Thursday, September 29, 2005

Office Prayers

Grant me the serenity
to accept the things I channot change.
the courage to change the things I cannot change,
and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people
I had to kill today because they pissed me off.

And so, help me to be careful of the toes I step on today
as they might be connected to the ass I might have to kiss tommorrow.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

KL here I come....

Oh well, I'm leaving for KL on Friday and be back on Sunday.

I need to recharge my battery.

Been looking forward to the trip to get my mind off work. Though its not to anywhere fantastic, but at least its outta Singapore, and I get my passport stamped!

I've check with David on where to find yummy food and happening clubs and I'm armed with lots of info.

Since all of us are first timer to KL, I thought we better do our homework.

I guess its the typical me. I like to plan the itinerary before i step my foot onto the foreign country.

I will have to find out where are the happening and must visit places, where can find yummy food, where to get good bargain etc.

In another word, I like to be in control.

I hate to waste time thinking "Alright, where shall we go today?!"

By the time everyone agreed, half day will be gone.

With the info that David provides, I'm sure my Monday entry will not be titled "KL pretty much sucked"

I'll take note of the cabby there and make sure they go by the meter.


Remember the girls met up 3 weeks ago before Adeline's wedding, where we discussed what to wear, how to sabo the guys etc?

We had the dinner at this fabulous Italian restaurant at Robertson Quay where they serve yummy pasta, champion pizza and delicious lasagna, and I charge the bill to my credit card....

Log on to my internet banking to pay my bills and that transaction was not capture.

I remembered the date clearly that it was within the cut off window period.

I told bam abt it and he said sometimes this happens...

Well, I say I hope this happen every month and to every of my transaction!

How nice....

Damn the cabby!!!

KNN! Motherfucker! Diu lei ge hai

try to be funny with me! Can’t differentiate between left and right?!

My usual route back home from town : whichever expressway>PIE>exit Bedok Reservoir> Tam Ave 10 > right turn at junciton.

Yday the cabbies drove me off to some ulu padang place despite directions has been given.

When he exit at Bedok Reservoir, I told him to go straight toward Ave10 make a right turn at the junction.

I closed my eyes for a while. When I opened my eyes, I wasn’t anywhere near my place, but at the end of road heading towards Pasir Ris.

First thought, what the hell is he bringing me to? Both side of the road are tress, trees and trees.
I yelled at him.

Me: Oei, where you bringing me to?
Fucker: XXXX (that’s my address)
Me: NB, we are heading towards Pasir Ris. Both are of fucking different direction. Bloody hell! I told you which route to take, you didn't listen izit?!
Fucker: Orh, ermmm…sorri sorri, I missed the traffic light…
Me: *got ready my mobile* in case he didn’t make a U-turn, I will dial for help

Deep down, I was reprimanding myself for dozing off. I was dead tired after the long day at work and I went drinking after knock off. (Actually I didn’t drink much, Bam can be my witness)

Throughout the whole journey, I rested my eyes. As in closed for a while, opened up to check where was I.

I can’t imagine what would have happen to me if I didn’t opened up my eyes and checked.

Lets say the cabbie was outright to cheat me, took the longer route so that he can earn a few dollars more.

Or worse, he is bringing me to …..

WTH was I thinking, how could I let such things happened...

We always hear people saying Singapore is a safe country. Its safe to travel till late.

I say fuck that!

Perhaps mine is the extreme case and it seldom happened. But who can deny that such things do happen.

To date, I’ve yet to read in the papers of such cases. But maybe it did happen and the victims didn’t report.

To those who didn’t report, you are damn silly.

If you didn’t stand for yourself, who would?

If you don’t protect yourself, who would?

Take my MRT incident for example (another story, another day) If I didn’t stand up for myself, I would have let the fucker scot free.

Thank God! The fucking cabbie was, I don’t know, scare of me? ‘Coz I shouted at him and flaunt my vulgarity vocabulary + my everyone-owns-me-a-million-buck face makes the whole ah lian package more convincing.

If he had filthy bad thoughts in his head......

I've learn my lesson, never doze off in a cab when you are alone.

Don’t give chances to anything.

