Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I am RED!!!

I've always admire people who can spend hours in a hair salon juz so to look pretty.

I mean its a pure waste of time especially when theres really nothing much you can do except read the lastest/outdated issue of magazines, chat with the stylist/assistants (洗头妹or洗头男) about the latest gossip in town or worse, go thru the wedding FAQ.

You probably paid $X to have your objective met but sometimes it may or may not achieved. And most of the time you end up forking out an additional of $100 or more under the influence of the stylist that you NEED that haircare product.

And for the fact that I HATE hair dryer sound, I get really put off having to visit a hair salon...

but which mother son and daughter is not vain and wants to look good? so every single hieow beings are willing to spend $$$$ in hair salon...which I did!

I spent 6 hours in the salon to get my hair done on Sunday....
YESH! 6 freaking hours of mushroom invested boredom I had to endure!
I ironed my hair, got hair treatment done, add colours and had got a trim...

6 hours yet we dun see any difference!!!!!
Wait... check out the back

so RED, so CNY...

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Freebies (5)

Time for the first freebies for 2007!!!

I've got invites to Seducing Mr. Right featuring Daniel Philip Henney and Uhm Jung-Hwa.
yesh! Daniel was that Daniel from My lovely Sam-Soon.

Date: 12 Feb (Monday)
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: The Cathay

Its a private screening which I doubt I can attend due to my CNY fringe events.

Let me know if you are interested!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Damn! Since I came back from a 3-day medical leave last Thurs, I've been working till 11plus everyday!!!!


Its 10.24pm, and I'm still in the office waiting for the designer to revert on the revised artwork *GASP*


I want to emphasize not that I'm inefficient, but theres just too much things to do...
(my brain is not functioning well, coz for the pass 1min, I've been retyping "inefficient" again and again. I can't seems to get the right spelling!!!)

this kind of lifestyle still have to go on for how long??!!!
*inner voice: after the March Dog show*

I want my holiday!
I want my Taiwan!!

VDay pressie

I'm still lusting over this

I'll luff you deep deep...

I'm going to Taiwan again!
I miss my tea and 台妹

Hard work paid off?

Its time of the year where most will get their BONUS! (if any that is)

so satisfied?
so was the effort put in, sacrifices made, and time invested worthy?

Which brings me to how to balance monetary compensation and appreciation towards effort put in?

Which is more important and valuable?

Getting a high salary (which can support that hardcore party/shopping shopping/travel travel lifestyle that you are currently enjoying) but you have to clean up shite every single day, getting backstab, efforts not appreciated, being stagnant and not progressing


Getting a alright pay check (which allows you to buy the norm brands of stuff, party twice a month, travel at least once a year) but have fantastic colleagues, enjoy work, back free from daggers, efforts put in are appreciated...


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Time have changed...

Remember the naked imp-looking with super fancy coloured bushy hair thingy we used to have we were young?

look at the new improved version...

wears clothes and make up, comes with comb wor...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

survival in crisis!

lately, work hasn't been getting easier.
With all the protect-my-ass work attitude ongoing, work has officially pissed me off!
Whats with the attitude man?!
Everything have to be in black and white, have to be so calculative, its really not productive at all. With all the head of department fighting, its so difficult to get things done.

To make things worse, I kena fly kite on my iconic event! My first big scale project! I wanna die! The expectations are heaven high, its killing me! Looking at the timeline, I'm getting REAL worried.... Please give me a miracle! I need one badly...

I'm starting to believe that the resign virus is contagious. Yet another colleague from the team resign. Now we are living on the reputation of 几只小猫team. Not that this particular person had help much in the group event, but team morale wise, its not positive.

I doubt I'm not gonna enjoy CNY, given the fact that I'm having a few events on the last week before CNY and that my iconic event is straight after CNY.

HR wanted to us to plan our leave, just as I was thinking to have a long CNY break, down it goes to the drain with some fucker sabotaging me! Tamade! Stoopid bugger, I cruse you that for everytime you wanna sneeze, at that spilt second, it just disappear! Just like that *snap finger* Muahahaha~!~!~!~

I'm starting on school projects and my assignment.... killer!

sigh! the pressure is building up....

Monday, January 22, 2007

point proven again

my fustration on civil service point 9 has once again proven itself

These people can't solve a simple water problem we are facing at home now....

