Wednesday, February 28, 2007

not my fault

not that I kept buying earrings...
but they kept going missing...

I lost my red loop, orange loop, and now, orangy pearl studs
:( *cry*

Sunday, February 25, 2007

the usual aunties attack

much that I dun feel the CNY mood, I kinda look forward to the yearly extra "income" which I can spend guilt-free....

But of coz the it came with a price of "so when are you getting married"

so you multiply by the number of red packets I've received, that how MANY times I kena the question....


followed by an awkward moment of slience, act blur, and continued what they were doing.....


Saturday, February 24, 2007

Men and booze

seriously I think both can't gel well...

I was at a booze joint with a gf and the other gf called and decided maybe I should pop by and say hi...

the next thing I know, some guy tried to force his drink to my gf when my gf had told him bluntly that she needs to drive...

Our dear friend... "It alright, I'm also drunk, so lets drink"

Obviously the "I need to DRIVE" didn't sunk in at all....

In the first place whether you are drunk of not, its none of our business.... and secondly, dun try to use the drunk smokescreen, its too passe....

Men after booze, they should keep to themselves?!


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Retro mama

again I'm biang-ing presentation and assignment to meet next week deadline... with Pet Shop Boys playing at the background.

currenty playing... Pet Shop Boys Discography, The Complete Singles Collection.

The other day when we were driving down to some K pub in town area, the radio was playing some retro hits.

Daphie was so excited as she recalled how hot those numbers were back in those days...

"Ai yoz, girl, you can't relate lahz, you were probably "swimming" back then..."

wei... first of all, I like being young, second, those songs during my time of cheonging were considered as 80s hits, retro fever...dun my fault to be born in the 80s!!!

It suddenly strike me that 10 years down the road, if one day when I heard radio playing Take That, Duran Duran, MC Hammer, Guns and Roses, Marilyn Manson, 4 Heavenly Kings etc, I would definitely get all excited, by then, I guess Princess Fayth would probably have the same reaction as I now...

p/s: I know MC Hammer, Marilyn Manson and the 4 Heavenly Kings super far apart, but ya I listen to them. I appreciate good music *smile*

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

family bonding

over dinner again...

The House of Lam had a scrumptious and expensive dinner at Red House (ECP Seafood Center).

The geoduck sashimi and bamboo clam are f-ing delicious, yesh its fresh and good else they better refund my 250bucks!!!

You know, I always enjoyed the contented look on people face when they love the food served. Everyone is happy, everyone is full till they had to un-buckled their can see pure joy on their face, something that you can't fake...

mealtime has always been precious to the House of Lam.
Since young, whenever Daddy is around, he makes sure that all of us are present at the dining table before he starts dinner.

Though the food is nothing great (mama is not very good with cooking, except that she is excellent at making traditional cantonese double-boil, sometimes triple-boiled, soup) but all of us enjoyed that 1 hour of time spent together.

We update our happenings and if you are lucky, you get to hear childhood stories of Daddy and mama...

now that we grew up and started bonding over mealtime gets lesser and lesser. Thus, whenever time permits, Kor and I try to have lunch/dinner with Daddy and mama.

Of coz now with the addition of SIL, Princess Fayth and Anita (the household helper) our dining table hear more voices.


smuggle me

the other day SIL was suppose to go aboard for some business trip, and Princess wanted to tag along....

she brought along her 2 most valuable item with her....

Babies, aren't they smart?
Look at how she held onto the edge for support before getting out...

Saturday, February 17, 2007

小白, 我顺手牵羊

Remember last time I mentioned about 小白?

so how did it landed in my hands without me paying? Nope, its not a pressie, I purely took it! Took it from the shelves of a shopping mall. :P

Daddy and mama brought me to erm...Isetan? Metro? Daimaru? OG? I don't know lahz... According to mama, I hugged 小白, but mama didn't want to buy since I'm allergic to dust. Little did she know that I didn't put it back and left the Mall with 小白 in my arms....

so thats how I became a shoplifter... sigh~

happy 小白

hug hug/act cute 小白

sleepy 小白

grouchy 小白

angry 小白

I suspect 小白 is relative to Hello Kitty, coz they dun have mouth... *gesh*

yet another curse

after the previous curse, I suffered another shockness!