Obviously, I didn't pay him the exact fair, who would?!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Red vs Blue

Quote from webby:

Rafael Benitez looked ahead to this week's double header with Chelsea and declared: "They're not unbeatable."

Thats the spirit!

yea yea Blue might be on form, but my Reds aren't anyone you can fool around.

I am confident that you we can beat them again!

We're the Champions of Europe and long may that continue.
Dun you agree with me, moby?!

Be sure to catch the match on Thursday morning and Sunday night.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Crazy 25 minutes

This entry is kinda late, but WTH, I’ll still have to say this.

A game of fouls, yellow cards, red cards, penalty kick.

A game of substitute who perform better than the first 11

A game of smart alec who tries too hard to deflect a cross only to send the ball into his own net. Lack of communication?!

A game of a player who might perform better in basketball instead of soccer. The only advantage of having him around is to back high ball, which sometimes he miss cue.

(with an outstanding latitude, and an outstanding name, how not to get spotted?)

A game of gan cheong spider who hand ball praying hard not to be spotted. Cameras dey! You must be joking!

A game of madness, angry-ness and craziness.

Games of draw. Enough!

Saturday, September 24, 2005











Friday, September 23, 2005

Thomas & Adeline's Wedding


The Wedding was great! Dinning was great! Drinks was great, erm... well maybe not 'cause I was the target since I sabo the Brothers in the morning!

Beer + Chivas + Martell + Red wine (Motolo, dun play play hor) + Tabasco .

I kena 5 bowls of this wonderful mix! How cool!

BTW they use soup bowl like those periodical HK drama 江湖英雄敬酒, more kick!

Dun ask me why? 我也不知道 *shudder*

I 1 person ta, not that my jie mei siam but they wasn't ard at that time, super suay!

1 basic theory: When you are cornered, just guai guai drink and satisfy them. Dun 推三推四 or kena worse.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

French AIDS Campaign

Originally uploaded by Clariss.

Ladies beware! Wats known is always the killer....

French AIDS Campaign

Originally uploaded by Clariss.

Disgustingly honest!

Have you got the message???

Birthday pressie

Can I request this for my birthday this year plursssseee!!!!

I such a slut...but heck, I'm still gonna say this...

If 10 of you are sharing, it will be $34.50 each. If 20 of you are sharing, it will be $17.25 each.

You can also combine it with my Xmas pressie, since both falls on December.

Alternatively, you can foot half of the bill, while I pay the remaining half....

sounds better right?!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Liverpool vs Man U

its was nil nil

i thought the reds did a good job and they should score given their performance.

compare to the devils who were complete slackers throughout the whole 90min.

the substituttion of Park was redundant. Wat was fergie thinking? Made him ran around for 2 mins without even touching the damn ball. Before you know it, beep beep beeeeep, end of match!


The whole match, super kan cheong. There was so many nice attack but didn't scored! Esp Garcia header shot. Nice one!

The pass few matches were draw. But to buck up boyz!!!

Its was Mecole's Pub grand opening and I was there with Kor, SIL after the match.

We celebrated Nicky, bam bam and Shane s' bday on Sat at Wine Bar.

That place was packed. Probably it was the last day and Zouk was closing down.

took great pix... nahz I'm not in a good mood 2day. Will post them some other time.

2days entry is kinda sad one...

阿昌, one of my close sch mate during sec sch days was involved in a accident. currently in ICU and the doc can't stop the internal bleeding.

its kinda hit hard on me 'cause the whole were very close. They did all the silly things together.

still rem the times when we kena big time scolding from the Art teacher. Art lessons were like our extended recess time. We would bring in food to class and instead of doing ou assignment, we would munched and talked.

There was this time when one of us brought the whole bowl of mee kia da into the class.

We gave the teacher hell!

I donch want to loose this frd.

Not now, not like that

Friday, September 16, 2005

I'm hooked

ai yo... I'm hooked to this song <<他和她的故事>> by Elva. been on repeat mode the whole afternoon... Though its an old song...but still its a nice song. The lyrics practically described my complicated relationship with

theres the lyrics to the song....

