Wednesday, November 30, 2005

you know its gonna be a bad day

when early morning kena fuk big time coz you dozed off last night and forgotten to drink the tonic soup and left the slow cooker on the whole night....

when you read the morning papers and knew that your fellow team mates whom you used to train and compete together, are fighting for the country at the SEA Games while you are sitting at the dining table and drinking milo before dragging yourself to work...

when you think of the heartless bastard and almost rolled down from the overhead bridge, but luckily you reacted fast enough and grabbed hold of the railing because you got train before....

its a 3 hit combo! KNN + Dui Na Seng + Chao bye bye

Monday, November 28, 2005

Part 1 of Bday party

you know you OP when you wake up late in the late afternoon the next day from the previous night partying.

Luckily I made full use of the remaining time in the afternoon to do something useful. Like painting Baby Fayth's banner. Done-ed with part 1, the wordings... part 2 will continue today.

Party on Sat was great. Only that the Ma La Steamboat left a numbing effect on my lips for a while.

Some look like they hung two hotdogs on their mouth. Nothing wa wa to shout about. Give me TomYum steamboat anytime, I love them!

K session was crazy. I love the village! I'm a villager for the past 6yrs and man we have NEVER sing K before. we nt sua ku, juz that we are not mucially-inclined.

Too many laughters, too many cries, too many crazy-ness, too many pix....

Sat is the first instalment of my bday celebration.

Guess I'll finish the second and third instalment and maybe fouth, before I post everything up.

I'm popular...

Friday, November 25, 2005

Baby Fayth's Pictorial 1

realize that I haven update on her progress for more than a week...

En En pom pom liaoz!

her belly button! The gynae did a great job!

ok nai nai wash hair for you ah...

wash body...

the minute we put her into the water, she starts to display her famous stunt...when we took her out of the water, she stopped.

She grabbed nai nai's clothes tightly which end up nai nai run bright. of coz u hum sump pple wont get to see!

so my conclusion is, she is a dirty chicken little! Like that how I bring you swimming? Remember gugu want to buy you bikini for swimming?!

nai nai wearing clothes for en en

its a big project, nai nai have to squat on the bed...

her zonked out look aft the whole bathing ordeal...

Fayth's Chinese name is Jia En. I either call her mei mei or en en

mei mei... mum mum liaoz

she really suck the milk dry from the bottle.

her zonked out look during burping time....

*yawn* en en wanna orh orh liaoz

since she doesn't has much hair, we wanted to let her wear a hat during the baby shower...

obviously she doesn't like it very much

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Counting down

before I hit 23

lately 好多情绪一起涌上来

I think I'm getting old. *humpf*

Alright~ I can hear you guys snearing at me "wah lau eh! 23 is old, den I 老人俱乐部 "

When I say old, not refering to age. 年龄只是一个数字.

I'm talking about 思想 and experiences.

huh? 23 want to talk about what 人生经念?

I've been thru quite a lot of shit for the past 23 years, be it friends or love, but wat the heow! I've survived! Enuff said.

Wish list for my bday....

~ Baby Fayth 健健康康的长大 (its Fayth not Faith... Mummy wants a different spelling)
~ Family and friends 平平安安健健康康开开心心的过日子
~ that my career scale to new height coz I think everyday I'm like this

I want to change my working environment. Michelle was asking me hows work and I told her the same old complain. Guess the reason why I'm still holding on is because I love the nature of my job minus off the bosses' politics, pettyness, fighting etc.

Bosses are constantly back stabbing each other. They are living in history. The company is not growig at all and me too.

Guess its time to leave, look for other learning opportunity.

How am I going to celebrate? No more those whooha + ra ra party. Except that the village is celebrating both Andy and mine bday.

And Kelly going to pamper me on Sunday at KM8 and Dempsey hut

And Bam Bam going bring me out for dinner at Mt Emily (Dunno where the heow is that)

I'm blessed with great friends.

