Thursday, July 28, 2005

Make my 70cents worthwhile!!!

Morning, was reading the papers and I saw Mr. Miyagi and Mr. Brown pix.

Totally excited, thinking that theres latest news about them.

As I read on, yawn big time....

Its the same old information that the reporters recycled from the previous articles.

They conveniently cut and paste a few articles together, give it a new headline and whala! Its a new article.

Boy! I'm utterly disappointed....

Have they got nothing more to write on beside telling us how this two gentlemen got their nick, what do they blog on etc. Come on~ every bloggers knows about it (provided you read their blog in the 1st palce)

Why can't these reporters put in a little more effort and structure some interesting question?

Like "Is My Miyaki's ***** longer than Rockson's horse?" or "Does Mr. Brown has more chest hair than Kenny Sia????"

Don't they bother to do some homework?

Nahz I'm not a tabloid reader, but at least let the readers read some new stuff, Thats why its call news!!!

I've been reading both their blog for a while and I totally adores them. But reading the same old "news" about them makes me feel that editors are wasting news space.

The more I will curse and swear the next time I calcualte the loading rate for advertisement. Charge so damn expensive but give readers the same old "news" Nabehz~

Or better still, bitch on the same issue for a 6-page special coverage e.g. Wang Na, Liu Hong Mei, NKF etc...

You know how much you have to pay to do a Junior Page B/W ad? F you big time! They suck the advertisers dry but can't they at least make the money well spent and give readers some interesting stuff to read??!!!

Now I know why people dun respond to the ad, coz the press articles are so boring that they give up reading before they reach my ad!!! KNN

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


This post was kept in my archive for a long long time...

Finally decided that I should give it a conclusion and move on...










这首歌‘每天爱你多一些’ 恰当表达出我对你的感觉。


你就象王力宏的 ‘唯一’心情是随着你的喜怒哀乐而变化。














那通简讯'Darling, I love you....miss you so much' 在手机里以有八年了。











但这以是过去式。 我要的是未来。












Do you truely know yourself???

Get to know yourself better

Your view on yourself:

You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.

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You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

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What are you most afraid of:

You are afraid of having no one to rely on in times of trouble. You don't ever want to be unable to take care of yourself. Independence is important to you.

Who is your true self:

You are full of energy and confidence. You are unpredictable, with moods changing as quickly as an ocean. You might occasionally be calm and still, but never for long.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The transformation of a lobster

So exciting....

The lobster in my office fishtank, juz molt. That means that it just sheds its shell.

My first time to witness a lobster molting.

I saw Auzzie Jenson online, told him about my new "discovery"

Kena suan by him. Say I 山龟. "If not how the lobster get so big?!"

How I know, I thought they juz grow up like fishes or sea cucumbers mahz. Bah!

Tell me frankly, how many of you here actually know lobster molt?!

Huh?! Dun cheat!

Look, the old shell is a perfect double of the lobster, even come with feelers.

As usual, my colleague Alan is disturbing his friend again.

Alan: Something is wrong with 龙虾大哥 today
Me : y? whats wrong with him?
Alan: How come he dun attack?
Me: Maybe he is too tired. Hello?! He juz shed its shell, where got strength to fight with you?
Alan: izit? He so weak ah?
Me: (thinking in my heart) *After you come also need some time to recover before going for the next round right?* I think so, I'm not a lobster, can't answer you.

Ai yo, Alan is the 公认 纯情小子 in the office. So I can't say that statement out, if not he will be so shocked, dunno how to reply. And I'll be damn pai sei

The reat of them will start wondering how come furfur_angel knows so much about sex...

Later, we saw how 龙虾大哥 feeds on its old shell, like this....

Alan: yeek, he so disgusting, so dirty, why he eat up his old shell?
Me: I dunno. Maybe juz now you disturb him, accidentally touch the shell and dirty it. So it decided to eat it.

I derive this statement from my past experience with hamsters.

Alan: U sure or not?
Me: Actually, I’ve no idea.