他说他很爱她 他说会守护她
他送她玫瑰花 一切美得不像?
从朋友变成情人 她不再只有自己
他爱他爱得彻底 真心溢?了甜蜜
?间看清一个人 开始令人昏沉沉
他像变了一个人 太蛮横
她开始悬着疑问 不想再等他承认

谁爱谁 谁又流干了眼泪
谁后悔 难分难舍太伤悲
他爱? 谁应该止住眼泪
她心碎 谁又该干脆离开

谁爱谁 谁又能反反覆覆
谁后悔 谁在忍受着孤独
谁了解 他退出 她孤独(谁退出谁孤独)

Chinese Medicine Yeuk!!!

OMG! This is so funny!

BTW, Its Liverpool vs Man U this sunday! Man U can go F spider especially when they have looney on squad!

As much as I like the way he ATTACK his opponents, but serve him right!
Try to be funny and this is what you get!

*orh bi good* neh neh nee boo boo! Loser!

P/s: I only like him when he attack those team which I donch like!

my teeth still hurt like crazy due to the chinese medicine that the sinseh prescribed. Yup! I went to the sinseh!

Actually I was accompanyed mama there, then decided to let the sinseh give me a good massage since my stiff neck has been torturing for the longest time. Plus every night I sleep, theres endless things for me to dream about. That is why, no matter how many hours I sleep, Its NEVER enuff.

I shall not go into how he "massage" my back!!! I can hear the *crick crack* sound on my spine and neck. yeuk!

aniwae, cut the story short, he gave me some medicine to take and this was what caused my toothache. Its suppose to expel all the "heat" that is trapped in the body.

(the more I typed, the more I think the entry very kinky! Uper massage? heat?)

Chinese medicine bitter like crazy! Pui! I hate them!

But it did help me to sleep better at night and I feel so fresh today!

Oh ya. he also said not to party till morning and booze so much!

*I suspect is mama made him say that*

How to not party especially when

1) Zouk is closing this weekend for major renovation and that we are heading Wine Bar to celebrate Nicky, Shane and BamBam s' bday on sat....

2) Thomas and Adelines' wedding is next Wed.....

3) Upcoming Liverpool matches.....


Alright, alright...for the sake of my health and mama's constant nagging... I promise to cut now on partying.

Talking about the wedding... Thomas is gonna get hell. muahahahaha~!~!~ We girls have line up a series of treat for him!

*cover mouth with both hands and giggle*

All I can say is, Thomas, take care bro!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Goddess of Fire and Tear of Blood

Please read this and this entry

Great entry done by BM and her Facile beng

double wow *clap hands*


I think I am

my gums are very painful as though something is forcing its way out.

I can feel it...

Is it wisdom tooth???

Is this the symptoms?


Quote from LFC webby:

Liverpool sent out a clear message to Europe on Wednesday night that they've no intension to give up their Champions League Crown without an almighty fight as they overcame an impressive Real Betis side 2-1 in Seville.

Full report

Thats my mighty Reds

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Got to know a few new friends over partying. Guess what, this guy commented that he finds me familiar looking, to be exact he finds that I looked like one of his guy friend. I came realize that friend was kor!

That see-I-knew-I-was-right face of his, makes me feel down.


1)Its very sad to hear people commenting that I looked like one of their guy friend because (a) I'm not a butch and (b) I'm a 100% GIRL! Got boobs and butt!
2)Kor and me has common friends.很恐怖!!!

He is the 4th or 5th person who says I look exactly like kor....that I'm a female version of him. 我好可怜.

Close up...真的有这样像吗????

I feel like singing this song to EVERYONE


看开点吧, 像好过不像.

goes to show that the QC level very high!

Confirm, Ta stamp, 100% chop, come out from same factory!

my soon-to-be-born niece, patience patience

Weekend was pretty much tensed!

Partying ends at 6am and I dragged myself home. Yup I kena left-right-centre by ma.

Was at the hospital for 3days

Don’t worry, I wasn’t admitted to the hospital coz I party too much.

My soon-to-be-born baby niece is giving mummy trouble. Gyne decided that it’s better to stay in the hospital for a few days. For observation purpose.

