Friday, June 29, 2007

Beer factor

quote from CLEO magazine

Booze Bruise
Always wondered why it takes days or even weeks for a little bruise to heal? All fingers point to that Happy Hour booze you've been having. Having three or more drinks a day for a few weeks and then bumping a body part can trigger prolonged bleeding under the skin, causing long-lasting bruises. Bruising can also be an indication of something more serious, such as an irregularity in the liver or the blood-clotting mechanism. Cut down on your tequila shots if your blood still doesn't clot normally....

thats an explaination to my blue-blacks...I must tell mama theres nothing wrong with me...its Mr. A's fault....hohohoho

Beauty's in the eye of the beer-holder
Studies of bar behaviour suggest the time at which a woman is spotted at a bar by a man can determine how attractive she is in his eyes. In one study, a woman who rated 5/10 on the attractiveness scale at 7pm was rated 7/10 by 10:30pm and by midnight, passed with flying colours with a score of 8.5. Interestingly enough, women didnt alter their ratings over the time period regardless of how much they'd had to drink.

man~ tsk..tsk..

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I know sometimes I'm full of craps aka talk cock big time...

this trait of mine will magnify several times more after Thurs coz I'm going on a teambuilding course in a nature reserve

I'm teambuilding with the birds and bees....

I'll champ the talk cock skills

ridiculously priced

the details for my graduation ceremony was sent out last week... I was shocked at the price we had to pay

Graduates: $30
Guest (adult): $75
Children (3yrs old and above): $45

Rental of gown: $50 <<< compulsary
Deposit: $100 <<< refundable if not damage was done to the gown

So if Daddy and mama is going, the total that I'm going to pay is $230 + $100 deposit

Tell me why as a graduate I have to pay for my own tickets? When I was back in poly, everything was free, although we are limited to bring only 2 guest.

this is one thing I hate about private school....

Monday, June 25, 2007

I love Yeo Hiap Seng!

you can't imagine how excited I was when I saw this on the shelf of our local 7-11 yday

my favourite 玫瑰花茶

seems like YHS answered to my plea...

pple this is the answer to your thrist


I saw this poster when I was at the ticketing machine to top up my ezylink card....

fwah parents of today are so busy with work that they need to be constantly reminded
else they will missed registering their kids for P1....

Sunday, June 24, 2007


I know I haven't been blogging a lot...
yes apart from busy with work, I'm still busy with work... whats new....

But whats news is probably I haven't been flirting with Mr. A... Yeap thats new...

I'm juz too tired and stress out with work...probably the drama serial "corner with love" could be a tiny reason...

school gona start soon, I need to register my modules...

I planned my leave in accordance to my work (retail line no choice) now even registering for modules has to depend on my work schedule... this work thing is really eating a lot of my personal time...

wait till I talk about the fustration with work... later pple... its gonna be a thesis... hoho...

I've been thinking a lot... let me organize them and I'll share...

finally, GSS is over, and up again is Food Festival....back to back project is nothing new to me...
I'm used to it. But still getting used to it doesn't equate to acceptance...I still bitch *killer look*

Saturday, June 16, 2007

IT support

Adding onto the office thingy from my last post, I wanna bitch about the IT support we have...

Previously, we were service by a 3rd party, not until the company thought that it make better sense to hire an internal IT suport since we are growing...

The first thing he did was of course to ban websites like msn (web version included), friendster, youtube, mp3 download sites, sexual content sites and some other sites that are deemed "entertainment"

There were few unhappy occation, but most of us learned to deal with it. But theres one thats till now I still can't understand...

Spam mails!!!!

yea, I've got a IT support and I'm still getting spam emails...

Spam mails which sells viagra, how to enlarge your penis, how to have great sex life....

All we can do is to send it to junk. I've have to do this every single morning.
Every morning I'm greeted by how to enlarge your penis...hello I'm not interested, juz give me my rose tea not penis!

If budget is a constrain, then work within the budget. Else why they hire you?!
Having minimum control is better than no control.

Seriously, I have it a joke that such a big company yet we do not have any spam control...
Tell me about competency...

Sunday, June 10, 2007


so it was lil cousin 21st bday and we had a mini party at dempsey...
with me having 2 OJ thru the nite...and everyone else drowning Mr. A.

"Devils" everywhere tempting me with Mr. A but I stick with OJ.
didn't want a relapse.

you know I'm such a baby when I'm down with fever. Daddy and mama will constantly check my temperature and sponge me. Mama would boil egg and rub my forehead. Oh this old wives method helps to bring my temperature down without fail every time. It kinda works for me...

my late grandma has 13 grandchildren. We are known as 13太保. Time flies, the youngest in the line is already an adult getting her golden key.

The key that signifies adulthood, probably freedom, reality and woes hohoho

When I got the key from Daddy and mama, it was a sudden surge of emotions. So much mixed feelings...

"Yuppie I'm an adult...erm...ok I'm an adult whats next?!"

Lately I did my mid-yr appraisal... kinda disappointing...

I hate it when i'm given the politically right answer...
I can't accept explanations such as, this is his character, you know that you need clearance from him on certain things, so you got to work smart.


its either I play along with or I move out, which I forsee eventually I will choose the second option.

This afternoon I got a text message from my boss to remind me not to step on the wrong foot during the pucoming management meeting... WTH! Call me a stubborn ass, there are just some things that I wouldn't bent my principles, especially to these filthy animal. Its back to the containing and enduring till a day when it explode, I'll leave. There are just some things talks won't work.