For a moment I thought I was at the wrong unit...
Thanks mama, I finally feel the CNY mood...

must pay

ah heng make sure he gets his message across every mother son and daughter...

so dun try to act blur ah!

the end of one is the beginning of the other

Finally, my CNY promo came to an end.
Finally, I can drop dead in bed.
Choy! CNY cannot say die...

I told mama not to wake me up tomorrow morning...
I miss my rendezvous with chougong...
I think he went for another fling...

Guess I can only be happy/enjoying for 2 days?!
Coz my upcoming project is in March, sch hols...


so rightfully, I can only relax a little after the March show...
then after that *aaaahhhhhh* its another promotion....

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day..... *yawn*

not that I'm dateless...
But I was in the office till 1am this morning...
packing 60 baskets full of goodies for this evening Valentine's Day Event...

We will be organizing Ferris Wheel Dining for all lovey dovey (parents are welcomed on board with their kids).
First in S'pore, I is excitedness!!!

I'm gonna have the press tour, plus The Project Superstars Darren and Diya will be here this evening....

panda-looking + smoky eyes makeup, I hope I dun scare them away....

anyway I took a lot of pix this few days
Uncle Ringo Euro Funfair, Vday gifts and thoughts, work...
too many pix too little time...
patience pple, you definitely get to see them before CNY...

so feel the love earthlings...


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Uncle Ringo Euro Funfair


They are back in town again! Best of all, its right outside my office!

We had some tie up with the boss for V-Day event, so the team went over to do a site recee last evening...

In conjunction of V-Day and CNY, we will be organising a Ferris Wheel Dining on 14 - 16 Feb 2007 for our shoppers. As the word suggest, its gonna come with food and gifts. Yes! Real yummy FOOD!!!

work aside, we toured around the fun fair and guess what I've found?!

sorry! I've forgotten the name....

Funfair is never complete without carousel...

I am princess waiting for my knight...

Top Gun

spin me around baby...


tumble-wash me and make me puke...


This is the ultimate one! It spin like a pendulum from left to right, then the claw-like seats spin 360degree! So its 180 + 360! You sure feel the pump up brain and heart...

Definitely must try this!

*sheepishly* Alright, I didn't try all these rides, its based on observations... BUT, the boss say I can visit them during the CNY and get free rides...whatsmore, I get bring my friends along.... *wink*

Monday, February 12, 2007

Boy or Girl?!

Make a guess!

curse of the irritating CNY songs, and pram issue

sharing the same woes , I'm sure for those working in the shopping mall can't really escape from Xmas carols and CNY chin chong song.

my current is "你招财,我进宝...."

yet again every year some bugger will have to remix the already dreadful CNY "songs" to techno version, adding onto the misery...worse, make some underaged girls to blabber the commercialize "songs"


the House of Lam minus SIL, went down to Chinatown last evening, yesh, a must thing to do, although every year one has to complain about how madness the crowd is, yet every mother son and daughter has to be seen there....

I kept my cool with all the pushing, hovering, smelly sweat until this ah pek tsk us big time and mumble "so squeeze still carry pram out..."

totally hit the sensitivity part thus kena-ing big time from me.

"Of coz, theres a need, can't you see there is a baby here?! Juz make sure you dun have any babies in future!!!"

the tsk-tsk ah pek was left speechless...

alrighty, not that I'm being a bitch, yesh I kown its crowded thus, we collapse the pram and hand carry rather than pushing it. So please, stop acting as if you are such a considerate fellow yah?!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

shopping = flying $$$

I was suppose to meet AMB for dinner on Fri nite, but he had some mtgs to attend thus the dinner was postponed again =_=

then it occured to me that I haven't been shopping for a loooonnnnggg time and there I was making my way down to Orchard - the land where they steal $$$ from your wallet w/o you realising it....

