been done, and I quite confident that its gonna still drag for a while...

weighing the amt of time spend in my room vs the $$$ + time + effort put in to redo the place, I still can't make a decision...

the other day I was saying that I wanted to get a digital box from cable vision, and daddy ask when I want my plasma tv, hohoho I is loved!
there were times when i would reflect and reassure myself how blessed i am.
daddy and mama loves me, thought we are not super rich, but I can most of the things I want since young...

even now when I'm working, mama will pack my room, prepare bento for me, refill my water bottle, make breakfast for me, apply medication for my frequent bruises....

i dun think i deserve all these love from them.
there was once i asked mama, why she does all these things for me,
"'coz you are my child" such a simple sentence, yet it meant so much to the both of us. i can't even be sure to say that i can do the same for my kid, that is if i do have one.

by the way, where can i get a good painter? dun ask me to DIY, i is too lazy, i rather pay than to fumble how to mix the paint, how to store the leftover or worse, how to perfect the edge of the walls.

oh well, i bought tixs to Phantom, *excited*
the last they came, i was a 穷书生.
so i make sure i dun missed this, though i almost did.
tell me, do i look like an airport to you?
why is it that i always kena fly aeroplane?

you know how they say we should balance work and life?
Did say how we should balance work and school??????

my school is stressing me up...
deadlines are drawing near and exam is next mth...and the fact that i can't study/do assignment @ home...its not helping...
oh well, i know i'll be able to survive....

*set high priority*

I've marked next tuesday as an important day
i'm loving this

Thursday, May 03, 2007

yet another record


Singapore top the world again! This time, according to a worldwide survey done in 32 cities or 35, or watever lah... we are the fastest walking people.

Apparently, The British Council conducted a study of the walking speed of pedestrians. We, S'porean took 10.5sec to walk a distant of 18m.

I bet my ah ma would be proud to say that she is one of those people...

walk so fast, dun need public transport or car mahz...but traffic jam is still driving me nuts every morning...

This whole pace of life is changing everyone. Even my ex-bf have to slow me down when we par tor. He had difficulty catching his breath because I couldn't switch from work mode to off work mode... sigh! probably thats one of the reason why we broke off.....

which brings me back to how this British Council people conduct the survey?

Did they stationed by the roadside like those creepy TP, armed with a timer and bieow my legs?!

6th winning?! Yeap!

Will history repeats itself?

We'll find out on May 23 when they get yet another shot at the finals.

Benitez wouldn't mind adding another silverware onto the shelf


Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I got this call from a friend last night wishing me happy anniversary.

Big time HUH???!!!

Apparently last year, we got to know each other at that exact time he called me. I dun think he is boliao, but kinda touched that he remembers when and how we got to know each other.

I is guilty, I mean for some friends I dun even remember I actually know them.

After hanging up, I start to recall how I met each and every of my friends, which once again proven how friendster all of us were.

If I haven't know this friend, I would never got to some the subsequent great pals. Its like everything happens for a reason. Being at that place, at the time, was part of the plot. Every incident and happenings has its reasons behind it.

if I haven't followed kor out few years back, I would never got to know daphie.

if I didn't participant in that orientation camp in poly, and hang out with the GLs, I would never got to know the village

if I didn't agreed to have dinner with Raymond korkor, I would never got to know whole gang. I would have missed out having such a loving jiejie, and Ben as a great pal.

if I didn't went drinking with daphie, I would never got to know ping ping and the other Taiwanese pple. BTW, she will be here next month, Thk God! its after my exam.

everything juz fall into place.

back to that one anniversary friendship, it was also the same night that I got to know this guy which in a way I "idolize" to the point of almost stalking him. Concidentally, I saw him yday wearing the same top as last yr. This is freaky!

lately I kept having this weird feeling of everyone is a character in this major big time movie. Sort of a reality show. I admire the copywriter of having to craft the personality of all the characters. Must think of how to make two unrelated characters meet and lead to the happenings. Amount of brain juice needed? Priceless!
and on a totally unrelated note, Liverpool playing at 2:45am, Its a showdown!


I was doing research for my assignment, and realize how Gen-Yer I am.

Firstly, to qualify under the category of Gen Y, one has to be born between 1977 to 1994, which obviously I am.

I grew up in a two-income household, with divorce the norm in many homes. We are used to computers at home and in school, are Internet-savvy and are more socially aware of different cultures and ethnic diversity.

We have grown with AIDS, drug and alcohol abuse, violence and economic uncertainty. We are exposed to many significant global social changes like Gulf War and terrorism.

We are characterised by a storng sense of independence and autonomy. We are assertive, slef-reliant, emotionally and intellectually expressive.

We respond to good advertising messages..

Style, freedom, brand concious, status, abortion, trend, surround us.

I am Gen-Y