Sunday, October 30, 2005

God's work not mine

The road show came to an end with success, though there were some hiccups

I was at church this morn! yup aft missing God's word for almost a year, I went back this morning to recieve from him again.

as much as the past few weeks I was struggling within myself to go for service, I didn't go in the end. for all the same excuses that I've been giving myself....

I made up my choice and work up at 6 in the morning. Actually the morning call from Vincent and alarm started at 6am but I only managed to get up at 6:45am

wash up had breakfast and off I go.

It was a wonderful service.

at 10:25am, devil's work, I checked my mobile and saw 5 missed call and a sms from the agency.

"Tao zi is not coming to S'pore. Urgent! Please call me back at 9xxx xxxx!"

I didn't feel upset, disappointed or panicky. Neither did I left the service and return call.

I was thinking since she didn't catch her flight, there's nothing much I could do now. As much as I can scream and kick a big fuss, I still can't do anything to make her come now.

I put my mobile back into my bag and continue recieving God's word.

I pray to God and told him that I know that if I work, he can't. and man's work is limited. I will sit back and let him solve my problem. I have faith in him that the show will go on smoothly and whatever obstacles that is right in front of me, he will take care of them.

After the service, I called up the agency and true enough, they got everything took care of.

We will be having a live overseas interview with her.

Praise the Lord!

I had lunch, reach the office. During the journey back, I was still thining of some other outstanding stuff that I need to see to.

As it was a Sunday, people from the banquet sale department were not working. I decided to try my luck with the maintenance department and bingo, I got the easel stands.

While I was in the office, I suddenly remembered that I've forgotten to prepare the game material for one of the games.

my dearest colleagues were there to help me.

I truly thank God for all the things that he has done. Even as I back slid against him for the past one year, never did he walked away from me.

I can imagine if I didn't put my trust in him, I would have been toy my the devil's work and would have felt miserable, helpless, useless etc. All the negative ions would have chances to invade me.

It was truely God's work that the show was a success.


as some may have known that I caught in a love tangle for the past weeks, he answered my question.

Church has distributing their publication call Solid Rock. They recently recoined the Young Adult Ministry to Oasis Ministry.

Pastor Prince's message during the launch of the Ministry was published in the mag, it totally blew me away.

Those question that I've been repeatedly asking myself was all represented in that 3-page article.

The message truely opened a new spectrum for me. How foolish was I blinded with world's context of love, belonging and worth.

Quote from the message:

The true measure of your worth is not an angel, cherub, seraph, prohet nor a man of God. The true measure of your worth is God's own son - Jesus Christ HImself! God didn't give up an angel to die for you. He gave up His own Son! So God judges your values based on Jesus. That means you are priceless! You are of great value to God! So value yourself likewise!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

My boys won!

they did it!

2 nil!

thats my boy

Reminder: My Date with YOU

alright I'm leaving office....
yes its a Saturday
yes I'm working
yes I'm working till now

its all for the big event tomorrow

huh? what event?

wah lau eh!

You NEVER read my previous entry ah?????!!!!
its alright you are forgiven coz yours truely is magnanimous


refer to here

so I'll see you there...


人, 都是这样善变
说变就变, 不用多说





Friday, October 28, 2005


while enjoying my affagato at KL a month ago...
wrote this down


at times when you tried so hard to treasure something,
be it an object, someone or even feelings
they will try means and ways to escape from your clutch
the more you salvage the worse it gets....
Let nature takes its own course, thats how its derived...


My office is invaded with colourful hydrogen balls

2000 of them!!!

Introducing the state of the art..... *drumroll*

Electrical balloon pump

My diaphragm not that powderful

siao bo use mouth and blow....

Thursday, October 27, 2005

of girls talk, wedding

Dinner with ah boey at the famous beef noodle stall in Purvis Street!

I missed the moo moo....

yummy yummy

We proceed to Paulaner Brauhaus for lager since Ink Bar was having a private function there
(Kel why never tell me? make me walk away with disappointment?!)

Booze was nice, the ambience was great, but the toilet... nahz... make me hold my pee till Level 3. booboo

the night topic was revolved ard the upcoming wedding on 12 Nov.

as usual, we are still complaining on the wedding couple not kan cheong at all, everything is not planned, its the you-wait-for-me-I-wait-for-you attitude

I was telling ah boey...

so many of my friends are either getting married or having babies....suddenly got the urge to settle down.

dun be mistaken... I not under the influence of my peers...