Well lately I've been busy with Baby Fayth's baby shower!

We are holding a party for her. Where? The void deck of my block. Like those Malay Wedding. Not that we wanna cut cost, but theres way too many guests. And the baby need to rest. What beats the comfort of her own smelly cot?!

Whats more, beside our malay community, we will be the first family to hold party at void deck.

Must make sure that everyone in my neighbouhood know that its Baby Fayth's baby shower. Isn't that the objective of having a baby shower?!

Thats so much things to do. The food, the decoration, the entertainment. etc.

The party will start on Friday. Not exactly party lah, but theres some ritual thingy she has to go thru. Like paying respect to her ancestors, giving out 红鸡蛋, glutinous rice, 猪脚醋 to all the relatives.

Speaking of which, that remind me of placing the order for the buffet.

I'm actually more excited for teh baby shower rather than my bday

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


The Dormitory Boys !!! otherwise known as 后舍男生

One word : Talented!

The current hot cakes in blogoshpere!

They lip sync and re-cut MV.

Read more about them here

Wah lau eh! Check out their MV. Damn funny! 2 thumbs up!

This is my favourite : As Long As You Love Me
p/s: to protect your PC screen, please refrain from eating or drinking while watching the videos

confirm must add them to my must read list!

give me more video!



Juz as the boys were singing 童话 last night, I found the clip this morning...

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Please go somewhere else

I dun understand why some pple has to smoke in the toilet! Or rather, let me correct myself... I dun understand why some pple has to smoke in a public toilet.

Look if you have the habit of smoking while shitting, pls do it at home. U are stinking the whole damn toilet.

First and foremost, I must stress that I've got nothing against pple who smoke. In fact I smoke too or rather I social smoke.

I can accept pple smoking in pubs, kopitam, in general public but not in public toilet.

Dun fuking deprive me of my personal 5mins of doll-up time.

We go to the Ladies to freshen up, check the make-up, hair, bra, pad. The moment they step out of the Ladies, We have to look glam again.

Such a stinko toilet, no matter how much EDT you spray, u smell of cigarette.


Especially those cubicles in the hotel, everything is sealed up. When I walked in, I died-ed on the smoke + shit smell!

Help me!

The next time I catch anyone smoking in the toilet, I embarrasse her in front of EVERYBODY and make sure she hide in the cubicle FOREVER!

Before the show starts...

there is one last thing you should do....

Can I have this instead?

Kelly asked beside ipod nano, wat else would I like as my bday pressie.

I said anything...

I changed my mind...

Can I have this
p/s: turn on ur speaker

when is this coming to town???


traffic light

on our way to fisherman village last Sat, anonymous stole the traffic light and brought them home....

oohhh... the Red boys won!
p/s: Moby, this is your bday pressie! I'm good to you...

Monday, November 21, 2005

I know the answer....

my fustration on why guys call girls got answered from last night conference call with Ah boy, Law and Andy.

Ah Boy: woooo.... nap sms me

*upon hearing the word , i starting asking him*

Me: boy, why guys always call girls ? we are human not kang kong, daogei, kailan, cai xin

Andy: no Kang Kong is for guys.

All of us: whahahaha~!~!~!~ (village joke)

Ah boy: emmm... I also dunno... pple say so I follow suit lorhz.. u gers also call guys 凯子 mah.

Me: thats true. but 凯子 sound alright but not .

Ah boy : maybe because girls like flower... flower = , is hway in Hokkien. but if you say hway sound funny mah... like "wa eh hway jin chio" or "zai lee, wo ka ji eh nap hway chu ke"

Me: orh.. flower is plant, but ah beng vocab very Pte Ltd. so they say lah

the rest of them: I think so.

Friday, November 18, 2005

u know it

xmas is round the corner when....

1) the tress in Orchard are lighted up

2) X'mas decor are hanging everywhere....

