Saturday, November 27, 2004

Had a couple of drinks at Pasir Ris Park with my secondary sch mate, Yaozu and Yisiang.

Haven't been there for a while, it definetly bring back a lot of good old memories.

Both Yaozu and me had a good chit chat session as Yisiang went off to have supper with his colleague, but came back to fetch us as it pour heavily at the later part of the night...

I'm definetly overwhelmed by the fact that Yaozu and me had such a good talk. Back in sch days, we were like enemies of the lifetime, we couldn't agree with every single things and often break into fights...yes iterally fight...He is a well known chao ah beng who is so skinny and tall like a bamboo pole that ur mum used to hang out the clothes. Although I can compare in terms of height, but i definetly wouldn't lose out since I was such a little sis of all the other boys in class, and they would stand by my side no matter its quite a privilege...

But look at us now, talking heart to heart and agreeing a lot of life encounter and "experiences" we had. Who can imagine us sitting oppposite each other and boozing away? He definetly change a lot, no longer the chao ah beng who would have the "fuck" word with every sentence he construct. My Gosh! *faint* I'm so disgusted by him to think that he is my classmate but yesterday I didn't have that thought at all...

Guess people do change...whether is it for the good or bad(hopefully not the bad part)

Guess people do grow up

Thursday, November 25, 2004

One nice pose...

Hi! I found this webby...Very interesting...

Mrs. Claus's Workshop

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

All you guys who are DRIVING / RIDING on the road....

I've received a piece of bad new this morning.

My good friend Jason was involved in a car accident yesterday.

He was traveling down from ECP and saw a motorist got hit and was lying on the road. Being a good samaritan, he slowed down his car with the intention to help the injured guy and direct the traffic. Before his vehicle could come to a complete stop, a cab crashes into the back of his car and his bonnet crash into the side railing by the road. He suffered minor injuries however he was sent to the hospital was an x-ray.

It just wasn't his day, as the previous night, he was caught for 'reckless driving' He was seen weaving in and out of traffic and on Monday morning, he was charged in court with a fine and 9 demerit points.

I really pray that he didn't suffer any concussion form the accident.

So all my beloved friends who are driving or riding please take good care of yourself. When on the road, be extremely careful and never drink and drive. I can't take this type of stress and shock.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Your like an angel. You pocess love and bring love
to any thing or person. You love being
yourself. Even though your cute or not. I think
your just awesome. Like you are peace:)

What Type Of Girl Are You???(Amazing Pics)
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I was caught in a massive traffic jam this morning. The bus was traveling along PIE via Bedok Reservoir Road. The jam started along Bedok Reservoir entrance to the PIE and stretches all the way to Paya Layba flyover. Actually it was minor accident involving a car and motorbike, but the it held up everyone especially that was during the peak hours. After we pass the accident scene, the traffic was back to normal. Needless to say, I was late for work again!

Monday, November 22, 2004

The past weekend was a slumberland for me. Woke up at 12:30pm and went to Hairum's place for Hari Raya Lunch. His mum is a fantastic cook. The beef Rendang was superb! The lontong was good, the Masala Chicken was delicious, everything was good especially the chilli sauce. She also made a lot of kwei kwei n cookies. Oh ya! Jason brought along his new gf, Linda. Notice the word "new" keekee.. everyone was spectulating how long this one will last....

Anyway, Jason sent me home at about 4plus. Once I reach home, immediately after my bath, I hit slumberland till 8:00pm. Woke up packed dinner for Dad and the whole night was juz the tv staring at me...

Sunday was teh same for me. Woke up at lunch time, had lunch with mummy, before I hit the bed again. had to attend cousin Ka Wai's wedding dinner which everyone in the family dread going. No choice, have to respect grams, so everyone put on a false front n smile fakely at the dinner. The dinner was at Grand Corpthrone Waterfront Hotel. The food was bad, the rest of the cousins were juz there to wack the wine. The 5 of us, all gers were juz happily drinking away. Even mummy join in the fun. Nowadays, mummy quite havoc, learn how to drink champaign n wine. U guys must look at the way she drink. Super Tai Tai can't stand that look on her face...

Anyway the dinner finish at about 11 plus, took some pix with grams n went back home aft tt, n u've guess it, I'm back to slumberland again...

I'm quite a good girl during the weekend, no late partying and booze for me, juz sleep....sleep...sleep...

Friday, November 19, 2004

SonyEricsson Z1010

I finally saw the phone set of Z1010 which I've been waiting patiently fro the past few months. Boy! Am I disappointed. The phone is huge and bulky. Its bigger than a PDA phone. Very disappointing!!! Guess what the retail price is #1250!!! The one that I got hold of was the import set. This phone is due to launch in Year 2005. So now I've to abort the idea of getting this phone and I'm back to my quest for searching another phone.