I called PUB, they refered us to Town Council citing that the later is in charge of maintenance of the estate.

Then I called Town Council, and yes, you guessed it! They refered me to PUB because they are in charge of water issue!


Friday, January 19, 2007

Homecoming Party

Fwah! I've received this sms from my gfs that my old school is organizing a homecoming party for all the ex-students who graduated between 1990 to 2000.

Its like ultimate gathering with people probably up to 10-year age difference. Who knows, I probable get to meet that senior that I had mad crush on.

Then hor, I started to think what happen to my classroom,
those secret compartments we created to store our books/cigarette/discman/pagers,
my seat,
my table which had all the scribbling to facilitate my tests,
my favourite tuckshop uncle whom will give me everything extra making my $2 worthwhile,
my girl guide room with all the awards,
my scout room (I wonder wheres that Kong Kwan biscuit tin where it used to be our ashtray), the field that we spent countless saturdays drilling,
the official smoking area,
the "haunted" places,
my home economics kitchen where we dish out delicious stuff,
tee-chers i love/hate....

I is excitedness!

BUT...I've got a feeling this homecoming will turn out to be a Wedding FAQ session!!!! =_=

Probably homecoming is a better word than gathering...

Monday, January 15, 2007


my 15yr old CRT Toshiba TV right beside me is making some funny noise now!!!
I suspect it will explode in anytime!!!
Daddy!!!! The plasma that you promised me, its time to get it!

I didn't go to work 2day...
bad flu....

Thursday, January 11, 2007


remember the 见义勇为 SAF Regular?

FWAH! Pple was acknowledged for the bashing up lorhz!

So shut up! You pple full of criticism!!!
*shake head, tsk tsk*

simple pleasure in life

what beats having a bowl of sizzling hot porridge on a cold rainy evening, companied with my favourite side dishes like salted egg, salted vegetables, hei bi hiam, cai po neng and braised fatty meat???!!!

pure enjoyment!

Yummy food are not meant to be wasted....

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I heard from decayonnet that there isn't anymore curry sauce at Mcdees and decided to check them out for lunch today!

still have mahz!

bluff me!

I bought the longevity set meal

FYI the set meal doesn't come with wedges, but my tenant love me... :P

the burger taste very black pepper beef lorhz...and its very messy!
The sauce kept oozing out *tsk tsk*

But I thought the wedges taste better than those from the Old Man's outlet!
Very cripsy!

I wanna KPKB!
I had Mcdees for lunch today...yesterday was Long John Silver...and the day before was KFC!!!
all the never ending work is turning me into a fast food junkie!
my granola bars are sitting comfortably at the corner of my desk =_=

Monday, January 08, 2007

we have 10 fingers

AMB send me home a while ago.
While on the road

AMB: oei! Why the ah nei bieo you?
FA: 'Coz I pretty!
AMB: Quick! Point your finger at him (Dun ask me why, I simply just follow)

FA pointed her thumb at the ah nei (Dun ask me why the thunb, its my first reaction)

AMB: wei~ I said finger not thumb!
FA: Thumb is a finger mahz! It belongs to the fingers family
AMB: Nonsense! Thumb is a thumb! These are fingers (point at index, middle, ring and pinky)

FA pause for 2 seconds...

FA: Then why is it that in school, teachers always said that we have 10 fingers?!

AMB pause for 3 seconds...

AMB: erm ya... I think thumb is a finger


= =

Sunday, January 07, 2007

visit to our neighbour

I decided to visit our friendly neighbour this afternoon...

custom was a breeze, took less than 1/2 hr to clear, better still there wasn't any traffic jam at all.

visit the usual place like City Square and Pelangi.
I actually bought tees over there.
Nope its no la la mui style
its a nice tee :)
and of coz its VERY cheap!

I realize that our neighbours are very into Xmas...
Apparently they still have Xmas decor and trees all over the place...
What I find more interesting is that the "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" is in melayu! Like since when muslim started to celebrate Christmas?!
Does this means the end of Christian-Muslim conflict??!!! I hope so!
and please no more bombing or church!

As an A&P personnel, I can't help but to notice this...

why can't they say "Carolling by Church of the Good Shepherd"
This is the obvious 职业病

Going over the causeway is never complete without the buttered crayfish at 大马花园!!!

We witness this while making our way back to collect the car...

we are lucky, coz we only got hit once! *phew*

On our way back, at the custom, we saw this...

