Saturday, July 31, 2004

My Ulcer Killing Me!!!

Woke up on monday morning and realise that theres a ulcer right beneath my lower lip. I didn't care much. Normally my ulcer would heal within 3-4days. Everyday's meal is pretty much with chilli. This two days, the ulcer is getting worse, plus there are a lot of bumps on my forehead. Outbreak!!! Today, its worse! I can't drink my milo. Its so bloody painful when the drink touches it. Everything start to drip out from my mouth! Its like an old man who can't control his saliva. It must be the yesterday's clubbing. The booze and fag have definetly worsen it. Its been a long time since we party.
I will seriously consider the medication that ma offer it to me. Its make of watermelon skin. But it look very disgusting, greyish black and theres an awful smell....

Thursday, July 29, 2004

My new Kung-Fu Shoe

Finally got to eat at the new open-air hawker place opposite Orchard Point. Beng and I had to queued like 1/2 hr for the food. We bought a plate of BBQ Stingray, Kangkong and Sotong plus 2 plates of rice for $23. Its definetly cheaper compare to Newton.

Anyway, Beng surprise me with a pair of black kung-fu looklike shoe from X:odus. It has a phoenix sew onto the front for the left side. I wanted to buy this pair dring the Great Singapore Sale, but couldn't make up my mind. When I made up my mind, the dun have my size for black colour! Luckily the Heeren branch still have my size but now not entilted to the discount they offer in the Great S'pore Sale.

(Thank You Beng... I love the shoe despite ma says that I look like Lee Xiao Long kee....)

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

"Charles and Keith" Into the bin you go!

Charles an Keith. I'm sure all Singaporean women have definetly heard of this brand. Well thier company mission, according to one of the interview with the boss Charles is that they hope that every single women in Singapore will own at least 1 pair of their shoes.

This didn't work on me though as I didn't own any of their shoe although they have been in S'pore for so many years. Its not that I boycott the brand juz that the design doesn't appreal to me everytime I stepped in. Anyway, recently they manage to convinced me into buying a particular pair on slip-on from them. Everything is fine after I wore them for a couple of times. I notice that the angel of the heel is not right. Every step I took I've to be every careful such that when I land my foot on the ground it must be the correct angle, if not I'll slip. This will happen EVERYTIME when I wear the slip-on. I still continue wearing them despite the danger as its very comfortable and easy (I love slip-on).

The mishap finally happened yesterday! As I was walking down a flight of steps, I slipped and fell. I got quite a shock and I screamed VERY loudly. I was so malu ! Everyone was looking at me. I was wearing a skirt luckily I fell in a kneel position not flat on my butt! I checked if I was bleeding and left the place immediately...

When I got home, I told my pa and ma abt it, and the whole dinner conversation was abt my heel. Anyway, aft dinner, I sat at the sofa watching tv. Pa came over, squat beside me, with his long-sighted glasses hanging on his nose. He was checking at my knee cap to see if I hurt myself. So sweet! You guys should see that sight, it really touched me. For a monment, I felt that I'm like a little girl with my papa sayang-ing me....

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Sonyericsson T610

Friends has been complaining on my phone. Apparently I always put them on hold when I picked up the call. (Come on~ its the button problem not the user problem!)

The problem that I encounted is that the loading of program takes bloody long time, its so retart that when I type sms, I'm faster than the program and I've to wait for the letters to appear on the screen.  (This explain the typo in my sms. Again its the phone problem not user problem). Best of all, the charger adaptor has a problem. When I plucked it into the phone, sometimes the phone doesn't get charge(Yes! I've switch on the power switch!) I have to stare at the phone for some time to make sure that its charging. Sometimes in the middle of the night I'll wake up and make sure the phone is charged!

Enuff of all this crap!!! I've given up. Since the phone still has a trade-in value of $200 (I bought it at abt $270 and have used for abt a yr) plus I have a $100 phone voucher from StarHub, I've decide that this crap phone has to go....

Currently sourcing for phone...any recommendation? Other than Nokia, I'm open to other brands....