3) X'mas tress are at every corner...

at main entrance....

at the carpark entrance...

at the office entrance...

at the workstation...

wa seh reindeer come visit leh...

even the fishes are feeling christmasy

not forgetting my RED BOYS

confirm X'mas is round the corner...

2morrow home match against Portsmouth

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Adeline and Kelvin's bday

kinda late....

but better late than never

Dinner at Club Chinois

cake from yours truely

we didn't forget the usual habit of s'poreans...

of all us...

the table very shiny...

we had our usual wine and the bday uncle K.O

others head back home while I went to met up with bee and head to another joint - still where else....

specking of which, my bday is round the corner... *drop big hint*

but first its to celebrate my little princess 1-mth baby shower.

Theme will be pink coz

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Mr Hairy

校长 text me last nite...

"u post my armpit hair in flickr, how am I gonna face the world?"

my reply "Good things are meant to be shared"

I donch know y that reply.

I hate armpit hair. so unglam *move index finger left to right with a bitch face*

Guys hate girls with hairy armpit, so do I.

I can't imagine if I'm the guy making out with a hairy pit girl...

the bush of seaweed flashes right smack into my face. Super turn off.

Crazy ones find hairy pit sexy...

WTH are they thinking? Outta your mind or wat.

dun laugh! I'll talk abt guys now.

You complain big time when you kena flashed while in the bus, when the stretch across for her booze, while making out etc. question is, did you groom urself?

Dun f-ing tell me that, 有毛的男人才够 man

Sorry let me correct you...

有整理毛的男人叫 MAN,没有整理得叫猩猩

stray off abit...

Why guys like to give names to girls? call them chicks, 马子,Siao eh, charbo, ?

please enlighten me?!

The word super pissed me off. wah lau eh. I'm human not kangkong, kailan, daogei, beicai,caixin, Why you call me ?

ok lah even though if its a fling. cannot call her more glam glam name like, my anata, darling, sweetheart, 亲爱的, baby etc? why ? its so 难听!

I mean u won't like if the girl start telling her gfs "today not free so never meet my 凯子"

so stop calling the girl !!!!

when my frds call their fling , my reaction "wa didn't know you 卖菜的? so 最近巴杀生意好吗

k back to the hairy pit topic...

of coz i'm not asking guys to shave off EVERYTHING! I also dun like 白马

but least have the courteous to trim them. Keep them neat and tidy.

hairy guys,its like you touch everything also 毛毛

If we girls can be bothered to shave our underarms and go for brazilian wax, can't u guys do your part by trimming ur hairy legs, chest hair, nose hair, ear hair, hmmm where else? oh ya, underarms, and your little brother.

by the way, brazilian wax is not cheap! $40 per session. you pay to get pain!

If we can sacrifice in term of financial and physical, why can't you do your little contribution? Max you only invest on a good and gentle pair of scissor.

imagine if you make out, pull down the boxer den *bishhh* blackie break loose... den you start thinking "eh wheres little brother?? he left it at home ah?"

my gf was telling me, when she BJ for her sweetheart, she hates it big time, when she has to stop and spit out that irritating strain of hair... wah lau eh! 有没有更恶心的?

she drop subtle hint, dun work

she drop obvious hint, dun work

she drop big hint, dun work

she spell it out, the sweetheart felt offended!

so how?? I tell her dun BJ for the loser.

alright sex aside, this is not an issue of looking good, but its a topic of hygiene and respect for urself and others.

毛毛 will give you BO.

No matter how glam glam you are, BO = please stay away from me!

its like a half dead stingray with strench of smell in the middle of 皮肤滑滑, 白白嫩嫩. Of coz all will buy the 皮肤滑滑, 白白嫩嫩 for bbq. Half-dead one will be left under the blazing sun to die and decompose.

how sad.

the one who refuse my sleep

2 sets of Asahi and 1 Tiger...

Mr. Alcochol is wrecking my sleep routine.

Mr. Z is totally pissed off with him and gave me a stern warning!