However, the guy introduced me to this new Samsung phone direct import from Korea. Its still due to lanuch next year. The phone is sleek, very lady-like, chrom-silver colour, flip LCD screen which can roate 360 degree. Check out the price - its $1000!!! The cost price is $990 so the ah-beng shop owner owns $10. According to him, his boss has good dealing with the Koreans thus they import a lot of weird, trendy phones from Sumsung which you seldom find in Singapore.

Anyway, the ah-beng keep pestering me to buy the phone. Hello?! Its $1000 u think $10 ah? Do I look like I print $$$...dun thnks so...I would say the design is very attractive but the price? nah... Moreover, I can't test the phone as they only have 1 piece so once they on it, I've to purchase it... So I guess, I've to forget about this darling and setlle on something which is more affortable, trusting and durable.

The Incredible

I went to watch The Incredible yesterday night with J. It was an entertaining and hilarious movie. Although the movie is 2hrs, but with the plot, action, pictures and laughter, you wouldn't feel it at all.

The main character Bob Parr used to be one of the world's greatest superheroes known as Mr. Incredible, saving lives and fighting evil on a daily basis. But now, fifteen years later, Bob and his wife (a famous former superheroes in her own right - Elastigirl) have adopted civilian identities and retreat to the suburbs to live "normal" life with their three kids, Violet, Dash and Jack Jack due to a failed rescue mission whom he got sued by the civilian and order to retire by the Government. Now, he is a clock-punching insurance claim agent fighting boredom and a bulging waistline. To fight boredom, he moonlight superheroes with his buddy frozen behind the back of his family. Itching to get back into action, Bob gets his chance when a mysterious communications summons him to a remote island for a top-secret assignment.

Other character include Edna Mode - Superheroes Fashion Designer and Syndrome - overly obsessed superheroes wannabe who idolize Mr. Incredible and got rejected to be his side-kick. In a nutshell he is the villain with no powers.

I totally enjoyed the movie and you guys should go watch. So, this adds to my list of the second cartoon-I-paid-to-watch. Oh ya, juz in case you guys unaware, I dun watch cartoon in cinema.

Monday, November 15, 2004

The gang met up at Sunset Bay, Sentosa this morning. We went sun bathing, volley and Frisbee. There wasn't much hunk around. so sad.

The sun was freaking hot! As usual I applied sun block lotion to tan. Coz the effect will be very nice, Yes it might sound stopid but its tried and tested and it work for me so who cares!

We had so much fun at the beach. Seems like everyone is deprieve of childhood. But it was fun. Took quite a number of pix, will upload once Andy send to me. Which I know will take forever. or it will end up dunno at which folder....Think its time I get my own Digicam.

What pissed me off is the bathing part. Can U imagine I queeued 1 hrs juz to bath for 5 mins. Bloody hell! This gals ah, think they in Spa or hair salon. Take forever to bath. I alomost died waiting for my turn....

We went for sushi for dinner. Haven't ate so much for a long long time. Dav, Connie, Jerry, Remy and I head to Mount Faber. Actually we only stayed there fro abt 20mins before heading back home. Coz everyone was too tired to look at stars...

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Mama Mia

After waiting for so long, I finally watch Mama Mia!!!

The story was good. But the actors' voice weren't as great. Didn't have much power. But it was very entertaining.

It was also my first time watching a play in Esplanade. Since I spend quite a lot on the tickets, i got quite good seat. But wat disappoint me is that there isn't much room space. Luckily theres a 1/2 hr interval, if not my legs will get numb aft the whole play. :)

2day is also baby Sarah's baby shower. But by the time I finish the play, grams and the rest have already left the place, so I didn't get to see Baby Sarah. But Mum said she got big eyes and very chubby.

*Hello* she is 10 pounds! How can you expect her not be chubby?

I had dinner with the gang before I head back home.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Went to the Singapore MotorShow 2004 at Suntec Convention Center.

Wow! you guys must definetly not miss this! The cars were double wow! Especially the Lexus concept car. I almost went crazy over it. Look at the pix!

The headlights were tastefully designed. The exhaust pipe was well hidden. The seats are white and classy, The doors open 2-way. This was indeed a babe! Its a must have provided you have that type of cash. J couldn't stop drooling over the car. He took video clips of the car and MMS to his Dad. He said that if he owns this car, he will only drive at a maximum of 30k/hr which I can't stop laughing! This car is perfect! The only thing that spoil the pix is the stoopid woman. *puke*

The Honda Jazz was so cute. Suddenly got the urge to tak my driving license. keekee...

