Saturday, July 29, 2006

Wats the cause?!

*sob sob*

some bunch of secondary sch kids called me aunty!

is it my new haircut or is it age is catching up?


Friday, July 28, 2006

Pictorial 2

*please read this in cutie baby voice*

Dear Kor Kor and Jie Jie...
its been a while since you last saw me - Princess Fayth!
so now I'm going share with you guys some pretty pix that Mummy and 姑姑 took for me!
Sorry Daddy not mentioned here coz, he is a IDI! (IT Gadget Idiot, keekee I came up with this, so smart right?!)

Yuppie! I finally know how to turn over

What you looking at huh? I is 有性格!

When I'm bored, I like to suck my thumb

and I find joy doing that...

Mummy took me for vaccination and I had a temperature...

I still look stylo milo with that patch on my forehead!

This was when Chicken Little was in town!
Daddy so mean, made me wear this...

sigh! Sometimes, I don't understand why adults like to take nude pix of babies...

you find joy doing that?

new frd added

I've added my frd into the side bar.

Introducing AnTe bLoGsIdE

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Its 8:40pm now and I'm still in the office,
waiting for the oh-so-slow-inkjet printer to print out 70copies of scanned doc!

I should have accepted the kind gesture of my tenants
to tabao the food from the untouched food from afternoon photoshoot


Dungeon - new

was there to finish my over expired bottle of gin!
I opened it on 27 Jan.
See where got nitespot let you store your drinks for 1/2 yr?!

I love Dungeon man! keekee....

Guess who I saw, the disgusting teacher!
ai ya its a long story!

so anyway they are undergoing renovation for two days and will be opened on Sat.
The place changed quite a far bit.
As in the crowd, the overall feel.
guess that why we haven't been going there for a while...
I still missed my Ang Siang Road "gig"!

Oh by the way, I didn't finish the bottle of gin last night and I still have a bottle of Chivas over there, untouched!
anyone interested let me know...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


After constant nagging from my admin assistant, I finally pack my workstation.

I was so ashamed of myself, even the office uncle who clean our desk every morning, couldn't stand the mess that I've created, he had to clip all the namecards lying around the desk....

All the lose pappers are all filed into their respective files...

now my table look like this...

yes its Liverpool wallpaper!

Free mags from the various media + all collaterals from my competitor.
still a little messy...

timeline, rates, imporatant info. for easy referencing...

sponsorship items that the team have garnered from different promotions.
Too many things, too little space

The office planner is looking at reconfigure our room, to house the 3rd headcount with us....

I need to do regular housekeeping!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

new haircut

I went to Twister 1.5hrs ago and Peter the Salon Director, change me into this

p/s: he is cheaper that 1/2 the price....


She look as though as she is confused...

But she know she is being captured!


After a free lunch yday(thanks to my tenant, Xiao Xuan Feng - the one who made me translate the texty chinese to english), we went to watch a free movies - Now and Forever. (Media gathering organized by Soo Kee Jewellery)

Typical Korean movie, expected plot.
I could hear sniffing around me...
ya pple cry...
Its a Korean movie, what would you expect?!

ZPOP Concert

I was there with ah siang last fri.

This was how far I was sitted

But with my trusted Canon Ixus, I managed to captured....

no lah....
This was captured from the wide screen lah....

These are the real ones...
Fish Leong

Harlem Yu

Jeff Chang

Jolin Tsai


Since it a charity event (President Star Charity), The President came. But everyone left....tsk tsk...

of coz they missed the encore....

The concert was not fantasic, but Jeff and Harlem was good!
Great voice!

Ai yo for free tix, I can't complain much!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Pain in my heart....

I carried Baby Fayth yday...

She grouchy-ness so I pacify her with our 小飞侠 stunt.
Then she start drowling, and landing on my arms...
Kor used my sleeve to clean it off...
I tried to siam him, while carrying Baby Fayth high up in the air...
I lost my balance and both of us fell from the bed.....

She cried with no bruises...
I briused and I kena scolding!
sob sob...
no one sayang me....
I is nobody child!!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

New Challenge

I've got news that the top management is putting very high hopes on my mall.

A lot of new initiative will taking place over at my side, so its kinda like a model mall for the rest....

I have my reserves.
To excute all these new initiative, is the infrastructure of the building ready?

Look what good the "Branding Consultant" has done?
No work load taken off but extra were added.

They are looking for a third headcount for my dept.
feeling the threat? I dunno~

Yes this new person will be taking away part of my portfolio but the bulk of his/her portfolio will very much concentrate on CRM and branding of the mall.

I mean my passion is still very much in A&P, so I guess its alright.

With the third headcount, a lot will be expected.
Which is to say that the events that we roll out will have to be very impressive.

hard work....


my dear frd got an account in blogspot!
Pple, join me to welcome Kelly with her Pure Blondie Diary


I survivied my first no after-drink assignment with my Complicated Frd last night.

I'm glad I did!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Men Vs Women in break up

Seems like men heal faster than women...

Look at Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Mark Richmond, Glenn Ong
and now my ex-bf

but I'm happy for him, though I felt the a sharp squeeze in my blood pumping organ when I saw him with another girl.

but life goes on....

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Prelude to 农历七月

yday TCS (Tok Cock Session) revolved around the topic of ghost.

I was telling the boys the spooky encountance of my fellow colleagues from the new office....

Like how the LED of the phone set kept blinking when no one else was in the office except my colleague...
and the non stop keyboard typing sound from the cubicle behind her, when again no one else was in the office except her...
plus the flickering of the ceiling lamp in Ladies...

but the ultimate has got to be this one....
The technician went to the AHU to clean the floor, when he took to mop and looked up,
there is this figure wearing the stadard white uniform with long hair covering the face standing in front of him!!!!

after saying prayers, somehow the figure disappeared and he continued his work.
Just as he turned around, the figure sat at the door!!!!