Naughty! Naughty!

The babies at the nursery room are adorable!

Coincidence? Almost 95% of the babies were boys.

There’s this cutie pie. Ai yo, his features 美美! I’m sure he will be a pretty boy when he grows up.


Girl girl, must have patience 乖乖 stay in the womb for another 6 weeks more. 姑姑 promise to buy you lots of goodies.

After reading Moby’s entry that he is going for the Terry Fox Run, I’m contemplating whether to sign up. I know I won’t be able to finish, and I probably end up like Moby, taking own sweet time to stroll to the finish line while taking nice pix along the “journey”

I sms-ed a few pple like Bam, Jenson etc…

Bam has a tennis match so he can’t stroll with me.

Jenson will be going for the 7km, so he can’t stroll with me.


I know I’m plain lazy to get my fat *finger pointing to the excess fats accumulating from waisr down* moving.

Sentosa! A bit far lorhz! I eastern kid! Need to wake up at 5am…

Birthday wishes for the following friends:

1) Bam Bam: Sorry! Thought you are 35 this year! But I don’t deserve to be F-ed. 30岁后的男人才有魅力
2) Shane: Happy Birthday! Stay pretty always!
3) Nicky: Have a smashing birthday!
4) Jessie: 五连花教主 aka 大姐大, 祝你青春美丽,迷死所有男人. I’ve got to attend a wedding dinner that night so you cannot get drunk before I reached there!

Balaclava after work! Yet to step into that crazy place for a while! Be there at 7:30, those who are around that area can come join me! Smuack!

Thursday, September 08, 2005






Chinese difficult???

All this while, I have been hearing students complaining Chinese is difficult to learn and that it is useless. So much as that MOE has decided that in future Chinese grades will not contribute to the overall result (something like that)

Recently, we have seen MOE trying hard to revamp the content of Chinese textbook to make it more interesting. Teachers are encouraged to use creative teaching methods for Chinese language.

Creative teaching in terms like learning Chinese words through song lyrics, playing specially customised cards to learn idioms (something like poker cards), playing specially customised tiles to learn the construction of each chinese words (something like playing mahjong) etc

I ask myself, why students of today are complaining that Chinese is difficult to learn. Are all these creative teaching tool neccessary?

Never have we heard about students complaining about Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and other subjects.

In my opinion, these subjects are content base, you only need to understand the theory or formula and apply it accordingly

But for English and Chinese, it’s a language base subject, beside the curriculum time, the environment is important. Cultivating the habit for speaking the language helps a great deal in mastering the language.

I think to master the language; both teacher and parent play an important role.

Lets take me for example.

Back in school days, I don’t have any problem with Chinese. I was a straight As student from primary to my secondary school. I scored distinction for Chinese during PSLE and O level.

To be frank, I was never a hardworking student. Even for my other subjects, I only start studying at the last minute.

I guess from young, our family converse in mandarin and so, both my brother and I do not have much problem with the language.

The down side is probably, we can’t speak our dialect well. My grandparents had a hard time talking to me. Its always a chicken and duck conversation.

I only started to speak Cantonese when I was in primary school. How I pick up? Back in those days HK drama was a hit. Watching it everyday and listening to the songs got me interested in learning the language.

I would replay the song a million times, going through the lyrics over and over again just so I can pronounce the words correctly.

As for my English, nope, I wasn’t an A student, my grades were mostly between Bs and Cs. Not much of a problem when I speak.

Like I mention earlier that teacher plays an important part. I still remembered during my sec 4, O level for Chinese was taken in June. Result will be out somewhere in July. If you are unhappy with the grade, you can retake the paper in November.

My school implemented a new scheme. They spilt all of us into 3 categories. The As, the Bs and the Cs. Needless to say I went to the A class for Chinese lesson where majority of the students made up of pure science stream. Only a few of us from art class were there.

The teacher was a snob! We need to know all the words we learned since sec 1 and were tested every week. We need collect news paper cutting every week and hand in a book review on the articles. You can’t imagine how many composition and comprehension we need to do every week.