I understand that all these moves are all driven by guarding the rice bowl, but is there a need to behave in such a manner?

Tell me why the company hire highly paid arsehole to play politics while in actual fact, there isn't much contributions from them, while the rest who are contributing and working are invisible.

Is pay measured by the art of playing games and not actual contributions to the company???!!!

CB! 越讲越火大

yea~ this is adulthood

next mth, my other cousin getting married and I'm sure I'll be fired with the same old question of when is my turn.

so preditable. I'll be impressed if some1 ask me when I'm getting a kid.

Maybe I don't want to get married, maybe I just want to kid and not get married.
Maybe I just want to adopt a kid, or maybe I still want to be alone, just dating and not get married. Maybe I get the guy to father the child, and we dun get married because I still prefer to be alone... maybe....

yea~ this is adulthood

Thursday, June 07, 2007

i'm recovering

dun worry people...and thanks for the phonecalls/sms/emails/msn/comments, I'm doing better

My experience with the clinic was a great one...

since the company adopted this policy that one visit to the appointed list of doctor is claimable, I've got no choice but the ditch my usual GP and opt for one from the list, which happen to be across my block.

Feeling terrible, I called the clinic to get a queue no. and was informed to be there in an hour time.

As told, I dragged myself there only to find out that there are 6 people in front of me in the queue. I sat at one corner alone, shivering. The feeling of 坐也不是站也不是.

you know what.... 老娘 waited for 1 hour before its my turn!!!

Which means that if I didn't called up early, I could have waited for 2 hours!

Doc asked me whats wrong with me....Whats wrong with me...

"I should be asking whats wrong with YOU! Why are you taking such a long time to call the next patient? Don't you know that theres at least 10 patient waiting outside and everyone is feeling terrible????!!!"

He kept quiet and did the usual examination. I asked for a jab but he refuse to give me. Even when I told him that I've got a history of tonsilities, especially if its swollen like quail eggs, only a jab can make bring down the temperature.

Still he refuse...alright maybe I'm not medically trained, I should not argue with him

I got so pissed off and simply walked out. I waited outside for the medicine. You know what, they make me wait for 15 mins, where they are 2 staff at the counter.

This is getting on my nerve. I took the medication and gave the staff some thrasing with my 杀鸡 voice...sigh~ I can't even make out what I'm trying to say

Tell me whats wrong with these people? Are they really that shorthanded? Is it so difficult to get 4 packs of medicine? I'm not the only one complaining...there was this lady who came by to buy medicine and she waited 1/2 hr. 1/2hr juz to buy cough syrup.

I went back, feeling no better, temperature still within the 38-39C range. The next morning I had to go back to my usual GP. I showed him the medication the previous doc gave me only to find out that those are normal precriptive. Mine is such a serve case, such medication won't help.
GREAT! I could have been spared by one whole night of suffering. Doc gave me a jab and walah true enough the fever gone down....

seriously, I dun understand why companies would wanna adopt have appointed doctors policy? Its also capped at $30 and there no other benefits...I pity those staying at ulu places. Can you imagine when you are dead sick, you still have to drag yourself to the appointed doc, which might be within walking distant from your home. risking the fact that you might not heal as fast as the doc is not aware of your medical history.

so much of a staff benefit...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

i'm dying

fever at 39.5C, whole body aching, both tonsil swollen like quail eggs...

exam on Thurs, I dun think I can make it...

worse...AMB refuse to take me to the hospital because he needs to work 2molo.

Tell me wat fuk reason is that. This is the second time that I'm terribly sick and he acts as though its not important/deosent matter to him...

I guess this is the last draw. Enough is enough!

I need to sleep now, the medication take effect...can't waste the limited brain juice over some being thats not worth...

Sunday, June 03, 2007

PC Show.... Yes!

so I decided to check out the PC show and its infested with human, sweat, and good bargains...

the damage
Coolball x 1 = $10
Seagte Freeagent 80GB harddisk x 1 = $118
Shiro 2GB mp3 player x 1 = $120

but no webcam coz AMB gonna pass me his, no lappy baggy coz all the design sucks....

I'm quite happy with the buy...alright pple even if I kena cheat $$$ please dun tell me. I would prefer not to know.

Thanks much :)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

no disturb

I made kinda great conversation this morning, although physically I dun feel great in my bed mess hair. Thanks to technology that its a msn conversation 'coz I haven't brush my teeth. 小黑 was probably still lingering my breath....

Not welcomed "Friend" (NWF): hey hows life?
FA: great without you around
NWF: okie
NWF: cooooooool
NWF: den I bettwe not disturb you
NWF: haha

I deliberately use blue coz I fucking detest that colour. Sorry it can't even be considered a colour per se....

Now tell me how loser can this person get???!!!! Obviously I'm not being a nice person here. Oh well, he may putting up a I'm-gentleman-front...

Friday, June 01, 2007


The winter of death numbs a lover's pain,
The autumn of dreams lies awake in vain,
The summer of life sings its passing song,
And spring comes again...with courage to hope, and go on.

PC Show...Yes? No?


been searching or rather been thinking of getting an external harddisk to back up the gazillion amount of photos and mp3.

still nothing get materialize.

I also want to get a nice looking lappy cover coz the one I'm using it a free gift from Fujitsu.

I read mp3 players are having few good offers...hmm...

not forgetting the webcam that I've been saying for the longest time...

so yah thats a few things on the list...Sunday the last day, good to check it out...

probably the PC show will be a good choice to ehlp save some $$$, although I think I would end up spending more...