That is when I decided to search the internet and found this

The next time I lay my hands on lobster sashimi, I will shut my mouth and stop complaining why the lobster so big in size yet there so little flesh.

They have gone through a lot to come to this size....

Monday, July 25, 2005


Down with block nose, sore throat, cough, muscle ache and 我失身了! Kidding! I meant 我失声了!


All thanx to the BBQ steamboat on Friday night that started the whole episode.

I went to watch The Island yday with Ernest. Great show I must say. Worth the $9.50 spent! Now with the ridiculous increase in tix price, I can't afford to watch any B-grade show.

ok I going back howm to rest. Doc gave me medical leave for a day (duhz! Should have given me 1 week mahz)

Piglet, 毛毛, 回来了

Friday, July 22, 2005

You are fucking rude


The next time someone put me on conference call again he/she gonna get stonned alive by me! And I mean it!

Bloody hell. Don't even have the oourteous of telling me hey you are on 3-way conference call.

WHy hoping to fish out some juicy gossip from me so that you can quote me for saying that?!!! Or hoping that I will bad-mouthed the invisible party so that you can rub salt into it?!!

Only when I said something juicy about that person, then you tell me, on conference call lehz.. she is listening now. You make me feel like a fool!

And the worse is the girl dun even have the courteous of saying hi, and well still continue to keep quiet!

Not that you should say hi to someone who juz said something unkind to your ears but hello... u ask for it ok! you agreed into that filthy scheme!

Moreover what I juz said was true! You actually did it so deny the fact and get angry?!!!

I felt so betrayed. Nahz you wouldn't understand hw I feel if you haven't been through that ordeal. No I'm not over reacting!!! I treasure friendship and this is what I get.

ARRRRRGGHHHH! Thats it! I swear the next time anyone who puts me through that stoopid conference call w/o me knowing again... u will get hell from me!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

You've got things to do

Gone through the handover exercise this morning, and I've got 23786475620834 things to do. KNN!

All the terms sound so alien to me.

Time is isn't waiting for me, and I'll facing the war all alone since they 2 of them are leaving on next Tuesday. Shite!


Was at Momo with the gers yday nite.

And this 2 cheeko bengz actually wanted to 灌醉 bee and me. Jio me play 5-10 with him. muahahahaha....

Hello~~~ Bee and me are like expert lorhz... think that you can make us drunk, hmmmm wait long long lahz ah! Unless you make me drink ****** you will have the chance lahz.

Of coz we won most of the rounds and they drank quite a far bit. 不知死活 lorhz, 敢jio我玩5-10. I'm being commando trained!!!

Sore loser! Towards the end, the cheeko bengz 出 pattern, I lose I drink, he lose also I drink. Keep insisting that he didn't see what I called! got pissed and tekan them. Wanted to intro me to their frd and can't rem my name so I made them drink keekee....

Thats the price you pay for not being honest.

I juz dun understand guys lorhz... u want to drunk the gers but first can you hold your liquor well? very 丢脸 if the ger drinks better than you. Not that I can drink well, juz that my luck quite good lahz. Plus gers got the advantage, they 撒娇 a bit, the guys confirm 心软.

And they always like to 借酒行凶, like to grope you! Hello, I'm not nightclub小姐 ah, let you grope from top to bottom. And even they charge ah!

Anyway while we were at the dance floor, 1 of them conveniently hug me from behind. How dare u! Of coz I smart lahz, I pretend kena pushed by another person and stepped hard on this foot.

Thats the good thing about gers wearing high heels.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005




灰色地带,我讨厌你。我对你的恐惧是无法形容。对将来的茫然,不知所措。好像恐怖的SARS virus慢慢的把我的阳气吞食,变成行尸走肉,失去思想能力的僵尸。

黑与白,对与错,是与否,yes or no, 这才是我熟悉的世界!

What the hell am I going through???

工作,是越来越不顺利。为了减少开支,便要我扛下所有的工作。 KNN! 你以为我真是超人?! 更莫名其妙的是,在这紧要关头,你还想更换广告公司。



爱情,是上天在惩罚我吗? 因为Bengz 而你在惩罚我吗?!