It was a total put off and I couldn’t be bothered to hand in any of the assignment nor learn the spelling. I don’t understand why those pure science students can put up with that. Get a life and quit being teacher’s pet!


Every lesson was for me to sleep, munch and listen to my Discman.

My common test result was a flop. I barely passed. Since I was from the art class, and with my behavior in her class, I was condemned. She told the rest of the students I would flunk my Os if I don’t follow her curriculum.

During the meet-parent-session, she complains till the kingdom come to my mum. I feel like slapping her face. Couldn’t contain any longer and told her right in her face that I don’t think the tons of assignments are going to benefit us. She was purely stuffing us with all the information, hoping that we can absorb as much as possible.

Hopeless bitch! And with her saying I’ll flunk should I not follow what was planned for, I’ll proved her wrong! I am going to ace my Os without doing any of her assignment but to study on my own.

With that I drag my mum and left the office. She was fuming mad.

Following that, I sat through her lesson, listen to my Discman and studied on my own. I was there is the class because the lesson was conducted in air-con room not that I was listening to her lecture.

What was my result? Distinction! Yup! She was shocked!

My point is, the teaching method and the teacher’s attitude are crucial. If only teachers can listen to the student, there wouldn’t be what so call generation gap.

Changing of teaching methods is necessary in order to keep up with time.

Honestly, I am glad that that I can speak and write good Chinese.

My current job requires me to draft Chinese faxes. Sometimes we need to deal with the Chinese, being able to speak the language benefit the negotiation process.

When I watch Japanese DVD like Initial D, able to read the subtitle is great. I must say the English translation is sucks!

If you notice, I also blog with Chinese. Sometimes, Chinese words can better narrate one’s feeling.

I really don’t see why Chinese is useless. One need to be enroll before doing it.

Already, we can't speak proper english. If we can't speak chinese as well? How to communicate? Neither here nor there.

Sometimes when I make a business enquiry, I get put off with the sale person not able to converse properly.

"erm I tuay. but have to see when you confirm and fax to me then I tell my operlation people to start. Deliveli not so fast hor, now bery busy. You want fast, you pay more lah, then I faster do for you"

WTH is this? What kind of company image you project?


How compete with others? How to become an International Business Hub???

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

se7en things

was blog surfing and came across this. I donch know why I did it, probable I need a break from work. Anyway those names listed in last question, you know what to do huh...

here goes...

Se7en things that scare me:

1. Flying cockroaches
2. Lizards
3. Losing my family / friends.
4. growing fat resulting in getting dumped. Ego wreck
5. broke when I desperately need to get something “important”
6. diagnose with terminal illness, can’t die immediately and left to surffer
7. war

Se7en things I like the most about me:

1. My cheeks
2. My 樱桃小嘴
3. My wrist
4. My butt (WHY?? CANNOT AH??)
5. standing for what is right
6. my independence
7. working hard towards and achieving my goal

Se7en most important things in my room:

1. bed
2. my pillow which had accompanied me since I was 1yr old
3. piglet.
4. quilt
5. telly
6. hi-fi stereo
7. photographs

Se7en random facts about me:

1. Before I sleep, I have to position my pillow, bolster and piglet so that whichever direction I turn, I have something to hug. I’ll draw down my curtain, charge my mobile phone, timer my fan to 3hrs
2. I sort my clothes according to occasion, frequency of wear and colour
3. when I buckle up the seat belt, I put the from belt which is straps across the body, behind my back
4. I’m a weird baby. I start teething at 3mth and started growing hair only when I was 2yrs old
5. I only wear skirt when I ran out of pants to wear e.g. forgotten to iron my pants
6. I love shopping for miscellaneous items such as shoes, bags, bracelet, etc
7. I have a mole on the third finger on my right hand

Se7en things I plan to do before I die:

1. bungee jump
2. sky diving
3. visit the following places: Mauritius, New Zealand, China, Africa and bag-packed to Nepal
4. Know Tony Leung Chiu Wai personally and take lots of pix with him.
5. owns a Land rover
6. shag Tay Ping Hui (kidding)
7. still thinking

Se7en things I can do:

1. Be a heartless bitch
2. do silly things for the guy I love be it he deserve it or not
3. Multitask.
4. curse and swear vulgarities like any hard core hokkien beng
5. watch re-run of movies, HK / Taiwan idol drama over and over and over again
6. eat to my heart content without feeling guilty
7. cut my waist length hair to an Armani hairdo (and I did it)

Se7en things I can't do:

1. can’t lick my elbow
2. nude swim (in s’pore)
3. kill anyone
4. eat dog meat
5. betray my principle
6. a threesome
7. dig my nose in the public

Se7en things I say the most:

1. nabeh
2. huh?
3. orhz
4. mmmmm
5. what the hell
6. fuck / fuckers/ fucking / fucked /
7. bloody hell

Se7en celeb crushes:

1. Tony Leung Chiu Wai (since I was primary 1 till now, and most prob till I die)
2. Project Superstar finalist Hong Jun Yang (his singing)
3. Michael Owen (90% of his football skill and 10% of his looks) / Xabi Alonso(his looks)
4. Daniel Wu (looks + the ang mo kan tang accent)
5. Tay Ping Hui (sporty and cool. wa... the act dao face and kill)
6. Vic Chou (after watching the latest Taiwan Idol drama ? Mars. Who ever say he can’t act gonna get flame by me)
7. Angelina Jolie (her killer body)

Se7en people I'll love to see doing this (for various different reasons):

1. blinkymummy (provided she reads my blog)
2. Lawrence
3. BM's Moby Beng
4. Rockson (provided he read my blog)
5. Charissa
6. yellow
7. xiao bi

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

ramdom thoughts

feeling super down
feeling restless

work is pilling
there's so much things to do
yet you dun feel like doing
not that you dun love your job
not that you are irrresponsible
but pple around are giving you unnecessary shite

feel like a 7-11...abuse and misuse
suck you dry like a vampire
leaving a dry corpse
feel so used and filthy
yeuk...afraid to look into the mirror
so dry up, where has the radiance gone to?
radiance? You gotta be kidding!!!
how to sunshine when you meet scums day in day out

need a drink, not that there isn't any courage to face reality
but that donch know what to do next.

when will they call?
dying in agony

so much so that feel like dropping everything
disappear and do what ever feel like

Have you ever got this feeling that
no longer there's any shoulder you can rely on,
as if the world has forsaken you
like you donch belong here anymore
that no dimension can contain you

Family are giving you new problem everyday
Friends are fake...
love is an empty sheet of paper
Career isn't going anywhere

you detest that hypocritical self
that you have to portray that image
no, you are not like that at all
its the strong suits that you have created
to protect that hilarious story that was written
to protect who else but you

no, you strive to be better
but the great the possibilities you created
the bigger the breakdown

support, support is crucial!



Monday, September 05, 2005

Irritating spam comment...

ai yo the spam comment thingy is getting on my nerve....

turn on word verification.

guess its something we have to live with in this IT era...

Sunday, September 04, 2005

SWF, pic and more pics....

Got to meet XX, mr. brown and mr. miyagi...

the talk was great. shared with us how we can utilise software and gadgets available online to make blog more interesting....

actually I know that these application are available, but to lazy to meddle and explore with it...

thanks mr. brown n mr. miyagi for sharing....

heres XX and me....didn't manage to grab hold of the 2 gentlemen...

she is pretty even without photoshop-ed


my messy hair need remodelling...
made an appointment with murphy...

Ben's reaction to my new haircut
"OMG you are so pretty... can I date you???!!!"

nope..he didn't say that, I ask him to pose and this was the outcome

I simply love my new haircut...Murphy never fail on me...

BTW, Murphy is a freelance hair stylist... He is stationed at RF The Hair Spa @ Pacific Plaza...

yup... he is the one who chopped my waist length hair to this.... (2yrs ago)

p/s Murp, pls pay me advertising fee... or you can give me more discount...


Met up with Kelly & friends to MOMO

Esher & Kelly

Kelly & me (",)

MOMO was boring 2day, we decided to go supper at River valley

juz got back and I can't sleep, almost got fine from TP.

Kena road block, fail to buckle up.