WAH LAU EH!!!! 需不需要这样???!!!!!


My technician damn suay! Turn here and there, its still you...

But I shan't share with you guys where the place is...Just leave it as the mall that my company have newly acuquired.

The boys shared their frds' encountance... (strangly, we always have a lot of experience to share)

This frd's frd was walking back home when this "uncle" stopped him and asked

Spooky Uncle (SU) : 阿弟,有没有香烟?
Suay Friend (SF) : Uncle, 我没有

Then, he continued his journey home. But the "uncle" caught up with him and asked

SU: 阿弟,有没有香烟?
SF: Uncle, 我真没有

He sensed something is wrong, and double up....
Turned back and spooky uncle can't be found....
But when he turned back, the uncle was in front of him!!!!

The more he walked, the more spooky uncle kept appearing and disappearing...

Not that he didn't wanted to buy cigarette for the spooky uncle, but the wasn't any 7-11 around and the nearest coffeeshop is 20mins away....
He quickly called his friend who lived two block away from him...

SF: Oei I need cigarette, quickly bring 1 pack down for me!!!
Angry Frd: Sian eh!!! Now what time time already?! Smoke your head lah! tuu....tuuu....tuuuu....

and angry friend proceed to off his mobile phone!!!!

The Suay Friend can't believe what his brudder did to him...
and at this moment, spooky uncle was still standing there...

Our suay friend panic button and ran for his life....
But spooky uncle is always disappearing and re-appearing....

He got into the lift and while the lift door closed, through the lift window, he saw spooky uncle standing outside.

The lift reached his place and the door opened...
Guess what?! Spooky uncle standing at the corner of the lobby.

Sure balls strink can....

At this point, our dear friend left with no choice, took the life down again, ran for good 20mins to the "nearest" coffeeshop and bought a pack of cigarette!

He made his way back, but spooky uncle was no where to be found along the journey....
Reach his place, left 3 sticks outside his place before he got into the house....

Next morning, 3 cigarette butt was left at the door mat.....

This is damn spooky!!!!

Morale of the story, always leave a few sticks with you and now you know who your friends are....

Rainie Yang funny videos


Moby> to your frd who adore Rainie Yang, dun let him view this....

Friday, July 14, 2006


Lately, I've been hanging out with my gf's family and my extended family a lot.

First chalet, Bday/Mothers' Day/Fathers'day dinner, mahjong and family gatherings
Then, it was the chalet, bbq, mahjong session with ah boey's family....
Followed by the K-session with Linda's at her dad's garage...
Now, its the x drinking + k session and dinner with daphie's family.


and to think that my last movie was XMen III (free tix, I watched it 3 weeks after it opened) and my last last movie was King Kong.....


Thank God! I got work fulfillment, else I'll be such a loser...
neither here nor there.....

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I want to go!!!

My gf going to 东方之珠

I need to clear my time off,
else it will be forfeited

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New remedy?!

When lozenges dun work anymore.....

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Monday, July 10, 2006

back to *fill in the blank*

Those who needs to work, go work
Those who needs to sleep, go sleep
Those who needs to cry, go cry your heart out
Those who needs to pay their debts, go raise $$$
So much for the past 1mth,
Its kinda sad to end one's career with a red card
but its alright,
you still have a movie made for you

Thursday, July 06, 2006



I stood frozen and I pushed open the cubicle door
the only explaination I have onto how the hell all the poo was splashed onto the walls and flush button but none went into the bowl was the bugger squated on the toilet bowl, butt facing the upwards and fart + poo at the same time

ok I'm getting very detail....

I pity the cleaner....


so much so for the clean city image protray internationally,
how many s'pore citizen truely cares about cleanliness of our street, toilets and everyother public places.

Tell me which kopitam toilet you need not hold your breath.

look at the smokers, how many walk and smoke at the same time? Flicking the ash as they walk... if no bins are found, down the butt to the drain and planters....
how many will crowd around the bin to smoke?

If it doesn't belong to you, none will care less....
all the cleanliness week campaign down the drain
come on~
the green froggy work very hard!!!


you know sometimes it feel like shit when work is not a smooth sailing journey
and here you are fighting hard with the fierce current and waves,
the very last thing you want is to have your love ones asking you to quit


My favourite tea place

bam bam was with chick X (dunno her name) at my favourite place having tea last night


the place where he screamed his lungs out...
the place where he paid $15 for a CUP of earl grey tea
a CUP not even a pot....
processed teabags not even fresh tealeaves...
the place where the glass of vodka lime cost $12
the place where after 3 yrs we still remember vividly
1 glass of whisky coke
2 drunk butch shouting "I'm not drunk" yet kept bumping into us
long Q @ toilet
2 lesbo french in front me
a bottle of Heineken
a ciggie
insane pple pushing around
no air ventilation
Super long Q @ toilet
thought I was smart to go to Winebar instead
but realize whereone else was as smart as me
adjourn to the neighbour
damn crowded
home sweet home....
hp alarm went off at 6:50
woke up, pluck it off from the charger, brought along to bed and snooze 1
hp alarm went off at 7:00
snooze 2
hp alarm went off at 7:10
snooze 3
hp alarm went off at 7:20
snooze 4
hp alarm went off at 7:30
snooze 5
hp alarm went off at 7:40
woke up to realize that it was raining, went back to bed
hp alarm went off at 7:50
arrruuugggggg OMG OMG! I'm late....

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

看 part 2

My colleague from other malls also agree with me that the photographer 很有型