I actually spent close to a thousand bucks within 45mins.... *GASP*
of coz my lusting was part of the contribution to damage.....

I was a happy girl for a good 1/2hr, then reality kicks in.... I realise I was thousand bucks poorer.....

shopping, full of mixed feelings...

Saturday, February 10, 2007 ed hardy

after hinting and lusting for the past 3 mths


















red vs. red

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I is demon

I Wikipedia-ed furfur angel and I found this

I is the ruler of demon lehz!
But I is good ruler coz I causes love between man and woman.

so dun you dare to bully me, or I ask my demon kakiah to kill you!

Monday, February 05, 2007

wedding dinner

I juz came back from my cousin's wedding and yesh! I wasn't spared from the wedding FAQ!!!

and my very PR answer is I still can't bear to leave Daddy and mama....I'm still their little girl...

I concluded that your intention to share the growing part of yours will backfire if you put up gorgy pictures into the pre dinner clips! You only malu urself!

and never buy poppers and party spray cans.... only to make yourself look like you've juz went to a countdown party!

seriously for a moment, I really felt as though I was there juz so to be there and not sharing the joy with the couple.... sigh~

Friday, February 02, 2007

of red, ad hoc shopping and tag with a time

after turning red, I've been making head turns for good/bad reason I donch know...
My 老板says I look like a punk while 老板娘 kept quiet.

CNY shopping has been kinda ad hoc, like I juz bought a grey turtleneck which I doubt I'll wear. Yday after the meeting at CS, I bought bikini, shorts and a necklace, of which, I need to customise to suit me, and it officially add onto my collection of 23846279567834 necklaces GAH!

Dun ask me why I buy a bikini, not as if I'll wear them for CNY, but probably I just want a orange bikini to match my orange tank top, or maybe I've wearing the same red bikini for dance, that its time to see some variety. (but what happen to my other blue, brown, turquoise etc? Alrighty, I juz need an excuse)

recently, I've been watching this Taiwanese Idol drama Silence featuring Vic Zhou, Andy Hui and Lianshen (I donch know her name, but she is Chang Jin best fren in Da Chang Jin) Nice show I must say, worth the $x I spent on DVD.

Anyway, my point is, lets juz say you left with 3mths of your life, what would you do with this three months? I ask Daphie and she said she will quit her job, spend time with her love ones and let them know that she is gonna die, not forgetting to tag her froggies and give it to each of her love ones and the rest she will donate to charity.

Me? I'll probably do the same thing but instead of froggies, I'll tag my necklaces and earrings (I promise I blog abt my collection some time...) As for whether I'll tell my love ones that I'm dying, its still a question mark. Whats the point of telling them when you know that they will be upset and in order to let you enjoy your remaining times, they put up a false front as though that its not gonna happen, and everyone juz enjoy the moment.

She shared a different mindset its only right to let them know, and when you are gone, its easier to move on and not cling onto it. Then again, for some people not that they failed to comprehend, but they simply refuse to accept despite making known or hidding the truth from them.

which brings me to the next question, whats the feeling of knowing that the next minute you will be gone! No more breathing, no more heartbeat, no more pulse....

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The imperfect in life

Juz Wednesday night while chatting with my gf over cranberry juice and rootbeer (we are good girls! We meant it when we say we want to cut down on Mr. A), she was sharing this with me that the other day she was chatting with one of our friends about her sucky love life and that she had been taking crap from men.

This friend of ours shared this with her...

"You know, you are blessed with a close knit family, great friends, good career, great looks and body, sometimes God needs to take away an imperfect thing in your life juz so to make it perfect which in this case would probably be your love life..."


you see, we have always been so engrossed in ourselves that we failed to see the bigger picture.

Day in day out, we KPKB on every single thing. You want this, you want that, you complain this, you complain that, you wish for this, you wish for that, sigh~ you probably dun even know what you truely want.

When was the last time you took a moment, give thanks and simply embrace the joy of it????