The TP gave me a warning... told me to be extra careful coz its late, very dangerous for me to travel alone. blablabla blablabla

I appreciate his kind gesture but that cheeko smile on his face, I can't help but to think he kao lui on job. Disgusting!

witness a fatal accident near my place. kangoo crash into toyota...

this explain the road block at Bedok Reservoir exit.

Those who stay at Tampines ave 1 / Pasir Ris Drive 12 or nearby, or take PIE exit via Bedok Reservoir will know that many like to 飙车 along this long stretch of road.

The Toyota was badly damaged while Kangoo still in a good shape. Strange!

last day of 7th month still kena accident..suay....

like I say I can't sleep so I decided to torture you guys with my 不要脸 self portray. keekee (",)

ok enuff...or I'll kena humtam

I need to pom pom liaoz...

2molo will be another long day

nitez! oopsss..shld be morning bah...

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Sing K marathon

from last night....
I'm tell more

9plus at The Risk

Bee and me...

Elvin & gf - Iris

"李圣杰" singing <<手放开>>

proceed to Mecole's pub - Club 18
WARNING! lots of act cute pixs...

Mecole and me

学姐&学弟 act cute pose

拿手好歌 - <<制造浪漫>>

The classic 2-5-1 pose

Act cute pose?! WTH is wrong with me??!!! I need a drink

还没唱够!!! proceed to the pub opposite...
The boss who had to entertain us...He look like some 古惑仔

Give me back my specs plsss....

I look like a nerd...

all of us at 4am....time to go home...

Friday, September 02, 2005

Singapore Writer Festival, here I come....

wwwooo whoooo...

I've recieved the confirmation of for my booking and reservation.

so ya, I'm going to be there at the event.

meet fellow blogger and exchange pointers.

and check out the new National Library...

a bit suan ku


going to serangoon garden for booze with elvin & gf later aft work.

its been a while since we last meet up, and ya we are going to check out Mecole's new pub...

Elvin, is 1 hell drinker with loads of crap to pour!

When high on booze, pls be tolerant of his nonsense.

Actually, when he is not high, also got a lot of cock-and-bull story to tell.

He sound like Mark Lee!!! Wats more, even the call tone also Mark Lee.


credit a bit... He sing like 李圣杰 (the one who sang 手放开. yup the singer with a mo bieng face)

ya elvin face also mo bieng

*beat both cheecks with both hands*

mama say cannot say other pple, if not retribution wor....


发现和Beng 分手已快一年


或许Beng 也是老师







巧合? 几乎清一色都是在夜店认识

Bus driver blind?!

Was waiting for bus 33 along Lavender St.

I sat at the first row of seat, saw bus approaching, and flag down. Too late, the bus zoom pass and so I thought, maybe I 反应迟钝

Decided to walk to the end of the bus stop where most of the time the bus will stop to pick up passengers.

Waited patiently saw 3 buses approaching and the last one was bus 33. I quickly ran towards the other end to flag down.

Guess what?! The bus driver didn't navigate the bus towards the bus stop.


Bus driver blind?! Or he only want to quickly reach the terminal so that he can have his dinner?

So now, how should I flag down the bus and make sure he sees me?

Hmm...maybe I should show him my 美腿, shite! But I was wearing pants.

Or maybe I should 露半粒, but 我连半粒都没有....

I decided to stand in the middle of the bus stop. Even when my legs were aching from the high heels, no I didn't sit down.

Bloody seats were those slanted 45degree. View will be totally blocked by the seats in front. WTH design such a cocka-nathan piece?!

I was angry coz here I am kan cheong about gram's operation, the more I want to rush to the hospital, and yet the bus missed me.

Finally, I saw the buss approaching. I flagged vigorously, even when I knew the bus driver saw me, I still continued to flag and make sure he stop right in front of me.

Can't help to be kiasu after the previous two experiences.

I board the bus thinking, the nest if I drive, I make sure that all driver of buss 33 kena hell. I will maintain a 60km/h speed in front of them!


The operation was a success. Wow she had like 30 small little gallstones and they look like charcoal...eueks...

Thursday, September 01, 2005