We went to watch TAXI. We couldn't get the 5 plus slot, we end up watching the 9:30 slot. The three of us had dinner at Lip's Cafe and went to Acid Bar for a drink and chill out there.

U guys must go catch TAXI. Its definetly worth your $8.50 Very funny and hilarious. I laugh throughout the whole show. keekee...

We went for billard and I head home at abt 3 plus

Friday, November 12, 2004

Today is Thomas and Adeline ROM day. Congratulation!!!

After the ceremony, I met up with them at Teahouse, China Square. Saw the parents of the couple. Thomas look exactly the same ad his Dad. After meal, its where the sabotage start. Ricky brought out this huge wine glass, which is enough to pour in 7 bottles of wine. That is how huge the wine glass was. We made the couple finish everything. We also made Thomas dirty dance with Adeline. We had so much fun. Everyone can't stop laughing. The boys were very naughty with all the funny tricks up their sleeves.

Next, we proceed to a Turkish caf茅 nearby and continue the boozing session. It was 1-for-1. We ordered 2 pint of whole garden beer each. There were a total of 15 of us. So you can imagine how many pint were there on the table. Whole Garden is one beer that everyones like so much. The after effect is very nice and soothing. I also tried the Shisha or otherwise known as water pipe. It was cherry flavored. Very fun���I totally look like a filthy rich tai tai.

We continued the party at one of the karaoke joint at Prince Edward Road. Everyone was very high. The guys stripped! Ok relax��� let me finish first We played the lame song from Alex To ��� Tou diao, literally translated as Take off or Strip. The guys got so excited and stripped, only their tops. So hilarious. Actually, it wasn���t any drooling experience coz everyone had a big, fat, round tummy.

Kor and I went back at about 11 plus. We starting drinking since 4 pm in the afternoon. The rest continued the party.

A little write-up on Shisha
Shisha smoking uses a process by which the smoking sublimates are passed through a pot containing water. The pot is connected on one side to a mouth piece via a tube and to the other side to a receptacle containing the tobacco to be consumed. The material
and size of the pot and tubing differ from one type to another. The tobacco used in Shisha is called ���Meassel��� which is a mix of ordinary tobacco and molasses (or fruit juice, where it is called after the name of the fruit juice used) in ratio 1:2.4. Meassel is put in a clay container called ���Hagar��� where it is burnt with pieces of coal. The tobacco content of one ���Hagar��� is called ���Korsi��� and is almost equivalent in weight to one cigarette

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Happy Deepavali!!!

Went to Andy's place in the DVDs and had mahjong later on... nothing much happen though..juz rot the day away

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

2day was a bad day for me...wasn't feel well...dun worry...I'll take care of myself..

Monday, November 08, 2004

Met up with some friends whom we haven't met for a long time. We had dinner and when to watch a HK movie ��� Abnormal Beauty, directed by the director of The Eye and The Eye 2.

It was such a crap show. Basically its about this girl who is so into arts and photography. One fine day, she witnesses a car accident and suddenly she got urge to photograph the victim. And from then on she got so into take bloody pix especially the dead. Then, a mystery person start sending her pix for dead people and further on a video on how a girl got beaten to death. The lead���s lesbo friend later on became the victim and followed by the lead. In the end, we found out that the murderer was some bookstore sale person who was never introduced to the audience.

It was such a waste of time and money!!! All of us was traumatized by the movie...

Ok enough on the movie. We went to East Coast Park to chat, Since my friend's car was full and I was the one wearing jeans (the rest of the girls wore skirts), I had to take friend���s bike. It was exciting as I haven't rode a bike for million years. Dun worry, my friend is no hell rider. I must say I looked like tweety bird when I wore the helmet. It was a bit too big for me.

We went to the jetty to look at people fishing. We chatted throughout the night and took off at about 4 plus.

Got drag out from my cozy bed by mummy. She wanted me to accompany her for shopping. This coming Sunday is baby Sarah's baby shower, so mummy wanted to get her something from the jewelry shop.

We went to visit my grand auntie. Apparently she wanted to go shopping with us so we went over to her place for lunch. She made popiah and I was such a pig! I ate 3 big fat popiah. Its not those that you purchase from food court or some eatery joint. Its those hokkien style where there are many different types of ingredient. It very fun as we get to wrap them on our own and we get to choose which ingredients we want to add, to add more or to add less, all according to your liking. I haven���t had popiah for a very long long time plus I didn���t get to eat much for dinner the day before. So that explained why I ate so much.

After lunch, we went shopping. Its one of those olden days jewelry shop. Acutally I should say its goldsmith shop, I totally sympathies the sale person. Got bullied by my grand auntie, my auntie and mummy. They really bargained with him for a good price. Apparently, I heard my grand auntie was his regular customer, so I guess he has got no choice but to give a real good price. It was so embarrassing so grand aunt has got VERY loud voice, so pratically everyone could hear wat she say....