Monday, July 26, 2004

My Encounter with Tony Leung Chiu Wai

24th July 2004, 9:00pm S'pore Changi Airport
Everybody was there to see him. The airport police had barricades on two side. Beng was there with me. Together with another two fans whom I met fromt eh forium, we waitied patiently for him. Finally, My charming Wai Zai (thats his nickname) walked out from the galss door. Surrounded by the police and bodyguards, he looked quite stunned. He was in a white tee-shirt, jeans and a black jacket and I guessed that correctly! He didn't have any moustache (the 2046 look) and wasn't in his signature uncle-looking sunglasses.

Everybody was very shocked. There were camera flshes everywhere. My friend yingying called out his name. He looked at us and smile. I was very excited and words were beyond to describe my excitement. I called him Wai Zai He turned around, smiled and waved at me! Beng manage to capture that sight! I totally melted...

The Police and boduguards escort him into the car and they zoomed off... It was indeed a short duration, but it was worth while cause its Tony Leung... Thank God I brought Beng with me. He took a lot of great pix with his trusty digicam n photography skills. With that I can "concentrate" drooling at Wai Zai
25th Julu 2004 4pm Takashimaya Civic Plaza

There was a autograph session for the 1st 80 fans. Unfortunately, I was there late! The security guards refused to let me into the queue. I almost cried. My two other friends Yingying n Michelle were in the queue and not me! I passed the card which was meant to be given personally to Wai Zai to Michelle.

At 4:00pm, Wai Zai apeared! He was in a white top (Its a promotion tee from StarHub Cable Vision Channel 62) jeans and his signature uncle-looking sunglases. He said hi and hello and the host proceed in interviewing him. He talked about his feeling when he was shooting Sound of Colours. Citing that the story was based Christmas but when they are filming, it was in Summer. It was very hot as he has to wear winter clothers. He also talked about his feelings for 2046. He said during the beginning of the filming, it was very relaxed. There wasn't any rush to it. However, towards the end of the fliming, it was very rush. There was very little time to rest. (2046 took Director Wong Kai Wai 4 yrs to film. The story was a spin-off from his previous movie In The Mood of Love. The last few mths of filming was very rushful as they plan to nomitnate the movie for the Cannes Award 2004. I heard that now he is adding more scene to the movie. The movie will be out in September 2004!!!)   

Wai Zai proceed in signing the autograph while I juz look at him helplessly. The host then gave us a surprise. He offered 10 pple who is wearing green top the chances to get his autograph (It was a Starhub event, so that explain the green colour). I was demoralise again coz I was wearing RED!!! Damn It! Fortunately, Beng was wearing green! He was one of the chosen one! Thank You! I finally got Wai Zai autograph! Can You imagine my excitement? I mean being a fan of his for 10 over years, it was the first time I have his autograph!

The fans surrounded the whole pathway as he was about to leave. The Police and the beefcake bodygurad surrounded him again. When he waled out, I called him again. He shook my hands!!! I was elated! He managed to get onto the car after much help. Seeing the car drove off end my first time star chasing adventure! I truely is a crazy fan! I mean at my age still chasing after star that truly is crazy. But hey! Who cares right?! It Wai Zai, and thats worth chasing for....of coz Beng was disgusted at my behavior....

Later on, Michelle told me that she managed to give Wai Zai our cards. It was great hearing that. In conclusion, the adventure was a fruitful one and I must give my thanks, hugz, kisses to Beng aka my baby moo~moo~ Without his help, I wouldn't be able to get such clear shots of  Wai Zai and of coz his autograph.... thanx a million!!!

I'll upload the pix later in the day for you guys so keep a look out....

Clariss aka the silly, crazy little fan of Tony Leung, currently in cloud nine


Friday, July 23, 2004


Meeting up with friends whom you dun get meet often is always good. Talk abt life, reminisce the silly stuff that was done during school days. How you can find means and ways to hide the cigarette. Maybe theres how the saying comes about "When theres a will, theres a way" Sometimes you juz can't help but to laugh at yourself. You really wonder how can you get into fights because of samll trival matters. Those silly things you do juz to win the girls heart and to gain the guy's attention. Public canning, detension classes, demerit points... sounds familar?Those were the days....where the memories still stay with us....

My M.I.A brudder juz sms me in the morning. He juz bought a dream house with the gf. The house would be ready in February 2005. I'm really happy for him. Always araid he might be left on the shelf but guess I was wrong. Till date, I've yet to meet my future sis-in-law, the dinner that he keeping saying never Raymond if you are reading this... I'm dying to meet my chubby sis-on-law!!! 