I think I have enuff fun. For the past 1 yrs, it was hardcore partying for me.

Yes I got to know a lot of new friends mostly guys...

They came from different background, different personality

but one thing in common, they are out to have fun.

I guess I'm not a player.... blame it on my asian roots and strong family background

I always see myself having a doting husband, happy family and kids (if possible at least 2)

at those times when I met those guys, I kinda overwhelmed by the fact that they only wanted a companionship and nothing beyond that.

kind of tiring hanging out with them... coz the topics are all pretty much the same...

ah chuan was saying that because guys at clubbing scene are all out to have fun. Dream on if you want anything beyond that!

ok back to the wedding topic, both of us have been complaining till the kingdom comes that a lot of things are still left dangling in mid air...

its the 皇上不急,太监急 feeling....

so we decided to hack care and juz enjoyed ourselves...

We will booked our own room, get crazy and high.

yours truly is being arrowed to emcee for the wedding dinner.... again my virgin try

time to flaunt my Chinese vocabulary.

Ah boey also shared the same destiny with me... she is going to emcee for her cousin's wedding.

So both of us were debating on some of the words used in the speech!

again we fantasize about our wedding....


Day 1 Church wedding. I'm gonna wear an ivory white wedding gown with a long chapel train. The church will be beautifuly decorated with lilies. Colour Theme: White and silver. Oh ya I invited her to be my maid-of-honour. After the whole ceremony, there will be tea reception

Day 2: Customary Wedding where I will wear the traditional Qua . Wedding dinner will be a pool side wedding.

wah lau eh.... I really know how to dream....



dun you agree with me?!
Dun ponder... juz say yes!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My Date With You

My first time initiating a date....

asking you guys out for a date....

in public... in blogosphere....

virgin lehz...

I'll be having a road show this Sunday, 30 Oct at my workplace.

Well in case you don'l know where I work.

I work for The Furniture Mall.

Its my first time coordinating such a big event.

and to think that its a one man show, its a great deal for me.

that explain why I've been working late for the past month.

so please come and support me.

It means a lot to see you guys here.

so heres the details

Event: The Furniture Mall 11 th Anniversary Sale Radio Road Show

Date: 30 October 2005

Time: 3 - 5pm

Venue: The Furniture Mall Level 1 main stage

How to get there:
By Bus - 100, 107, 961, 980
By SMRT - Bugis
By Car - 7500D Beach Road The Plaza

To mark this eventful occasion, we have invited Taiwanese Celebrity, Ms. Matilda Tao (陶晶莹) as guest appearance.

Juz in case you guys know nuts about her, here's her pix

We have lined up lots of games and fun for shoppers / families.

What's more, shoppers will be able to bid their favourite sofa, dining tables, sideboard, etc at a crazy price at TFM Auction!

$5 for a piece of furniture... what are you waiting for??!!!

Make any purchase of $100 and stand to win cash prizes of $35,000

At The Furniture Mall, customers are encouraged and even inspired to discover and express their own unique personalities and style through home design and decoration.

50 shops, located on three level over 150,000sqft, we offer you a one-stop shopping experience.

There is a kaleidoscopic array of furniture styles on offer. Choose from the classic and ethnic to the comtemporary and the avant-garde. Virtually every furnishing need -living, dining, sleeping, cooking, young children, and even outdoors - is catered for.

Style-maker out to create his or her dream home can simply pick from this myraid of forms, functions and styles and its accompanying palette of colours, textures adn finishes.

Those who are thinking of changing that ugly piece of furniture, you should be here immediately as the mall is offering up to 70% discount.

Discounts are everywhere! Its scary!

Let that small, little, miserable budget of yours maximise its mileage.

Its a fun filled event! I'm sure you guys will enjoy.

Mark the date down on your calendar, PDA, whichever is visible...

so that you won't forget my date with you!!!

Monday, October 24, 2005


Its officially 8:15pm

I'm typing this entry... where???


Bloody hell!!!!!

the air-con is blasting cold!

I think i'm in those fridge that they keep corpse...