真想离开这里。想去度假散心。想想眼前的路该如何走, 将来的去向是如何。


Monday, July 18, 2005


Shopping with ma lately has been very much revolved around the little 宝贝 who is arriving to our family this November.

Ma and me having been going to different places to compare prices. I've been asking around which are the better brands, what I should look for when buying baby prams, cot, milk bottle, diapers, milk powder etc...

Baby stuff are so cute, I bought so much stuff. They have got baby detergent for washing your baby clothes, nappy lining, baby wipes to clean the baby booty when she poo poo. Milk bottle sterilizer, travel pack toiletries,

The design for the baby clothing, milk bottle, milk powder container, pacifier, etc are so cute. When we step in the shop, it takes a while for us to leave that place.

I'm thinking of buying her bikini. I can bring her go sun tanning, and swimming so that she can be the next Jocelyn Yeo. When she gets older, I'll bring her to venture all the sea sports that I'm into, so that she can be my khaki when I wakeboard or dive.

I'm thinking of buying her story books, and read bedtimes stories to her every night.

I'm thinking buying baby CD for her to listen, so that she can be musically inclined and become the next 孙燕姿.

I'm even thinking of a Christian name for her and to bring her to Sunday school while I attend my Sunday service.

I've been surfing the net for the meaning of christian names and I've bought books from the Christian book store for a true christian name. Or perhaps I should leave it to the pastor when 宝贝 get baptize

I'm thinking of engaging the famous 游龙子 to list down the chinese names that will suit her 生辰八字 for us to select.

I can picture myself bring her to zoo, bird park. Bringing her go kai kai, extra curriculum classes like piano class, ballet lesson, swimming classes, drawing classes....

Ma say 我想太远了.... theres a lot of things that we can only give suggestions, ultimately decision lies on Kor and SIL (sister-in-law).

Hmmm....I think so too...I'm too engrossed and excited of being 姑姑. I should step back a little to prevent any conflicts arising...

Sunday, July 17, 2005

MOMO, 我爱你!!!

For the longest time that I've been rattling about cheonging Club Momo, I finally set my feet on this happening place yesterday with Siang and his friend, Lindy.

Revive my SOS days! This place is hot hot hot! The music is fantastic. The guys are good looking and the decor was great. Crowd was mostly my age which will help me to filter out all the 小弟弟.

Nevermind that the drinks are ex. (Long Island at $68, tequila shot at $10), nevermind that the entry queue was long. Nevermind that the palce was packed that there were little space for me to shake my booty. Nevermind the bag deposit was a dollar more compared to DBL O, and that the queue was super long.

I can put up with these. What matter most was the music and crowd..

Guys watch out as the bar top dancers are hot and sexy. Girls, we aren’t forgotten. The male server was a treat to our eyes as they climb up the bar and shake their sexy bum bum.

Look out! The crowd are coming back to Central Mall

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Thats my hero

Good start for their defense for the Championship title.

3-0 victory against TNS

Monday, July 11, 2005

I'm a true fan....

Ryousuke.  Cold.  Mysterious.  Calculating.  A true winner.
You fear none but the infamous Fujiwara Tofu Hachi

Which Initial D Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Like brother like sister

For the longest time that I've been mentioning about my beloved brudder, chuan... here is his pix...

And for the number of times that he has been "pestering" for dinner at Kor's place, we finally went on Friday.

Food was good, wine was good. As usual, we talk about the same old stuff over and over again without getting bored.

went to bee's palce for a drink before heading down to that place again. Thats when Chuan reveal some bad news to me, which I told him its not within our limits to help and its best that he stay outta it.

No.10 sms me if I wanna join him at Momo which I declined since I was already at dev. He replied that he wanted to join me and before long he sms again to say that he juz reach dev and ask where was I. So, Chuan n I went back in to look for him.

I dunno if its telepathy or pure coincidence, sub-conciously I figure where he was... and wala! There I saw him sitting there. *elated* I'm such a pretender I didn't reveal my excitement. Tryng to act cool....

