Thursday, August 31, 2006


Its a hard battle when everyone else is not by your side.
When everyone else is against you, its kinda demoralizing,
like what the hell am I fighting this battle for?!

It hurts so much when support doesn't come from your love ones.
they dun understand....


If I dun taste satisfaction of acomplishment, 我死不甘心


Monday, August 28, 2006


thanx darling...

i got it

....after so many sleepless night,
I finally found wat I've been searching for....


I donch know how long this will go on....

Thursday, August 24, 2006


screw all the comedy...
this is my all time favourite!


Confirmation Review

Time really pass by fast...

counting my fingers, my confirmation is next month.
Had a review meeting with my manager and centre manager yday.

All things went well...

While they shared with me the goals they have for our department, I set a few goal for myself too.

Thinking back, its has been a great learning expereince for the past 5 mths.
Hectic, stress, rewarding, and fun...
To date, I've done 4 in-mall projects and 1 group project.

Well, I definetly learned lots of things from my manager and colleagues from other mall.

Like how to run an effective promotion campaign, how to excute an event professionally, how to measure if your campaign is successful, tenants relationship, managing human feelings, soliciting sponsorship and many more...

I do appreciate the fact that my superior shared with me my pitfalls, and not using it against me.

I do need to work on my pitfalls....give me time....

generally, I enjoyed my past few months, although mummy was quite pissed off with me that I've been returning home late everyday, but thats beside the point...

I do hope that I can learn more from all my senior and excel in this area.

pix uploaded....

my frds from Taiwan visited 3 mths back...

Finally... I got some pixs to share....

all of us...

Basically straight after we check into the hotel, we zoomed to the party sceen...
This is at Live Impact.

Look at the amounth of booze we have...

By the way they went back to hotel at 8 in the morning!!!

After sleeping for 4hrs, we brought them to Killiney for beef noodles and kopi + kaya
We headed out to do some shopping and sightseeing

The girls

all of us with Merlion

oh the reason to this pix was becoz the cheeky boys wanted to see some cleavage...
but guess we all failed....

@ Hark Music...

seems like every other time we are drinking....
yesh! They are hardcore 酒鬼!!!

sending Ava off first...

the theme was pink, white and black...
pure coincidence....

we love to sing K...

....and photowhore...

the boys...

sigh! I can't wait for my Oct Taiwan trip...
I miss them....

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


It high time to change my phone after talking and searching and dropping the phone for N times....

....she is fighting hard now....

....its not that I donch want you... but you like to throw tantrum at critical times like when I'm neg. prices with vendors, scolding contractors, attending to "feedbacks", they can never hear me.... or when I need to text the letter D you always give me E, so darling you can't blame me... even if I wanna send to the hospital, they refuse to accept you. Not to worry, I won't dump you to some blackie, coz you even the ah nei worker is using a O2 mini...


Pepsi - Aaron Kwok

can't get enuff of Pepsi...




I like him a lot lahz....

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


block nose, no voice, done with fever....



Monday, August 21, 2006


Sometimes I juz can believe I'll do such things...

like when I wanna fish out info, I'll go to the extreme ways to accomplish it.

I googled, yahoo-ed, technorati-ed, flickr-ed etc...
Internet is full of information...

Like what Vin Diesel said, theres nothing you can't find on the internet.


The start of the new season...
full of surprises and disappointment...

Sunday, August 20, 2006


we went to the place call bOne,
I met familar faces...


seriously, I didn't expect to see him there...
I mean in the first place, I didn't know they were performing there...

pure excitedness~
our very first and brief encountance was abt 4mths back...their last live gig at SH.

very talented who stood out from the rest....

Thursday, August 17, 2006











Monday, August 14, 2006

"National Day" Parade

My goodness!
Whose idea is that?!

of being picked up

I was at mcdees a while ago with my team mates discussing our project...

this guy form the table beside us wanted to borrow my mag, and so I did....

a while later he said "Hi, u know the guy who was with me a while ago, he wanted to know you..."