"If this continue, I'm going for my other fling"

The end

I haven been wearing 龙的戒指 for the past 15days.

yup I displine.

龙的戒指 is dead in the drawer. Dead and not 冬眠! but mesh ring? I dun know. Dun intend to know her well being. some things are better left untold. take it that 弃她而去.

那条龙 and mesh not compatible.

Design, material, style, 不相配


I'm gonna delete all my sent items.

ya, I quite bo liaoz. keep all the sms I text.

keep for fug? I donch know.

Others keep the incoming sms, I keep the outgoing sms.

一句话, 一个巴掌拍不响

Monday, November 14, 2005

Wine4Asia, The Wedding

the wine were great.

I love the Saint Clare... but Cloudy Bay is still the best. Unbeatable!

met a few familar faces.

Totally high. imagine 5 hours of not to?

the award winning selection wasn't that great. Last year was better...

I met someone there...

remember my previous entry on 过客 of which I mention about 德权...

I saw him there...surprised! Didn't know he changed industry. and a total change. From real estate to wine.

but anyway both are doing sale so strictly speaking its only change in product.

chatted for a while and exchange number...

Sharon said he quite leng zai but leng zai no used. 1st date bad impression liaoz... so cannot. Not everyone is like Darren and her.

I took a few pix at the show but I itchy fingers, meddle with the digicam setting and deleted everything...


so no pix of the show...

anyway I'm gald that you guys enjoyed the wine too...

Next year interested?

I was damn late for my hair and manicure/pedicure appointment

Connie aka my manicurist "wa...finally my customer is here. Not bad ah 5 hours late"

sorry ger!


*ring* alarm went off at 5:30am

I pom-pom and the sky also pom-pom

It was raining! Heavy rain! With thumder and lighting!

Damn! Luckily it stopped

The groom arrived at 7am.

we did the usual sabo groom and brothers stunt

got the red packet and let them in.

proceed back to Vincent's place, Woodlands.

the usual tea ceremony, photo taking...

the sisters

and FOOD! Glorious FOOD! We are hungry!

Next is back to Janicia's place for the tea ceremony.

Food again...

Half time. We head to Remy place to take his barang-barang and check into Hotel Miramar

Everyone did what they had to do. Bath, sleep, shit, iron clothes, watch tv, rehearsal, make-up, etc

photo whore in the hotel room for a while and head down to the restaurant which we continue to photo-whore

The guys

Jason new found sweetheart...erm the one in blue not the blacks.

we are your emcee for the night...

we took hell lots of pix. I only used my digicam for the dinner and its already 100 over pix. can't possibly post everything here...those who is still persistent on using dailup will hate me like crazy. so please check my flickr on my sidebar for more pix....

the wedding dinner commence went on smoothly.

As promised earlier, we prepared a special "cocktail" for the couple

too bad, they didn't get to savour this wonderful "cocktail" due to time constrain. Thats the problem with Chinese wedding dinner...EVERYONE is late. no one is EVER on time.

You wait for me, I wait for you, thinking everyone will be late, so everyone take there own sweet time.

After the Yum Seng session, we knock off and start having fun...

everyone was jio-ing everyone to drink erm actually is ta not drink...


all of us went crazy...some where jio-ing and ta-ing non stop, some were photo whoring non stop, some can't stopped laughing, some were kissing, faces were red like tomatoes...

the group pix

we head back to our respective room for 1/2hr break and continue drinking at the bridal suite

drink drank drunk....

the few remaining ones, Yc, 13, Beng and myself...we bo liaoz, decided to play with my digicam timer.

after N time of tries, we finally got these....

this is what happen when pple get high on alcohol. But you only get to see these "precious" moments when one is not in the right state of mind.

we got tired of all the silly stunts and called it a day...

check out at 12noon, head down to Jalan Bukit Ho Swee for Teochew Mui

I still burp alcohol.


We Home Sweet Home...