We spoke for a while, thats when I realized that I forgotten to intro Chuan. Did the intro and the 3 of us stood there not saying anything. He excused himself, I sensed something was wrong....

I was definetly thrilled to see him and called Bee to tell her. Thats when I saw him with another girl, and they were french-kissing.

Thunder roar and lighting strikes

I could feel my heart being stabbed a million times, and my head being bammed against the wall for infinie times. It was the same girl he kissed last Friday!!!

I related was I juz saw to Bee, she was fuming mad, errm...I thought I should be the one???? I walked past him and he grabbed hold of me and asked where I was going

*to find a dagger and stabbed you till you bleed dry*

But of coz I didn't blurted that out and I pretended I didn't withness his lips locking seesion a while ago which I'm sure he knew I saw since i wasn't standing very far from them. Told him that I'm heading off to another palce. Offered to send me there but did he forgotten that I was with Chuan??!!! I declined and head off without saying anything else.

Told Chuan the incident and got F upside down. He wondered since when my taste drop?! Ai yo, I'm a sucker for small eyes, single eyelid.

Stop the pot calling kettle black theory will ya? Both of us sama-sama His crush on Janet isn't any better than mine on No. 10.

As we were heading for the exit, I was that girl hugging and kissing another guy! Yewk! Slut!!! Conclusion: Either she is 1) too drunk to even realize what she saw doing, 2) her unique way to express her friendliness or 3) she like "buffet" eat-all-you-can...

To thnk that No. 10 would fancy this type pissed me off....

As usual I never learn my lesson, I actually sms No. 10 in the afternoon to ask how was his weekend? Dumbass! He juz french the same girl again so u say hows was the weekend? Trust me for asking juz a lame question.

He asked me if Chuan was my bf, and I began to wonder if he was too drunk to notice that I actually introduced Chuan as my brudder

I explained to him our relationship. WTH was I thinking??? I even bothered to explain to him??!!! And he said that Chuan n I got couple look. I felt sicked! Trust him for saying that

Anyway I told Bee about the sms-conversation and left the both of us pondering:

1) He invited me to join him at Momo, I rejected and told him that I was at dev. and said that he wants to come down and join me, Without asking if I was with my friends.
2) The minute he saw me, he was all smiled and chatted with me but when I intro Chuan to him, he stopped talking to me and disappeared.
3)Did he kissed the girl on purpose knowing that I was standing there or what???
4) He ask if Chuan was my bf and mentioned that we've got couple look when I already said that Chuan was my brudder twice

I derived a conclusion, No 10 is juz like any other jerks, he french the same girl for 2 fridays consecutively and as what Bee mentioned, she saw the girl behaving intimately with another guy in the group.... Yuck!

Nevermind of the small eyes...he is too... I can't described....

Thursday, July 07, 2005

To die for love? Noble or foolish?

Morning as I drank my milk n browse the newspaper the headline read "Boy 16, jump off building after breakup" caught my attention. I finished reading the article and felt sorry for the boy's mum and gf.

As quoted, the boy, currently still studying, truely love the gf, bought a lot of things for her, even beg his mum for money in order to buy a puppy for her. Yet she still broke up with him citing he is childish and a spendthrift and so insisted on the break up. There wasn't any third party involved.

He couldn't take the blow and thus commited suicide at her block.

To die for love? You think you are noble?! Not in a hundred years I say. I say life is not revolve around BGR, what about kinship, what about the love your parents have for you?

10 months for pregnancy, taking care of you for the past 16 years without any grumble, yet you choose to die because someone you love deeply rejected your love??!!

You claimed you love her yet you choose to hurt her in the most selfish way. Torturing her with guilt for the rest of her life. Letting her face cruel interrogate formthe police and family members

This is not love, it is the most irresponsible way of proclaiming your "selfless love"

Perhaps there were some hidden facts that the media failed to unveil, but if what reported was true, my heart goes out to the boy's mum and his gf, or I should say ex-gf.