Domino selling pizza at RM$5 and within the three minutes wait, he actually sold 5 pieces of pizza!

FWAH! Domino sure had business sense!
Maybe I should propose this idea to Old Chang Kee or Shin Lin Taiwan Street Snacks. I make sure that the vendor stand at every single traffic light along Orchard Road! I'm sure they are gonna earn big bucks!

Saturday, January 06, 2007


...from Dance Dance Mania

FWAH! I cannot feel my abs, my butt and my thighs.

great workout!

Friday, January 05, 2007

dance dance mania

uwhhooo! I finally sign up dance class!
Like after million mths of wanting to sign up, I finally got moving!
check out their webby

first class is tomorrow and I'll try house and girls hip hop!

quote from their webby

House dance style was born in New York during the 1980s-90s. It is often identified for its nifty footwork and upbeat rhythm. Dance to cool and sexy house tracks and psyche yourself up for a heart-thumping dance session. Are you ready to house?

Girls Hip Hop
Sassy Hip Hop moves with soulful rhythm that will get your butt rocking hard. Get a taste of head swaying, body rolls and body poppin' all roll into one in this class. Wanna sweat it out with the gals?

*sing dancing queen*

p/s: *wink wink to my pure blondie*


time to cut hair....

hmmm..... donning the black hair for quite some time....
I'm quite disturbed when my pure blondie said I look like 小龙女 because of my hair colour, and Peter asking if I dyed my hair black...

I'm inspired by ink maniac's new hair colcour!!!!
the ink + the rock + the attitude and now the hair colour = hardcore bad boy!!!

will my blackie change to electric blue? pink? red? purple? blonde?
we'll see....


I'm planning for a holiday end March.
I need to recharge...
but I've got no idea where to go...
Actually I was thinking of Taiwan, but ping ping will be coming over in June, so no point for me to go over there...
any suggestions for a 9-day holiday?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

working on it

reference to the point no. 10 of reflecting year 2006, I decided to have this for lunch now...

with the classes starting next week, hope that I can shed off some extra kgs...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Its a new year

so I spent my NYE at work, counting down with the grassroot leaders, ministers and the residents. How execiting?!

Juz another work day, juz another event
and thats about it...
nothing wow wow abt it!

not unless you are refering to the new friend I got to "know" recently!
The ang moh beng (AMB)!
Pure breed of kentang with a true beng personality.
But I doubt I can learn any dialect from him since the AMB only speaks english with a slang and thats about it.

pure coincidence or what...
there were at least 3 person who said that I'm a workaholic when I told them that I'm working on NYE and 2 Jan!

I've got a life!

anyway...after reading 2459861458 blogs, and that all the 2459861458 bloggers were reflecting on what they did for 2006 and their resolution for 2007, I thought I might as well join the masses. :)

so 2006 had been a fruitful one!
~ I finally got out of da shite hole and got myself a new job

~ I've visited places where I've always wanted to go

~ I was adopted again after being the orphan for 1/2 a year,

~ I attended lots of media launches, previews, movie gala and was showered with lots of freebies, all thanks to my work. BUT I'm not complaining, so keep it coming!

~ First time in my working history, I've got AWS! I is excitedness can?!

~ I met the ink maniac which had one of the nicer design around, definitely worth the second look. Check out the new hair colour man!

~ My collection of earrings, necklaces and footwear continue to increase, which means that I haven't been saving up and mummy's nagging continued. *sigh*

~ I got interviewed by a men's magazine, which I thought wasn't that famous thus I gamely agreed. Not till I found out that the every Tom, Dick and Harry reads it. And now I'm branded as the HMG (high maintenance girl). Actually come to speak of it, I'm quite affected if some guy brand me as low maintenance, hello, I'm not some rural village girl ah...

~ my hair is longer and I look more ku niang

~ I put on a few kgs and I'm officially FAT!!!!

Juz as I thought 2007 was gonna be shity since I was counting down at work, it came with a surprise. I felt so pampered and loved

so 2007, I wanna stay happy everyday, live the fullest. Hopefully my stalker will stop harassing me, visit a few more countries, read more, cut down on driking, learn something new...theres just so much things I wanna do!!!

Another 5 more years before I hit the big 30, not much time to do crazy stuff anyway!

p/s: the 2007 zodiac forecast by the famous 3 fengshui master, quite accurate!