I'm hungry!!!

I'm tired!!!

Both mentally and physically

The road show this sunday better don't screw up!!!

Please don't!!!!

I plead!!!!

k... i need to go... I need this

chill please!

Sunday, October 23, 2005


The Dormitory Boys !!! otherwise known as 后舍男生

One word : Talented!

The current hot cakes in blogoshpere!

Read more about them here

They lip sync and re-cut MV.

Wah Lau eh! Check out their MV. Damn funny! 2 thumbs up!

This is my favourite : As Long As You Love Me
p/s: to protect ur PC screen, please refrain from eating or drinking while watching the videos!

confirm must add them to my must read list!

give me more video!


Friday, October 21, 2005






Thursday, October 20, 2005

the last draw...

Remember the 完美的结局 that I gave myself?

He is attached! Happily attached!

He done so much things for her!

the effort he put in to make her happy....

haiz~ I'm happy for him...

juz that when I found out the things he has done for her,

that small little corner of my heart aches like hell....

yah.. I'm jealous that such things never happen between us.

But come to think of it, if it did, I feel much worse

whatever the case is, its confirmed + ta stamp + gurantee that its over between us

or should I say it will never happen....

never gonna happen....

Idiots are all around....

for the N times that I KPKB abt the idiots I've to deal with during my course of work, they are still around!

Once an idiot always an idiot!

they juz dun comprehen!


Dui! I need to cool my angerness!

Proceed to say this and this in my heart....

I can die N times talking to them

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

of down, off pitch and booze

what would happen when two girls meet?

They girl talk, shop and have fun

what would happen when two of down feelings meet?

They support, accompany and listen to the woes

what would they do?

They sing K for solid 6 hours

what happen they are not musically inclined?

they torture each other and probably their neighbour with off-pitch and kill chicken "singing"

what happen when one can't read chinese?

she hyme to the tune and on certain words she can read, she sang loud with confidence

what happen when one try to multi task?

she scroll down the monitor and insert the songs while singing. Only to realize that she mixed the verse up. Causing the other to scratch head

what happen when you are super down and yet you wanna sing K?

you choose all the sadness songs only to make yourself worse. Flashbacks starts. Damn!

what happen after singing so much sadness songs?

you give ciggie more chances to invade you. With that, booze wants to join int he party.

what happen when the aircon is super duper cold?

you wrap yourself with shawl and look like an mummy

what happen when you over order and realize that you can't finish?

you start playing silly games. the more you drink the slower your reaction


its a blessing to have friends around you. They stand by you and listen. If you are lucky, they does silly things with you.....

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

of moving and packing

a typical msn conversation with a friend on his moving to the new place

it got me thinking of my previous experience of moving and my always-packing my room

all I can say its the new toilet bowl (say it in Cantonese) theory

you spend a bomb renovating the place, making sure the contractor does the exact things that you told him.

a week before the moving day, you start packing your stuff in the boxes.

you start wondering, wow! I have so much shit kept in the drawers.

if you are lucky, you can still find the roaches's corpse buried under the pile of magazines.

you start going through all the stuff one by one. memories flashes across...

pixs are lying everywhere, among those are the ones taken with your exs

happiness, angryness, sadness, starts to feel your heavy heart....

Oh well... you can't bear to throw them away. Whatever the case is, those are the memories that wouldn't leave you.

So you start dumping everything into the boxes and transport to the new place.

The shifting was tiring and hectic.

you curse and swear at the movers who messes up the boxes even though u labelled them

Shit! you realize that the box of forbidden goods is nowhere to be found.

Puki mah! Where the heow is it....

you go thru the messes in the hall, in the kitchen, in the rooms, nowhere to be found!

Suddenly, you turned ard and your sixth sense tells you that your beloved ***** is there.

you brave thru and found your darling lying comfortably and safely is the corner of the hall.

you pick her up and dash into the room, open up the drawers, dump it in and lock it up!

phew! Darling I promise never to loose you again.... you are my spritual vitamins...

after a day of coolie work, you drop dead and sink yourself into the sofa.

how you wish ciggie and booze are with you and that would be heaven!