I smiled and said no.

a little while later, he was on the phone with that frd and said that his frd was on the phone and want to know me...

again I smiled and said no....

the third time, he said "but can I juz know your name?"

which I kinda got fed up and said a stern no...

moments later he went to the other table and try his luck on other girls...

seriously, why is it that I keep "attracting" these jerks?!

Sunday, August 13, 2006


My complicated frd came down to look for me at Impact on Fri nite.

I see him to the cab, hid behind the pillar, making sure that he board the cab and is safely home.

seriously, I donch know why I can't let go...
I still hold on to it..
like energize never say die.

everytime I see him,
whatever misery that I've went thru b'coz of him didn't matter at all.
all the pain and anger juz went away...


Friday, August 11, 2006

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Moove salutes Singapore

After x days of saluting, some decided to take a break....

I'm tired moo....

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hardy of desert!

They like see and hear the world...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pain and Anger

Yesh! I juz got another round of betrayal.
Helpless! Coz its not my fault.

From the beginning till now, I was toyed!

Seriously, if one day I end up giving up hope, not getting married, and start adopting kids from the third world countries, its all you bastards' fault!

You fuckers made me into this!

Diminishing Trade

I was on my walk to school this evening when I heard some 敲敲打打sound
Turned around and saw this

Uncle is making a stencil.

Its hand made!

so basically, you juz placed it over to whichever area you want and spray paint over, lke this...

I quite 古洛寡闻, coz I always thought that the cutting is done by machine. Well, he said that not many people know this skill anymore, everything is machine operated now.

He also mentioned that his clientele is very wide, from LTA to SMRT, to even the ah beng contractors.

Then, he asked he I wanna take a pix of him and he pose for me!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Baby Fayth

She went for Baby crawling contest...
Kor and SIL 出尽法宝 to make her crawl


I'm hooked up!

I'm officially in the fat green pipe!

After surviving without PC and Internet @ home for good 3 years, I'm back fighting bandwidth with all you again!


our favourite combination

@ Dungeon

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Tokyo Drift

Watched the much anticipated TOKYO DRIFT last night with the gang...

So Initial D can?!
And it a stupid plot?!
I dun even know what the hell are they racing for...

but the cars, drift and guys (well actually is guy, the character Han quite cool, but he die! Why yandao always die in the story?!) are yummy!

plus Vin Diesel made a cameo!
I can go gaga juz looking at him!

Later we adjourned to DBL O

Its not my idea hor!
Its ah boey's!
Coz bf and her frds were there....

I thought the crowd was bad, and I felt like an mig age hag partying.
but I dismissed that thought soon after...
quite nice lah the crowd...
no youngster...
guess they now party at MoS!

Free Tix!

I've got free tix to The Breakup

Next Thurs 7pm @ GV Grand


But its the third row from screen!


My darling ask me to bring my notebook and I brought my notebook.

but 此notebook 非也notebook...

She refered to my notebook which I jot down my HK experience, while I brought my lappy!

This is a classic you-think-I-thought-who-confirm example!

I am the joke of the day.

p/s: Luckily mine is not the 5kg lappy that Andy is using....

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Taiwan! 台湾

I'm planing for Taiwan on 19 - 25 Oct.
On board I have Daphie and Andy (tentatively, subject to the approval of leave)

Anyone else intersted??!

It will be an exciting trip coz I have my 台湾好友 to bring us to the hippest, most trendy spot, most delicious and yummy food and most happening nitespot!

Any interested party, do let me know!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

my little statisfaction

I know its kinda disgusting but still....

I find joy in doing the insignificant!

Like everytime when I eat almond chocolate, I HAVE to de-skin the almond without using my hands, and once its de-skin, then I bite and swallow the whole almond.
When I eat cherry, I have to tie the cherry stalk with my pearly and tongue.
I'll be so lazy that I'll de-shell prawns with chopsticks and my teeth!

Everytime I "accomplish" the task.... I feel so proud of myself!