Thursday, July 22, 2004

My Date with Tony Leung Chiu Wai

I had a wonderful dream last night. I dreamt of Tony Leung Chiu Wai. Yesh my all time charming idol. It must be the day n night thinking of him. Well he is coming to town on the 24th July and will make an appearance on the 25th July at Taka (Time unknown). He is here to do a promo of Starhub Cable Vision Channel 62. I immediately jump outta my sit when I read this piece of news on Monday Morning over breakfast! I couldn't stop smiling.
Oh abt the dream... Inside the dream, I was still pretty much a little fan of his. The setting was at some cafe. Both of us were enjoying the coffee and scenery. Actually to be exact, he is enjoying the coffee and secnery while I was enjoying looking at him. I couldn't take my eyes of him. I was totally smitten by his charm. I was speechless. The feeling was so real! I couldn't stio drooling over him. Finally I gathered all my courage and ask him the first dumb question. "So what time is your performance on the 25th?"  "He replied with the usual grin and said he doesn't know, properly abt 2pm. He also mentioned that he had some VIP tickets and ask whether I'm interested. Of coz I'm interested. In fact, I into every single bit of him. I asked for his autograph and thats abt it coz after he signed, theres is stoopid fat lady chasing me away, saying that Tony need to rush for his next assignment. Sadly I bid my farewell and I woke up....ahhh how nice if in real life I can be so upfront and personnal with Tony. Imagine sitting right beside him and have coffee with him....
I guess I'll go n check out his appearance this sunday at Taka. beng has agreed to go with me. Dun worry, I'll snap a lot of photos and share with you guys....
Clariss aka the silly fan of Tony Leung 

Commonly Used Phrases at the Office and... What they really mean!

1) For your information, please.  (FYI)      
>>We don't know what to do with this, so please keep  it.  

2) Noted and returned.    
>>We don't know what to do with this, so please keep it  little while.  

3) Review and  comment.      
>>Do the dirty work so that I can forward it.  

4) Action please.      
>>Get yourself  involved for me. Don't worry, I'll claim the credit.  

5) For your necessary action.      
>>It's your headache now.  

6) Copy to.      
>>Here's  a share of the headache.

7) For your  approval, please.      
>>Put your neck on the chopping board for me please.  

8) Action is being taken.    
>>Your correspondence is lost and we a re still trying to locate it.  

9) Your letter is receiving our  attention.      
>>We are still trying to figure out what you  want.

10) Please discuss.      
>>>I don't know what the "f***" this is, so please brief me.  

11) For your immediate action.   
>>>Do it NOW!  Or we'll all get into trouble.

12) Please reply  soon.        
>>>Please be efficient. It makes me look  inefficient.  

13) We are investigating/processing your request with the relevant authories
>>>They are causing the delay not us!

14) Regards.        
>>>Thanks for reading all the bullshit.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

10 Things I need to do to stay in the Managerial Position

  1. You need to "look" pretty.
  2. Dress to kill. As little as possible even though the air-con is freezing cold in the office. Even when everyone else is wearing 2 layers of sweater, dun wear any so that you can show your can't see cleavage
  3. Know how to bootlick your boss. Agree to him in everything he say. Show concern to his health. Tell him what to eat and what not to eat. Share the "same" interest as him
  4. Bitch about him when he is not around in order to blend in with other colleagues and hear what they say. This is useful as you can use it against them if they do pose a threat. 
  5. Always accoompany him to lunch so that he can take you to expensive eating place and you need not pay for them
  6. Know how to backstab your subordinate and snatch away all their credits and ideas. Push all the blame to them in everything matters.
  7. Act dumb and innocent when you make mistake
  8. Bitch about your family problem to gain symphaty, so that you can claim off-time and need not replace back
  9. Look sick n tired on Friday so that you don't need to come back to the office on Saturday
  10. Make your subordinate do your work while you surf net, chat on the phone, and do your school assignment.

Well~ this is how my manager showcase her talent in the office....

What is Love?