"oei start packing your stuff now!" the NOW echoed like the discipline master's voice

you got your fat ass up and starts to unpack.

you realize that, you smell like a bangala, you are hungry, you are tired.

you seh nai but its useless.... coz Daddy is not around....

so to speed things up you dump everything back into the drawers and fought hard to close the drawers.

finally, everything is "packed" and you thought, one of these days when I'm free, I'll repacked them. Right now, I juz wanna sleep.

its as per after a full blown workout....

and so you drown yourself in bed, cannot be bothered if you sell like bangala anymore while hitting slumberland.

thats when you realize that Emperor Dowager walked into the room, held on to the handles of the wardrobe and pulled open.

All hell break loose....the pile of rubbish that you lugged from the old place gush downlike the waterfall and smack her hard on the face....

Ah gerrrrrr!!!!!


shortlasting happiness

has it ended?

even without me realising?

no, i can sense that the vibes aren't there

i made every effort to find out wats wrong

perhaps the wrong was a wrong from the start

but as much as everyone is telling me that

my instinct is telling me likewise

we were meant to meet

we have the same belief

we talked, things weren't spelled out exactly the way I wanted to hear

but after rounds of deliberation, yeah its exactly wat i thought previously

it might be a show being put up to impress, to escape, or for pleasure

but... wat the heow....

I can't be bothered....

Like wat was said, theres always negative thought instill but stand strong to your belief.

yeah, maybe one day the prediction was right, that it was all along an impressive show,

but right now, I wanna stand for what I want.

no I'm not stubborn ass

but I believe in the arrangement he has for me.

theres no but to it...

perhaps in near future, the devil's work succeed,

I can only say, the other party's will is not strong and thus the intervene of the devil.

silly? yeah maybe to some.

i make the ultimate decision

i create the possibilities for myself

yes, a little of me want something outta us

but the bigger part of me wishes his well being,

as a friend, standing on a friend's point of view

I may not comprehen his doing,

or may feel fustrated

explaination need not be spelled out.

isn't that so?

Friday, October 14, 2005

my sacrifice

Hello my friend we meet again

It’s been a while where should

we begin…feels like forever

Within my heart are memories

Of perfect love that you gave to me

I remember

When you are with me

I’m free…I’m careless…I believe

Above all the others we’ll fly

This brings tears to my eyes

My sacrifice

We’ve seen our share of ups and downs

Oh how quickly life can turn around in an instant

It feels so good to reunite

Within yourself and within your mind

Let’s find peace there

When you are with me

I’m free…I’m careless…I believe

Above all the others we’ll fly

This brings tears to my eyes

My sacrifice

I just want to say hello again

Thursday, October 13, 2005















他妈的! 真没责任感

呸! 我鄙视你



































Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I've shared with my closed frds on my new found "adventure"

Bam asked if I'm in love, well~ I really donch know.

Its a good and comfortable feeling I have now and I intend to keep it that way

Its too early to conclude anything.

Its too soon to commit something

I'm enjoying every single moment

I'm being present to him

and this is it.

Weird Dream...

something is very wrong....

I dreamt of Mr. brown

I dreamt of Mr. Miyagi

I dreamt of Moby Beng

I dreamt of Rambo Tan

I dreamt of Kenny Sia

I dreamt of blinkmummy

I dreamt of Finky Feline

I dreamt of Rockson

I dreamt of all of them last night

They all appeared in the same dream

I called them in their Chinese names, only that I translated their nickname literally into Mandarin (Moby was so disgusted with his new found Chinese nickname and gave me a dirty look. Wats more, he tried to correct my Chinese)

I saw them all in person

Yes I saw Rockson physically, only that he was wearing a Takumi's mask

so what is wrong here????

Friday, October 07, 2005

KL Trip

Warning: A CRAZY AMOUNT OF PHOTOS! It is so much, it will suck up all the bandwidth in the world, leaving a void meaningless black hole behind. Escape now if you are one of those backward people with limited bandwidth per month!

Where got people still use dail up 56K modem ?! Loser!

Finally I found time to pen down my KL trip. (exactly 1 week from my trip)

So here goes.

Woke up early at 6am with a super blur fucked look. The 2 hours of sleep wasn't enough. I did some last minute packing and off to catch the coach at Le Meridian Hotel.

Got a missed call alert and a sms from Kel which read "Dun tell me you are still sleeping..."