You can see their satisfied face after they close the deal. But I must say it was indeed a good price. Sometimes you really need to give it to the aunties, they are real good on bargaining. Frankly I wouldn���t buy anything from that shop. The design is so corny. More suitable for the older generation.

We went to visit grams in the afternoon and had dinner over there.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Working on Saturday is always unproductive, inefficient and a waste of time....

Bascially, thats nothing much for you to do except to surf the net, read the papers, and loiter around...

Was at Orchard yesterdat aft work, X'mas decor were all up, but still I dun feel the ambience, Which is weird, normally, every year when it hit Nov, I'll be extremly excited. All the festive seasons are round the corner...

There will be two major holiday coming next week. Deepavali on Thursday and Hari Raya on Sunday which means that Monday will be declare as a public holiday. Initially, planned to go Hong Kong with my family for a short retreat, but nothing is materialize so I guess I'll stay at home and rot.

I can't wait for 14 Nov to come. Coz I'm watching Mama Mia and also, its my baby niece baby shower.

Its again another lazy afternoon with no I guess its back home aft knocking off and rot thru the day....I think I really should find something to do... Think I should go n take my diving license. Have always been dying to go get one...Or perhaps I should start taking my driving lesson. I;m really bored with my current goals and everyday is juz waiting for the next day to come.... Wat am I doing...

Friday, November 05, 2004

I sneaked out from the office yesterday and went to the Wine for Asia exhibition at Singapore Expo. Met my event managers for my furniture show held in Sept. We had such a great time chatting, gossiping and tasting the wine. Those award winning wines by Decanter and Miundus Vini were good.

however some of the wines were very young. Vintage mainly from 2002-2004. The organizer explained that its teh culture of Asian as normally they can't wait to drink the wine once they bought it so those wine that the exhibitors bring in is mostly young wine.

Its quite disappointing they do not have my favourite Cloudy Bay. But, on the whole the wines over there were good.

Kor and his colleagues, Thomas and Raymond was there too. So since Kor is a sommelier, I naturally followed him around to taste the wines. Its the first time I see him behaving so professionally. I mean you look at his facial expression when he taste the wines, damn pro. They saw a few of their suppliers over at the exhibitions. When introduced, they were shocked to find out that Kor and me are blood related siblings. Of coz, all were saying that we both look alike, as though we were photocopied. *roll eyes* Thats the usual comments we get so I'm pretty used to that. It seems that kor is very popular with the suppliers, coz everywhere we walked, we hear people calling his name and the same old thing again on how we looked alike.

Rosalyn, Serene and Sharon, my events managers were teasting me of haivng such a "kheng" brother. Knowing how to taste wine etc. Of coz I juz smiled. Of coz they did asked him which are the good wines...

When I look at him talking, I feel the comfort that finally there is one thing that he is capable of and not rot his life away.

While he was talking to them, I had a good chat with Thomas and Raymond and as usual they like to tease me. Saying since when I know how to taste wine. Oh ya! Thomas and Adeline getting registered next Friday. So I'm invited to ROM ceremony which I'm afraid I'll not be able to make it since its in the afternoon and I've got to work. Probably will join them aft work for the party.

I started drinking at about 2pm so by the time we left the place at about 6, I was a little high. We went to Club Chinois as Raymong got to go back and work while kor was meeting Eric there. As usual, the moment Ricky saw me, he start his nonsense again. SOmetimes I wonder, why am I always the target. I've already kept my mounth shut when I'm around them yet I still get shot. Do I have the come-snoke-me face?! Of coz I know they meant no harm and theres no personal attack. Whats importtant is that, at the end of the day, all of them dote on me...

Hmm... I'm thinking of the Tim Sum buffet they serve during Sunday and I'm drooling *slurp* oe of these days, I should go back there again....

Monday, November 01, 2004

New Skin

I think its time to change my blogskin. Dec is approaching, so no more the sunshine thingy liaoz...

I promise once I'm done with my newsletter, I'll start shopping for the new skin...

I juz weigh myself recently. Guess what, I lost 2kg. But it seems like I've put on weight coz my double chin is showing, my whobby tummy is showing, jeans and tees are getting tighter. Must be something wrong with the weighing machine... *puke puke*

Anyway I decided what I want to get myself for this year birthday. I'm going to treat myself for a dental bleaching session. Yes! I've had enuff with the cigarette stains on my teeth. No matter how I take care of them, these stubborn stain juz won't go away.

So I decided to get them bleach. Once and for all. As for the cigarette, I'l slowly quitting....But it really take a lot of determination which I'm lack off....