I start thinking how I overcome the pain when the guy whom I love rejected my love... He likes another girl who is has fugly look, da xiao jie temper, serious attitude problem. Naturally when you feel bitter, you only saw the negative side, perhaps thats the way he likes her. (Again, something I can't comprehen)

I cried! I was devasted, traumatized, hurt, sorrowful, miresable, depressed... its that type of feeling of he is the one for me, but he thought otherwise. He didn't have the same vibes as me. It wasn't forthcoming. In summary NO chemisty!

But never did I thought of ending my life. To me, Lif is precious! In every obstacles that we encouter, there bound to be a solution. Even there isn't any solution, face it bravely, take a as a lesson learnt and do better next time.

In the case of love, if its never meant to be it isn't! Alright, its earier said than done. But if you never try, how you know you can't? And by try I mean 100% effort.

There are a lot of things in life thats is more worthwhile for us then to be bitter over a failed ralationship.

Friday, July 01, 2005

no sex no go???

Yeap! Thats how an average unattached male species think...or if not thats how they project themselves to me...

Guy meet girl, guy introduce, guy buy drink, both chat happily with a certain chemistry and exchange number, time to go home, guy offer to send girl "back" with a cheeky grin which translate as one-night-stand, girl reject, poof! Guy disappears into thin air.

Trust me! You will never be able to locate him. IF theres some luck and you might be able to bump into him one day, being a friendly girl, you said hi to him, of coz being a "gentleman" he return your hi BUT with a dirty look.

You scratch you head and you wonder why... Even the Wu La Bo Si in Shi Wan Ge Wei Shen Men dun have an answer for you. Your gfs look lost juz like you are.

So you narrate the incident to them and got the most ridiculous explanation "Because you rejected him! And to think that he wasted one whole night talking to you, gets on his nerves more! You hurt his ego Sayang!" WTF! Thats it?! He got pissed off juz because of that. Ok the 7.5/10 that he scored during the conversation goes down the drain, not forgetting the number stored in your mobile with the pix taken wif the phone, all deleted forever!

Scenes start flashing back....

Eh, I thought he is the one who came forward to introduce himself? I thought he was the one who offer to buy the drinks????

It seems that guys have found the ultimate shortcut to a relationship. Or if not they are too used to having shortcuts in their IT application that they have forgotten the traditional way of opening up program.

So why kick such a big fuss? Doesn't mean that guys made the first move, girls must return the favour.

FYI : Favour = one night stand

Ok ok... maybe what I've juz described was a little way too extreme, but it did happen to yours truly. And as a matter of fact, recently. Appearance totally fit the bill but when the conversation continues, the hands start to do the talking instead.

Come on~ Wats your bloody problem?! Some girls dun go for one night stand. Some girls dun french kiss with any Tom, Dick or Harry on a first date... Even though some girls agreed to the offer doesn't naturally constitute that ALL girls will!

Is our society getting so liberal and so influenced by the west that we skip the usual process of getting-to-know-more-about-each-other but jumping straight into bed? Is skipping a few stages the usual practice today? It seems too hasty to go THAT far when I hardly know you.

Or do guys nowadays judge whether they can get along with this girl with the one-night-shag-judging system. If you dun shag her, she is not gonna to understand you and you guys can never be friends? You need your penis to do the thinking and evaluating process???!!! How sad.

*roll eyes*

Or is it that they are unwilling to pt in extra effort unless they get a shag confirmation. The courtship thumb of rule no longer applies. I have watched guys move on immediately when they are rejected. Romantic dates, long hours chat over the phone, stroll in the park or simply getting well acquainted no longer exists.

Guys! Have you ever thought of what we women truly want? Give us more respect and put in more effort. Go to seduction school if you wanna score! And by score I meant something more complicated than mere sex. Or maybe what I was thinking was juz wishful thinking in this age of 7-11 convenience.

Perhaps that explained why I love watching reality dating show. The passionate wooing, the romantic dinning, the intimate conversation is something women wants. Call me living in dream world or impractical but at least that is the usual dating game all this while. If not, I think traditional match making session should be given a new lease of life.

And by this time, you wished you haven't gave him a 7.5