Girl, if I was still sleeping, by the time I read that, it would be too late...

I woke up early okey?!

Anyway our coach was a luxurious Double Decker. Tour agency is Luxury, confirm coach also luxurious lah! Woooo.... Early morning lame cold jokes....

So its "I'm leaving on a jet place… don’t know when I'll ba back again" *stop disc. "I'm leaving on a coach, will be back on Sunday night"

Wats wrong with me?! Guess is the 2 hours sleep thus I need some self entertainment to keep myself awake!

We took the 2nd linkway which was a brisk! We cleared the M'sia custom before 9am.

First stop, was to Yong Peng. Images of the dirty, smelly, disgusting toilet start flashing across.

I got a total shock. They revamped the whole place.

Gone are the filthy and disgusting toilets where you are greeted with the puking smell miles away before even reached.

Gone are those wooden folded tables and uneven metal chairs.

Gone are those houseflies, no matter how you shun them away, they won't moved.

It’s a much cleaner, neater and organized!

Tadah! Like food court right?!

I’m impressed!

We had sucky fake Ramly burger which the pacik forgotten the spicy power. Yuck! Cheat my money!

We continued our journey with another toilet break. Yes I’m impressed with the overall cleanliness.

When I board the coach in the morning, I was telling Kel that I won't step into any of the toilet along the journey coz the toilets are damn dirty. And if nature calls need to be answered, I would tahan till hotel.

M’sia really redeemed themselves after years of complain.

We checked into Hotel Istana, 5-star hotel. Room was great. View was great. We washed up and photo whore a while before heading out for SHOPPING

View from our room.

Shopping was concentrated at Jalan Bukit Bintang area like Sungei Wang, BB Plaza, Lot 10, Starhill Gallery and etc.

Guess my favourite shopping mall throughout the whole trip has got to be Sungei Wang. That’s like tons of things to buy! I bought my boots, jackets, tubes, ear rings, bracelets and heels there. The discounts were great!

We also went to areas like Mid Valley Mega Mall, Chinatown, Suria KLCC, and KL Plaza

When they say Mega Mall, its really mega mall. Every shopping mall is like at least 6-7 storey. area is like at least 2 taka combined together. They have wide variety og goods. Kaoz! S'pore shopping malls are really thumbed down.

I'm sure you girls heard abt VNC, there is this store call NOSE, their selection of footwear is great! I nearly lugged everything back.

We found this store call Girls. Everything there is so PINK! Kel said its very me. No its not! FYI, I dun really like pink. But, things there aren't cheap. wanted to buy a pair of hairclips for baby, but after the conversion, not much difference from S'pore.

Astro & having their 2nd birthday bash outside KL PLaza

Amusement park is within the shopping mall, how nice...

The roller coaster was too fast for me too catch.

We didn't try the rides as we just has lunch. I dun wanna puke thru the ride. So unglam!

Overall shopping was great except Chinatown! The si hiam zai (I heard that's how they call their ah beng) damn low.

Si Hiam Zai (SHZ): Xiao Jie, wanan buy clothes?
We: dun bother to turn ard and reply, and walked off
Si HIam Zai: Xiao jie, turn around lehz, I’m talking to you.
We: continued to walked off
Si Hiam Zai: Xxxiiiiaaaoooo Jieeeee…..

Both of us held hands when we cruise thru the street, and this is what I heard

SHZ 1 to SHZ 2 (in Cantonese): See, lesbian! Such a pity so pretty, become lesbian

I turned around, gave them a dirty look and walked off.

Wats wrong with this people? Anyway, we didn’t stayed them for long due to the ugliness of the SHZ, not much variety of goods, pricy goods, flooded with branded goods.

But, Chinatown redeemed itself with the yummy food. We had claypot rice, BBQ stingray. Others like Ipoh horfun (near the popular bookstore), is good I heard.

There are a lot of buskers along the street. So we were munching yummy claypot rice, spicy stingray while listening the Hotel California. East meets west!

Those who are going food yummy food can try places like Jalan Alor, Jalan Imbi,

We had champion noodle at Jalan Imbi (that’s how David term them)

Do take note that there are 2 stalls of the similar name. This is the signboard of the correct stall.