Is the love between a male and a female of present is really so superficial? Is love really build on juz looks, status, and material indulgenze? How can a person jump back into the mudpool when he/she was hurt so badly by the same person before? Are the tears that was cried no avail? Is the heart ache not pain enough? Are the scars not deep enough? Is the mockery not enough?
But then again, who am we to comment? If the person don't even realise the pain, don't even bother to listen to the words, who are we to offer help and feel sad for them....    

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Went to watch Baybeats 2004 @ Esplanade on Friday and Saturday. It was great. I love The Analog Girl. Check out My Picture Gallery.
I also went to watch King Arthur. I should say its a flop. It didn't live up to my expectations. The director didn't bring out he gizz of the story. Clive Owen who acted Arthur had no facial expression. Keira Knightley's performance was ok. On thw whole I didn't feel any impact. I was juz like any other acient time movie. Troy and Priates of the Carribean are definetly much beter than King Arthur. Its a 2.5/5

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Groove Mix

Listening to the online radio from PlanetSoul Network recommended by Jenson. Super Duper Groove. How I wish I have a glass of margarita in front of me now....

The URL is go check it out... Jenson, thanx!

I juz found out my Japanese name. Its call Fujuwara (Wisteria Fields) Miharu (Beautiful Clear Sky).

Get your own Japanese name too at

They have lots of other test and interesting article... ~Have fun~

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

My new nickname "Cue-ball Princess"

Played 7 rounds of pool. Every round my cue-ball wil pocket at least twice. The best part is that when I specify which pocket to pocket in, instead of the score-ball, my cue-ball would pocket in. I was the joke for the whole night! I also tasted the "one-cue-clear-all" phenomenon. Needless to say I didn't win any game...

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

10 days of pigging truly has its consequences. I couldn't finish my routine. After 30mins of cardio, I couldn't catch my breath. Now, my biceps are aching, my triceps are aching, my ads are aching, my inner & outer thighs are fact my whole body is aching. I reach home yesterday n drop dead on my bed. This juz goes to show that if I really want to hit my target I should stop finding excuses for not working out.

Saw my trainer at the gym, he was hysterical when he saw me! "what happen to you?! First it was the boy look, den it was the strawberry-look alike hairdo, now it's the school girl look! So wats next? I was quite embarrassed coz of his super duper big reaction and everyone else around us was staring at my hair...He also reminded that he haven���t been seeing me around lately so I should get my butt moving and quit being lazy which I think he is right...

Oh ya! If I didn't mention, I had a big quarrel with this moron in the bus (TIBS) this morning. This inconsiderate moron was sitting behind the driver seat and place his big luggage right beside him blocking the walkway. The bus was very crowded and everybody had to detour in order to move in to allow other to board the bus, needless to say, I was one of them and the best part is the stupid driver made a sharp left turn and I lost my balance and bump into his ah pek who has a strong BO. I most died! I got so angry and I woke the moron up and gave him a piece of my mind. It was after the scolding that I realize I was quite loud and everybody was looking at me but who cares. Luckily I alight at the next stop so I need not withstand those eyes...

Sometimes I really do agree that Singaporean was juz a bunch of selfish moron who only care for their own convenience and disregards others which is very sad. I mean having gone through education don't they have the basic? What an encounter to start my day...

Monday, July 12, 2004

New hairdo

I've juz cut my hair and I look like a 16yrs old kiddo...

I'm thinking of getting a digital cam. In fact, have been toying with this idea fro a long long time... actually I dun mind if somebody give tt to me as my bday present pple I've given u another idea wat to get for my bday! (pardon me for being so thick-skin)

There's some major misunderstanding between some of the pple in the village, so I really hope thats those pple involved should be more open-minded and think in another presepctive. Jump outta tt small little mudpool. Forgive and forget~~~

I love you guys and hate to see us fall apart....I really do hope that all of us can treasure the friendship that we have. Its fate that brought us together...

....I'm such a pig! have been dumping junk food into my body for the past few days. I havenn't been stepping into the gym for...hmm...lets count....10days! I really feel very guilty. In order to hit my target, I've decided to "re-visit" the gym 2day! *sound like some major decision*

My new bloggie

I have created a new blog!

From now on this is where I shall share my thoughts and encounter with all my love ones and friends. As for the old one, it will still remain as it is. Like I say I need a space to vent my anger and release the negative ions that are in me. Therefore pardon me for not being able to share it with you as it contains explicit language.

So do you like this blog skin? Tag me....