I miss my bed...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Faith's cry is horrendous

I usually sleep like a pig.

as in when theres outbreak of fire I will be burned alive!

ya that bad!

the only thing that can wake me up is the ring from my mobile phone.

but its bad to call me when I'm sleeping coz I'm a grouch!

so for the past 2 nights, I can't concentrate with my usual flirting session with Mr. Z in slumberland.

I think he might look for another fling if things continue *touch wood*

Faith's cry is ...... LOUD

she seems to like the scare-people-dunno-you-cry stunt.

if she can wakes me up, the cries are bad.

of coz I can't spank her coz she is my little princess and I heart her.

all I can say is she is more acurate than any alarm clock. never miss any of her feed.

if I didn't mention, she has no patient for her milk

now means NOW

Poor mummy, she look like panda.

Babies...its a love-hate relationship.


that aside, doc say she put on weight and her head circumference grew by 1cm.

juz 5days and she put on weight.

*thumb up*

Direct Translation?

memo from my maintenance department

As advised, please be vigilant against petty theft. Youu should contact our security office at telephone no. 6xxx xxxx if you spot any suspicious character loitering in our building

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

newly added, Wine for Asia 2005


added a few new stuff to my sidebar...

1) I archived all my heart felt shite load of Chinese entries and named it 心的感触

2) I also archived all the entries on Baby Faith <--- Don says I'm obsessed with her, like a new addiction.

3) I've added more bloggie to "Read This" section. To note: contained explicit content. Not for a weak heart.

4) I've adpoted a new pet and I named him Whisky <--- Mama hates animals, I can't keep a pet, and with the Baby around, keeping a doggie will NEVER EVER happen, unless I moved out. And so, to satisfy my urge to have a doggie, I adpoted a virtual pet. I is ke lian. Dun ask me why doggie is a male and why I named it Whisky. I donch know too...

5) I've rearranged the order of the items.

6) I strike through all the past EPL Liverpool matches for quick and easy references.

7) I updated the URL in "Check this out" <--- to stop everyone from complaining.

Oh ya...before I forgot... I've got invites (lots of them) for Wine for Asia 2005.


Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 4
Date: 10 to 12 Nov 2005 (Thurs to Sat)
Entrance: $15 for public

Exhibition Itinerary:
10 & 11 Nov 11am to 7pm Trade Only
11 Nov 8:30pm Industry Networking Night
12 Nov 11am to 9pm Trade and Public


~ Explore more than 10,000 labels all under one roof
~ Discover and savour wine that are coming for the First time to Asia including award winning wines like Decanter World Wine Award 2005 Winning Wines, Bordeaux 01 Wines and Wine Style Asia Award Wining Wines.

I was there last year and wow, totally blew off by the labels...

Oh, btw, you can also purchase there, the price is more attractive as compared to those purchased off the shelves.

I'll be there on Friday afternoon.

I'll drink like a pro and act atas juz kidding...

Those with invites need not pay for the entrance. If you are interested for the event, do let me know so that I can pass the invites to you early.

This is one event that wine lover should go, sure enjoy to the max.

enuff said...

The good days are coming... I know!

so much of Baby Faith that I've forgotten to congrats the Red Boys for their winning of late...

U go boys!

And to Jose serve you right!

Dun ya ya papaya, it do you no good :P

I heart my Pacifier

Baby Faith is talented!

4-day old and she suck her choo-choo like a pro!

after milk

enjoying her choo-choo

close up

The pacifier keep falling off, so she used her hands to support...TALENTED!!!

she got shy and hid her face

got tired of hidding and fell asleep

never say die... still insist of taking pix of her...

Then we decided to change another choo-choo as this one is too big for her and it keep falling off...

the moment we pulled it out form her mouth, she waaawaaaawaaaa.....

this is what we call "scare-people-dunno-you-cry"

the moral of the story is dun EVER disturb the princess when she is enjoying her choo-choo