I think it should be 炒饭 instead of 炒粉

Chief preparing our champion noodles

the finish work... Look at the prawns, this is their small prawns. pls tell me what is big prawns???

Its quite easy to navigate with the maps if you know the street name. If you are somewhere near and can’t find, ask around, people there are very helpful or you can use your instinct, whichever stall is the most crowded, that’s the one.

Oh ya! There is chia siew place at this street Tengkat Tung Sin. Its behind Jalan Alor highly recommended by Bam.

Ai yo, the chia siew really can die for! I worship them!

So tender, so fatty, so sticky! I've never eaten such mouth watering chia siew before. Even those from Tunk Lok can't compair.

Please rem to visit them when u are there. Do note that they only operate in the day. so its better to go there for lunch. The store is inside a corner kopitam. When you walk into the street sure can find them.

There is also a beef noodle store opposite them. I suspect its quite good coz its damn crowded. Whoever, going there, pls try and feedback ah.

We found along the road... Use coins, so old school right??!! Cascard?! sorri neber hear bfour hor.

We wanted to go to Jalan Alor to try the roadside stalls. Unfortunately, we didn’t go as the second night was raining so we settled with Indian food near our hotel. Its called Eskana Indian Food. The tandoori and Masala Fish, shoick!!!

Clubbing in KL, well, for those who intend to visit Zouk KL, I would suggest you don’t waste your fucking time! Its disappointing! Velvet was still alright, a mere pass.

Zouk? Fail! -50 points!

The crowd sucks! The DJs sucks which resulted in sucky music! Why bother to have 5 DJs at the DJ counter yet none can play a decent number?!

The place was flooded with non Chinese.

Dance with all the fancy hand movement. The whole place only remind me of Canto and Sparks.

Never in my life have I clubbed for only approximate 3hrs and left. (We reached there at 11 plus and left before 2)

wah lau eh, we doll ourselves up for Zouk, this is what we get?! Unfair!!!

We went to Jalan P Ramlee, where all the pubs and clubs are located. Dave told me that should go to this place call Thai Club which was alright. Music was acceptable.

BUT.... The DJ damn sleazy. Whole night was saying LJ and CB.

DJ: Alright everybody, you are having a contest. Winner will get “Chocolate Banana Ice-cream” whahahahah~!~!~

Funny? I dun think so lah dey!

The crowd there quite rowdy! They just pushed their way thru without opening their mouth to say execuse me.

There was this guy held 2 rock glass and came forward and offered us a drink. While the rest of the guys juz stood there and watch what happened next.

Do you think we would be so dumb to drink them?!

The DJ ask if there was any lesbian around, we put up our hands and that was it. No one came forward to us and left us all alone to enjoy. Until much later this group of guys came forward to intro themselves. They sure dun speak like M'sian. They spoke good english. Impressed!

Drinks there were about the same price over here. 1 Jug of draft beer is abt S$23.

We ordered 1 jug, finished and order the 2nd Jug. Stoopid Bartender wanted us to ordered 2 jugs. When we told him that we can't finish, he offered to help.

WHy would I waste $$$ on you?! Dream on~~~

People at the club really got no dress sense.... Apply to both male and female.

By the way, I think the guys there are pathetic. Throughout the 3 days there, I only saw like 3 good looking ones, and one of them is a tourist. So strictly speaking only 2.

We went to the twin tower.

Nah we didn’t get to go up to the sky bridge. Tickets were all given out. We were so determined to go the next day that we set the alarm at 6:45am and morning call at 6:45 and 6:50am

End result, we slept thru again due to partying from the night before.

no more tickets

so sad! we can't go up there, sorry guys no city view for all of you.

nbm, take pix from the ground floor also the same...

Twin Tower - 1

Twin Tower - 2

Twin Tower - 3 taken from the cab as we leave the place. Artistic rite?! Its taken with a shitty digicam. Must be the skill of the photographer. *happy*

KL also has a lot of shops that we used to have like these...

Yummy Dunkin Donuts, I like. I miss them. They were by me during my bball training days at the CC

Brought back all the good old memories.

The disaster after 3D2N...

Photo whoring continue...

Ispired by 1 of the epi from America Next Top Model, I took this with my new boots

I told Kel to give me a ***** look and this is what happens...

I shall help the tour agency to do a little promo here. Luxury Tour from Le Meridian hotel. Good service. Throughout the journey they played Coach Carter adn Herbie to keep up entertained. Serve us with water and food (cream bun for breakfast) the Tour guide was very helpful and friendly. To think that we paid S$149 for a 3D2N package (5 star hotel + return coach). Its was money well spent.

I guess on the whole the trip was fun but tiring. It was a great company. Though its pretty much like Singapore. But heck, everything is in ringgit, so its a good reason to go.

As for the cabbies there, they are alright. If you can speak cantonese, it would be a bonus. My dear partner felt so left out coz she dun really understand Cantonese. Even during shopping when the sale person spoke to her in Cantonese. So, I've have to be her translator. :)

Throughout the journey, I friendly with the cabby, gave me tips where to visit and where the good food were. He even told me the maximum to pay when we are going back should the cabby ask for a flat rate. Good old man!

All cabby charge flat rate on Fridays and Saturday. Seldom you will find those go by meter. But some do, like in my case, when we were going to Chinatown. We were lucky! He said we are chinese so he go by meter. If me are ang mo, den it would be flat rate.

As I promised on Thursday before I left, my entry will definetly not be titled "KL pretty much sucks"

Thank God! I armed myself with all the neccessary info. Thanks to Bam, David, and Dave. Also, Kel, thats for the great company! hugz...

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Office prayers 2

Inspired by my previous entry I've came up with this...

Dear God,

Please give me the wisdon to understand my boss

Give me the love to forgive him

Give me the patience to understand his actions.

But, Dear God, please don't present me strength

because if you give me strength.......

I will break his skull !!!!

ZZzzz monster, please go away

these days my sleeping hours has very much lessen for 1-2 hours.

chatting on the phone at wee hours brought back school days memories.

now that I think back...

kaoz! where got so much things to chat when we were so young.

now that we have all grown up and experiences so much things in life, seems like we got nothing much to say on the phone.

most of the time both will held onto the handset and keep quiet.

perhaps when we were much younger cannot go out often, thus telephone is the main mode of communication.

Bam asked if I'm in love... well, I won't say I'm in love... but I'm feeling happy.

Happy that both us want something in common and are willing to work towards it.

but I guess now is still early to conclude anything.

the hanging out and getting to know each other session has been going on smoothly.

its also tiring coz the working hours are different so to meet up is always late at night. Even the phone conversation is also in the wee hours.

Monday, October 03, 2005

making good outta bad

I'm being told to draft this letter which I fucking hate to do it...

this is what I wrote. To protect any implication, names have been changed.

Dear xxx,

We appreciate your volunteering serive to the team. I'm afraid we can't aceed to your request for an title to this position due to 1) its not an official position and 2) it will contradic with the term : volunteer

In view of this, the management will be having a committee, of which, will comprises of helpful people like yourself.

The main objective of the committee is to provide a communication platform between both parties. You are welcomed to voice their oh-so-good suggestion and two cent worth of useless comments which we will act as though we are interested but in actual fact they don’t give a fucking shit out if.

The setting up of this dummy committee is to satisfy you people so that you can fucking stop bugging me and I can finish my work, meeting all the datelines.

We will be meeting our agency on Date, Time at out office. You are invited to join in for this meeting. To be honest you will be treated transparent if you are present.

May I suggest that you don't waste your time and waste out resources like paper cups and coffee power.

Yours sincerely,

me to you
I wished I could pen this down and mail + fax + email to the bugger. Make sure he gets the idea!!!

new friendster feature

I donch know how many of you owns a friendster account.

apparently, they have a new feature which tracks who viewed your profile.

so for those who secretly view your Bf's ex gf or your ex bf, donch say I never warn you ah!

but wait, I've got a solution.

I am SO talented!!!! muahahahaha~!~!~!

ask and you shall get the answer.....


Juz realize that you can set the mode to anonymous

Guess my previous plan is not needed.

I'm back....

Hello..... *big wave*

I'm officially back in Lion City, writing this entry at ****c* (if you know what that is)

the trip was fun, tiring and great. Well~ Thats because I have great company!!!

Ok I shall give a detail entry with lots of pix.

Too much to tell, too many pixs to show

be back later....